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In theory, when a work has been adapted to a different medium, we should always have a default article namespaced to and listed in the original medium, and adaptations will be redirects to the original medium unless they have enough unique material to justify a separate page.

When it comes to Anime, Manga, and Visual Novels, we seem to be doing a good job at this, thanks to tireless and obsessive fans of those media. When it comes to things like literature vs. film, or theatre vs. film, on the other hand, we're doing a terrible job! Films are popular, so thanks to Adaptation Displacement, people make pages about those, completely ignoring the source work.


This is a page for collecting works that are basically about the wrong medium, usually in the wrong namespace.

Note that some of these works may involve such drastic adaptions that there should be more than one page. Those may deserve separate categorization, once this project gets a little more advanced. See also Sandbox.Franchise Namespace Correction for a similar project; moving franchise pages out of the multimedia franchise namespace and into the original medium namespace.

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

Films — Animated

Films — Live-Action

Live-Action TV




  • Girl Genius was a comic book long before it was a webcomic, but many people are unaware of this.

Western Animation

No Namespace

  • The Untouchables was originally a somewhat fictionalized memoir (our page mentions the film and the tv series only).