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What you looking at? You think Buu handsome?

(Best read in the voice of Kōzō Shioya or Josh Martin.)

Me Majin Buu! Me old as time. Buu found by the wizard Bibidi, who convinced Buu he was creator, but then Buu sealed in ball. Used to be bad guy under Babidi son of Bibidi orders, but Babidi insult me so me make head go splat! Then Buu met Mr. Satan, and me no kill no more. But then bad man hurt best friend so Buu split himself up into good and evil forms. Didn't mean to, that was mistake. Me come back together strong, but wrong as Super Buu. Super Buu kill everyone but thanks to Satan, everything went better. Other bad Buu became good boy Uub and few years later, Buu fuse with Uub in one timeline. In other timeline, Buu create wife name Buuby and we make babies with Love Love Beam! Buu can turn you into candy, because candy is Buu favorite. Buu also use his own body as weapon. Buu also learn any technique Buu sees.


Prince of all saiya-jin, tyrant of the planet trade organization, and older Dumplin have articles here too! But you almost to Buu's trope list now so no reason to go to those! Though Buu can't wait to see what funny people do with Buu in future, but not if they no like it.

Stories of Buu have...

  • Aborted Arc: Like Buu said above, silly people couldn't make jokes about Buu's story because they worked too hard. At least Buu get to trick-or-treat in one of their shorts. Guy from short ran out of candy when Buu came, but Buu improvised..
  • Acrofatic: Despite me be large, Buu fight well
  • Alien Blood: Buu mimics the organs of humans but Buu "flesh" pink and Buu "blood" is purple. More easy to see with Super Buu, who absorbs and mimics more mannish features and can therefor get a bloody nose!
  • Ancient Evil: Not quite. Buu has been around for long time, since time, but Buu not always aware, much less evil. Buu become evil through taking on traits of evil people throughout eons, and even then Buu mostly fine with sleeping, more sin of sloth than wrath, until Bibidi have Buu carry out his wrath.
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  • And I Must Scream: When you looked yummy Buu would make you chocolate, or maybe cinnamon roll iced with cream cheese! Sometimes Buu not in soft mood and make you lollipop or candy cane! Buu never stop to ask if being eaten worse when you chewy or crunchy but me find crunchy no fun when Bad Buu eat me up. Many die as sweets against me teeth but me too tough to die even as hard candy, just stuck in Super Buu till Vegeta pull me loose and Small Buu spit me out.
  • Angst Nuke: Buu first show you against Vegeta, because Vegeta call Buu name and hurt Buu. Send people running and Babadi behind barrier. Video game call it "Angry Explosion" or "I hate you!" and page image of me!
  • Ass Kicks You: Buu drop down, you make funny noise!
  • Ax-Crazy: Killing people and breaking their things is fun. But Buu told that bad, so Buu stop. Super Buu and Small Buu not care what good or bad though, just kill and destroy.
  • Badass Cape: Buu got it when Buu absorbed Grand Supreme Kai
  • Badass in Distress: Buu kidnapped by Galactic Patrol of Northern Galaxy while sleeping. They intended to extract Daikaioshin from Buu, which could not end well unless they also had containment for whatever Buu became when Buu woke up.
  • Balloon Belly: Buu inherited it from fat Daikaioshin. Buu also get balloon head stuffing Dabura cookie in Buu mouth!
  • Bat Man Can Breathe In Space: Buu only one to live when funny feet destroy the Earth, even if Buu in pieces and still sleeping. Buu also able to fight Moro when he avoid saiyans in space.
  • Berserk Button: Buu no like if you hurt Bee or Mr. Satan.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Buu can beat you up easily despite Buu cuteness.
  • Big Eater: Buu change you to food. In episode of anime, Buu buy all ice cream in ice cream store! Overpaid for it, but Buu no care!
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism: All sons of majin race look like me. All daughters look like Buuby. Sons and daughters both look like Small Buu when powered up.
  • Blood Knight: Fighting is fun.
  • Book Dumb: Buu get no schooling. Super Buu absorb Gohan, aspiring scholar, but me not keep his knowledge. Buu train with team Beerus to play with team Champa from Universe Six, but Buu no pass written test so Buu not get to fight. Anime nicer to Buu, where me simply fall asleep, Buu had been on 2 hour forty five minute trip through space and Buu was sleep when Bibidi did that so me get tired. Manga not so nice, as me failed for spelling name wrong! Me never asked to spell name before! Buu learned to read though and has read many books. Buu might pass next test!
