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This is the page for Moments of Awesome from Trevor Noah's run of The Daily Show. For Jon Stewart's run, please see here.

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  • September 30th: Getting Chris Christie on his first week of his show, and Christie admitting that his appearance could be considered a political strategy to boost his poll numbers. Really goes to show how far the show has come that actual candidates consider The Daily Show equivalent to a campaign stop to boost appeal, even with Jon having moved on.
  • October 5th: Trevor starts the show by chastising the Republican party for not being as "pro-life" fighting against gun violence as they are about abortion.
    Trevor: The amount of lives they save could reach superhero levels. They just need to have a superhero’s total dedication to life. Right now they’re more like comic book collectors: human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.
  • October 22nd:
    • While we are on the subject of superheroes, Trevor heavily mocked Jeb Bush's sole reason for liking Supergirl being "she’s kind of hot." After that, Trevor verbally pimpsmacked Fox News for giving the Captain America villains the Sons of the Serpent the Draco in Leather Pants treatment for their anti-immigration stance (implying that the Cap's main enemies were conservatives), followed by a lengthy monologue about the nature of superhero comic books.
      Trevor: Comic books have always taken a political stand, but comic books aren't real. It's ultimately about escapism and fantasy. We can't fly like Superman, and Jeb Bush will never have the chance to be rejected by Supergirl. Look, I understand some conservatives may not be impressed by the new Captain America. He's a black man, stepping into a position previously held a white man. His politics are liberal, and he supports immigration. But it's just fantasy, people. That would never happen in real life. And if it feels we can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality, Fox and Friends, just remind yourselves: Yes, we can.
    • The entire "Benghazi: The Never-Ending Scandal" segment was incredibly on point (and hilarious). Trevor has, until this point, wavered between "solid" and "genuinely great", but this segment didn't have one single misstep. We'll always miss Jon, but this boy is goin' places.
    Trevor: I'm just saying, maybe you should wonder if you're overdoing it when you have more sequels than The Fast and the Furious. And as the investigations went on it felt like Republicans started to shift their question from, 'Was anyone to blame?' to, more specifically, 'Was Hillary to blame?' and finally just, 'How can we blame this on Hillary?'
  • November 2nd:
    • Trevor calling out the Obama administration for not admitting that they had finally put down ground combat troops. Looks like the war on Bullshit Mountain has just resumed.
    • Also pointing out the absurdity of the police claiming that cell phone videos are making them afraid to do their jobs.
  • November 3rd: The Republicans locked The Daily Show out of their Iowa party. That's right. The Daily Show, a ostentatiously comedy show was considered so intimidating that they were kept out of a political event, when before they'd been allowed into most of their events. Even if they were doing it for "taste" reasons, you know that this show has become a phenomenon that "rival" political parties resort to locking them out trying to keep them from prying too much into their activities. In spite of their efforts, the Iowa Republicans still received mockery as Trevor and Jordan Klepper exchange jokes about Iowa by noting how they wished they could.
  • November 5th:
  • November 10th: Trevor calls out Dr. Ben Carson's increasingly ludicrous claims about "tough and violent" he is as well as Carson's claims of media bias against him. Carson claimed that President Obama got off easy by the media, to which Trevor responded by running a montage of all the media reports challenging President Obama's past and identity.
  • November 30th: Trevor attacks Donald Trump's Blatant Lies about having footage of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11 as well as Trump's attacks on a disabled New York Times reporter for refuting his blatantly false statements.
    Trevor: I think Trump is confusing cheering with screaming. I also think he's confusing bullshit with the truth. [...] Or, there might be another reason those clips are not easy to come by...because they don't exist!
  • December 3rd:
    • Trevor calls out how callous the Republicans are in the face of another mass shooting. He even runs a montage of President Obama looking more and more worn out of having to address the need for gun control while Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell do nothing about it.
      Trevor: Congress has discovered the Fountain of Youth: pure, distilled inaction. Apply liberally to the face and stick your face up your own ass for six years.
    • He's completely baffled at despite the tragedy of the San Bernadino shooting, Senator Ted Cruz still holds a gun rally at a shooting range in Iowa the next day. Trevor proceeds to rip in Cruz's Jerkassery and comments that Cruz is probably the one thing that Democrats and Republicans can come together and agree on: they both hate his guts.
      Trevor: Fourteen people just lost their lives in a shooting, and Ted Cruz's first thought is, 'Oh, that reminds me, gotta send out my invites to my gun party!' Yeah, that seems like something you’d only do if you were an asshole.
  • December 7th:
    • Trevor calls out MSNBC for their reckless behavior of raiding the apartment of the San Bernadino shooters, blatantly calling it a "journalistic abomination" because the reporters aired unblurred footage of personal information of children and the people who once lived there. He also calls them out on their excuse for doing this: that the FBI already took all evidence considered relevant to the case. In other words, they aired personal information of the people who lived there and it was all but guaranteed to be irrelevant to their story by their own admission.
    • When Jon Stewart himself reappeared to make a passionate plea to Congress to re-authorize the Zadrogra Act, Trevor ceded control to his predecessor to make his plea... but not his chair.
  • December 8th:
    • Trevor does not one, but two segments attacking Donald Trump for his inflammatory plans and his uncomfortable comments about his daughter Ivanka's sexual attractiveness.
    • Trevor and Hasan Minhaj's takedown of Donald Trump's inflammatory remarks about Muslims, with Hasan commenting that he only agrees because Muslims are in danger, especially from the likes of "racist maniacs" like Trump. They both come to the dawning realization in analyzing Trump's remarks that he is Not So Different from ISIL, dubbing him "White ISIS."
  • December 9th: Trevor's segments from December 8 about Donald Trump struck a nerve the next day. However, Trump's more outraged about the alleged attraction towards Ivanka than the Islamophobia.
