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  • The Cast Showoff: Trevor's segment regarding Donald Trump being the first African President ended with his doing a brief bit of "click" singing, first showcased in his appearance on QI.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • #CruzYourOwnAdventure, in which Trevor invites viewers and the rest of the Internet to put their own spins on a bunch of raw campaign footage that Senator Ted Cruz uploaded to Youtube, with the best ones featured on the show's Tumblr page and Trevor's favorite shown on the show itself.
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    • #LewisBlackSpitTake, in which the show's Tumblr page invites folks to play around with green screen images of Lewis and making something fun with it. Plus, the show even posted the footage on Vimeo and invited folks to do the same thing.
    • #LowerThirds, in which the show's Tumblr page invites viewers to submit screencaps of oddly worded news leads.
  • Too Soon: Jessica Williams earns this reaction from the audience after she says the US will have another mass shooting during her segment on October 1, 2015, following the Oregon shooting. Trevor quickly cuts to commercials, but we hear a Stunned Silence instead of laughter. She was right.
  • Written-In Infirmity: Trevor temporarily lost his voice in December 2018, and his doctors told him to not speak at all or it could go so bad it'd require surgery. This didn't stop him from still hosting the show, he just couldn't speak himself. The writers instead wrote jokes that Trevor would put through a text-to-speech app on his phone (resulting in him interviewing a guest with a monotone Siri-esque female voice, among other things) and had the corresponders talk in his stead - without changing the content of the show - resulting in moments such as Desi Lydic, an American white woman, describing her childhood as a mixed-race boy in Africa; all the while Trevor acted silly on the background. YouTube commenters have given the writers a thumbs up for taking the potetially dangerous illness and managing to turn it into an opportunity for comedy without being offensive about it.


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