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Sandbox / Franchise Namespace Correction

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The Franchise Namespace has been designated as a page to host tropes common across multiple media (three or more) for one work. It also acts as an index for the multiple medium-specific pages hosting multiple versions of a single work. There is currently a dedicated thread for adding multimedia franchise pages for works that need it, as well as restoring single-medium pages for works that do not. Link to thread.


In an effort to categorize the pages in Multimedia Franchise correctly, we are sorting them by work pages in other mediums. Only pages in the first and last folders are being used correctly. You can help by moving a works article you happen to come across that is in the wrong place (see How to Move a Page for step-by-step instructions), or adding it to the below list. Sites all over the world link to our works pages. We need to leave a redirect in place to service those links.

See also Sandbox.Work With Other Medium Originals for a similar project; moving adaptations or creating pages in the medium of the original work.

What to do when moving a work:
  1. Move content to the new namespace.note 
  2. Change any redirects to point to the new article location.note 
  3. If there is a discussion and/or reviews, make a request for them to be moved in the appropriate thread.
  4. If the work title is non-standard and not already customized, go to Customize Wikiword to make a request.
  5. Correct wicks, starting with the indexes.note 
  6. Doublecheck everything, then adjust this page and pat yourself on the back (be sure to keep additional wicks in check).

It would also be helpful if you Namespace any other links to works that you notice.

    open/close all folders 

    Page links three+ different medium pages 

    Page links two different medium pages 

    Page exists for a single medium 

    Page redirects to a single medium/creator