  • December 10th:
    • Trevor points out the absurd reactions to the San Bernadino shooting. Not only have gun sales increased, but the gun range that the San Bernadino shooters practiced at had an increase in business, as well as Northeastern University arming its security guards with assault guns in light of the tragedy.
      Trevor: The shooting range where the terrorists practiced got a 60% increase in business...that's weird logic. People were like "Yeah, yeah, look, I know they were terrorists, but you can't knock the training!" You don't go to the place where the assholes learn their craft!
    • Jordan gets a license to carry a concealed gun that's valid in 30 states. He then tries to show how a 'good guy with a gun' can stop a 'bad guy with a gun' with a training simulation. He ends up 'shooting' an unarmed teen, got shot twice by two different bad guys, and ended up getting 'shot' by the police who showed up to stop the shooting. He then figures that it's just simpler to stop the "bad guy" from getting guns in the first place, instead of hoping that a "good guy" intervenes.
  • December 16th: Desi Lydic fact-checks the Republican candidates' claims from the previous day's debates. Such as Donald Trump saying "nothing works in our country," Desi points out that most things do, except the political system, because if it were, then he wouldn't be the "front-runner Presidential candidate".

  • January 6th: Trevor furiously rips into Fox News pundits, especially Andrea Tantaros, calling President Obama's tearful speech about gun violence unbelievable.
    Trevor: Are you fucking kidding me? Shedding tears when you think of murdered children is not really believable? You know what, there is something here that’s not really believable: the fact that the rest of us have to share the title of human being with you.
  • January 21st: Jessica Williams covered a story involving the Villiage of Whitesburo's seal depicting a white man choking a Native American. She managed to get the mayor to get a vote from the citizens and attracted a lot of attention. At the end, she did reveal that Whitesburo and the Delaware Tribe are going to change the seal to something that will make everyone happy. One notable moment is Jessica talking to citizens and exposing how obliviously racist they are. One guy labels the contending logos as "red, white, red, white" and tries to justify it as saying that he works with Native Americans. He then says he's also dealt with Jessica's people. When she asks him to clarify, he says "African American, black, Negro" and that "Negro" is part of her history. What makes this awesome is Jessica's You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! expression turning into a "done with this" face, and she keeps control of her temper, knowing he's going to look ridiculous on television.
  • January 28th: Trevor weighs in the casting of Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson. It's especially insensitive in light of the year's Oscar nominees being all white, despite strong showings by black actors.
    Trevor: White people, WHY???? [...] That is not how being black works! Just because your outside appearance changes doesn’t mean your DNA does. Does anyone say, ‘Oh, The Situation used to be white’? No they don’t say that. Just because he’s orange now doesn’t mean he’s not white anymore.
  • February 2nd: Trevor calls out Rubio after he delivered a victory speech in which he thought he would lose the Iowa primaries because of JUST his hair and boots, despite finishing in third place.
    Trevor: I don’t know if that’s why you have no chance, because of the boots. I think it was because you only show up to work about two-thirds of the time. And also, you’ve missed more votes than any other senator, and you tried to pass immigration reform but then bailed on it once it got really tough. And then you pretended you never did. And also, you used a GOP credit card to spend $20,000 on personal expenses. But yeah, probably your boots didn’t help.”
  • February 3rd: Roy Wood Jr. did a story about racism in porn. It ended with a fantasy involving himself with black women, white woman, Mexican men in suits, Indian women, a Syrian refugee, and Ron Jeremy helping Roy, having a massive orgy in a bed.
  • February 9th: Jessica Williams calls out Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright over attacking women who support Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton, whether suggesting they're only supporting him because "that's where the boys are" or even saying "there is a special place in hell for them if they don't support Hillary".
    Jessica: We want the freedom to vote for who we want to, regardless of what our husbands or wives or friends say about it.
  • February 24th: Trevor refutes Ben Carson's claim that President Obama never had the "true" black experience because he had a white single mom.
    Trevor: Ben Carson is saying that because Obama didn't grow up poor, he didn't grow up black. That's such a bullshit argument. Being poor isn't what makes you black.
  • March 3rd: Trevor dismantles CNN analyst Jeffrey Lord's argument that the Ku Klux Klan is a Democrat-aligned group by playing clips and showing facts that after World War II, the Democrats and Republicans switched positions after Truman started championing civil rights and Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. He also points out that former Democrat Strom Thurmond was so racist that he became a Republican because they were more welcoming of his views than the Democrats.
    Trevor: Bullshit. A lot of people like to skip over the fact that, when it comes to race relations, historically, Republicans and Democrats switched positions. Yeah. Republicans were basically Democrats, and Democrats were basically Republicans. [...] Everything has changed since then. I think that’s why Van Jones and so many other people are pissed off by this argument that the Klan is aligned with the Democrats. Just because something used to be something, doesn’t mean it still is. What matters more is what it is now.
  • March 8th: After newly-discovered documents showed that Osama Bin Laden was worried about climate change, Fox News starts calling him an "ally" of President Obama in stopping it. And Lewis Black is most unamused.
  • March 9th: After Donald Trump uses a primary victory speech to defend his failed business ventures, Jordan Klepper fact-checks the claims.
    Jordan: I spent all night looking into this and spoiler alert: it's all bullshit.
  • March 17th: While talking about Joe Biden and his reputation as a Cloud Cuckoolander in Washington, Trevor drops a snarky zinger that makes it seem like he's channeling Daria:
    Ted Cruz: The next time you're at a party, walk up to someone, just say "Vice President Joe Biden" and close your mouth. They will crack up laughing!
    Trevor: Yeah, that's true. If you say "Joe Biden" at a party, people crack up laughing. Just like if you say "Ted Cruz" at a party, people leave.
  • March 21st:
  • March 23rd: "How the F**k We Got Here", where Trevor points out that Donald Trump is the Gone Horribly Right result of the GOP's "outsider" rhetoric and xenophobia towards Muslims and Mexicans, and now some of the party's established members have realized what a mistake it is.
