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FAIRY TAIL (officially spelled in all caps) is a turn-based JRPG based on the manga and anime franchise of the same name by Hiro Mashima. It is published by Koei Tecmo and developed by Gust Corporation, known for the Atelier series, from which this game draws numerous gameplay elements. The game is slated to be released worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 26, 2020, and for Steam on June 25.

Covering the manga's plot from the Grand Magic Games arc through the Tartaros arc, the game picks up right around where the Fairy Tail guild's best wizards go missing for seven years, returning to discover that they've since gone from the mightiest guild in the kingdom to the weakest. Players assume the roles of Fairy Tail's members—as well as allies from other guilds—as they not only reenact the story of Fairy Tail, but also take on regular missions and battles on the side that help improve the guild's reputation, expand its resources, and ultimately reclaim its former glory as the number one guild.


This game marks a number of firsts: for the Fairy Tail franchise, it is the first video game to be released both for home consoles and outside of Japan, while it's Gust's first game to be based on a licensed property.

Official website: English, Japanese

Previews: Reveal Trailer, PV1, Character Reveals & Official Release Date Trailer

    Confirmed Playable Characters 


FAIRY TAIL provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Badass: Downplayed. Plue/Nikora is borderline useless in combat in the manga and anime, but in PlayStation Access's gameplay demonstration, he's shown with the ability to restore HP to a single target.
  • Assist Character: According to the Japanese website and developer comments, a non-playable character can sometimes appear at the end of a Magic Chain and perform bonus damage with "Extreme Magic", such as Makarov and his Fairy Law spell.
  • Combination Attack:
  • Critical Status Buff: In the playable demo, it's revealed that all characters enter an "Awakened" state where their stats are increased for a certain number of turns after hitting a certain HP threshold. Specific characters undergo a "Mode Change" with exclusive attacks when they awaken, such as Dragon Force for any of the Dragon Slayers, or Lightning Fire Dragon Mode for Natsu.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: The game features a method of breaking out of this, according to the Japanese website. Due to falling from grace over the past seven years, the guild starts out with only the simplest of job requests, while opening the rank chart at the start of the game will show comments from the general populace either mocking Fairy Tail, ignoring them in favor of other guilds, or outright not knowing which guild Fairy Tail is. By raising the guild's rank, the guild will receive better work and more favorable comments.
  • Hub Level: The city of Magnolia is described as this in PlayStation Access's demonstration, since it's where Fairy Tail's guildhall is located and all in-game mission requests are posted. Crocus, where the Grand Magic Games are held, serves as a secondary hub from Fairy Tail's inn.
  • Licensed Game: This game is the first Gust has based on a pre-existing property, namely a manga series and its coinciding anime adaptation.
  • Rank Up: The first trailer reveals a guild ranking system that determines the kinds of missions and merchandise available to you, with Fairy Tail starting at the bottom with Rank D, with the goal being to climb through Ranks C, B, A, and finally S. The guild's rank also determines how much recognition they get.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: The 20-minute demo shows that any instance of using a Magic Chain will result in your party "overdoing it" with their magic as usual, as they continue to wail on enemies after the Finishing Move is done. In most cases, this is just for thematic effect and doesn't do additional damage, but then there's a random chance where an Assist Character like Makarov will follow up with a more devastating Finishing Move of their own for bonus damage.
  • Turn-Based Combat: All gameplay trailers and demos show that the game is a turn-based RPG with overworld encounters against enemies.
  • World Building: PlayStation Access's demonstration reveals that Fairy Tail's home city of Magnolia is a fully realized and explorable location in this game. This also includes Lucy's apartment, which any character can enter at any time.

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