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Franchise / Carmen Mc Callum And Travis

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Carmen and Travis, with a really Cool Bike.

The Carmen McCallum & Travis franchise is a Cyberpunk shared universe uniting several French Comic Book series, with Fred Duval as the main writer. The various stories usually take place in the 2050s, a future ruled by Megacorporations and plagued by the Yakuza, rogue AIs and, of course, ruthless businessmen.

The franchise is usually named after the protagonists of the two main series, Dark Action Girl / Anti-Hero Carmen McCallum and Space Trucker / Infiltrator Steve Travis.


Comic book series in the franchise include:

  • Carmen Mc Callum (1995-): The first series in the franchise, originally co-written by Olivier Vatine with art by GESS.
  • Travis (1997-): The second series, drawn by Christophe Quet.
  • Carmen + Travis (2003-2006): Collections of Crossover short stories drawn by various artists, where both protagonists cross paths.
  • Code McCallum (2006-2009): A series drawn Didier Cassegrain focusing on Carmen's early years.
  • Travis Karmatronics (2005): A one-shot focusing on Paquito Mannoni a.k.a. "Pacman", a Playful Hacker who appears in both Carmen's and Travis' adventures.


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