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You see, tropers, you're not dealing with the average Saiyan warrior anymore. I, Prince Vegeta, have finally become The Legendary!! SUPER SAIYAN!!

"The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji Tv and Akira Toriyama. Please support the official release."
—There, I said the stupid disclaimer, now where is my trope page!?

(This page is best read in either Ryo Horikawa's, Brian Drummond's, Christopher Sabat's, Lanipator's or René García's voice)

What do you sniveling worms want with me? Get out of here now before I blast you to smithereens! *charges a ki blast* What was that, insect? You want to know about me? Wait, I have a fan club... *ki blast dies down* Interesting. Fine! If you're all so determined, I shall indulge you for a bit. *smirk*

I am Vegeta. Prince of All Saiyans! Last of my Royal Blood! Bringer of death! Destroyer of Worlds! And wrecker of your shit!

And one more thing, if you ever dare say that either the dumb pink blob, the so-called galactic tyrant, or that black man is better than me, then I'll keep kicking you in the dick until you learn to respect who the top dog really is! And from those of you from the Earth nation of Japan, if you dare confuse me with that boisterous speed-racing buffoon, I'll be sure to send you and your little friends to a world of pain!


Tropes that describe me, the Prince of All Saiyans!

  • Abusive Parent: If there is something I am not proud of, it's how I treated Trunks when I first met him. Even when I learned he was my son I was still as terrible to him as I was to everyone else, and he still risked his life to save me from Cell. Seeing him killed later provided the wake up call I needed, and I vowed to treat the Trunks of my timeline better, as well as Bra/Bulla. Wait, what are you insinuating?! It is not like I care about them or anything. It is just I cannot deny that they have lots of untapped potential, despite being a half-blooded bastards, so I may be able to make great warriors out of them yet. That'll show Kakarot and his slacker of a son!
  • Achievements in Ignorance: I've been told I was actually winning my first fight with Kakarot, but since I couldn't sense power levels I didn't realize it. Apparently he was taking that Kaioh-whatever-he-called it beyond levels its creator considered safe to even the odds with me and the strain of it was worse for him than the damage I was taking from it. By the time I turned into an Ozaru I actually had him on the ropes.
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  • Adaptational Jerkass: Apparently, I'm a lot more of an asshole in the TFS retelling of my story than in canon. Personally, I'd say their portrayal is more accurate.
  • Always Someone Better:
    • Complete crap! There is no warrior in the universe that can match my strength, and especially not these pathetic earthlings and that clown Kakarot!
    • To prove my point, after our first battle, Kakarot acknowledged I was indeed this trope to him. And wouldn't you know it, I still am.
    • What!? No, don't pester me about that "you are number one" spiel from back when Kid Buu was beating Kakarot to a pulp, THAT NEVER HAPPENED! GET OUT OF HERE!
  • Amazon Chaser: Saiyans are wired to be attracted to women who are strong and feisty, and I am no exception to this rule; neither is Kakarot, his first son, or my son. And before you ask, it is safe to assume that Saiyan women have the same wiring towards Saiyan men. While that crazy Bulma woman appears to be your average human weakling, I quickly discovered that it is wise not to underestimate her, as she can be pretty damn headstrong, especially when she gets one of her wild ideas. And she never appears to afraid of me in the slightest... Which is good! I wouldn't have settled for some alien mate if I wasn't sure she was the best alien mate available.
  • Antagonist in Mourning: It is not like I ever missed that moron and his incessant prattle, but I must admit I had a hard time figuring out what to do with myself during those seven years Kakarot was dead. That bastard tricked me with that Heroic Sacrifice! He should have met his defeat at my hands, damn it! Thankfully he is around again, so I might still have the chance to show him once and for all...
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Yes, of course, what other way to attack is there? Take your time? Waiting for your opponent to make the first move? Gauge their strength? Let them tire themselves? That's all for lesser mortals than myself!
  • Awesomeness by Analysis:
    • I figured out how to sense power levels all on my own, given no information other than that it was possible. You may kneel now.
    • Kakarot is able to figure out the movements of his opponents by remember how and where they hit him. That is the one thing he can perhaps do better than me! Are you happy? I however was able understand Jiren's movements by watching him hit Kakarot, something only a true genius like myself could do!
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Tch! Whatever it is I have with that Bulma woman is a purely physical thing; harboring disgusting mushy feelings for your mate is a human invention and I do absolutely not abide by it. Ever! It is just that as a proud Saiyan I'm honorbound to stand up for me and mine, even if it means attacking the God of Destruction head on for slapping her or defending her honor by preventing that moron Kakarot from whoring her out to creepy, old deities. That is all there is to it, you hear?! ...Though to be honest, I do like her feistiness quite a bit. What? I can't help it, I'm just wired that way! Stop looking at me like that.
  • Back from the Dead: If there is one good thing about being around Kakarot, it's that you get entitled to that revolving door in the afterlife he and his friends enjoy. Suck it, Raditz and Nappa. After Freeza killed me on Namek, Earth's Dragon Balls were used to revive everyone killed by Freeza and his men to revive all the Namekians who died in his hunt for the Dragon Balls. Thanks to the lack of thought in this wish, it revived me! Years later when I died trying to kill Buu, I was brought back as a ghost to stop that menace, before the Dragon Balls on Namek were used to revive everyone who died since Babadi's arrival on Earth. That wish was supposed to not revive the evil ones, but for some reason it brought me back.
  • Badass Arm-Fold: I'm the Prince of that trope, you might say... *folds arms and smirks*
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: Kakarot was an imbecile to believe any good could come from sparing the members of the Ginyu Force and it was up to me to correct him.
  • Beam Spam: A favorite tactic of mine is to fire off lots and lots of smaller energy blasts at my foe. I can assure you, it is a tactic and not my anger getting the best of me in a fight. Sure, most other fighters in my franchise do this at least once, but I'm the one who elevates it to an artform. I'm even one of the few characters to get a unique attack based on this in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and equipping a super soul based on me in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 usually changes your charged ki blasts into one of these.
