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  • August: The teaser trailer features Trevor sitting down on set with the caption "Same chair, different ass."
  • October 1st: Trevor's speech on how Donald Trump is Not So Different compared to various African leaders/dictators. As Trevor pointed out: "What I'm trying to say is Donald Trump is presidential. He just happens to be running on the wrong continent."
    • He also had some funny side comments. One good example is the following:
      Trevor: You see, that's a light xenophobia with just a dash of diplomacy, which is also the title of Paula Deen's new book.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but Jessica Williams after the Oregon shooting reveals that she's started to pre-tape reactions to various national tragedies, because she's getting too worn out to cover them on a regular basis. She says she may as well not do her job if our national leaders won't do theirs. The kicker? She comes in with pajamas, sushi and with a different, more casual hairstyle, admitting to Trevor that she didn't go to Oregon. He responds with as much tact as possible.
  • October 5th: His interview with Seth Rogen. Both of them are breaking down in giggle fits, almost as if Seth is letting out all his drama work by enjoying himself with Trevor.
    • On that note, Trevor says he never could have dreamed that he would speak with Seth Rogen ever, because he's one of his favorite comedians. Seth in turn says he never thought this would happen...because he'd nev er heard of Trevor.
  • October 8th: Trevor makes a full-sail mockery of then-Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson's claim in an interview on Fox and Friends that if he was present while a mass shooting was in progress, he would take action and rush the gunman (which was blasted for implied blame towards the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting for cowardice in not intentionally putting their lives in harm's way to subdue the shooter), as well as his claim that Barack Obama is not a "real black President". Among the highlights is a verbal typo that Carson makes in a radio interview on Sirius-XM Urban View's The Karen Hunter Show, in which he tells of having had a gun pulled on him while dining at one such location (and actually tells the robber to shoot the cashier, instead of him!). Comedy Central even launched a website lampooning the miswording:
    Karen Hunter: Have you ever been in the face of— of danger?
    Ben Carson: I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeye's organization.
    Trevor: Not a Popeye's restaurant, mind you; a Popeye's organization. In case you've never heard of it, Popeye's is a little known charity that gives out fried chicken in exchange for money. Learn how you can help at
  • October 12th: Trevor mocks the coverage of the Democratic debate, especially CNN's keeping an extra podium on hand in case Vice President Biden makes an appearance and joins the debate. He concludes that the only way to get Biden there is to lure him with chicken wings.
    Trevor: CNN...such amateurs. You can't get Joe Biden with a podium waiting in the wings; you get Joe Biden with wings waiting on a podium. [Beat] That joke's not particularly funny, but I just wanted wings.
  • October 19th: The day after the Democratic debate, Trevor catches a small detail about the poll results:
    Trevor: You gave Chaffee an asterisk? CNN is heartless! You couldn't give the man a zero? At least a zero, a zero means you got nothing! It doesn't even look like a percent, look at that. It looks like they've censored a cuss word or something, it's like Webb got 1%, and then Chaffee got fuck-all, that's what it looks like!
  • October 22nd: During a Q&A at the Libre Forum in Las Vegas, then-Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush is asked by the moderator who his favorite superhero is. In one excerpt from the forum, after commenting that he likes Marvel superheroes such as Batman, Jeb – when referencing a promo for the CBS superhero drama he had seen on TV earlier that day – comments that he thought the actress playing the lead role of Kara Danvers in Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) "looked pretty hot". Trevor mocks this, claiming that Jeb must really be looking forward to the series premiere:
    Trevor: Damn! Jeb's creeping on the Kryptonian. Jeb, just to let you know, everyone... and everyone out there, Supergirl premieres next week at 8:30 on CBS. And based on Jeb's excitement, I suggest no one shake his hand after 9 p.m. (audience laughs and groans) Because his hands will be sweating from the joy! You guys are disgusting.
  • November 3rd:
    Trevor: "If you wanted an empty, hollow, fake Hillary, you could have just used Carly Fiorina."
    • Upon learning that the Republicans made a laundry list of demands before the debate, as well as claiming that they were "tough", Trevor has some fun jabbing at their demands.
    Trevor: What happened at the CNBC debate that transformed this crew from The Expendables into the cast of Scooby-Doo?
  • November 5th:
    • Trevor Noah starts the show by humorously explaining he was off due to an emergency appendectomy. Highlights include the following:
      • Him having to fill out forms while he was "dying," in his words. When a nurse asked him how he was paying for it, he responded, "With my life apparently."
      • His favorite message was from a fan: "Is it Comedy Central or the cotton field?" in regards to coming back to work after only one day off.
      • Various correspondents visited him at the hospital, and Jessica Williams Face-timed. All the correspondents are asking for his spot, with Desi Lydic trying to smother him with a pillow while singing the Daily Show theme. Bonus points for doing this right after switching off Jessica Williams' call warning Trevor not to trust her.
    • Desi later interviews Republicans about the death penalty being abolished in Nebraska, one who claims that it costs more to execute a criminal than to keep him in prison for life. She praises him for convincing Republicans to turn on their "conservative values".
  • November 9th:
    • Trevor snarks that Donald Trump's hypothetical ban on Muslims makes no sense as it will prevent a lot of doctors, scientists, and Zayn Malik from entering the country.
    Trevor: You really want to piss off One Direction fans, really? You want a real insurgency on your hands?
    • He also mocks Donald Trump's idea of questioning them at the simulating the TSA agents asking the travelers about Santa's reindeer.
  • November 17th: Trevor and Roy Wood, Jr. discuss Governor Robert Bentley's proposal to turn away Syrian refugees, despite having no legal authority to do so, calling Alabama that one obnoxious guy at the club. Roy starts comparing Alabama's racism to barbecue and accidentally turns on Siri's search for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • November 13th: The show does a segment on Myanmar which culminates with what the show would look like if it was Made IN Myanmar.
