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"I ran really fast, and when I stopped, I discovered that socks have no traction."

"Don't worry, you have main character privileges."

A dude who loves to draw and come up with stories. He has a Deviant Art page, where he puts up his comics and art. He also writes some articles in his Deviant Art journal. He also has a Youtube channel.

My Analysis page is no longer a Quotes page!

He also writes fanfic now.


     A Few of My Favorite Things 

     Things that I do not like 

Happens quite a bit when I don't like what's happening in a show/game, or it's just ambiguous. Here are some notable ones:

  • Code Geass: Euphemia and Shirley were actually turned into Cyborg Ninjas after their deaths. They then went on secret missions, Time Crisis style! Time Crisis: Area Eleven!
  • Death Note:
  • Avatar The Last Airbender/Avatar The Legend Of Korra:
    • The Duke is Lin Bei Fong's father.
    • Given how Iroh treated Zuko and those children in The Tale of Iroh, just think of how he would treat Zuko's daughter. He would treat her like his own granddaughter and be the most awesome great uncle ever. Then you remember that she named her son Iroh. Iroh II is now a walking Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming.
    • The prosecutor at Yakone's trial is Bolin and Mako's grandmother. There is absolutely no evidence to this. Just an idea. As for why we never heard of her.... Yakone did break out of jail......
  • Avatar The Legend Of Korra: As far as I'm concerned, the last several minutes of Endgame didn't happen. Everything after Aang tells Korra that she's unlocked her spiritual side didn't happen, and Mako realized he was becoming a douche and apologizes to Asami and reconciles with her, realizing that his brother Bolinnote  is better for Korra and his feelings are merely platonic. Korra then spends the foreseeable future learning her spiritual side and eventually learning how to regain her ability to bend Water, Earth, and Fire and restore bending in others. And it was Bolin who went out to Korra instead of Mako, because he got shafted.
    • Personally, I'd call season 1 "Book 1: Amon" and rewrite the last 5 episodes. Everything up to episode 7 was great. Amazing, even if the love triangle got in the way of telling the story. But after that, Korra lets Mako go. This ends the Love Triangle. At this point, Bolin is there to help Korra. I'd start with them growing closer as Mako gets shifted to the background and become The Lancer and Asami's boyfriend. I'd like to have him reveal what happened to him and Bolin after their parents died to Asami, and how they got into Pro Bending. I'd even like to see that he is terrified of his firebending since a firebender killed his parents. Everything would pretty much happen the same, with all the attention and scenes focused on Mako and Korra given to Bolin and Korra. That takes all of the romance drama out. When Korra is kidnapped, Tenzin is the one who gets intense about finding her, while Bolin is worried sick. Korra doesn't unlock all of the Yakone story. I'd rather her do it a little more slowly, using this time to get more in line with her spiritual side. It'd be nice if we saw Korra meditating more throughout episodes 2-7. If she got better glimpses throughout, it wouldn't be so sudden. After the rescue Tenzin carries her to Oogie, with Lin telling everyone to give her space, and Bolin takes care of Korra. She realizes that he really cares about her. Team Avatar would have some sort of bonding moment. Then we get to Amon's backstory. I like him being Tarrlok's brother, but he should have been a non-bender. His hatred of benders should have been from his father and Tarrlok's cruelty. His ability to remove bending should be Energybending, which he should have learned from a spiritnote . I'd like to see him use Energybending like Yakone and Tarrlok use Bloodbending. Amon would still remove Korra's bending, Korra wouldn't Airbend, instead activate the Avatar State, defeating Amon (who escapes and would be assumed dead) and destroying a good chunk of the building they're in. Amon would use this against her later against her. Everything else would still happen, and the Equalists would be defeated. Korra would go out to the cliff and cry, Aang pops up, and tells her that when we're at our lowest we're open up to the greatest change. He would give her hope by telling her that there is a way to get her bending back, but she's going to have to master her spiritual side and basically reconnect to the elements. Not like the other series, but she'd have to get used to not having bending. Bolin would come up to her and ask her who she's talking to. She'd then hug him, and they'd have a tender moment (not kiss, though. That would be saved for later). In season 2 she'd have to learn Airnote  and gain the ability to give other people back their bending. Maybe the season finale. It would have been so much better that way.
  • [Prototype]: I like to think that Alex spared Karen Parker. She really didn't want to betray him in the first place. She was strong-armed by Blackwatch. And given that Alex has had Character Development I think it would be nice for him not to eat her. Not to mention, what better way to help her get out than to pull a Faking the Dead by making everyone think she was nommed by Alex?.
    • And let's just forget [Prototype2]. I don't like the idea of Alex Mercer as the bad guy. It goes against the Character Development that he got in the first game. It also destroys the interesting Anti-Hero from Prototype 1 by turning him into a Generic Doomsday Villain. Though his plan was actually pretty well thought out, I would have preferred him to use that plan to get rid of the virus rather than spread it. I think that would be more in line with what he did in the first game.

I have a rule about shipping. I really only like parings that make sense in context of the story or how they are portrayed. This doesn't mean that it needs to be canon, but it should at least have some evidence to back it up or at least have potential. Ships like Lelouch/Shirley, Bolin/Korra, and Link/Maronnote  are ones I support. Though I do have a few crackships. I don't hate anyone for shipping differently, and I don't hate characters for getting in the way. It's a fun thing to do, and we should respect it, no matter how absurd it can getnote . Though I don't appreciate people

     Good Dubs 
For the whole Subbing vs. Dubbing debate, I find the argument of "purists" rather elitist. There are good dubs, there are bad dubs, and here are a few of my favorites:

     Favorite Game Stories 


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