  • Berserk Button: I have a lot of angry buttons. Kakarot, Trunks, Bulma, Bra/Bulla...GT, especially the parts concering that mustache and that infernal parasite Bebi, that repulsive Ribrianne, Tarble, you name it. If you push even one of them, then you deserve a punch in the stomach to teach you a lesson! To teach just who the greatest Saiyan is!
  • Big Bad: Hahahaha, yes, I was the most powerful adversary that these puny insects on Earth had ever fought up until that time. But they had no idea Freeza was out there, and that it was my mission to stop the wretched fiend.
  • Big Eater: We Saiyans need the strength to fight, and eat our weight in food. It is one of the only things that Kakarot and I have in common. Speaking of which, *Charges a Ki Blast* where are those egg rolls I demanded!?
  • Blue Is Heroic: I aways wear something blue on me since its the boldest and demanding colour that ever exists. During the times I tried to conquer Earth I originally averted this trope. But after settling down with Bulma and becoming a part time member of the Z-Fighters led by Kakarot, I now play this trope mostly straight.
  • Blood Knight: We Saiyans love to fight against a Worthy Opponent. Battle is in our very blood. The stronger our opponent, the happier we become. And while so many other weaklings lose strength during battles, we Saiyans become stronger. You can bleed us to the brink of death and crush all the bones in our bodies, it only makes us more powerful.
  • Breakout Character: When first imagined I was just meant to be an Arc Villain and die at the end of my assault on Earth, but the fans took such a liking to me that I stayed alive and became a regular character, eclipsing the Earthlings and the Namek in importance.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • I managed to do this once during an episode after Kid Buu's defeat, and I said "What are you looking at?" those irritating dubbers who pointed their camera at me rather than the other alliances who are having fun. note 
    • I appeared in Neko Majin on a mission to retrieve Freeza's son. But learning the star of Neko Majin in fact had a high power level and might be a serious obstacle, I realized I was in a gag manga and quickly left.
    • Alas, another absurd gag comic character followed me into Dragon Ball Super. A storied warrior like myself has little chance against such a foe. I don't wanna talk about it.
  • Can't Catch Up: How dare you suggest I am WEAKER than that imbecile Kakarot?! *charges a ki blast* You take that back right now, you disgusting little maggot, or I'm going to blast you into oblivion!
  • Card-Carrying Villain:
    • So you guys think that I'm the villain because I'm misunderstood? NO!!! IT'S BECAUSE I'M EVIL, AND IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF FREEZA'S ACTIONS THAT I TURN INTO ONEnote .
    • I'll admit, this trope doesn't apply to me so much these days, but I still refuse to call myself a 'good guy'.
  • Catchphrase Insult:
    • My choice of words to describe Kakarot would be "clown" and "idiot" since everything he says and does is downright stupid!
    • In Latin America I'm mostly known for calling my foes "insects". And I'll never forgive Cell for daring to steal it from me!
  • The Comically Serious: I take everything seriously unlike the clown, which is a fitting insult for him!
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: Kakarot's brat and the bald one saved from being killed by Recoome. I complained to the brat that he should have focused on Recoome when he was focused on me.
  • Cruel Mercy: After Kakarot trapped Ginyu in a frog's body, I decided he wasn't worth killing anymore. And years later Ginyu would trade bodies with Frieza's new sparring partner/punching bag Tagoma, so I could end Ginyu for good.note 
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Almost all of my fights are this, I'm usually dishing them out, but to my irritation, I'm often on the receiving end. The only exceptions are my fights with Kakarot, when I was fighting Frieza's first form and the second telling of my first meeting with the mutant freak Broly.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: NO! I am NOT friends with that blundering imbecile and his family! But... I have formed an alliance with them to deal with any new threats that may come. Who knows, maybe one of these cocky upstarts may present a decent challenge to my abilities. Ha, who am I kidding? No human will ever match my Super Saiyan powers.
  • Demoted to Extra: In THAT OTHER SERIES. Like everyone else who wasn't Kakarot or his stupid granddaughter I got demoted to the sidelines, barely appearing. My fans were rightfully not pleased.
  • Deus Exit Machina: During that Filler Arc when the movie villain Garlic Jr. attacked Earth, I was off-planet looking for Kakarot, with no success of course since none of us were going to see him again until he returned to Earth himself. If I had stayed on Earth I could have crushed that pest Garlic Jr. and ended the arc almost immediately, but by the time I got back to Earth, that idiot had already defeated himself. Again.
  • Deuteragonist: I was promoted to this in Super, as I almost share an equal spotlight with Kakarot. If anything, I should take over as main protagonist! Think about that!
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Hell yeah I did! In the Tournament of Power I took on that fighter Toppo when he became a God of Destruction, and I eliminated him from the tournament! Not only that, but he tried to concince me I wasn't strong enough to win because I didn't throw away everything like he did. HA! I told that idiot throwing away everything for power is weakness!
  • Earth Is the Center of the Universe: Seriously, why do all these threats find their way to this miserable little rock? Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Ha, I was already capable of destroying entire worlds when I first fought that bumbling imbecile, Kakarot, and when it seemed like that oaf was gonna win, I tried to do that to his planet. He may have won that round, but I soon turned the tables on him. Hahahahaha!
  • Easily Forgiven: Kakarot is such an idiot who never held my past actions against me, even acting like we're friends. We are not and never will be! What surprised me more was how easily Bulma forgave me, even though I came to Earth with the intent of wiping out her species. Everyone else had the good sense to see me for the convenient ally I am, who will one day turn on them!
  • Elite Mook: What was when I was working for Frieza. I didn't have any chances to move up the ranks since I was always on the front lines, but I was never interested in getting a higher position in Frieza's army. His higher ranking warriors who stayed away from the front lines got complacent and relied Frieza's power for their safety, and you can see where that got them.