  • November 18th:
    • Kristen Schaal gives us this gem while talking about dress code double standards: "There's an ass in every cloud." She also puts on a fashion show of "unflattering leggings," including the Apple terms and conditions.
    • Trevor has a field day over Ben Carson's failure to understand basic foreign policy, including playing a clip of Chris Matthews absolutely losing it over Carson thinking Palestine should be moved to Egypt.
    Trevor: "Can't you just slip it into Egypt?" Like, who does Ben Carson think he is? He thinks the Egyptians won't notice him just walking in with Palestine?
    • Following up on that bit, Jessica Williams goes off on an angry diatribe about her shitty ex, when she was supposed to analyze Carson's fumble.
    Trevor: Jess, are we still talking about Ben Carson?
    Jessica: Who the fuck is Ben Carson? Look, if Darryl wanted to be an item, he should have just said so, instead of stringing me along with DiGiorno and late night booty blasting! And now he's on Facebook talking about how great it is to be single and how for the first time, he feels so free, and it's like, really Darryl? Really, you feel free right now? You're just going to DM my best friend three days after we broke up even after that stupid hike we did in the Catskills together? Dude, I did a three-mile hike with Darryl, three miles! I had granola for lunch and that's not even a fucking lunch! You know what? Why don't you take a handful of that granola and just shove it up your ass, bro. Thank you! Thank you, everyone! Thank you, bye!
  • November 19th: Trevor picks up on Mike Huckabee's increasingly bizarre tendency to compare everything in politics to food.
    Trevor: Just look at the Syrians, he's compared them to peanuts, Chipotle, milk, cheese, beef, and wine. And that's just the appetizer. [...]The Republicans are the Golden Corral buffet? What does that even mean? Whatever you choose, it’s all gonna make you sick?
  • November 30th: Trevor refers to the news coverage of Donald Trump's campaign as Trumpire and his evasive Non-Answer responses to reporters' questions about his hypothetical ban on Muslims as "an ancient art known as 'Stupid Judo'".
  • December 2nd:
  • December 7th: Trevor's confused when a Fox pundit calls the President a "pussy"...because he is confused as to how that can be an insult denoting weakness, since vaginas are powerful enough to push out babies and keep working.
    Trevor: They are indestructible! You just sit wrong on a penis and it breaks!
  • December 8th: Trevor does 2 segments about Donald Trump: First, lambasting his proposal to ban Muslims from the US, and second, uncomfortably discussing his daughter Ivanka's sexual attractiveness.
  • December 9th: Trevor's segments struck a nerve against Donald Trump the next day, with Donald Trump being more outraged about his Ivanka remarks than his Islamophobic comments.
  • December 10th: Jordan Klepper gets an open carry license to show how a "good guy with a gun" can stop a "bad guy with a gun". However, during an active shooter training scenario, Jordan mistakenly "shoots" a teenage bystander, before being "shot" by both the shooter and the policemen arriving at the scene.
  • December 15th:
    • Donald Trump's doctor releases a letter about the man's health. Trevor has to use the "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer multiple times as he reads passages from the letter, and concludes that the only reason Donald Trump trusts this doctor is because of their similar hair pieces. He then proceeds to imagine Donald Trump getting examined, with Roy as Donald Trump and Hasan as Dr. Bornstein.
    • Trevor compares Jeb Bush's presidential campaignnote  to the "Nigerian Prince" scam.
      Trevor: (in accent) My father was a president. My brother was a president. And I was supposed to be president as well. And with your help and $60 million I can serve this country and put money back in your pockets. Just send me your bank accounts.
      • Prior to that, Trevor makes an (accurate) description of the situation:
        Trevor: For only $25, Jeb Bush will leave you alone!
      • Trevor winds up being quietly astounded that Jon Kasich had to cancel an appearance... at a coffee shop... over a "scheduling conflict". Which he equates to Kasich being unable to find a table.
  • December 16th:
    • Trevor commends Ben Carson for kicking off the debate with a bang:
      • How do we know that the Republican Debate was a circus? When someone like Jeb Bush makes a Moment of Awesome statement about how Donald Trump can't "insult his way to the Presidency", and Trevor lets him have applause from the studio audience, only for Donald Trump to say Jeb didn't mean it because he's doing poorly on the campaign trail.
      • Pointing out that John Kasich's hand gestures during the debate makes him look like an Italian grandma at first, then a ninja... a Fruit Ninja, to be exact. The subsequent footage has him slicing up watermelons and bananas with sound effects to boot.
    • Desi Lydic fact-checks the Republican candidates' claims from the previous day's debates. Most of them fail, except for Carly Fiorina, who's claimed she's been called every B word in the book. Desi then pulls out a huge book, laughs at some of the words, and admits Fiorina has probably been called "a banshee". She then grades Fiorina a "B for Bullshit".

  • January 5th:
    • A militia group seizes a federal building in Oregon, but they didn't bring enough supplies. So, Jordan offers some helpful items, but Trevor thinks he's just trying to have his Christmas gifts regifted.
    • Trevor's favorite #CruzYourOwnAdventure submission? Ted Cruz just staring off into space while his family looks at him.
    • Speaking of Ted Cruz, Trevor encourages him to check out Pen Island, then turning to another camera to warn everyone else to not visit it.
    • Hasan visits DJ Khaled and his sneaker collection and quickly gets caught up in DJ Khaled's Ice-Cream Koan way of thinking.
  • January 7th:
    • Trevor gleefully revels in the irony of Ted Cruz getting the "birther" treatment from Donald Trump, who brought up the fact that Cruz was born in Canada. Trevor then brings up a hologram of Thomas Jefferson (Jordan Klepper in costume) to ask him about the vagueness of the Constitution, and Jefferson proceeds to freak out about the host being a "negro"... resulting in Trevor tickling him in the balls to calm him down.