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall
    • After building house out of transformed people, me give paying Dragon Ball audience a tour!
    • Me show up in Nekomajin manga! Fools not know who Buu is, even after Buu tell them he was in much more famous Dragon Ball manga. So Buu beat up weakling Nekomajin Z...but Buu later read Nekomajin, learn that wasn't Nekomajin Z. Buu lied to! Still, Buu stay and fight because Buu stronger than Vegeta, who run scared of gag manga!
  • Breath Weapon: It make Vegeta fly away! Fly into Buu trap!
  • Can't Catch Up:
    • Nekomajin only path following Dragon Ball manga where Buu stay ahead of Vegeta, and Buu still behind Goku there, maybe.
    • Dragon Ball end with me, Big Buu, fighting better than Vegeta. End with me and Small Buu reborn who Goku worry about. End with Vegeta admitting excuses for being so weak just excuses! He see he talk too much for someone so weak! But Dragon Ball GT see Vegeta get stronger than Buu when invaded by Bebi parasite and even Buu and Uub as one can't beat them! We come up with plan that Bebi Vegeta fall for as shiny dog monkey but it only slow them down, we still no win. Majuub better than all saiyans not Goku though, until Vegeta leave us behind again with machine that give him red fur and tail like Goku.
    • On another road Beerus, Buu no like him, but Vegeta no like him more! Vegeta passes by Buu in power by getting angry with Beerus! Vegeta surpass me and Gohan, both beaten at once by Beerus, by being like us!
    • Almost all fight since Beerus go wrong for Buu! Dragon Balls bring back funny feet. Funny feet destroy Earth! Buu sleep through it! Goku want Buu for match with sixth universe! Buu miss it because Buu sleep...or Buu can't spell name, take pick. Blue man making stage for strong guys entertaining purple king! Buu ready, Buu training, Buu starting to catch up with Goku! Buu sleep, Buu miss tournament of power, Buu fall further behind. Vegeta make it to everything but exhibition with dog trio.
    • Grand Supreme Kai gave up big power to strip planet eater Moro of his magic. As Moro's magic comes back, Grand Supreme Kai's power comes back, and Buu can get stronger...but Buu have to give Grand Supreme Kai control of Buu's body. Still not caught up to Vegeta but Buu getting there!
  • Celebrity Paradox: Buu read Nekomajin manga to Bee in Dragon Ball Super, but Buu not yet find out if it goes to part where Buu's friends show up...going to be really weird if me get to part when me show up...
  • Character Development: Buu once kill man dead, but Buu meet Mr. Satan and Buu become nicer.
  • Chick Magnet: Buu has own cheerleader squad under guise as Satan's pupil.
  • Complete Monster: Buu not like Babidi or Super Buu. Babidi told Buu to do bad things. Super Buu killed people. Look here to see how bad they are.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • Most fights with Buu end quick. Buu really strong! Goku say General Rildo of Dragon Ball GT stronger than Buu but as Majuub we beat Rildo with one hit!
    • Buu got beat up bad by Evil Buu and Beerus though.
  • Detachment Combat: Better at it when part of Super Buu, me admit. Even Piccolo, too part of Super Buu, learning to do things me not tried yet since Super Buu gone. But me remember time me pull out guts and threw them so that they wrap around flying away Vegeta. He no fly away no more, no able to move and me beat beat beat!
  • Determined Defeatist: Me Big Buu, but me no think me can beat Small Buu. Me not understand why, but me not care. Me fight Small Buu knowing me most likely lose.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Beerus want pudding! Pudding all Buu's! Buu threaten Beerus with life as food! In retelling, Buu lick every last one! Buu get beat bad for it...
  • Diving Save: Me save Vegeta in anime, because Goku get cold feet about blowing Small Buu away while Vegeta under Small Buu's manga Small Buu not so smart and Satan just run away with Vegeta on shoulder, so me fine with just laying around watching, me had done enough!
  • Doppelgänger Attack: Me to we. We pass around Small Buu's head, till he blow us away.
  • Evil Tastes Good: Buu used to think so. But then Buu learn chocolate made by people taste better than chocolate made from people.
  • Explosive Instrumentation: Video game cheat! Buu going to break game but then video game blow up in Buu face. Buu liked that.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Buu only open eyes if angry. Or if changing face for girl. Or if Buu think of something Buu find clever.
  • Fat Bastard: Buu once bad man. Buu also not ideal picture of fitness at time...or much time after, to be truthful.