  • Enemy Mine: To defeat Freeza, as much as it turned my stomach, I joined forces with the damn gibbering oaf and his friends to take down the cretin. No, I have not changed. It's just we've formed an alliance. I could turn on them and kill them all at any time! I just choose not to. And don't you forget that.
  • Enemy to All Living Things: Living creatures scurry in fear at my approach! For I am Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, and my very presence frightens the lowliest of primitive lifeforms! Hahahahahahahaha!
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Hrmph! Love is a weakness and a distraction from training and battle, and therefore any true Sayian who knows what is good for him doesn't "love" anyone or anything! That said, I did hold my father, the King, in quite high regard, back when the old man was still alive. After all, he taught me everything I know about fighting, taking pride in my bloodline, and never abiding weakness. Truth be told, I would never have tolerated serving under Frieza for so long, if he hadn't threatened to kill him. Heh, funny thing actually, as sooner or later I would have had to kill the old man myself in a honorable battle to press my claim on the throne. Nowadays, well... As much as they might irritate me, you do NOT want to mess with the woman, her son and her daughter. If you do, you'll have to go through me first, and trust me, you don't want to do that. *smirk* When I learned that body thief Zamasu killed the Bulma of Future Trunks' timeline, my hate for him surpassed that of anyone else I've met in my life.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: There's nothing that irritates me more than stupid people! For one, I spent most of my life with Nappa and his stupidity caused him to get crippled in a fight with that clown Kakarot! Speaking of that idiot, everything thing he says or does REALLY gets on my nerves! He should consider himself lucky that I haven't blown him into bits!
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: *smirk* Well, of course. It doesn't matter what my enemy's gender or race is. I've liquidated and destroyed countless planets in my time, and I've seen at least one woman turn out to be an absurdly powerful android. It should come without question that I'm well past worrying about that. Blue, green, purple, orange, male, female, Namekian, human, who cares? I'll crush them all nevertheless. And I'll accept their tears and grovelling all the same!
  • Eye Scream: During my fight with Kakarot, that damn fool shot me in the eye! You have no idea how much I detested that.
  • Face Realization: I say that was getting soft due to my time on Earth and allowed Babadi's magic to effect me so I could return to my evil ways. As Kakarot pointed out however I would never allow myself to be controlled, and I broke free. Damn human weakness getting to me.
  • Fearless Fool: What? How dare you! I am anything but a fool! Call me that again and you'll regret it!
  • Fountain of Expies: Just like Kakarot inspired countless other writers to model their anime heroes on him, almost any rival to the hero is inspired by me. They're all posers, I can tell you that.
  • Fountain of Memes: Apparently, those idiotic internet communities think that the hilarity of my dub line has reached… ahem… OVER NINE THOUSAND! LISTEN! I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS, NOT YOUR TARGET FOR MOCKERY!!! IF YOU KEEP IT UP, THEN SAD FOR YOU!!!
  • Friendly Rivalry: Kakarot likes to think so, but he's got the wrong idea!
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: In the late Frieza Saga and the Cell Saga, I'm this to everyone but the clown Kakarot and that foolish earthling woman — even that blasted child who thinks he's my son spends about as much time berating the prince of all Saiyans. Whenever I get hurt, those fools wouldn't come to my aid, no matter how much I demand it! It would be in their best interest to help me. When I first went Super Saiyan, everyone simply just groaned. (Ha! It's just plain jealousy against the Prince of Saiyans!) After I was beaten unconscious by Cell, the bald one had the audacity to say that he didn't really care if I die and was only helping me because Trunks believes in me! INGRATES!
  • Genius Bruiser: I'm proud, but don't take that as meaning I can't use my head.
    • On Namek, I took advantage that Frieza and his men couldn't sense power levels without their scouters, which thankfully the Namekians destroyed, I ran circles around them and stole all five of the Dragon Balls Frieza had collected.
    • When training to achieve a level beyond Super Saiyan, unlike Trunks I realized the innate drawbacks of simply powering up mindlessly, mainly the lack of speed.
    • When planning to revive everyone who died since Babadi's arrival on Earth, instead of just asking Namek's dragon to revive everyone killed by Majin Buu like Kakarot planned, I suggested wording the wish that everyone who died on Earth since Babadi's arrival, except for the most evil ones. Kakarot's wish would have brought back Babadi and I never wanted to see that imp again. That wish had absolutely nothing to do with all the people I killed.
  • Good Is Not Nice: I agree with the "not nice" part, but good?! Don't insinuate such foolish things! I'm still evil! Fine! Maybe I've done some good acts, but don't think I'm going to soften up for you or the rest of the pitiful earthlings!
  • Groin Attack:
    • A dishonorable move! That bastard Cooler always claimed to be better than his sniveling lizard brother, Freeza, but he kept kicking me in the dick over and over again! Why?! Why did he keep kicking me in the dick?!
    • And for mocking me, it seems karma got Kakarot the next time. Not so funny anymore, is it, you damn clown!?
  • Grumpy Bear: Why should I cheer up when I'm stuck on some planet with all of these pathetic weaklings and having to listen to all their constant and incessant prattle about "virtues" and "fair fighting"?
  • Guns Are Worthless: What? Did you actually expect those pathetic little toys to be effective against the might of a TRUE Saiyan warrior? Hahahahaha! Go ahead! Shoot me! I dare you, little worm.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Yes, I have a temper, but who can blame me? When you have to personally experience low-class bumbling buffoon surpassing an elite warrior, you will understand!
  • Half-Human Hybrids:
    • Unfortunately, there just aren't any female Saiyans left after Frieza decimated our planet and brought our race to the brink of extinction. That means every Saiyan from here on will carry at least some unpure blood with them, tainted human blood most likely. My own heirs suffer from this note , but... they are still MY son and daughter. Get between them and die. And don't you even think about mentioning what I've said to the woman! If she refuses to fix that damn gravity room, it's your fault, and I will personally vaporize you!
    • At any rate, at least humans look like us, unlike that weird alien my brother chose as a mate. I shudder to think what strange mockeries against our race — if any — are going to result from that union... Brrrr!