    • Jessica Williams describes Ted Cruz's immigration ad as a periscope into his brain.
      Jessica: It's like the movie Inside Out, but if that little girl was super racist.
  • January 20th:
    • The Cold Open of "The Legend of Sarah Palin", with Roy, Hasan, and Jessica telling Trevor and Ronny Chieng about Sarah Palin...and Trevor falling for the Schmuck Bait of summoning her by saying "You betcha" three times in the mirror.
  • January 25th: When Donald Trump talks about his popularity with Republican voters, saying "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters", Trevor theorizes that, after all he's said and done, Donald Trump has spent his whole campaign deliberately trying to bomb, but can't.
  • January 27th:
  • January 28th:
    • Trevor compares the Donald Trump versus Cruz battle to a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill.
    Trevor: This is almost like a political game of "Fuck, Marry, Kill". It's just there's no marry: you just kill one and get fucked by the other.
    • Jordan and Hasan are asked to pick between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump...ending with both of them concluding Cruz and Donald Trump are such vile invoked Hate Sinks that they'd rather get bone cancer.
    • Trevor and Roy analyze the latest campaign ads from Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders, with them replacing the music of Bernie's ad with the The Golden Girls theme song and Roy's Perverse Sexual Lust for Dorothy and Blanche.
  • February 1st:
    • Ronny Chieng discusses the Iowa caucuses, including comparing it to the Kardashians and how much fried food the candidates have eaten.
    Ronny: The 2016 candidates have been kissing Iowa's ass so hard at so many campaign stops that by now they've deep-throated every fried food on a stick in existence.
  • February 2nd: Trevor spends the first act confused by how, as close as both parties' races were, news groups were touting runner-ups like Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders as the "true" winners in the Iowa presidential primaries.
  • February 3rd: The Sacramento Kings gets T-shirts for Chinese New Year celebrating Year of the Monkey. But, awkwardly, the Kings are a predominantly black team and it's Black History Month. Ronny Chieng tries to argue that Black History Month should be moved to another month.
  • February 24th: Dr. Ben Carson, in all of his infinite wisdom decided to accuse Barack Obama of never living the black experience due to having a white single mom. Given Trevor's Running Gag of mocking Carson's comments and tone of voice, the results are predictable.
  • February 25th: Roy Wood, Jr. and Jordan Klepper in the segment "I Apologize for Talking While You Were Talking". Klepper defends Hillary Clinton over several bills she supported during The '90s that hindered the African-American community:
    Jordan: We all made mistakes in The '90s. Which reminds me: Happy 17th Birthday, Katie. Daddy loves ya, I'll see you at Christmas... maybe.
  • March 1st: Trevor role-playing his repressed anger at being called fat with new "curvy" barbie talking to an 80's model.
  • March 2nd:
    • The Cold Open parodying Inside Out. Trevor is watching Super Tuesday coverage, horrified to see Donald Trump winning virtually every state. Joy (Jessica Williams) is thrilled with the joke potential, but Anger (Ronny Chieng) and Sadness (Roy Wood, Jr.) are worried for Trevor's safety, and Lust (Jordan Klepper) is completely indifferent.
    • Trevor compares the Republican party's underestimation of Donald Trump's presidential campaign to their denial of climate change.
  • March 7th:
    • Given the overwhelming popularity of the Republican and Democratic Parties' dark horse candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, respectively, Trevor points out that the party establishments would have been better off if they had swapped their procedures. If the Republicans had super-delegates, Trump, the establishment's unwanted candidate, could easily be stopped; whereas if the Democrats didn't have them, Sanders, the base's preferred candidate, would have a better shot at winning.
    • Upon hearing that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, Roy and Jessica sing a tribute to him.
  • March 8th: When newly-revealed documents show that Osama Bin Laden was worried about climate change, Fox News starts calling him an "ally" of Obama's. Lewis Black is not amused at all.
    Lewis: Just because Obama and Bin Laden both wanted to stop climate change, that doesn't make them buddies! Guess what? I'm a shitty painter, but that doesn't make me friends with Hitler!
  • March 17th: While talking about Joe Biden and his reputation as a Cloud Cuckoolander in Washington, Trevor drops a snarky zinger that makes it seem like he's channeling Haruhi Fujioka:
    Ted Cruz: The next time you're at a party, walk up to someone, just say "Vice President Joe Biden" and close your mouth. They will crack up laughing!
    Trevor: Yeah, that's true. If you say "Joe Biden" at a party, people crack up laughing. Just like if you say "Ted Cruz" at a party, people leave.
  • April 5th: When showing an early 90s newsclip of Donald Trump asked what features his then-infant daughter had in common between himself and his then-wife Marla Maples, to which Trump answered her legs and breasts. Squicked so terribly, Trevor sits in silence trying to process this before needing clips of adorable animals to help lift his spirits.
  • April 13th: Trevor covers yet another one of Donald Trump's failed business schemes, the Trump Network of "health and wellness" products, when in reality, it was another pyramid scheme.
    Trevor: And here we are, my friends, the reason we're doing this story. The Trump Network's flagship product was sending boxes of pee, through the mail, in exchange for vitamins.
  • April 14th: Trevor has a field day with Ted Cruz's attempts to make himself likable and absolutely failing.
    Trevor: Really? Godfather III? The movie everyone agrees is the worst Godfather? The credits from the second Godfather are better than Godfather III. Saying you like Godfather III is like saying "You know what my favorite part about sex is? The part where you take off the condom and flush it down the toilet. It's what sex is all about."
    • Cruz's wife reveals that the day after their honeymoon, he went out and bought 100 cans of soup. Trevor reveals that if you stack up that much soup cans, it's about as tall as him.
