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The comics
Not exactly Wonder Man's finest hour. Yes, he's the one at the left. And no, he's not being mind-controlled: he's just short of money, and took the only job he could get
  • One of the wackier elements of the first Avengers story is the Hulk getting a job at a circus by pretending to be a superstrong robot clown named Mechano. The ringmaster sees absolutely nothing odd about the "robot" suddenly appearing.
  • When the Avengers first encounter Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil, we're treated to a hilarious flashback where Zemo had Adhesive X poured on him, resulting in his mask getting glued to his face. As if that wasn't funny enough, during the 20 years he had it stuck he never thought to look for a solution until someone else mentioned it offhand.
    Zemo: A solution to Adhesive X! I never thought of that!
  • Avengers Unplugged #4 features the wedding of the Absorbing Man and Titania as a reversal of the wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. The Avengers tried to crash the party on the mistaken belief the villains were planning something dastardly, got fought off, and She-Hulk and the heroes just left sheepishly once they realized the mistake.
  • The Avengers meet David Letterman.
  • In Volume 5 issue 2, Steve and Tony are recruiting members for the new incarnation.
    • They offer Wolverine beer (itself a Running Gag about the character in other titles).
    • They offer Spider-Man money. His reaction: "Oh, thank God." while he's hugging Iron Man.
    • They offer the Falcon "I dunno... birdseed?"
    • Cannonball and Sunspot are chilling on a beach, insisting on retiring from heroics. The moment Cap calls, they're in.
  • During The Korvac Saga, the Avengers had to deal with the Obstructive Bureaucrat Henry Peter Gyrich, who revoked their special priority. Even so, they have finally located the enemy: he's in a house in Forest Hills Gardens. Now, to get there...
    Iron Man: A good question, Wasp! With our Avengers Priority revoked, we can't use the Quinjets! And since some of us can't fly, we'll just have to wing it another way! AVENGERS ASSEMBLE... uh... on the corner, outside.
    • So, all the Avengers go to the battle for the destiny of the universe... on bus.
  • Wonder Man's first attempt as an actor was a complete disaster. Without a job, he accepted to take part in a secret production, that he's not in the liberty to talk about. Excuses, excuses: the Beast discovered his "secret production" while changing TV channels. Wonder Man works as "Mr. Muscles" in a children's TV show. He took a boy, and he fell to the ground. The TV host told he must be punished for being a Dumb Muscle... with a Pie in the Face. Fortunately (for him) Captain America interrupted the TV to issue a warning about an upcoming emergency. Beast: "Jesus, Cap, do you have any idea of what have you just interrupted?"
  • In a Christmas special featuring the New Avengers, the team ends up stopping an Ultron android that had been altered to also act like Santa Claus. When the team finds out about the troubled girl who did this, they resolve to give her a better Christmas. During their visit, Spidey attempts to start a speech, realizes he's horrible at speeches, then drags Cap over to do the speech instead.
    • The whole special is great. Especially when "Santron" drops into the chimney, the party goes silent, except for an extremely well-timed "Sweet Christmas."
  • In Kelly Sue DeConnick's first issue of Avengers Assemble, Spider-Woman used her pheromone powers to get the Hulk to make her a sandwich. Observe the magic.
  • In the first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man following the Superior Spider Man storyline, Spidey has an Out-of-Clothes Experience. Which is then broadcast over the internet. Spider-Woman concludes that she is certain Parker is back, because that kind of thing could only happen to him.
  • One issue has most of the team sitting through an award ceremony for Captain America.... except that they're all completely bored out of their minds. When its pointed out that Iron Man is the only one sitting attentively and showing respect... there's a closeup and snoring is coming from the suit.
  • Throughout his run on the title Kurt Busiek loved to play with how people would berate Tony Stark to Iron Man's face as they didn't know they were the same person. In his final issue, Busiek took advantage of how, in his own book, Tony finally revealed his secret identity to the public. A member of the Maria Stark Foundation tears at Iron Man for using company resources as "you are nothing more than an employee!" Her partner takes her aside to whisper to her how news just broke that she's bad-mouthing her boss.
    • The woman is by the book and frankly outraged at how the Avengers conducted themselves, wasting money on a huge plan and battle with the Elements of Doom and wants to do a tight report on how much of a mess they make of resources. Her partner's response: "We fudge it a bit," hinting this is a regular thing for the Foundation, to just brush off the messes of the team.
  • In one of the Original Sin tie-in issues, the Avengers jump 5000 years into the future and meet up with an older and immortal Franklin Richards. He seems to be the last hero from the current era left alive and he lives on a floating island with a massive tree in the middle. After the Avengers leave, Franklin says something seemingly to himself... and then the tree responds, I AM GROOT. Guess he wasn't the last hero after all.