  • A Handful for an Eye: Of course! What else would you expect from a true Saiyan warrior? *smirk* And to add insult to injury there wasn't any real need for it; I could've defeated Zarbon without throwing sand into his eyes, but it felt good to taunt that ridiculous toady. Maybe I'll try this maneuver out on Kakarot the next time we meet.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: As many of you know, I started out as a villain, but after an opportunity presented itself for me to revolt against Freiza, I decided to join Kakarot and his friends. I'd stay on their side up until shortly before that dumb pink blob showed up, when I decided to let everyone think I'd been brainwashed by Babidi. After that, I blew myself up to make amends, and once I came back from the dead, I stayed a Face for goodnote . You can't be Prince of all Saiyans without taking some opportunities.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • In the first tale of our metting, when I found out that weakling Saiyan Broly was, in fact, the Legendary Super Saiyan, I nearly lost it. Some see it as me being afraid of such a powerful being only heard of in legends, but really, anyone at Super Saiyan 2 and beyond could have taken him out; I was more in awe of the power he wielded at the time, and then absolutely bewildered when I found out his motivation was that Kakarot cried for three hours as an infant! BROLY WAS A LITERAL GIANT F*CKING BABY!
    • I admit I suffered a milder example of this when I thought I had finally ascended to becoming a Super Sayian on Namek, only to discover that the miserable bastard Freezer still utterly eclipsed me in power, despite all I had gone through. It wasn't until sometime later that I realized that becoming a Super Sayian involved much more than a feeble zenkai powerup.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
  • Hey, You!: Bah! Why would I waste my time learning the names of the weak fools around me? Though if I'm in the mood, I do call the Woman Bulma, my Boy Trunks, or my Girl Bulla. I still refuse to call Kakarot by his stupid Earth name, unless the imebecille I am speaking with simply is incapable getting it right.
  • Hot-Blooded: It's a tradition for Saiyans like myself to express anger, pride, and a knack for crushing those who stand before us!
  • Human Aliens: Don't you DARE mistake me for a human! I may have some... alright, a lot of... superficial similarities with this weak race, but I am NOT human!
  • Humanity Is Infectious: Damn humans and your ideals about compassion, friendship and mercy. Those stupid notions got to Kakarot and over time they got to me.
  • Iconic Sequel Character: I'm not introduced until the "Z" era of the franchise, several years in. Nonetheless I'm its most iconic character next to Kakarot.
  • Idiot Ball: Anime only. When I was facing Ginyu, I let him goad me into pummeling him. This was despite having already seen his power to change bodies, and that assaulting him would have just set him up to leave me in a body that was too weak to fight. In the manga, he tried to switch bodies with me before I even got the chance, but either way Kakarot pulled off a save by throwing a frog in front of Ginyu. For this embarrassment I allowed Ginyu to live until he found a body worth killing, and ensured Kakarot would be killed by no one but myself.
  • Instant Expert: I didn't know that it was possible to sense energy without using a scouter, or that you could mask your energy. But once I saw Kakarot and his friends do it on Earth, I learned how to do it myself.
  • Irony:
    • I actually won my fight with Kakarot, something I notice quite a few people forgot, unlike many other rival types, but seeing him get stronger I was, I was driven to surpass him.
    • When Nappa and I were on our to Earth he suggested breeding half Saiyans with the humans to create warriors to restablish Saiyan domiance after hearing about how strong Kakarot's son was. I shot the idea down since the last thing we needed were warriors running around who were even stronger than we were. Years later I would in fact have a son with Bulma.
    • I objected to the mercy Kakarot showed the Fat Majin Buu on the basis he would simply spawn more monsters if allowed to live. It turns out that in the Dragon Ball Online I was more right than I could have known, and more wrong at the same time. Those monsters ended up being welcome additions to this planet of weaklings, several even ended up employed by the woman's son!
  • It's All About Me: Yes, it really IS all about me. I am the Prince of all Saiyans, the strongest being in the entire universe! Not even the gods can withstand my wrath! What was that?! You think it's just hype? I AM THE HYPE!!!
  • Jerkass: *frown* Why should I care about any of those earthlings?! They just get in my way for glory as the most powerful Saiyan in the universe!
  • Jerkass Has a Point: You can get all sentimental about it, but there are times when I'm right about something! Always!
    • I eradicated Burter and Recoome in cold blood after Kakarot defeated them. Kakarot thinks I was being cruel, but their deaths were deserved, especially since the brat and the bald one were on the verge of death, and that they had killed countless people under Frieza's orders. While the clown told me having a little compassion isn't a disadvantage, sparing the Ginyu Force would have caused far more harm than good. Even worse, Kakarot spared Frieza's life at least twice — which only prompted Frieza to try to stab him in the back both times. What an idiot! No, "Renegate for life!" — that's the only creed to live by.
    • After I saved Kakarot from being killed by Android 19, I reminded the fool he was warned about the heart virus and should have known that fighting in his condition, let alone going Super Saiyan, would have only made it worse. I won't let a stupid virus beat me in killing him!
    • I got another one after beating Android 19 so thoroughly that the android flipped out and tried to make a break for it, to which Dr. Gero/Android 20 shouts at me that I had done enough. As I rightfully pointed out, Gero and 19 had come all this way to destroy me and the low-class fighters! It's only "enough" when they're losing!
    • When Cell announces the Cell Games, Piccolo wanted to train first in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after Kakarot and his son left. I called this a waste since the fight with Cell will be beyond any level outside those of Saiyans, but I allowed that ignorant Namek to go first. Say what you want about me, but I was right that only a Saiyan could have beaten Cell and the Namek's training produced lackluster results! Even seven years after his death, no non-Saiyan had approached Cell's level of power.
    • I told off Kakarot's son for getting weaker in the Buu saga and how his battle against Dabura was a disgrace. For someone who has Saiyan blood in his veins, he was struggling against a foe that, seven years ago, he wouldn't have had such a problem with, and it was imperative to beat that demon with brute force! If only Kakarot let me fight Dabura in his place.