    Trevor: Who is this man? 100 cans of soup. Ted Cruz went out to the store and and bought 100 cans of soup. I don't think you understand! [walks over from his desk to reveal 100 soup cans] This! This is 100 cans of soup. I can hide behind the soup! This is so creepy! [...] Like, I'm sorry, but buying this much soup at one time is disqualifying. Anyone who thinks it's acceptable to buy this much soup at the same time cannot be President! Ted Cruz, you have to choose. You can either have the nuclear codes or you can have the soup, but you definitely cannot have both! [gestures to the soup cans as the camera cuts to commercial] This shit is ridiculous. No! No. Noooo.
  • April 18th: The first two segments had several hilarious moments, but here are some key examples.
    • After a report about a mattress designed to catch cheaters being invented, Trevor points out the Loophole Abuse issues inherent in the concept:
    Trevor: You know what? And for something with "smart" right in the name, this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. It should win an award for most easily fooled technology ever. Because you can just do it on the couch. Or in the shower. Or, you can have sex on the floor, right next to the mattress, and the mattress won't say shit!
    • After a montage of Islamophobic fear mongering by GOP candidates and Fox News pundits, Trevor drops another Haruhi-esque snark bomb:
    Trevor: Not all idiots are Fox News hosts, but all Fox news hosts are... well, you'll figure it out.
    • The Daily Show's safety video for Southwest Airlines. All of it.
    • The end of Desi Lydic's segment on Ted Cruz's "New York values" comments, complete with a group of New Yorkers simultaneously saying, "Fuck you, Ted Cruz." To which Desi replies, "Wow... you guys are New Yorkers."
  • April 21st: As part of the segment on the new $20 bill redesigned to feature Harriet Tubman, Desi goes out into the street to ask people's opinions on the matter...and promptly steals their $20 from them when she asks them to show her a bill.
  • April 25th: Orangeade, a parody of Beyoncé's Lemonade, in which Trump's statements are set to her music.
  • April 28th: Black Trump's "They Love Me" music video.
    Roy: Do you really think that Jay-Z has 99 problems? He's a billionaire! At the most, he's got 12 problems!
    Trevor: Okay, what about Lemonade?
    Roy: Okay, 13.
  • May 4th:
    • Trevor is conflicted about Ted Cruz dropping out, making Donald Trump the presumptive Republican nominee.
    Trevor: [confusedly] Yay? Is this a yay? I'm so conflicted. Ted Cruz lost, but it's because Donald Trump won. It's like finding out your herpes is gone but it’s because your dick fell off.
    • Ronny Chieng declared in the fall of 2015 that if Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination, he'd chop off his right hand. Flash forward to a few months later in May 2016, Trevor brings Ronny out on stage and showed him that clip again... and pulls out a machete.
      Ronny: Hang on! Mark my words, Bernie Sanders surges in California and takes the nomination! And if I'm wrong, I'll burn my dick off with a blowtorch!
  • June 15th: Jordan and Desi hijack the opening segment and turn the segment's focus on white voters. Trevor walks in at the very end and after Jordan insults him for being late, he puts Jordan into a headlock.
  • June 27th: Trevor and Roy discuss Jesse William's speech at the BET Awards and Roy claims he's blacker than Trevor.
    Roy: So you think you're as black as me? I'm from Birmingham, Alabama, that's a black-ass city. I went to Florida A&M, that's a black-ass college. I worked in urban radio for ten years, that's a black-ass job! I'm qualified to talk about black stuff more than you.
    Trevor: And I'm from South Africa.
    Roy: [beat] That's what I've been saying this whole time, is that you're a real ass black dude.
  • July 14th: Desi's bit on political conventions have a few great ones. Here they are:
    • "... Where they'll spend four days in a redecorated basketball arena to officially select their presidential nominee, right after they select something stupid to put on their head. I mean, really, really stupid." (shows a montage of stupid outfits and headdresses worn by conventioneers, including a shot of Donald Trump's hair.)
    • "Sometimes, a convention speech can jumpstart a political career." Where it cuts to...
      Barack Obama: There is not a liberal America and a conservative America! There is the United States of America!
      Desi: Hahaha, oh you sweet, naive man...
    • After discussing the chaos of the 1968 Democratic Convention, Desi notes of the changes made that emphasized the primaries, and by The '90s, the most chaotic thing was at the 1996 Democratic Convention, when they all decided to dance to a certain Deader Than Disco song.
      Desi: Of course, back then, they had no idea that the Macarena caused lung cancer. Better times, better times.
    • Since the show is going to both conventions, Desi created a festive convention hat for herself: A red elephant and a blue donkey in full 69 mode. When Trevor points it out, she replies.
      Desi: I like to call it the ultimate act of bipartisanship.
  • July 18th: On the show's website, a promo featuring Trevor and the gang running through a muddy obstacle course. When they emerge at the finish line, Trevor is clean as a whistle.
    Trevor: Let's do it again. [strolls off]
    Jordan: [to Desi] Why isn't he dirty?
  • July 21st:
    • After Ted Cruz's pointed refusal to endorse Donald Trump, Trevor first mocks the RNC audience for thinking boos will hurt him ("When he was born, the doctor booed him!") He then observes they should have known something was up when the jumbo-screen started glitching mid-speech.
    Trevor: I've watched horror movies, people! When you see screens flickering, you get your ass OUTTA THE HOUSE! You get your ass outta there! Just go! But, classic white people, they all just sat there.
    • The show parodied the Republicans' biographical film of Trump, complete with narration from Rosie O'Donnell herself, who famously feuded with Trump. She ends up breaking her calm after a clip of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly questioning Trump about his infamously disparaging remarks about women, with him countering he only said the ones mentioned about Rosie, and starts cussing him out.
