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Franchise / Super Stylish Doctors Story

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On call to cure the hearts of all fangirls!

A story that can be summarized into one sentence—

"Show Hayami's league in rivaling Takehito Koyasu's Knight Hunters."

Conceived on the set of Toshiyuki Morikawa and Nobuyuki Hiyama's annual live talk show: Omaera No Tame Darou, where Hayami, who was their guest star at the time, dressed himself as a physician to cater the fangirls. The fangirls instantly responded with madness, leading Hayami to later question the duo: "Pals, I think I'm onto something here. Wanna help me out?"

Hence the birth of Hayami's Science Fiction Comedy: Super Stylish Doctors Story.

The setting takes place within the world's finest medical facility, The JOY Zaburo Memorial: St. Laforet Hospital — A place where the stylish of all stylish doctors (lady doctors included) from all corners of the world provide the best medical care to their patients with love and JOY!

Officially named as "S.S.D.S.~ Super Stylish Doctors Story~", S.S.D.S. is an "on-and-off-going" multimedia franchise that started its run in year 2003, focusing primarily on Drama CDs, and live stage performances; spanning through radio shows, online channel, music albums, and a video game that blew up to Masami Obari Humongous Mecha proportions. Hayami recruited all friends and juniors who were mainly not part of Koyasu's alliance note  to provide them a platform to interact with their fans and showcase their performance talents. By "on-and-off-going," the franchise is produced based on the availability between the core members of the cast,note  if most of the core members are available at a certain time frame, they'll gather up and bring some juniors along for a performance; be it live, radio, or drama disc.

This franchise provides the following tropes:

  • Actor Allusion: One of the biggest sale points of the franchise is that all actors have decent freedom to reference their own characters and relationships one way or the other free of persecution. Mainly because most of their license owners gave word that they're completely cool with it. Come to think of it, with vast amounts of actors that worked for them participating in a project such as this really makes it hard for them not to say "No."
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: The 13th Medical Division is composed entirely of Bishounen doctors.
    • Distaff Counterpart: However, The 77th Medical Division is instead, composed of entirely of hot female doctors.
  • Color Motif: Each doctor has an image color. However, they are not determined by their hair color], but by the color of their stethoscopes.
  • Hotblooded: Binding three voice actors who played major roles from the Brave Series together is one thing, but when you have the power to easily summon Kageyama, yes, that "Mr. Dragonball" Hironobu Kageyama to sing a cover version of their theme song is on a whole other level.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Like Knight Hunters, a good portion of characters were designed based on their voice actor's appearance and or characteristics. The obvious one is Dr. HAYAMI of course.
  • No Export for You: Due to Hayami having no intentions to branch the franchise into any forms of anime as of yet, their products are only released within the Japanese region.
  • Rituals and Ceremonies:
    • Every live event will open with Dr.HAYAMI performing his image song.
    • For the opening ceremony, after introducing each member of the cast, the cast will head into the audience crowd to hand out their character's business card.
    • Then, everyone will proceed to sing the hospital's anthem.
    • Finally, the audience are then ask to stand up to do the radio calisthenics together with the cast on stage. Most actors, due to being exercise-lacking middle-aged men in real life, are prone to let out cries along the lines of: "MAN, THAT FEELS GOOD!" or "OH F*k, MY BACK HURTS!"
    • For the closing of the stage performance, the cast will sing "Deoxyribo Assistant" and lastly their theme song: "Instantaneous Hero."
  • The Rival: Even though they don't say it straight to fans' faces, everyone can tell S.S.D.S. is the one-and-only group that shared a similar production foundation and capable in head-butting Knight Hunters.