    • After Kid Buu destroyed Earth, I told off Kakarot for leaving his own sons to die there and choosing that Hercule oaf and the Namek boy instead. The clown had nothing to say at all because he knew I was right!
    • I later objected to Kakarot and Hercule wanting to let Fat Buu live. Maybe they were right in the long term, but it doesn't change that they wanted to let a monster live that killed most of Earth's inhabitants and spawned a killing machine that finished the job.
    • I was furious that Kakarot played around with his counterpart instead of instantly killing him when he had the chance. This gave him the opportunity to study the clown's fighting style and destroy the time machine, giving him the chance to become more powerful to the point where he could challenge both of us in our Super Saiyan Blue forms. Also, if Cell's time machine hadn't been in that woman's junk stash there would have been no way to go to the future to save it in the first place. This was mostly because I wanted to kill that Kakarot copy for hurting Trunks and killing Future Bulma, but I was even angrier about it after these events proved my point!
    • I objected to reviving Freeza to participate in the Tournament of Power on the grounds that he's uncontrollable and cannot be trusted. I was proven right by Freeza's internal monologue to become a being to replace Zen'o.
    • Unlike everyone else, when Trunks appeared and killed Frieza, I saw how little sense the entire situation made. The only Saiyans still alive were Kakarot, his son, and me. Nobody but me bothered to question how that could have happened.
  • Jerkass to One: I look down on anyone who is inferior to me, but the one person I hate the most is that irritating clown Kakarot. A low-class Saiyan daring to surpass me, an elite warrior prince, is absolutely despicable!
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: WHAT? HOW DARE YOU INSINUATE THAT I'M ANYTHING BUT EVIL. The Dragon what? That Sheraton thing has the BALLS to bring me back because I'm a "good guy". I'M NOT. I'M EVIL. I just saved the planet so I can destroy it myself! DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, YOU SNIVELING WORMS!
  • Joker Immunity: Toriyama might not like me, but my popularity meant he could never kill me off. As such, I survived the battle on Earth and returned to hunt for the Dragon Balls on Namek, then got revived by Earth's Dragon Balls after I was killed by Freeza and returned to act as a Token Evil Teammate for the reminder of the series. I did NOT make a full Heel–Face Turn later, don't believe what they say!
  • Kamehame Hadouken: Oh hell yes; many can use this, even that scrub who got killed by a Saibaman! But for specific examples, look no further than either my Galick Gun, Big Bang Attack, or Final Flash.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
    • Why do any of you even care that I killed Nappa? He had killed countless people before even coming to Earth, gleefully beat Kakarot's friends, mocked two of them for dying in failed attempts to kill him, before killing a third one himself. After I told him to withdraw from fighting Kakarot he decided to take his frustration out on Kakarot's brat and the bald one.
    • I killed Dodoria and Zarbon on Namek. Those two worked for Frieza and killed countless people before coming to Namek, and had been taking part in Frieza's slaughter of the Namekians. Who cares if it was in cold blood.
    • Kakarot complained me killing Recoome and Burter. The big brute had just nearly killed the idiot's son and his bald friend, on top of everyone else they killed under Frieza's orders. They didn't deserve any mercy, and if they had a chance to put that shoe on the other foot, they most certainly would've made it a point to see all of us dead.
  • Lack of Empathy: Hmph! Do you expect an elite Saiyan such as myself to have feelings for these earthlings? However, I have began to learn to care for others more than myself! The woman's son for example, whose inherent saiyan might is adulterated by worthless feelings only those with human blood, unlike myself, could ever have!
  • Last of His Kind: I am the last pure-blooded member of the Saiyans' royal line. And, no, that imbecile Kakarot does NOT count! He's long forgotten the proper Saiyan culture, and he's even renounced his birth name in favor of the stupid name those Earthlings bestowed on him! As far as I am concerned he is a traitor to all that it means to be a Saiyan! And if he ever is the last remaining Saiyan, I will die without solace.
  • Large Ham: As delicious as that sounds, I am well aware that this trope refers to my love of declaring how AWESOME AND POWERFUL I am.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Turns out my younger brother Tarble was still alive after all these years. Well, not that I care. He was and remains a pathetic, mewling weakling with no killer instinct and my father was entirely right to demote him to a low-class warrior and banish him to a remote planet. His only remotely tolerable trait is his Big Brother Worship, and it's the ONLY reason what-so-ever that I allow him to live, let alone hang out with me.
  • Made of Iron: You can break all my bones, smash my body past the breaking point, and crush me to within an inch of my life. None of that matters to me! I WILL get back up! And I WILL keep fighting! We Saiyans are a TRUE warrior race! Don't you DARE underestimate us! For every wound that you inflict, I will come back ten times stronger than I was before!
  • Manly Tears: Tears are a weakness in my eyes! However, I've done this once in the Frieza saga. I explained my life and motivations as Kakarot prepares his battle against Frieza. I told him that Frieza destroyed the saiyan race. I broke down in tears when I revealed that Frieza promised to spare my father if I joined him, and then, when I complied, the bastard killed him anyways! It was an eye opener for the viewers watching.
  • Meaningless Villain Victory
    • On more than one level. On Namek; I managed to steal the five Dragon Balls collected by Freeza, nabbed one from a village of Namekians and hid it so only I knew where to find it, and then took the last one after I killed Zarbon and baldy coughed it up knowing he couldn't stop me. But then Kakarot's brat stole the ball I was hiding! Not that it mattered anyways, it turns out that the Namekians had a password that needed to be used to call the dragon out and it only responded to wishes in their language. In short, I didn't have a chance of getting my wish in the first place!
    • I actually defeated Kakarot in our fight on Earth, but through a mix of blind luck, the energy Kakarot had left for his Spirit Bomb, and his brat turning into an Oozaru with the energy I used to become an Oozaru, I still lost.