  • March 24th: Trevor again points out Ted Cruz's Jerkass personality and behavior in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks.
    Trevor: Ted Cruz, first of all, you’re a sanctimonious jackass. Second of all, President Obama doesn’t need to go to Belgium for them to know that he’s an ally. [...] President Obama's right. Terrorists win when we allow them to disrupt our way of life.
  • April 5th: Trevor weighs in on the pay gap controversy between the U.S. men and women's soccer teams, pointing out that the women's team not only won more matches than the men's, they also generated more revenue and still got paid less.
    Trevor: Look, at the end of the day, you pay women and men equally because it's the right thing to do. Not only has the U.S. women's soccer team proven that they're the best in the world, but they've also made America feel like they're the best in the world. Now I know you can't put a price on winning and national pride, but maybe you should try it. Or think of it this way: if they kicked this much ass under current conditions, imagine what they would do if you actually paid them.
  • April 6th: The entire episode itself garnered positive remarks for its sympathetic stance about transgender issues and interview with transgender activist Angelica Ross, even winning a GLAAD Media Award for its sympathetic and positive portrayal of the topic.
    • Trevor is unimpressed with the spate of anti-LGBT laws, especially the anti-transgender laws and the Fridge Logic involved.
      Trevor: Religious freedom? This is just discrimination. [...] This is the problem with hatred, it's never really well thought out.
    • He also unravels the logic of Kansas's anti-transgender laws, pointing out that the state doesn't even have the money to enforce it.
      Trevor: Are. You. Shitting. Me. Schools in Kansas are teaching kids the wrong thing. Snitches get stitches, not riches. Kansas is going to pay students $2500 to report transgender kids in the bathroom and once again, hatred: not well thought out. [...] And by the way, Kansas? Real quick: where are you getting the money for this, because thanks to your very conservative tax policies, you're broke. So basically, these bills and laws are prejudiced, they're cruel, unnecessary, and they couldn't be enforced anyway.
    • Jessica's segment on the anti-LGBT bathrooms bills debunking the entire "Trans Panic" myth and illustrating the discrimination that trans people face each day.
      Jessica: Because of discrimination and profiling, at least 47 percent of black trans people will have at some point in their lives been incarcerated. You'd think there'd be laws to correct this. But instead, this year alone, state legislatures have introduced 175 anti-trans bills.
  • April 7:
    • New correspondent Michelle Wolf tells off all the male candidates, Obama included, for using their wives as props to garner female votes. Trump may be the worst of it, since Michelle says she would rather vote for Melania than for Trump, but all male candidates do it.
    • The Badass Bystander crowd that yells at Ted Cruz to get out of the Bronx. Talk about Laser-Guided Karma after Ted Cruz made some condescending remarks about "New York values".
    • Badass Bystander voters have named Trump supporters as the thing to hate the most, even surpassing global warming and "The destruction of our planet".
    • Jordan Klepper, the Token White male correspondent, refuses to speak the words given to him when he has to represent Trump supporters as winning the award as America's most hated. Oh he'll wear the hat, but to say racist things from a cue card? Hell no. He won't, even if he admits he might think it in private.
  • April 12th:
    • Trevor is not impressed with the racist joke that Mayor Bill DeBlasio made and Hillary Clinton's ineffective response to the backlash.
      Trevor: Why would you do this, Hillary? This should be so easy. Just don't say the things that will lose you the votes. [..] Let me explain this in a way white people will understand. Race jokes are kind of like orcas. Powerful and entertaining, but you put them on display in the wrong environment, and people are going to get hurt, and the joke might die.
    • Jessica and Ronny Chieng delve into the "sexual racism" that's prevalent in the world of online dating and come to the sad conclusion that yes, it exists.
      Jessica: Hi, it's TV's Jessica Williams. If you ever feel the need to ask, "What are you?" Do me a favor and [opens her hands] Just Don't F%#king Do It.
  • April 13th:
    • Trevor weighs in on the Dennis Hastert child abuse scandal.
      Trevor: If you're like me, you're probably thinking, 'Great, they've got him on the bank stuff, now they can really go after him for the abuse allegations.' Well sadly, my friends, we're both wrong. You’d think something as awful as molesting children would have no statute of limitations. And I understand why some people can't be tried for certain crimes after a certain amount of time has passed, but come on guys, it's child abuse. It's not Snapchat. In Hastert's case, under Illinois state law, he could be charged for abuse only if his students had reported it within three years. Within three years. It's unbelievable that this type of sex abuse can have a statute of limitations, especially considering the crimes that don't.
    • He especially goes in on the statute of limitations.
      Trevor: Removing statutes of limitations on child abuse shouldn’t be a controversial topic. Who in God’s name would even fight you on this? [plays news clip of the Catholic Church opposing the idea] The Catholic Church thinks we shouldn’t punish people for crimes that happened a long time ago. And yet, one woman ate an apple 6,000 years ago and we’re still paying for it. But you know, in this storm of horrors, my friends, there is one silver lining, and it's the reason Dennis Hastert got in trouble with the banks in the first place. [plays clip of Hastert's role in the Patriot Act, which tightened banking laws, which raised the red flags on the child abuse allegations because of the large amounts of money involved] Thank God there's no statute of limitations on irony.
  • April 20th:
    • Once again, Trevor is unimpressed with the media's coverage of Donald Trump's campaign, especially after his win in New York.
      Trevor: Now, Donald Trump may have made us listen to an old song, but what we got to see yesterday was a new Trump. He was succinct, disciplined, and respectful, which according to the media made him presidential as balls. And he wasn't racist, and he didn't call any female reporters a bimbo. This guy's ready for the White House, give him the codes! This is ridiculous. Trump has basically lowered the media's expectations so much that not insulting someone seems presidential to them. That's a technique straight out of The Art of the Deal — wear people down to the point that they will settle for the bare minimum. 'Trump stabbed a stranger on 5th Avenue! Yeah, but at least he didn't shoot them. He's so presidential!'