    Rosie: OK, you fucking piece of shit. I will take your insides and rip them out of your fucking body, you goddamn human slug. I swear to Christ, I will step on you. I will f... OK.
  • July 22nd: In the episode's "What the Actual Fact?" segment, Desi fact checks the Republican Convention speeches. The screen then flickers out and blows up after Donald Trump said there were no lies in any of the speeches.
  • July 28th:
    • After the Democratic convention, Trevor comments on Chelsea Clinton talking about how whenever there is a video call, Hillary will drop everything to speak to her grandchild. He wonders what will happen if she's President.
    Trevor [as a Secret Serviceman]: Madame President, the Russians are launching an attack!
    Trevor [as Hillary Clinton]: Do you know what's really dangerous? (gushing, pretending to video call Chelsea and her kid) This little face! This little face! Oh, I'm going to launch an attack of kisses on you!
    • Desi fact-checking Chelsea Clinton's claim at the Democratic National Convention that her baby is the cutest in the whole wide world.
    Desi: Aw...that is a cute baby. But is it the cutest baby in the world? No! My baby is!
  • August 8th:
    • The first segment outlining the gaffes created by Donald Trump during the past week begins with a clip of Trump's speech outlining the economic plan he plans to implement should he be elected President, in which he allegedly flubbed his line "into cities like right here in Detroit" (when referring how the plan would add "trillions in new dollars and wealth" to the country, which Trevor counters would actually increase the national debt due to the business-centric tax cuts involved) as "into titties like right here in Detroit". Cue a mix of laughter and groans from the studio audience. The look on Trevor's face before he goes into rehearsed laughter, and then genuine Corpsing, is priceless.
      Trevor: There are— there are so many things that make that clip funny. Like, now, obviously the fact that he said "titties". Let's start with that. I mean, the man was in Detroit, so he basically planned to turn the Motor City into Motorboat City.
    • After Trump's utter disaster of a week ended with him insulting a baby at one of his rallies, Trevor has to complain that he's pre-empting America's comedians and not leaving them any room to make things up.
    • Trevor admits that Donald Trump is correct that the American political system is rigged thanks to things like gerrymandering and voter ID laws.
    Trevor: The more I spend time in America, the more I appreciate Africa's simplicity. Because in Africa, they still have the decency to call corruption "corruption".
  • August 9th:
    • In the "What the Actual Fact?" segment on Trump's planned economic policies, the clip of Trump saying "into titties like right here in Detroit" (as mentioned above) during his speech is played. After playing the clip a second time, Desi Lydic tries to give him the benefit of the doubt that it may have been an audio glitchnote , and then uses an "audio analysis tool" to make sure, turning it into a hilarious and pretty catchy dance mix.
  • August 11th:
    • Trevor doesn't believe the Chicago police's statement about a dislodged airbag accidentally shutting off a police body camera. So he tests that theory by having Ronny Chieng don a body camera. He's then pummeled with airbags from random angles, like from a refrigerator, a newspaper, from behind as he tries to microwave his lunch, and even both his sides at the same time.
    • Trevor's rant about vuvuzelas and noisy sports fans.
    Trevor: This vuvezela thing has been stuck up my ass for a while, all right? Okay, wait, That Came Out Wrong. That came out wrong.
  • September 6th: Trevor has an absolute field day with Donald Trump's attempts to sway black voters, especially after former candidate Ben Carson cuts off an interview because he forgot his luggage.
    Trevor: [catching his breath] I love Ben Carson so much! I love him so much and I trust him less and less as a surgeon every day.
  • September 8th: Hassan parodies Apple's introduction of iPhone 7, even dressing as Steve Jobs.
  • September 14th:
    • Roy Wood, Jr. goes to Texas to cover a law allowing guns on college campuses and University of Texas students protesting it by carrying around dildos.
    Roy: Students proudly showed off their dildos to show gun activists that — [clip of student juggling several dildos] Oh. Oh my God, he's just throwing all the dicks in the...that is a lot of dicks.
  • September 15th:
    • In regards to Donald Trump's doctor writing his medical evaluation specifically in over the top language at Trump's request:
    Trevor: Look man, I'm not saying this guy's qualified or not, I'm just saying I wouldn't trust this motherfucker in a game of Operation.
    Trevor: You can see in Dr. Oz's eyes that Dr. Oz was like, "This number is ridiculous, like this number is high for a rhino, man." Clearly Donald Trump has a lot of testosterone, that's why under each of his eyes, he's got a extra ball sack.
    • In reference to President Bill Clinton's look of joy at the Democratic Convention, Trevor gifts the former president with balloons.
  • September 29th: Roy takes a deeper look at North Carolina's infamous anti-LGBT HB2 legislation, so what does he do? Create a fake barbecue food truck and bring along Jordan to help him do the discriminating.
    Jordan: It's fun here, you can say whatever the fuck you want.
    Roy: Is this what being white is like? You just tell people "no" for whatever reason?
  • October 4th:
    • Trevor, Desi, and Jordan prepare for the debate.
    Desi: I've got one: Top 3 VPs of all time.
    Trevor: Oh, that's easy. Number 3: Schuyler Colfax, 2: probably Levi P. Morton, Number 1: Hannibal Hamlin, by far.
    Desi: Uh, yeah, same.
    Jordan: What's a VP? [Trevor and Desi stare at him]
    • The show did a livestream of the vice presidential debate on their Facebook page. It's a glass of milk sitting next to two slices of white bread.
    • Trevor rate the debate on a white-guy argument meter, settling on "Step Dad vs. Real Dad."
    Trevor: In fact, if we look on the white guy argument meter, it registers all the way at "Step Dad vs. Real Dad."
    Trevor: Yeah, forget Mike Pence. It's like Donald Trump's running mate is Shaggy, you know?