  • Get Out!: Bad Man sneak in Buu house and hurt friend. Buu want to stop doing bad things but not able to very long anymore. Satan want to help but Buu tell Satan to take Bee and go!
  • Good Powers, Bad People: Buu's hands better than best medicine. But Buu use hands to do much evil, and even use healing hands to save evil wizard's life!
  • Half-Human Hybrid: We as Uubuu may be more or less than half but Uub all human and Earthlings think Buu is alien thanks to Satan.
  • Healing Hands: Buu heal bad wounds, and fix broken eyes! Buu regrow your limbs. You in many pieces? Buu put you back together.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Before Bibidi, Buu mostly sleep. Sleep for eons and eons, wake up, break things, go back to sleep. Buu can get full day's rest from five seconds of sleep, so Buu can keep playing, but long sleep will come after awhile, whether Buu like it or not.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Buu become good thanks to Mr. Satan.
  • Helium Speech: Buu have high speech in dub.
  • Heroic Lineage: Desendents of Buu and Buuby make peace between nations of planet Earth, check invasive species, fight off invaders and apply to join Time Patrol in high numbers. Demon world Time Breakers who make Bad Future come about because of Babadi and what he have Buu do after all.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: Buu not truly become good until Buu get puppy, which grow into big fun dog. Get even better at Zen Exhibition game when Buu meet man who look like dog! He really fun, but then dog man hurt Satan...
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Buu nearly die against Kid Buu. In other timeline, me, Buu, fuse with Uub to stop Bebi.
  • Hulk Speak: Me sometimes speak like that big green man!
  • Humanity Is Infectious: Buu become what Buu is through evil of people. Absorb it for eons. But nice people, Mr. Satan especially, make Buu nice after days. But bad man make Buu mean, sort of...
  • Humanoid Abomination: Buu shaped like man and has taken many aspects of man and god but is not even sure what Buu is. Buu is separate from hierarchy of oni, angels, gods and demons, from after life and shadow world. Buu seems to be aberration in living universe, and that may even be wrong.
  • Immune to Bullets: Like Goku, Buu body get soft where Buu relax ki. Really, Buu body softer than Goku's, all things being equal, but Buu can get away with being relaxed more than he. As long as Buu have ki in reserve Buu can reform from being vaporized, so long as there is Buu left in vapor!
  • Immune to Mind Control: Bibidi can't control Buu! Babadi can't control Buu! Bebi can't control Buu! Demigra can control me immune to most mind control.
  • Implacable Man: Buu take more hits from Beerus than Goku and Gohan before Goku do circle ritual. Unlike Goku, Gohan and Vegeta, Beerus not trying to find Buu god form, Beerus really angry with me for eating pudding!
  • Is It Something You Eat?: Blind boy give Buu money after Buu make blind boy see but money no taste good! Buu give him milk made from man anyway because he nice to Buu.
  • Jerkass: Buu be better because of Mr. Satan. Still, Buu not always nice. Buu much meaner, even to Satan, in retelling of meeting with Beerus. Buu crash Satan press conference because Buu hungry! Buu eat before Bulma start party because Buu hungry! Buu keep eating, not mingle, not share! But Buu learn lesson later. Buu not learn that long trip in confined space with many people not good time to fart, but then me learn it's funny!
  • Just Toying with Them: Me and Satan went on trip to world of void, a place previously devoid of time, space or matter, to meet friends from other universes me miss last time. Me show purple king budokai style exhibition with big dog like man. Dog guy was... mildly entertaining. Buu going to let him win, Buu no kill weaklings anymore. But then dog guy hurt Satan, so Buu beat him really bad. Buu hit dog like man with Buu strongest attack! He only live because of drug!
  • Kill the God: Once there were five Daikai, but now there only one. Once there were four kaioshin, but we only know of two now. Me kill at least seven gods! Wait, me should say Small Buu killed them. One kaioshin was not killed, he absorbed into Small Buu with Daikaioshin, making me!
  • Literal Split Personality: Buu really want to hurt bad man, but Buu want to stay friends with Mr. Satan. Part of Buu that want to kill come out as skinny Bad Buu and kill bad man.
  • Losing Your Head: Small Buu take me head off twice. Think me look funny that way.
  • Mars Wants Chocolate: Buu make you into cake unless you give Buu cake!
  • Mighty Glacier: In Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Buu so strong, but Buu so slow! In Super Sonic Warriors duologgy, Buu only slow for Buu level but just as fast as all weaker fighters, while Super Buu fast and strong.