    • He's especially unimpressed with CNN's coverage of the primary.
      Trevor: So, CNN, you're telling people that to get their news, they should stop watching, go outside, and then what, hold up paint swatches up to the Empire State Building? "What color is the building? What color is the building? Oh, it's brownish aqua, oh it means three people were charged in the Flint water scandal. Thanks, CNN!" Why don't you just tell people the news?
  • April 25th:
  • May 3rd: After Ted Cruz drops out of the race, he starts insulting Donald Trump. Trevor calls him out and sounds remarkably like Lying Cat.
    Trevor: If this is really what you think of Trump, then where the fuck were you in the past nine months when saying any of that might have mattered? [clip of Cruz complimenting Trump] Lying Ted! Lying Ted! Lying Ted!
  • May 4th:
    • Trevor is bewildered at the way the Republican primaries played out. Especially since now that Trump is the presumptive nominee, he's now privy to national security briefings, the thought of which horrifies Trevor.
      Trevor: When someone becomes the nominee of a major party, I didn't know this until today, they start getting classified intelligence briefings from the CIA. Which means America now has to give Donald Trump secrets about U.S. and foreign military operations. This is the same man who leaked Lindsey Graham's private phone number because he thought it was funny. And don't get me wrong, it was funny, but there is a big difference between Lindsey's phone number and the location of Seal Team Six. A big difference, people!
    • Hasan interviews three of the women's national soccer team about their lawsuit for equal pay. He also gets his ass handed to him, but he agrees with their point and made a mock commercial highlighting what their point.
      You can treat us equally. You can give us grass to play on. You can pay us what we deserve. Just f***ing do it.
  • May 9th: After an Italian professor is questioned by the TSA because the passenger next to him mistook his calculus problems and thought he was a terrorist, Trevor has this to say:
    Trevor: You know what, people, I get it, I get it. We fear what we don't understand. And I don't know what the fuck that is. In fact, in her defense, if you go closer, it kind of looks like "C4=Kaboom?" What does that say? This only shows the only thing Americans fear more than terrorism is math. Like, you just think the odds of dying from a terror attack are so high because you don't know how to calculate the odds. I don't blame Americans for thinking math is scary, after all, you do learn it from a vampire.
  • May 10th: Once again, Trevor boggles at the absurdity of anti-LGBT legislation.
    Trevor: You realize you've already been sharing the bathroom with trans people for your entire lives, and you've never noticed it? And why would you? Because it's a public bathroom. You're supposed to go in there, mind your own business, and get out as fast as you can. That's all you do. If you can ID anyone else who is in the bathroom with you, you are paying too much attention. [...] This law exploits that fear and it actually goes far beyond bathrooms, because this law actually says that gay and transgender people can't be protected as a class which means that it's OK to discriminate against them.
  • May 11th:
    • Trevor dismantles the idea that moving abroad in case Donald Trump wins the presidency would be better, as he points out that the Netherlands and the Philppines have their own versions of dangerously inflammatory political personalities.
      Trevor: Although America might have its own set of problems right now, don't forget, a lot of those problems exist everywhere in the world. So rather than try and flee, maybe you do need to make America great again. 'Cause it turns out, there's a lot of places like home.
    • Trevor takes a pot shot at petulant Bernie Sanders supporters who claimed they'd rather vote for Donald Trump simply because Hillary Clinton has more votes.
      Trevor: Wow, what? I knew some of Bernie's voters were young, but I didn't realize they were children. Just like, 'Fine! I'm just gonna go vote for Trump. Hillary's stupid and she smells like Benghazi!' Why would you say that?
  • May 12th:
    • Trevor Noah goes after Trump for not releasing his tax returns when running for President even after demanding Obama realize his birth certificate in 2011 (which he did), Hillary Clinton to release her emails in 2015 (which she already did), and then said that he can't release his returns while he's being audited... Even though Richard Nixon did show his tax returns while being audited which leads to this summary along with a Take That! to another bad individual:
      Trevor: So right now Donald Trump, you are shadier than Richard Nixon. Shadier than Richard Nixon. Do you understand what that means? That is like being a bigger piece of shit than George Zimmerman. (cue article of Zimmerman auctioning the gun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to make money.)
    • Not only that but also expose Trump for being a Hypocrite in wanting to see tax returns of everyone else like Mitt Romney in 2012, even calling him #weakDonald for being suddenly weak on this issue.
  • May 18th: Trevor criticizes Fox News's Megyn Kelly for going soft on Donald Trump in an interview after Trump repeatedly insulted Kelly and made misogynistic comments about her. The next day, Kelly was angered by the segment...only for her Twitter followers to admit Trevor did have a point.
    Trevor: Megyn Kelly, I don’t get it. You’ve spent months lambasting him for sexist comments and now you’re just laughing it off? We’re talking about misogyny, not a fart. Last night’s interview didn’t seem to be about journalism or the Republican Party, or even the election. It seemed like it was about two brands, Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, and whether they could forge a mutually beneficial partnership — just like Chipotle teaming up with bacteria to help you lose weight. Or maybe it was couple’s therapy. I can’t believe this, but Megyn Kelly just got negged by Donald Trump. He repeatedly insulted her and then all of a sudden switched it up with a little charm and she is all smiles… I know that Trump may be a torturing, Muslim-disparaging horseman of the apocalypse, but don’t forget, when he’s president and it’s all going to shit, we’ll all get to look at that smile.
  • May 19th: Once again, Trevor is irritated by the anti-transgender rhetoric going around the country and brings up the fact that if you replace "transgender" with any other term, it's a repeat of past rhetoric.