    [singing] ♪It wasn't him, but he said on the record♪
    ♪It wasn't him, but they got him on the talk shows♪
    ♪It wasn't him, but he sounded like a hater♪
    ♪It wasn't him, but he tweeted him on Twitter♪
    ♪It wasn't him.♪
    He's like the whole song.
    [singing] ♪So you could catch Donald Trump butt-naked♪
    ♪Lying on the bathroom floor♪
    ♪It wasn't him, telling us he'll release his taxes♪
    ♪But we won't see them no more♪
  • October 5th: Trevor reacts when he hears that Trump did not take well to Pence doing well at the Vice Presidential debate — he shows a parody attack ad where Trump acts very childishly towards Pence.
    Parody Trump: I'm Donald Trump and Mike Pence sucks!
  • October 20th:
    • Trevor is forced to sit out the episode on doctor's orders from illness. Jordan fills in for the day.
    Jordan: Guys, please, I know it sounds funny, but penis farting is anything but. It's a very real disease where, surprisingly, your penis farts. It's no laughing matter; it's stage IV penis farting, which is what Trevor Noah has.
    • Jordan attempts an Africa reference.
    Jordan: Come on, America. It's not enough that you take our music and our blood diamonds, now you want our violent political transitions, too? [turns to another camera] Africa Jokes: sometimes they get written in advance and it's too late to change them.
    • The audience learns how Jordan came to fill in for Trevor: he beat up Roy with a chair, hogtied Ronny and left him in the boiler room, and stranded Desi in Las Vegas. Of course, Roy promises payback and Desi decides to jack up Jordan's tab.
    Roy: Bitch, you sucker-punched me with a chair! [...] [threateningly] This ends bad for you.
    Jordan: That is not cool, Desi.
    Desi: What can I say, Jordan? I'm a nasty woman. [takes a huge bite of a sundae]
  • October 31st: The 2020 flashforward piece from when Trump has been in power 4 years includes a clip of John Oliver getting arrested while filming Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. What makes it hilarious is he's arrested while oh-so-earnestly talking about egg safety standards - some subtle Self-Deprecation at the increasingly obscure and seemingly unimportant topics of his show. And even while being dragged off the stage he desperately tries to finish his bit because dammit the people need to know about the dangers of egg regulations! ...Even while Donald Trump is destroying the country. Afterwards there were even comments that his spiel was so accurate that fans were a) surprised John Oliver hadn't actually done a piece on egg regulations and b) needed him to do one asap.
  • November 4: Trump speeches sound like they're written by a kid. A "behind the scenes" tour (guest-starring Geoffrey Cantor) shows that indeed, they are.
  • November 21: In response to the "U Name It" Challenge, Roy raps about how to handle Trump-supporting relatives on Thanksgiving, with Trevor serving as his hype man.

  • January 6: Key & Peele guest star and bring back the "Obama's Anger Translator" sketch in preparation for Trump taking the presidency. They even find room for a "I said biiiitch" joke. Some highlights:
    • When Obama asks Luther to be on his best behavior. Luther tries, but . ..
      Obama: Here we go.
      Luther: [jumping up and down in anger] Oh come on, come on, it's all about the Trump! How did this happen, man? Don't you understand? This is how the Hunger Games gets started! [kicks away a Trump pinata] Get the fuck outta here, man!
    • "I've got my eye on you, pussy grabber."
  • February 2:
    • After seeing Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch's deposition, Trevor considers needing someone to help him distinguish, in his words, "flavors of Caucasian."
      Trevor: Yo, can we be real for a second? America has so many flavors of Caucasian, it's insane. No, like, sometimes it feels like I need a white person sommelier to pick up the subtle differences.
    • This culminates in Trevor's reaction to Gorsuch's story about how, while skiing, he'd had a phone call to say that Judge Antonin Scalia had died, and how he'd skied down the mountain with tears in his eyes. Trevor calls this "the whitest thing I've ever heard." His imitation of Gorsuch simultaneously skiing and weeping is pure gold.
  • February 27: Roy Wood Jr.'s reaction to the success of African-American artists at the 2017 Oscars, which he calls "Peak Blackness," is coming out with an all-black ensemble (black jacket, black gloves, black sunglasses) to celebrate it. However, just when he ends up saying that nothing can end Peak Blackness now that it started, Jordan Klepper appears with the same black ensemble, also "celebrating" Peak Blackness. Wood then immediately declares it ended.
  • March 7: Trevor is tickled by the viral clip of a little girl calling out Nigel Farage's racism to his face.
    Trevor: Yo, I don't normally like kids, but that one can stay, that one can stay. How did they find the only five-year-old with a hard opinion on immigration?
  • March 9: Trevor bursts out laughing on seeing the BBC clip of two children interrupting their dad's interview about South Korea. He says this is why he loves kids, because they always mess shit up. He defends the dad not getting up to go to his kids, since most guys doing webcam interviews aren't wearing pants. To prove that statement, Trevor stands up and reveals he's only wearing boxers.
  • March 13: Roy and Hasan introduce 2017's Third Month Mania bracket about Donald Trump's tweets in four sections: Celebrities, Government Affairs, Enemies, and WTF.
    Hasan: We've got celebrity tweets, tweets about Trump's enemies, government affairs, and a bunch of random shit we call WTF.
  • March 22: Trevor's response to a soccer player accidentally revealing that he had a wife and a girlfriend on camera.
    Trevor: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sleep on the couch tonight.
  • March 28: Ronny Chieng highlights an Alcohol-Induced Idiocy story from Australia in which a teenager, while extremely drunk, jumps into crocodile-infested waters in order to impress a girl.
    Ronny: This whole story just disproves natural selection, all right? Because the guy who jumps into the crocodile's mouth is not supposed to get to breathe!