  • Mind over Matter: East Supreme Kai try it on Buu but me too strong. Then Buu do it back, but better! Buu lift millions of people and gather them together in the air, because Babadi want first demonstration to be clean kill. Buu more nicely switch numbers in budokai so Goku and Uub can play first.
  • Monster Progenitor: Vegeta say Buu will spawn more monsters as long as Buu alive. Satan say he take responsibility, Goku say he train, so me never be able to beat him. And me did it again! Just like with Bad Buu, Mr. Satan caused Buu's feelings to swell up and leave as another Buu. But this time, me do it on purpose, this time not me feeling anger towards bad man but curiosity about love. Loving wife! Me want love, me want family, because me read book about it Satan had he call Bob & Margaret. Buuby not monster...okay... not bad monster like Vegeta think, maybe good monster, she strong class trainer Time Patrol like to visit. Buu love Buuby and we make lots of babies they call majin race.
  • Morality Chain: Me might forget some...details of me promise to be good if not for Satan always being around to remind me. Me not kill Bad Man at first because Satan beat him and bad Man's friend up for Buu!
  • Morality Pet: Buu not be good until puppy no run from Buu. Buu learn puppy no able to walk so Buu fix leg but puppy still no run away. Puppy chase Buu to lick Buu face. It puppy way of giving Buu... gratitude...and it tickle! From then on Buu see why it wrong to kill like Buu used to. Name puppy Bee, and mostly kill no more!
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Bad Buu much skinnier than me, and also much stronger than me. Super Buu, what we became when he won, was more muscle and more strong than me or him were. But after game in world of void, me get pumped up and become muscly too, like Super Buu! Some say Buu only get faster due to lost fat but me say me stronger too, so there!
  • Mysterious Past: Buu not even know how me came to be.
  • No Nose: Buu not need one, Buu track scents with antenna! Buu once change face to have one, to look like man in magazine girl read. But girl still no kiss Buu! Buu give Buuby better one, from better girl, in better magazine. But she like to go without nose, like me!
  • Not So Different: Beerus like to eat, Beerus spend long time asleep. Beerus cause petty destruction. Beerus like to fight strong guys. Beerus has purple Battle Aura. Beerus much like Buu, and Buu hate him!
  • Obliviously Evil: Me not like Babadi much, Bibidi little better. But they was all Buu talked too and kill and break was all Buu hear so me not think it wrong.
  • Older Is Better: Buu strong! Buuby strong. Children weaker and their children weaker than them. Younger Buus of majin race get stronger with training and wishes on Dragon Balls. Turn into Small Buus like one East Kaioshin said was older than me, Big Buu. And Small Buu was stronger than me until me train hard.
  • Our Genies Are Different: Old English manga called Buu Djinn. Djinn can be Majin but Majin not always Djinn.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Ma mean bad and Jin mean people, because Buu become Buu through badness in people. But Buu not like Dabura, king of shadow world, flip side of Buu's world. No like Piccolo, who they call Ma Jr. Majin Buu also read as magical man, which is Buu is.
  • Perpetual-Motion Monster: Buu's ki will always recover if given time and Buu can recover from any damage done by fixing damage with ki. Buu can last longer than lifespan of most things without eating but me still have appetite.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: No, Buu Pink, Buuby Blue.
  • Pulling Themselves Together: Vegeta think Buu not come back if Buu in pieces, but pieces become little Buus and little Buus fly back together.
  • Redemption Earns Life: Buu save saiyans from Small Buu, so saiyans kill Small Buu but leave me, Big Buu, alone.
  • Restraining Bolt: South Supreme Kai get absorbed by Small Buu. Make Small Buu big and strong. Strong Buu absorb fat leader Grand Supreme Kai to get even stronger, but Fat Supreme Kai instead restrain Buu, make it harder to fight, kill and destroy. Become me! First Majin Buu saiyans see. Still strong enough to beat slacker Gohan, Babadi magic Vegeta and before white room training Gotenks! But no kill them, only kill Dabura, dumb Vegeta kill self! Then things get strange. Me become Super Buu, who can't hurt Satan or Bee, but only wait a little to hurt Satan's daughter, Videl. Then me end up in Small Buu, and keep Small Buu from hurting Satan until he spit me out. Majuub want to beat Satan and become champion of the world, but me not let him.