    Trevor: You do understand the transgender population in America is closer to zero percent than one percent? 0.3 percent of the population is transgender. So the chance of you bumping into a transgender person in the bathroom is almost zero percent. But the chance of a transgender person needing the bathroom is 100 percent. They’re already dealing with their own shit, now you’re giving them yours? I don’t understand, it’s so absurd.
  • May 20th: Hasan Minhaj's interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about welcoming Syrian refugees into Canada (and thus increasing the risk of terrorists infiltrating the tens of thousands of innocent refugees from near non-existent to also near non-existent) is quite amazing.
    Hasan: It is way too easy to get from Canada to the U.S. You're letting anyone walk in, and just f*** ***t up.
    Hasan: It's too open, it's too free. Mr J.T., I went, to customs, and they were like "What are you here to do?" and I'm like "I am here to roast Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. And do you know what the guy said? "Have a nice day."
    Trudeau: (laughs) Yeah.
    Hasan: What if I came here to literally roast you?
    Hasan: (beat) No.
    Trudeau: Then we're fine. note 
  • June 13th: Trevor tackles the Orlando gay club massacre in perhaps one of his most serious segments ever. There are maybe 4 jokes in the whole time, where he says that America is making these shootings too normal, and that Obama has had more shooting press conferences than special dinners. He calls out how terrorists point out the ease to get guns in America, doing an analogy between 9/11 and this, and how America locked down planes to keep them from being a means for terrorists to use against America. And then asking why America won't do the same thing with general guns when we already did that with machine guns.
  • June 20th: Trevor is offended by Donald Trump's comments about the Orlando tragedy.
    Trevor: 'Boom. Boom.'? 'Right in the...'? I'm sorry, but if you ever think that someone being shot, whether criminal or otherwise, can be described as a "beautiful, beautiful sight", you are one deranged fuck. You're not describing a killing, you're describing a sunset. Like, Donald Trump, what is wrong with you?
  • June 29th: In regards to Fox News scrutinizing Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's wardrobes:
    Trevor: To see all of us "news pundits" focusing on tabloid-level wardrobe minutiae with these female politicians in a way we never do with their male counterparts, who are always wearing the exact matching outfits is equally shocking. [imitates gagging]
  • July 7: Trevor addresses the recent shootings of three people by police officers, all caught on video, and with two of them being black, he had this to say.
    Trevor: You can't deny the racism. At some point, you have to acknowledge it. In fact- in fact, think of this, think of the most racist thing that people can call black people, hm? Think of the most racist thing people say. They call them "monkeys", "baboons", "gorillas", and yet, when people watch the video of an actual gorilla being shot for dragging a child, not only was there more outrage for the gorilla, the organization responsible for killing the gorilla admitted there was systemic problems that needed to be fixed!
    • He followed this with praise for the Las Vegas police department for admitting it had an issue with biased policing, took steps to address the issues through training practices, resulting in a 36% decrease in police shootings.
  • July 10th: Trevor sums up Donald Trump as being like an inflatable tube man. So the show makes one of him.
  • July 19th: Trevor is disdainful of the Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's remarks about the Freddie Gray case.
    Trevor: Let me get this straight, we’re talking about Freddie Gray, the guy who had his spine severed while in the back of a Baltimore police van, and that’s "good news?" What a relief to find out no one killed him. I mean, he was killed, but no one killed him. Half of getting killed is someone killing you, so this is progress. Now we just have to figure out why all these black folks are so susceptible to dying. Get the fuck out of here, man.
  • July 22nd: Trevor's frustration becomes more and more evident as he addresses another shooting of an unarmed black man by police and the vicious cycle of people fearing the police and the police shooting them because they're afraid of the people.
    Trevor: The guy got shot while lying down on the ground with his hands in the air. And at this point, I no longer know what black people need to do to not get shot. [...] In fact, the police didn't even have a reason.
  • July 27th: Trevor really goes in on Trump begging Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's campaign.
    Trevor: Are you shitting me? Did this guy, a man running for president, just ask Russia to hack America? Donald Trump called on a foreign nation to commit a crime to hurt his political opponent. This is what happened people, in real life. It's not a matter of interpretation. America, you have never had a Donald Trump before. A man claiming to be the leader law and order and make America safe candidate. That man who invites foreign hackers to steal files that he himself said contain national security data. That man. That’s a leader you’ve never had. A man who publicly admires and very possibly colludes with Vladimir Putin. A man who is lovingly endorsed by Kim Jong Un. A man who praises and doubles down on praising Saddam Hussein. These are his role models. These people you have to understand, once they're in power, they don't go away. You don't get to a chance to vote them out in four years. Their rule ends when the country ends. To all the people out there considering voting for Trump, I hope you enjoy your vote. Because on days like this, you realize, this could be the very last vote you will ever get.
  • August 8th: Trevor admits that Donald Trump is correct that the American political system is rigged thanks to things like gerrymandering and voter ID laws.
    Trevor: The more I spend time in America, the more I appreciate Africa's simplicity. Because in Africa, they still have the decency to call corruption "corruption".
  • August 9th: Trevor has this to say about Marco Rubio's anti-abortion stance in regards to pregnant women's fetuses being affected by Zika.
    Trevor: Can I be honest with you guys? I don't understand how any man thinks that he has the right to dictate to a woman what they should do with their bodies. I don't understand it, because men know nothing about what it's like to be a woman. We don't, we're dumb as shit when it comes to that. So why do men always always get to make laws about women's health issues?
  • August 11th: Once again, Trevor is skeptical of the police's statements after yet another unarmed black man is killed while running from them.
    Trevor: The cameras got the whole thing except the actual shooting? It's a little suspicious, right? Makes you ask the question, why are police only sloppy with evidence against them? Why does this keep happening with body cam videos? These stories are always so tragic, but every time a new story comes out, I feel like it sheds a new light on a different aspect of police violence.