  • Hawkeye: Attention! This is my xmas arrow! When it hits you, it will open a gift! Hey, look, they run away as if they don't believe me! Ooops! It was another of my explosive arrows! Well, everybody makes mistakes!
  • In West Coast Avengers Annual #1, the Avengers are on the run after being framed for treason, with the initial hearing stating one of their own sold them out. The active members are gathering up the reserves to find the identity of the traitor. Hercules goes to collect Thor, who yells at him for stopping to grab a bucket of fried chicken before returning to the others.
    Hercules: It has been a long night, Thor! I need strength to exact revenge!
    Thor: I need strength to deal with thee!
  • Ares, God of War. Worst wingman ever, or best wingman ever? While out superheroing with Ares, Wonder Man finds himself in need of a car, and happens to find an attractive woman who loved his old show...
    Simon: Listen, my friend and I are short one vehicle, so in exchange for dinner for two at a restaurant of your choice, would you mind us borrowing-
    (Ares clocks Simon with a huge chunk of masonry)
    (Ares removes the woman from her car as he gets in)
    (Ares drives off, leaving Wonder Man in the woman's hands)
Later, after Wonder Man catches up with him, now in combat with Hercules, dual-wielding machine guns:
  • From Avengers Assemble, Carol Danvers doesn't let Anya finish asking them for help regarding a stolen cocoon, and says Anya is "young and riles easy." Carol apologises after Anya finally finishes explaining. Anya's response? "S'okay. You're old. You rile easy." After, she gets a fist-bump from Spider-Woman.
    • The awkward elevator conversation between Team Spider Lady. Anya asks if Black Widow is named after the spider or "a sad lady who lost her...". After Widow tells her, she dubs the team 'Team Spider Lady'. Then changes her mind and goes with 'Team Lady Spiders', then finally, because of Natasha, attempts to call the team 'Team Spy-der—' before being cut off.
  • The fight between Team Spider Lady when under Spider-Woman's influence. Spider-Girl calls Natasha dumb, because the team is tied up. This follows:
    Spider-Girl: You got us tied to chairs! Your rep is all oooh, spooky James Bond, and you got us tied to chairs! Like—like Zelda!
    Black Widow: Fitzgerald?
    Spider-Woman: Ha ha ha. Did you just call Black Widow a princess? I do like you.
    Spider-Girl: Seriously, am I right?
    Goon #1: Uh...
    Goon #2: Sorry. We're... we're supposed to shoot you.
    Spider-Girl: Later for that — first, am I right? Are they stupid?
    Spider-Woman: Hey, wait—"they"?
    Goon #2: Wellll, I mean...
    Goon #1: Seems harsh.
    Goon #3: I-I don't really want to get in the middle of a girl thing—
    Goon #4: Is it me, or is the dark-haired one kind of hot?
    Goon #5: I... I miss my lady.
  • The conversation between Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman after, at Avengers Tower:
    Spider-Woman: You chose that name. You chose to put that mask on. You're wearing the grim and gritty black bodysuit.
    Spider-Girl: Yeah and I might have to live on protein bars and salad to STAY in it.
    Spider-Woman: Don't be an idiot. Food makes you strong. Your body is your most valuable asset. Your body is hungry, you feed it.
    Spider-Girl: Bacon. You feed it bacon. At your age. You're like forty or something.
    Spider-Woman: You EVER insult BACON in my presence again, kid... And I will hide your body somewhere no-one will ever find it.
    Spider-Woman's phone: Alllways we will fight as one...
    Spider-Girl: You really do have the best phone.
    Spider-Woman: Yeah, throw it up on screen AVT-8, and pass on my thanks to Maria.
    Spider-Girl: Seriously, I will fight you for that ringtone.
    Spider-Woman: I am officially done babysitting.
  • From one of the Infinity tie-in issues of Avengers Assemble, the Micro-dimensional warlord Lord Gouzar (who the Avengers have met before) suffers what might be one of the most embarrassing one-sided defeats ever, getting trodden on by a giant-sized little girl who he'd just been threatening to kill.
    Bad pony!
    (Entirely black panel)
  • The 2018 team has its share of comedy.
    • Thor and the Hulk (Jennifer Walters, now more like classic Hulk) are a thing. Tony's reaching for the Brain Bleach.
    • Ghost Rider stuffing Loki in his trunk, much to Loki's indignation.
    • Iron Man spending the entirety of the first arc trying and failing to convince everyone, himself included, that the Avengers are not getting back together.
    • The end of the first arc sees the team basking on a job well done against impossible odds...and Doctor Strange absolutely soaked in space bug guts dragging a tied-up Loki behind him.