  • April 5: After seeing Press Secretary Sean Spicer's contentious interactions with the White House Press Corps, Trevor comes to the conclusion that Spicer is really a Misplaced Kindergarten Teacher. So the show splices footage of Spicer against an actual group of kids. The segment ends with the kids chanting "We want tax returns!"
  • June 1: After the "covfefe" meme took off, the show made a trailer for the movie Covfefe: Based on a True Typo, figuring Trevor as an African kid named Covfefe who goes on a Quest for Identity to find the true meaning of his name, leading to him swimming across the Atlantic Ocean and somehow getting into the White House to ask Trump himself. All the while mercilessly skewering the tropes that show up in Oscar Bait movies about Africa.
  • June 12: Trevor announces the show set up a pop up shop called the "Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library", an exhibit where they will display Trump's more outlandish Twitter statements. The kicker? The location is literally right around the corner from Trump Tower.
  • June 13: After Roy Wood, Jr. starts complaining about hackers not stepping up their game by releasing things and information that are relatively pointless, Trevor gleefully trolls him by twisting Roy's words into a dare for hackers to get Roy's information.
    Roy: [nervously] Hackers, please don't hack me. I have nothing but respect for your craft, you keyboard skills—
    Trevor: [pops in frame with a manic grin on his face] Hack his ass, hack his ass!
  • July 12th: Trevor says the Donald Trump Jr. meeting is so ridiculously simple that it wouldn't qualify for a House of Cards plotline. Or even a Veep episode. Or for Blue's Clues. And then, unexpectedly, Blue appears on-screen and points out a clue. Unfortunately, her assistance is unwanted.
    Trevor: Yeah, I know it's a clue. We all know it's a clue. The whole thing is a clue. We don't need you, man! Get out of here! Go!
    [Blue whines, leaves, audience 'awwwwwwwww's]
    Trevor: I'm ma-I didn't mean it-I didn't mean it like that. Sorry Blue! You're a high-quality person!
    • Trevor doesn't even look at Blue when she turns up on his desk. You can see Trevor mentally kicking himself, as though he knew he had accidentally summoned her.
  • August 28th:
    • After talking about Hurricane Harvey, Trevor notes that the hurricane didn't mean that the news stop, noting things like North Korea testing three ballistic missiles, to which the United Nations said that "If this nonsense continues, we will impose sanctions." Trevor then notes that Taylor Swift also released a new single ("Look What You Made Me Do"), "to which the United Nations said that 'If this nonsense continues, we will impose sanctions.'"...
    • Regarding Donald Trump's pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio:
      • Trevor compares Trump and the pardon with a teenager boy with a locked bedroom door in that "he's been exploring his new powers" and "confirmed that he could get someone off all by himself."
      • After a news report that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan released a statement about the pardon saying that "he does not agree with the decision":
        Trevor: Paul Ryan stands up to Trump the same way you stand up to a waiter at a shitty restaurant: You're all confident when he's not there. Like, "This food is horrible!— Wait, what's that? Oh no, everything is great, thank you, thank you, yeah, yeah. Could I just have all the salt, please? All the salt, thank you."
      • After Trevor recaps that Arpaio quickly developed a reputation as an intense opponent of illegal immigration:
        Trevor: You can kind of get [that], you know? He's in law enforcement, he's cracking down on something illegal, you know? It's like how Smokey the Bear brutally mauls anyone who starts a forest fire. Oh what, you thought he writes them a citation? No, he kills peple, he kills them, he's a bear, he's a killing machine!
      • After a series of news clips recount Arpaio's abuses of power, ending with one that calls him "the worst sheriff in America":
        Trevor: Yes, the man Trump pardoned is regarded by many as one of the worst sheriffs in America. Worse than Sheriff Clarke, worse than Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, worse than the sheriff Bob Marley shot in his song. And that guy was a dick, that guy was a real dick. I mean, Bob Marley was super chill; if he kills you, you had it coming. You had it coming.
      • After it's shown that cases involving Arpaio and his office during his tenure totaled $142 million in legal fees and settlements:
        Trevor: Think about all the other things that that money could have bought: Schools, or roads, or they could have just paid Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to punch Arpaio in the face. That's a lot of money!
      • After it's shown that the charge Arpaio was pardoned for was violating a court order which barred his officers from stopping and detaining Latino drivers, as they were detained just because they were Hispanic so they could check their immigration status, rather than traffic violations:
        Trevor: Wow. Being Latino in that town must suck. Getting pulled over all the time just for that? "Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?" "Uh, because I'm playing 'Despacito'?" "Yeah, and it's the version without Justin Bieber. Let me see your ID. Let me see your ID!"
  • October 23, 2017: Bill O'Reilly gives an interview blaming God for his sexual harassment scandal. Trevor gives God a chance to respond.
  • December 18, 2017: "Song For Women" - Desi Lydic sings about women with Dulce Sloan.
    • Desi suggests adding a piccolo. Dulce makes her put it down before they start singing. Also, Desi plays up Hollywood Tone-Deaf for all its worth, even messing up her Autotone in the beginning.
    • DJ Mansplaining (Michael Kosta) crashes the song to mansplain his way through a bridge, complete with "I have daughters". Then they tell him "Get the fuck out of here."
    • Hilary Clinton appears for a vocal refrain. And reveals she has pipes!

  • January 4:
    • Trevor Noah expresses disappointment that the "Nigerian Prince scammer" is an old Louisiana white dude. He accuses the scammer of cultural appropriation, by stealing African scams.
    • He then says he doesn't know who to root for with Bannon roasting Trump, and Trump fighting back.
  • February 21:
    • In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, all the Fox News commentators bring out their ideas for stopping gun violence (including turning schools into heavily-patrolled compounds and training teachers in hand-to-hand combat). Trevor gets in on this with his own suggestions: eliminating schools (can't shoot up schools if there are no schools!) and using a giant magnet to pull guns from shooter's hands.