  • August 15th: Ronny Chieng does a segment on how Donald Trump's shady business dealings have affected the workers involved in the businesses. They're all adamantly against Trump, and Ronny even cusses out one of Trump's advisers after Trump bragged about how tough he would be on foreign competition.
  • August 17th: Trevor dismantles Donald Trump's argument concerning black voters, especially since the town he made that speech in was 90% white. He then proceeds to break down how racially biased the Baltimore Police Department is, topping it off with a form template from their own manual which assumes the suspect will be a black male (as opposed to the other fields, which are left blank).
    Trevor: Here's the problem that I have with that statement. You cannot pitch more police without fixing the police that are already there. [...] Next time someone tells you the narrative of racial bias in policing is made up, maybe you can use this template. What you do is you fill in the date, the place where it happened and the name of the person who dismissed your racial claim. Oh, and then there is one field that we can pre-fill, because the person who is telling you this, they are always a jackass.
  • September 8th:
    • In regards to Matt Lauer's disastrous interview with Hillary Clinton:
      Trevor: "As briefly as you can?" Are you shitting me? This event was called The Commander-in-Chief Forum. It's the reason we were watching, and now because Matt Lauer spent so much time on his questions about emails, the actual questions from the actual veterans about the actual Commander-in-Chiefing gets reduced to a speed date.
    • And then Lauer's ever softer handling in his interview with Donald Trump:
      Trevor: You didn't flinch in front of a bunch of rich, powerful children, I can’t believe you couldn't face down just one.
  • September 14th: Trevor unleashes a rapid-fire Cluster F-Bomb-laden rant about Donald Trump, clearly showing how much frustration he had pent up about Trump's anti-immigrant racism.
  • September 19th: Trevor considers the general reaction to the Chelsea bombing (mostly just being annoyed that the roads were shut down and otherwise not really being fazed) to be one for New Yorkers.
    Trevor: That's a testament to how badass New Yorkers are. And also to how expensive luggage is.
  • September 21st: Trevor once again has to address the increasingly complicated and more sadly, common incidences of black men being killed by police.
    Trevor: The one thing you can do is not think black people are crazy for feeling oppressed, because every time they see a video of themselves being engaged by police, it ends with them getting shot.
  • September 27th: Desi attempts to fact-check the first debate between Clinton and Trump, only for the show to discover that virtually every statement Trump says is false. She does fact check a few statements, only to end up losing her cool when it came to his statements about women. She angrily calls him a "tangerine-tinted sack of shit", among other things.
    Desi: Like my opinion is that Donald Trump is a thin-skinned, upside-down traffic cone filled with bile and overcooked steak. A transparent con artist with whose only answer for America is "What would happen if Gordon Gekko fucked Snooki and they had a micro-fingered reality TV baby?" A man, a man whose face is so red and swollen, it looks like his skin is allergic to facts, you tangerine-tinted sack of shit.
  • September 28th: Trevor unearths more misogynistic comments made by Donald Trump, including one of him defending a statutory rape case because he figured the older teacher must have been gorgeous for her student to sleep with her. The side screen subsequently labels him "Master of Sexism".
    Trevor: A lot of men probably have the same reaction to this hot-teacher story, but a lot of men also probably shouldn't be president. Especially a man who thinks life itself is nothing more than a beauty contest, where every woman alive is a contestant, whether they want to be or not. Because let's be honest here, folks, there's only one pig in this whole story, and it's the one that got slaughtered at the debate on Monday.
  • September 29th:
    • Trevor breaks down the controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy that Trump supports and was later ruled unconstitutional.
      Trevor: You know, whenever you see a video like this you can’t help but wonder how many earlier incidents we will never know about because people didn’t have camera phones back then. [...] But here’s the thing that Trump and many stop-and-frisk supporters seem to gloss over: At its peak in New York, there were almost 700,000 stop-and-frisk searches. Eighty-eight percent of those searches turned up nothing. That means in one year there were 605,000 stops when people had done nothing wrong. What’s even worse is that many of these were teenage kids.
    • Roy takes a deeper look at North Carolina's infamous anti-LGBT HB2 legislation, so what does he do? Create a fake barbecue food truck and bring along Jordan to help him do the discriminating.
      Roy: I wanted to show North Carolinians what HB2 would look like in action, so I rented a food truck, made up a fake barbecue company, and set out to refuse service to people by telling them they're gay. Now, let's be clear: I don't care if they're gay or not, but HB2 says I can do this Jim Crow-level shit and nobody can stop me. I just need someone to help me with the actual discriminating. [Jordan pops up]
  • October 5th:
    • Trevor calls out the media for manufacturing outrage and blowing controversy over comments that both Clinton and Trump have made.
      Trevor: The point is, this is the formula: The news misreports a story. The pundits then hype the story and then the campaign exploits the story; and the entire time, there is no story! It's the M. Night Shyamalan of news.
    • Lewis Black rants about this year's voter apathy or their dislike of the candidates.
      Lewis: "No one is qualified"? Since when has that mattered? Listen, jerk, this isn't like deciding to not go to the movies because they all suck. Fact is, we're gonna have to see a movie whether we like it or not and that movie's going to be four years long. And you better hope it better not be the one that ends with Trump nuking Wisconsin! note [...] So listen, you dipshits! VOTE or I'm gonna track your asses down!
  • October 6th:
    • Ronny Chieng angrily rips into an incredibly racist Fox News segment on New York's Chinatown.
      Ronny: If you're going to be racist, at least get your stereotypes right, you ignorant sack of shit! Karate isn't Chinese, it's Japanese! And you're doing it in a Taekwondo studio, which is Korean, you fucking jackoff! Jack on, jack off! Jack on, jack off! Fuck this guy!
    • He then heads into Chinatown himself and asks bystanders on the election and then the racist video:
      Ronny: What are your thought on the Jesse Watters video from Fox News?