  • Meat Puppet: In Dragon Ball GT I suffered the indiginity of being an unwilling vessel of an ignorant slimy parasite engineered by the ignorant Tuffle race. He saw fit to change my face and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever welcome defeat at the hands of Kakarot. At that point he could have killed me, I wouldn't have cared! The parasitic coward fled from my body after hitting his limit however and suffered an undiginified death.
  • A Million Is a Statistic: Ha, what do I care if people get in the way of our battle? I'll kill every damned person on this planet if I have to so long as the person I'm fighting is one of them!
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: Agh, I'll never forget the moment when Kakarot punched me with his stupid Kaio-whatever! It got to the point that I immediately decided to blow up Earth all because of a little blood.
  • Motive Decay: Yes this is not lost on me. All that fool Raditz had to do was invite Kakarot to an interesting fight that would have been easier with four saiyans rather than three. Instead he got worked up over an Easily Conquered World and got himself killed, leading to an entire change of plans on our part when he informed Nappa and myself of the Dragon Ball in the delusion I would allow Nappa to bring him back. Originally my goal was using the Dragon Balls to become immortal. Once Kakarot became a Super Saiyan, my goals switched yet again to becoming one myself and surpassing him. Eventually I couldn't even do that when he died on me so I just settled down on Earth.
  • Mugging the Monster: When I was at the tournament waiting for my match, some punk walks up to me and kept mocking me. My response? I knock the guy out! Let that be a lesson to you imbeciles! Don't ever piss off the Prince of all Saiyans!
  • Never Hurt an Innocent:
  • No Indoor Voice: What's better to show off your might, THAN TO SHOUT EVERY SINGLE LINE WHEN YOU FIGHT ANY OPPONENT.
  • Not Brainwashed: I allowed Babidi turn me into a Majin to become powerful enough to finally defeat Kakarot! It was a refreshing experience as it reminded me of the days when I was the cold and ruthless prince!
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: It doesn't matter even if you're a shapeshifting amoeba who has my powers and my personality. NOBODY gets to defeat Kakarot but ME!
  • Only Sane Man: If you would like to see what it's like to be a Saiyan, I am the perfect example of how to be one, not the twat raised by an aging human pervert in the wood. Certainly not the bald one who couldn't count to ten, the cowardly brute who is against all the Saiyan beliefs, my own weak-hearted brother, that glorified attack dog Broly or his blabbering handler Paragus. Face it, I AM THE REAL SUPER SAIYAN IN THIS UNIVERSE.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Anime filler does that. After I thought Kakarot died on Namek, I was glad to see him dead and expressed an interest in conquering Earth. Much I as hated him, the real me actually wanted him back so I could learn how to become a Super Saiyan myself. And then maybe kill him.
  • Overlord Jr.: It was through my father, the King of all Saiyans, I learned everything I know about proper Saiyan values, such as pride, unrelenting discipline, and holding the lower classes as well as all the dirty, pathetic alien weaklings out there in righteous destain. I have also inherited my name and most of my rugged good looks from him too...though thankfully not his taste in beards.
  • Perpetual Frowner: I soon became this by default. Why should I smile when I'm stuck with these inferior earthlings?
  • Pet the Dog:
    • OKAY, FINE! I do admit I have a soft spot for my son, my daughter and the woman. If you are so foolish as to even lay a hand on one of them... I also see Kakarot as a Worthy Opponent, but you better not tell him that!
    • I also took it upon myself to train Cabba to go Super Saiyan by threatening to kill him and his entire planet to awaken the anger and desperation needed to achieve the transformation. But don't look too deep into it!
    • OKAY, I also saved Cabba from being eliminated by that fat bitch from universe 4 during the Tournament hosted by the Omni-King. I didn't do it because he considers me his master or anything! I did it because I want to meet the Saiyan King, that's all! And I did promise him I will bring him and his universe back... because I want to meet the king, you heard that right.
    • When Kakarot's son broke his arm saving me from an attack from Cell, I apologized to him for being such a burden. Cell reached that level of power because of me in the first place, and because of me the only fighter with a chance of killing him lost the use of a limb.
  • Porn Stache: There comes a time in a man's life that you cannot know. When his baby girl tells him that his choice in facial hair makes him look like a "total geek", and he realizes that she is right, and for the sake of his own dignity he has to shave it off.
  • Power Glows: As a Super Saiyan, and oh, God, does it feel amazing. The thing I love to do the most — step in front of a full-body mirror, strip down, turn Super Saiyan... hey, get back here, you insolent little pests! I'm not through with all of you yet! *charges a ki blast* There, that's better.
  • Power Levels: I had already surpassed my father, the King, when I was a child, and by the time I battled that bumbling fool, Kakarot, on Earth, my power was already 18,000, enough to reduce his pathetic planet to ashes. And my power has only continued to rise since then!
  • The Power of Love: As much as I value my pride, I must admit that my family is a source of strength beyond measure. Toppo learned this the hard way.
  • Pride: You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps! HIS PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy:
    • What's there not to be proud of? I am the last pure-blooded Saiyan of the royal family and I have not only become a Super Saiyan and proven my powers against dozens of stronger adversaries, I have surpassed my own limits and taken my rightful place among the figures of legend. I cannot find the words describe THE UTTER EMBARRASSMENT I felt whenever I thought of the fact that idiot Kakarot was the only other member left of our species! Sure, he might strictly speaking be a fighter, but he is weak and constantly makes a mockery of our race's proud legacy with his pathetic and stupid ideals like "compassion" and "mercy". Bah!
    • Kakarot clearly has brain damage! When I learned Tarble, my own brother, had not only failed to extirpate the macrofauna of the planet he landed on but had been risking his life defending them from Abo and Kado, going so far as to take one for a mate, I could have killed him on the spot! The fact he did at least try to be fight someone, and his immediate recognition of my superiority spared his life. Then I met that mindlessly obediant pet Broly and his snivelling old man! To think a saiyan that strong could be so spineless, that another saiyan that weak could be so content next to one with such a higher battle power! Still, I had to take pride in how quickly Broly adapted to battle, he might become a respectable saiyan yet.