      Tony: Good lord, Stephen. How do you always manage to end up with the most disgusting part of the battle?
      Stephen: It's a gift. Also, magic is nine-tenths gross things.
    • Loki's sarcastic commentary on the formation of the new Avengers team - which, naturally, he is orchestrating. After all, "It's Loki's greatest trick."
    • After Tony successfully convinces Carol to remain with the Avengers, we get this priceless scene:
    Tony: Now...can we talk about the elephant in the room?
    Carol: What's that?
    Tony: This sexual tension that's clearly been smoldering between the two of us since—
    (Smash Cut to Tony punched through a rock wall with dripping water as Carol storms off)
    Tony: Hey, what do you know, we do have a hot tub.
    • During their encounter with Atlanteans, Black Panther admits that he just tripped a security alarm. When Cap questions how T'challa couldn't just hack their systems, the latter responds that there is no tech; the alarm is a starfish that he accidentally stepped on.
    • The cover for issue #15 is the Shadow Colonel's lieutenants pointing their weapons at Ghost Rider while Sarge the hellhound looks at the reader and says, "Buy this comic or we'll kill this Avenger".
    • Everybody, including the computer, referring to Gorilla-Man as the butler.
    • The post-War of the Realms hot tub scene is rife with hilarity.
      • Thor is utterly gleeful to have Mjolnir back and he keeps lifting it over and over again.
      • Tony and Thor's heart to heart.
      Tony: I get it, big guy. I do. I know how much Everclear means to you.
      Thor: Mjolnir.
      Tony: That's what I said. It's great to see you feeling like yourself again. I can almost remember what that's like. Just know, Thor, thunder stick or no thunder stick...You've always been the only god I'd follow to Hell and back. And you can tell Hercules I said that.
      Thor: Stark. Your words strike me like lightning, my comrade. Even though we have not always seen eye to eye...
      Tony: Not gonna make an eye joke. Not gonna do it.
      Thor: ...Know that if I could have only one mortal to stand by my side, no matter the foe we faced...
      Tony: You'd choose Steve. We'd all choose Steve.
      Thor: Well...Aye. I suppose so. But if the fight was in mid-air...
      • When questioned by Steve why they're here as opposed to helping with cleanup, Tony remarks that he's coordinating several drones via the helmet he's wearing, and that he just might do all his crime-fighting like this as "The Invincible Jacuzzi-Man".
      • Steve turns down the invitation to get in the hot tub, as he doesn't have his swimsuit. Thor and Tony's response? "Neither did we." Cut to Steve stepping into the water with a very conveniently placed shield.
      • Immediately after, they're joined by Robbie (who's keeping his shirt on because he's conscious that he's not as ripped as any of the Big 3), Carol (who's at least wearing a tank top), and She-Hulk... who dispenses with all clothing. Steve politely covers his eyes, Thor is delighted, Carol immediately goes to cover Robbie's eyes, and Tony is disturbed, yet fascinated.
    • After getting stranded in space and stuck on a ship with a Brood-infected Thor, Steve has no choice but to knock him out with Mjolnir.
      Steve: Think worthy thoughts. Baseball. Apple pie. Punching Nazis.
    • The Avengers end up caring for the new Starbrand. Who's a baby. Inevitably, Hilarity Ensues.
      • When Tony first sees her, having been trapped in the past, his first reactions are 'how long have I been gone?' and 'oh god, I'm the father, aren't I?'
      • Tony carrying the Starbrand baby in a baby carrier strapped to his suit. The entirety of issue 35 is Funny Background Events of the baby's changing expressions (which are all adorable), copying Tony and Carol's movements, and when Carol takes the baby carrier so Tony can stay to hold off Khonshu, the baby giving the Moon God an epic Death Glare and prepared to meet it head on.
    • From "Enter the Phoenix":
      • Howard the Duck (possessed by the Phoenix Force) boasts to Red Widow (also possessed by the Phoenix Force) how no one will be laughing at him anymore, only to be attacked mid-rant. His defeat lasts for a total of 2 panels.
      • Luke Cage being absolutely flabbergasted at what the Avengers have to deal with, including the aforementioned baby Starbrand and Boy-Thing.
      Luke Cage: Plant kids. Space babies. Gorilla butlers. And here we thought the Avengers were weird when we were in 'em.
      • The fight between Hyperion and Shang-Chi isn't even a fight. Shang just sits down and meditates while Hyperion has a freakout over his newly Phoenix-enhanced senses.
      • While battling Wolverine, Black Panther resorts to kicking him in the groin to gain the upper hand. He immediately apologizes for such a "dishonorable" attack.

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