      Bystander: The chickenshit reporter who came down and thought he was being hot shit because he talked to people who couldn’t speak English?
      Ronny: Yeah, that douchebag piece of shit.
      Bystander: The one who was sent here by the larger chickenshit who couldn’t come to Chinatown because he was afraid to do it himself? That one?
      Ronny: Yeah, that guy.
      Bystander: The one with no testicles, the one who came down here, who said, ‘let me talk to some old people and let me put them on camera without asking them and then sort of put them on national television and made fun of them in the worst possible way. That asshole?
      Ronny: Yeah, I think we’re talking about the same guy.
  • October 10th:
    • Trevor is naturally appalled at the infamous "grab them by the pussy" video and the comments Donald Trump made.
      Trevor: Trump can try to excuse his behavior by calling it locker-room talk. But you realize he wasn’t in a locker room! He was on a TV interview. If you conduct locker-room talk everywhere, it’s not locker-room talk; it’s you, motherfucker, it's you!
    • He makes the distinguishment between "sex talk" and "sexual assault talk".
      Trevor: You tell me what's worse: A guy who says, "Uh, last night, I dined with a lovely lady and immediately afterwards I escorted her back to her residence and proceeded to caress her genitals without her invitation"? Or- or is this worse: "Oh man, last night, I was rolling with this bad bitch, and I was like 'Yo, you gonna let me smash that ass?', and she said, 'No', and I was like 'Okay, no pussy for me.'"? Which one is worse? Which one is worse?... Now don't get me wrong, neither are ideal. But one is crude, and the other is against the law.
  • October 11th: Desi gets so fed up with Donald Trump's Blatant Lies that she walks away in disgust.
    Desi: It's not even that the man lies, it's more like he rejects the idea that the point of language is to describe reality. So I'm out! [walks away and then returns] You know what? Fuck it, here's Trump lying at the debate. [montage of Trump's lies and buzzer noises] Yep! It's like someone scraped the resin from the side of the debate, just concentrated bullshit. But like I said, I'm out! He's your problem now, Trevor!
  • October 17th: Trevor comes to a dawning realization about the Trump campaign:
    Trevor: Oh, Donald Trump, the media is not ‘rigged’ against you. They’re just recording what you say and playing it back. If anything, you’re rigging your own campaign. Does Trump not realize that he's the one on TV saying the things that make him look bad? [...] Everything Donald Trump does, he frames though the lens of reality TV because that’s the world he’s from. If you understand reality TV, you understand why Trump’s world is falling apart. Think of it: In his mind, he should be winning. He knows he’s the ultimate contestant, and if he’s not winning, then the contest must be rigged, because that’s how reality TV works. Trump knows this, because he’s the one who did the rigging. When Trump made The Apprentice, he would just fire whoever he felt like, and his editors would have to go back and re-edit the show just to make it look like his judgment had some basis in reality.
  • October 20th: Roy Wood, Jr. examines the aversion of Angry Black Man trope in black journalists, where they're forcing themselves to maintain their composure in the face of the increasing ludicrous statements made to their faces.
    Roy: Black journalists keeping their shit together is one of the few things moving the conversation about race forward. So I salute the brave men and women of cable news, 'cause best believe if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't be able to hold myself back.
  • November 9th: After Donald Trump's surprise victory, Hasan Minhaj has this to say about the people who voted for him, and he's barely holding back tears and anger over this.
    Hasan: On December 17, 2015, Donald Trump called for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. I remember that date because it's the birthday of the worst fucking day of my life! Seriously, how is that not instantly disqualifying? Even if that's not why people voted for him, open racism should just be a deal breaker. You personally may not be a racist, sexist, xenophobe, but that comes with the package. So if you take that deal, what you're telling me is, "Hey man, I don't hate you; I just don't care about you."
  • November 30th: Trevor's interview with Tomi Lahren, in which he deflects and dances around her incendiary rhetoric with ease.
  • December 6th: The sheer amount of stealth insults that Jordan Klepper delivers to the Trump supporters when investigating the Victory Tour. A few times they have an Oh, Crap! face when they realize what he's saying. He also refuses to shake the hand of a Trump supporter dressed in red, white and blue spandex.

  • January 5: Jordan Klepper reveals that in the dystopian future of America, the notorious Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still alive, though she's part cyborg now.
  • January 20: In the aftermath of Trump's inauguration, Trevor does an EPIC musical number, pointing out that the Republicans are now out of excuses and have to get things done.
  • January 26: Trevor responds to the news that Parliament might actually back out of Brexit.
    Trevor: Hold up. There's a chance the U.K. may not have to leave the E.U.? No! You do not get out of Brexit. Because Brexit inspired everyone else to screw up their own countries! People running around, burning shit down, chanting "Brexit! Brexit! Brexit!" America elected Mr. Brexit! And now you're gonna try to breezle out of it? No!
  • February 8: After Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the Senate floor, Trevor brings her on and she pleads to the people to continue making their displeasure with the GOP known.
  • March 8:
    • His reaction to the Republican's replacement offering to the Affordable Healthcare Act:
      Trevor: I'm not a medical expert, but I feel like if one of the "losers" of your healthcare plan are sick people, you done fucked up.
    • Michelle Wolf dismantles the idea that Ivanka Trump is a role model for feminism. She highlights it instead as a money-making scheme, like the rest of her family.
      Michelle: Because whether it's her brand or her policies, it's designed for one type of woman in mind. Ivanka's feminism is the Lululemon model: it's for rich white women and you can see right through it. [...] So let's review Ivanka's idea for equality: have a husband, have children, dress right, don't be poor, and don't get mad when you're harassed at work. There's a huge problem with that! She's not trying to change the patriarchy, she's trying to tell women how to silently slide right into it.