  • Pure Is Not Good:
  • Psychotic Smirk: *Smirk* I used to do this in my glory days of being the cold ruthless warrior! It's one way to let my enemies know they will be crushed and destroyed by the Saiyan Prince! I actually missed that.
  • Puny Earthlings: Well now, it is hardly an insult when it is the truth. It was about the time when yours truly entered the story that those human weaklings who dare to call themselves "fighters" started getting outclassed.
  • Real Men Eat Meat: But of course, a true warrior eats the flesh of the weaker beings.
  • Real Men Hate Sugar: I was shocked when Kakarot and I were inside Majin Buu and there was no sign of meat in there!
  • Real Men Wear Pink: *growls* That stupid as hell "Badman" shirt! Haven't you ever seen a pink shirt before?! Well, at least it got me some fans somewhere... HEY, WHO'S PLAYING THAT ANNOYING SONG AGAIN?!?!
  • Reformed, but Not Tamed: Sure, I may have formed an alliance with Kakarot and his friends, but don't think that's going to soften me up! I won't change for who I am, and don't you forget it!
  • The Resenter: Not a chance! There's no way I'd be jealous of a low-class Saiyan like Kakarot! He is nowhere near the level of a proud Saiyan Prince such as myself!
  • The Rival:
    • Yes, that's right! I will always be the number one to that low-class Kakarot. AND DON'T YOU EVER DARE IMPLY THAT I AM WEAKER THAN THAT CLOWN OR YOU WILL GET BLASTED TO SMITHEREENS!!
    • Stock Shōnen Rival: I am more than proud to say that I'm one of the Trope Codifiers for this trend. I'm the perfect opposite to Kakarot in many ways, though I do not agree with the idea of us being equals! Wait, what do you mean "built from insecur—" SHUT UP!
  • Rivals Team Up: Hmph! I'm an elite warrior! I don't need Kakarot's help in defeating the threats of the world! Even if we have teamed up multiple times, I've always done most of the work! Plus, Kakarot needed my help because he was too vulnerable to handle it on his own!
  • Saved by the Fans:
    • Ha, looks like the people hype me enough that I get to live throughout the end of Majin Buu instead of either dying when I arrived on Earth or when I use my Final Explosion on the ugly blob.
    • Like I mentioned above, I was supposed to die in my first appearance, killed by Kakarot's son when he was an Ozaru. But my popularity kept me alive through the Namek Saga, where I was again supposed to die at Frieza's hand, only to get revived by the Dragon Balls along with the rest of his victims on Namek.
  • The Scream:
    • There's that one time when that half-breed son stole my seventh Dragon Ball out of my hands, I was so angry that I screamed to the point that even my future son could hear it from dimensions away.
    • I ah, ahem, may also have yelled quite loudly when Beerus slapped my wife. It was a a mighty roar of rage, at any rate.
  • Serious Business: I take any competition seriously, especially if it's to defeat Kakarot, even something like that stupid game you Earthlings call baseball. So what if I got too violent for your standards, it's not my fault nobody bothered to explain the rules.
  • Shonen Hair: Unlike a half-breed, a pure-blooded Saiyan's hair does not change from the day we are born, with the exceptions of beards, and moos-taches.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: I'm the latter while Kakarot is the former! What?! What do you mean I'm sensitive?! Okay, maybe I'm more expressive than Kakarot, but nonetheless, I'm still more masculine than the clown wishes he can be! And don't you dare say I cry more than him! Because I DON'T!
  • Smart Jerk and Nice Moron: When teaming up with Kakarot, I am far more sensible and intelligent than the clown is, and you don't know how much I can't stand putting up with his incessant prattle!
  • Smile of Approval: During the battle against Kid Buu, after years of being unable to stand Kakarot and wanting nothing more than to surpass him, I've finally come to the realization that Kakarot... was better than me while cracking a smile when I admitted it. At least for now, because I will not rest until I surpass the clown and regain my rightful place as the greatest fighter in the universe!
  • The Social Darwinist: As a proud Saiyan of an elite race, I hold on to the belief that it's survival of the fittest! The strong will survive, and the weak shall perish!
  • So Proud of You: I will admit, my future son... exceeded my expectations. Not that it was a high bar to pass, considering he was a Half-Human Hybrid wretch. But he's still half-me, which gave him a lot to work with!
  • The Starscream: You dare compare to that piece of scrap!? Fine, I do fit the trope. I had been forced my whole life into servitude under Freeza's genocidal little thumb. I waited patiently, and when the chance to secure my freedom finally arose I gladly took it! Freeza was aware of my intent, but didn't take me for a threat.
  • Super Mode: But of course. It appears every member of my race can become a Super Saiyan, and especially half-breeds. To them, it's a Super Saiyan bargain sale! But there's no stronger Super Saiyan than me, that's for sure! I can take it so far as to go beyond a Super Saiyan, even all the way up to a Super Saiyan 2! Heck, I'm even capable of reaching a level of Super Saiyan beyond that of a Super Saiyan God on my own, while that bumbling oaf Kakarot needed five pure-blooded Super Saiyans to do it (I only counted because my heart is pure evil! Don't judge me!)note 
  • Surrounded by Idiots: When it comes to my idiotic bald companion, the low class Saiyan who is just as idiotic as him and everyone else being useless when it comes to fighting, *smirks* I guess I'm really surrounded by idiots.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: I couldn't stand having to work with the bald one and the half-breed brat in the Frieza Saga. But that's nothing compared to the time I teamed up with that bumbling idiot Kakarot during the battle against Buu.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: How many times do I have to tell you!? I'M NOT A NICE GUY! Sure, I may have gone out of my way to prevent Beerus from destroying the world and went absolutely apeshit when he slapped my Bulma, and taught Cabba to go Super Saiyan, and sacrificed myself against that annoying pink blob for my fam— wait, what are you doing? Are you making "d'aww" faces at me!?
