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"We open the Book of Magic and go together, into the many diffrent stories"

Book of Magic is a project created by the Japanese former Vocaloid producer Machigerita. The story revolves around the titular "Book of Magic" that lets the reader explore it's worlds.

The Project started off as a musical series in March 2016 with the song "Book of Magic" and the second song "Fairy Tale" was released May the same year before the project was put on hold for a few months. During October, a Gallery exhibition was held for "A Certain Man's Lifetime" that photographer Keisuke Hasegawa collaborated on, thereby expanding the project into new media. The exhibition focused on the lirerary master Agate Chirimu, who Machigerita portrayed




  • Book of Magic
  • Fairy Tale
  • Fin
  • A Certain Man's Lifetime (Poetry Reading)


  • A Certain Man's Lifetime (Poetry Book)

This franchise provides examples of:

  • Downer Ending: A Certain Man's Lifetime ends with the main character, Agate Chirimu, killing himself.
  • Driven to Suicide: Agate's fate in A Certain Man's Lifetime.
  • Mood Whiplash: The song released after the cheerful and upbeat Fairy Tale is Fin which Word of God stated was intentionally made to be depressing.
  • Spoiler Opening: The album cover for Fin, the theme for A Certain Man's Lifetime, is a picture of Agate's corpse.


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