  • April 19:
    • Trevor revels in the news of Bill O'Reilly's firing from Fox News while also calling out the fact that it took advertisers and Fox nearly 20 years to do something about O'Reilly's sexual harassment allegations and extremely racist rhetoric.
      Trevor: You know, looking back on O'Reilly's greatest hits, the one thing that it's hard to believe was that it took this long for him to lose his job.
    • Hasan sheds light on water crises happening all over the country, especially the one in Ranger, Texas, whose lead levels are apparently 28 times worse that Flint's. He points out that despite government intervention in Flint, the government refuses to even help Ranger.
  • April 27: Trevor calls bull on the critics who slammed Obama for taking the $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee, pointing out that since Obama accepted the fee after leaving office and is currently a private citizen, he's entitled to said fee. Unlike Trump, who is the currently sitting president in office and is "using the White House like an ATM machine."
  • May 17: Trevor goes after Trump due to Comey's memo revealing that he intentionally urged him to stop the case on Michael Flynn for his scandal in Russian ties which is considered an Obstruction of Justice that is an impeachable offense. Then went after Fox News for defending Trump desperately by deflecting to Obama, make it look like Trump was joking, and downplaying ex-FBI Director Comey's memo by making HIM untrustworthy over Trump.
    Trevor: There were only two people in that room. TWO people. The one was taking notes and the other is the world's famous liar! Like forget about lying in a private conversation, Trump lies about things we can SEE!
  • June 8: James Comey's testimony deliberately leaves out a lot of of the specific (read: damning) material to be revealed in closed sessions, going by how one of the prosecutors was already trying to discredit his claims. "Basically, it was like listening to a clean version of a hip-hop song. You know? Yeah, it felt like we missed all the explicit parts!" Then Trevor breaks into a long but partially blanked-out rap that flows so fleek that the audience can clap along anyway.
  • June 19: Trevor's coverage of the Philando Castile shooting. Crosses over with Tear Jerker.
    Trevor: In a story of a man being shot because he was lawfully armed, you would think one group, one powerful group in America, would say something about it. This is one group you would expect to be losing their goddamn minds about this: the NRA. But for some strange reason, on this particular case, they've been completely silent. Completely silent. And yet, according to their rhetoric, this is everything they stand against, right? An officer of the state depriving a citizen of his life because he was legally carrying a firearm? I mean, listen to how vocal and fired-up the NRA gets when nothing has happened.
    Wayne LaPierre: There is no greater freedom than the right to survive and protect our families with all the rifles, shotguns, and handguns we want.
    Trevor: Unless you're black.
  • June 22: Hasan Minhaj's interview with former US Attorney Preet Bharara has multiple moments:
    • Preet Bharara defines obstruction of justice in simple terms when Hasan asks, while acting as The Comically Serious.
    • Bharara also confirms that he still has a job, just not with the White House.
    • Hasan then drops the humor briefly to ask if we can get an "end" to the season because after two hundred days of Trump he is tired. Bharara says that we have to wait because "justice can't be binge-watched". After a beat, he repeats it with a large silver caption after Hasan admits it's a cool line.
    • Doubles as a Heartwarming and a Funny Moment, but Bharara is a good enough sport to tell Minhaj's parents that he shouldn't have gone to law school and he should have become a comedian because now he's "unemployed" and has brought shame to his family.
  • September 20: Back in Black: Lewis Black's 4-minute rant against the GOP's latest attempt to repeal Obamacare.
    Lewis: Now listen here, you SPOILED VANILLA MILKSHAKE!
  • October 5: Between the Scenes: Trevor talks about a Fox News Jerkass who said that Trevor shouldn't comment on the Las Vegas shooting because he's not American and "this is an American conversation". Trevor then talks about what it was like starting the Daily Show, and having a shooting occur then. He also points out how people either want him to have or not have an opinion, and it's a Double Standard given the United States protested against South Africa's apartheid.
    "If anything, I would argue most of the problems we face in the world come from the fact that people don't deal with issues that they don't have to deal with."

  • January 29, 2018: When it was revealed that during her 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton shielded a campaign advisor against accusations of sexual harassment by a female campaign staffer, Hillary still tried to cite her support for #MeToo and #TimesUp to explain away her actions. Trevor criticizes her behavior.
    Trevor: It feels like Hillary’s not only trying to dodge all the blame, she wants to present herself as having always been on this woman’s side, which doesn’t fly, because not only did the woman get reassigned, but this guy, Burns Strider, he went on to get another job in Democratic politics. So you could argue that if Hillary had fired him, she would have been protecting many women, instead of just herself.

  • January 29, 2019: Desi Lydic reveals that her journalism piece on fracking delayed construction on a fracking operation near a low-income school for several months.
  • February 5, 2019: Roy Howard and Dulce Sloan lead a talk on the State of Blackness, and talk about the progress made, like kicking R. Kelly out of the social atmosphere with his predatory behavior.
  • May 28, 2019: The Chinese state TV had claimed that Trevor is a famous American comedian because of how he joked that China is far ahead of USA when it came to the 5G service.

  • During Tochi Onyebuchi's interview, he mentions that he doesn't consider his works dystopian because a lot of people in the world are living this reality. It may be dystopian for some, but for some it is their present.

  • He had this to say about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict with the recent events from his humane take on it. He points out how Israel has one of the strongest militaries in the world and can crush Gaza in an instant. He uses his personal experience with his younger brothers in regards to asking these questions in regards to having the power to do something about it.
    "If you are in a fight where the other person cannot beat you, how hard should you retaliate when they try to hurt you?"
    • Pointing out the imbalance of power between the two sides with this quesiton.
    “If a man has a knife, should the cops shoot him?”
    • Then this most important question in regards to having enough power to show responsibility.
    “Everyone has a different answer to the question, and I’m not trying to answer the question, nor do I think I’m smart enough to solve it. All I’m asking is, when you have this much power, what is your responsibility?”




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