  • Rubber Man: Goku turn super saiyan 3 and Buu not able to hit him, so Buu trick him with stretchy arm.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Bibidi trap Small Buu and me inside ball that force us to sleep, then drop us on planet he want us to kill on. Babadi think Buu will serve him as master with threat of ball, so Babadi not so smart.
  • Shadow Archetype: Goku not very good at school, just like Buu. Goku likes fighting, just like Buu. Goku have big appetite, just like Buu. Goku once turn into stronger murder monster by accident, just like Buu. Buu remind people of Sun Wukong, just like Goku, but Goku turn out more like orphan snake boy, red cape man and future fighter mom, Buu went more like boss flea.
  • Smoke Out: When Buu get mad, Buu steam like kettle. Super Buu use it so that no one can see, me wish me had thought to do that.
  • Spam Attack
    • Vegeta make face at Buu and move hands back and forth, make lots of shiny lights and boom boom boom! Buu like it, so Buu show Goku!
    • Not so good example was human extinction attack, which rain ki down on Earth till all humans dead. Me only stop Super Buu from hitting Satan...
    • Me show Goku another one, better than the other two, made to push strong guys off fighting stage at Tournament Of Power!
  • Summon Magic: Bibidi call forth Small Buu and make Small Buu work for him by saying he Small Buu's dad. Babadi try this with me, but me not fooled! Still, me kill many people for Bibidi and Babadi and then kill more when they dead because me not know what else to do.
  • Split-Personality Merge: Me try to eat Bad Buu but Me get eaten instead. Me live through being candy, me live through being chewed up, but Bad Buu get stronger with me in him. Bad Buu change. He say he Super Buu! Not last, me get pulled out of Super Buu and Bad Buu not come back. Small Buu alternate timeline next life Small Buu, as more good Uub, rejoin with me. He, we, called Majuub.
  • Super Breath: Babadi say city no good with no more people, so Buu blow down! Buu expand body to take in more air, blow really long! Buildings go boom!
  • Super Mode: Me attenna gets longer when Buu transform into stronger body.
  • Sweet Tooth: Anime filler show Buu getting sandwich with meat and fiber from Vegeta but Buu only seen eating sweet things before then... okay, Buu remember trying Bee's dog food. But dog food no taste good! Super Buu hate meat but he not me...anymore.
  • Temporary Bulk Change: After Zen Exhibition matches in World Of Void remind me how fun it is to fight strong guys, me excitement make me skinny, like Bad Buu! But then me get tired and become pudgy again while sleeping!
  • The Dreaded: Gods of creation tremble in terror at sight of Buu! Even funny feet emperor of the universe lays low when Buu around! Without fusion Goten and Trunks, sons of saiyans, no want to fight Buu! Friends have to wish on Dragon Ball Dragon for Earth to forget about Buu for people there to live on it without fear.
  • The Load: Majin Buu one of Earth's strongest, one of Universe 7's strongest, and me also one of the least dependable. Buu eat and sleep a lot, miss many a crisis because of it.
  • The Snack Is More Interesting: Abo and Kado fly to Earth to fight. But they not strong, so Buu stay inside and eat.
  • Third-Person Person: Old English manga translation and Super Sonic Warriors video game give Buu better grasp of personal pronouns, but video game not consistent. Buu usually call himself Buu! In Japanese, Buu sometimes have problems with pronouns that refer to other people!
  • Throwing the Fight: Buu beat all martial artists who come to Budokai, then take dive so Satan remain world champion. Satan get money and Buu get eat! Me tell Majuub do same.
  • To Serve Man: Buu serve himself cities worth of man, but then Buu learn people's food better than people food.
  • Torso with a View: When fighting and the other guy is strong, sometimes Buu get hole in stomach. Make Buu hungry.
  • Transformation Ray: Buu figure out what good to eat through antenna and then make it taste better in mouth with ray from antenna. Now do you like cream doughnut, or jelly?
  • Truly Single Parent: In second Xenoverse game Buu make time patrolman bring him lots of food. Buu need lots and lots of food to get energy to make babies! Buu make them without Buuby!
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Buu fight pink marshmallow! Marshmallow called Kirby! Buu no do so well...
  • Vacuum Mouth: Buu can suck in millions candy pieces at once. One mouthful!
  • Would Hurt a Child: Babadi order Buu find and eat boys named Trunks and Goten! Children not spared when Buu do bad! But when Buu do bad, most people spared are children. Buu leave with happy bye bye to blind no more boy, and Buu only beat up two hair color boy Buu later learn called Gotenks, not kill.

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