  • Throw the Dog a Bone:
    • That's right, tropers, I have finally managed to exceed that Saiyan clown when *blush*...ugh the God of Destruction slaps my Bulma. I mean the Earth woman.
    • After suffering a defeat from that good for nothing god Zamasu in Kakarot's body, in the rematch I got give him a well-deserved beating and derided him for ever thinking that stealing a super saiyan's body could let him match the power of true saiyan who has trained for all his life.
  • Tsundere: Don't you get all mushy at me! It's not like I truly care about the woman, my son, my daughter, that low-class clown, or anyone for that matter! AND IF YOU DARE TELL THEM THAT, I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE A LITTLE BUG!
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: I remember one moment when a black hedgehog tried to challenge me to a duel to the death. Guess who won that? That's right, insects! I STOMPED THIS STUPID HEDGEHOG TO THE GROUND!!! *Laughs maniacally* In fact, I did better than Kakarot, who got stomped twice by a flying man in red cape. Then again, I doubt it was even that difficult to beat him; he got his furry ass handed to him by that mutated purple cat clone later on.
  • Underestimating Badassery: I don't care how powerful or magnificent you think you are! I, Vegeta, as Saiyan Prince, cannot be defeated! The ones who defeated me got lucky!!! Hmph!
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Complete bullshit!!! I thank all those people who healed and saved me by simply not killing them right away! After all, they can take a punch to the stomach can they not? *chuckles to himself*.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Kakarot blames himself for the threats to Earth, but most events have been more my doing. I sent Raditz to this little planet for starters. Frieza learned of the Dragon Balls on Namek from monitoring my communications, leading to the entire saga on Namek. I threatened to kill anyone who tried to kill the androids before they started moving. Then I let Cell reach his perfect form because I wanted a real fight. And when Babidi was trying to release Majin Buu, I helped by fighting Kakarot and releasing the energy he needed, assuming Buu was So Last Season like the Supreme Kai and the rest of Babadi's henchmen.
  • Villainous Rescue:
    • I didn't like working with Kakarot's brat and his bald friend on Namek, but they weren't any use to me dead so I saved against the Ginyu Force and during the fight with Freeza. They did return the favor when Recoome was about to kill me, though I complained they should attacked Recoome instead. The brat also managed to keep the Namekian alive so I guess I partially have him to thank for my revival.
    • Later I saved Kakarot when he was about to be killed by Android 19, there was no way I was going to allow some fat piece of junk kill him before I got the chance.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: I strongly believed in this! It's part of the reason why I allowed myself to fall under Babidi's spell. I wanted to get rid of the feelings I began to have for Earth and my family. But I eventually come to accept such sentimental values.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Friends?! Tch! Don't be a fool! There's no way I am friends with that low-class Saiyan clown! I only formed an alliance with him to battle the threats in the world.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: HOW DARE YOU?! I AM A SAYIAN ELITE! I HAVE NO WEAKNESSES! However, I will acknowledge that my tail made an easy target during the time when I still depended on the Ozaru transformation. Once I lost it during my battle against Kakarott (I never did pay back that fat bastard for cutting it off!) I never bothered regrowing it, and quickly outgrew my former weakspot.
  • The Worf Barrage: WHAT!? How dare you insinuate that my ki barrage doesn't do anything!? Did Frieza tell you that!? He's not laughing now that I beat his sorry ass! Too bad Kakarot had to steal my thunder...
  • The Worf Effect: EXCUSE YOU! For the record, all my "losses" between Freeza and Beerus were undeserved! 18 simply ended the fight by breaking my arms, Cell and Buu had that stupid regeneration trick, and that damn purple-haired robo-brat was from a gag manga!
  • Worf Had the Flu: When Kakarot's son and his bald friend fought me, I was badly injured from my fight Kakarot and the energy I used to create the false moon, to transform into an Ozaru. I was still stronger than them, but softened up enough that with a bit of luck they managed to stop me.
  • Worthy Opponent: ABSOLUTELY NOT! THERE IS NO WAY THAT CLOWN KAKAROT IS MY EQUAL! But I did admit this at the end of the Buu Saga. BUT DON'T TELL HIM I SAID THAT, OR YOU WILL BE OBLITERATED! Wait...are you really asking me about my rampage against Black!? That bastard was an IMPOSTOR who thought all he had to do to gain ultimate strength was to BODY-JACK AND IMITATE A SAIYAN! Forget that it's Kakarot, when a Saiyan earns his strength and masters his own body, THAT SHIT BELONGS TO HIM! Yet this rogue Kai thought he could just STEAL IT AND CLAIM IT!? Rarely have I seen such IDIOTIC BULLSHIT FLYING IN THE FACE OF ANY KIND OF WARRIOR'S PRIDE OR LOGIC! And let's not forget what Zamasu used that stolen valor for—TO TERRORIZE TRUNKS AND KILL BULMA! OF COURSE IT PISSED ME OFF!
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: I suspected Future Trunks had some kind of hidden motive when he came to Earth and killed Frieza instead of just swallowing everything he said like the others did. I was right, but it wasn't anything sinister like I suspected.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: I was about to avenge myself against Frieza and then Kakarot steals the kill right from under me! I've been told Frieza was an inch away from destroying the Earth and taking me with it, so Whis had to rewind time to give Kakarot an opening to stop him. That's not fair, the idiot screws up and needs me to fix his mistake, then he steals the glory!
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:
    • What? How dare you make such... insinuations. I gave Nappa a noble warrior's death. It was... what he deserved. *turns into a Super Saiyan* HE WAS A SAIYAN!!!
    • Played straight with Raditz after he died. If he died on such a weak planet like Earth, his death was hardly worth avenging in the first place. I only decided to go that planet because of the Dragon Balls. Nappa suggested using them to revive Raditz, but I shot the idea down in favor of wishing for eternal life for both us. We didn't need him anymore if we made a wish like that.note 

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