      Trevor: I mean, yeah, we'll lose a few kids with braces, but that's the price of freedom!
    • Roy Wood Jr had so much fun at the Black Panther theater he's decided that black people should bring drums, dancing, and costumes to all movies from now on.
      Roy: Next stop, Peter Rabbit! (African accent) Peter Rabbit! Stay strong, Brother Peter!
  • March 8: Trump held an off-camera roundtable to discuss gun violence. The Daily Show, however, obtained exclusive audio footage of the meeting.
    Trump: Wait! Wait! Wait! Why isn't Mario here?
    Aide: Uh, Mario's not coming, sir. Video game characters don't exist.
    Trump: OK, but then why is that Koopa Troopa here?
    McConnell: I'm Mitch McConnell!
    Trump: That's just what a Koopa would say! Let's jump on him! (Mario jump sound effects play as McConnell shouts in pain)
  • March 19: Trevor calls out Trump for personally attacking his ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe by insulting his wife for losing a Senate race.
    Trevor: That's so messed up. Especially since Trump should know what it's like to have a wife who wants to run.
  • March 29:
    • Roy Wood Jr. attends a pro-gun rally. Not only does he manage to confuse one attendee to say that schools should have more guns but that they should also be gun-free zones at the same time, he also notices one interesting thing about the rally; nobody has any guns with them, as the organizers had asked people to leave their guns at home for safety reasons.
    • Hasan Minhaj hilariously takes apart the blatantly racist "Punish a Muslim Day" by emphasizing the word "day" in the title ("That's 364 days than normal!"), criticizing the awful design of the flyer, and dropping a few logic bombs such as questioning where the racists are supposed to redeem the "points" they earn and which one of them actually has the resources to nuke Mecca (which had the highest amount of points on the list.
  • April 30, 2018: Trevor Noah facetiously, retroactively and sarcastically fires Michelle Wolf from The Daily Show for insulting Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the White House Correspondents Dinner. She actually left the show in December, but he says that only the President can insult other people.
  • Trevor commenting on Donald Trump's personal attacks against black people wondering what he has to do to get that sort of attention.
  • July 23: When former US President Barack Obama was roasted by the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, for not knowing how to dance, Trevor notes that while Obama was a good dancer, he's not a great one. And Trevor can judge how "good" Obama's dance moves are because Trevor reveals that he was a runner-up at the 2012 season of the Dancing with the Stars South Africa.
  • August 13: After talking about a follow-up rally of white nationalists that ended up sparsely attended(Title: LacKkKlansman), Roy Wood runs another of his dodgy businesses: “Free Speech Insurance” for racists who got fired for outing their own beliefs. The payment is $8,700 a month, and the payout is $200 every five weeks. What’s the deductible? A slap in the face!
  • Trevor visited Africa in early December, both to see his grandma and to attend the Mandela 100 event held there. Unfortunately, Trevor lost his voice and his doctors told him he should not speak at all during the recovery. On it's own, it's not funny. However, during this period he still hosts the show and each of the corresponders get to sit beside him and speak on his behalf while he just smiles and silently makes silly motions and emotes. Gets particulary hilarious when the white correspondents get to tell his "Africa jokes".
    • In the same visit to Africa, as Trevor and the crew are driving to visit Trevor's grandma, a fellow driver on the road honks at them, something that Trevor describes as a friendly gesture in South Africa.
    Trevor: That's why I was so confused when I first got to New York, I thought everyone was my friend.

  • Because Robert Mueller barely speaks in public, Trevor thinks that Mueller has a Jamaican accent. It's also the clip that people see if they watch the show at the Comedy Central website.
  • Feb 18: Trump's bizarre sing-song speech pattern when he's declaring national emergency proves to be contagious, with Trevor making an entire bit about him explaining an earthquake that crushed someone's husband in that voice and calling it "Cardi B's Jam". He then notes that it's the most eloquent he's ever been and suggests that they should give all information to Trump in song form.
  • February 21: In January, actor Jussie Smollett said he was attacked by racist/homophobic assailants in Chicago, before Chicago police determined that Smollett staged the whole thing. However, Trevor saw a silver lining to this story:
    Trevor: When this started out, it was a story about people who hated Jussie Smollett because he was black and gay. But now people hate him because he’s an asshole. In other words, they’re judging him on the content of his character and not the color of his skin. And that, my friends, is progress.
  • April 23: Trevor responds to news that some people are having less sex because they're watching things on Netflix instead.
    Trevor: TV doesn't stop you from having sex. You can just have sex while you're watching the show. Like, if you're watching The Daily Show right now and you want to have sex, you can have sex. I'll wait.
    (cue Trevor making random remarks as the camera zooms in on his face)
  • May 28: Roy claiming that Trevor is a spy by playing two clips with Trevor denying most of the first one (he wasn't going to deny his cute dimples) and the second one he admitted that unfortunately is true (him pledging allegiance to the USSR flag with a ridiculous wig). Cue Roy calling 911 only to find out that he had to call FBI instead and he didn't want to do that because of his parking tickets.
  • May 29: Trevor pulling off a Minion voice claiming this is how Robert Mueller could have sounded like.
  • June 10note : Trevor announces that he is reopening the "Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library" again from June 14th (Trump's birthday) to the 16th. And the location this time is just right around the corner near The White House.
  • October 30: Trevor challenges Sean Spicer to a dance off.
  • October 31: Trevor and the crowd's reaction to the new alphabet song has to be seen to be believed.
  • When Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were the guests, the cast and Hillary have a skit where they tell a horror story where the orange man (Trump) is at the office despite Hillary having the popularity vote and the reason:
    Hillary: *in a creepy voice* "The electoral college."
    The Daily Show Crew: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
  • December 18: Michael Kosta observes the somber mood of the Democrats after impeaching Trump.


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