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  • From the original run: basically any scene in which J.R. has a clever/charmingly nasty quip which rips into Pam or Ray. The best example of this is in the episode "Ewing Inferno" at the end of Season 6, during a scene between Pam and J.R. at the Ewing Oil offices.
  • Also from the original run:
    • Episode 54, where JR gets shot. The mother of all Cliffhangers and the second-most watched TV episode of all time, second only to M*A*S*H's finale.
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    • Episode 93, where JR gets up the gumption to rebuild his life and the Ewing empire after Jock's death. Actually, pretty much any scene with JR and Jock's portrait qualifies.
    • Miss Ellie has a few: in Episode 14, she chases off a nosy reporter after her sons are thought to be dead after a plane crash; Episode 88 sees her berate Jock's friends for taking advantage of his absence; Episode 102 sees her have a fantastic scene where she comes to grip with Jock's death.
    • Episode 217. Angelica Nero and a poisoned hatpin. Nuff said.
    • Episode 222. Pam wakes up to find a a guy who looks like Bobby in her shower. Your mileage may vary about this one.
    • Episode 251. "John Ross, THIS is Ewing Oil.", as JR indicates Jock's portrait.
    • Episode 277. JR's attempt to take over Weststar is thwarted by a whole bunch of enemies, but the coup de grace is delivered by the most unlikely person: his wife Sue Ellen...
      • ...who in Episode 281 shoots JR after he tosses her lover Nick over a balcony.
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    • Episode 291 had two with old nemesis Jeremy Wendell getting trapped by the Ewings and sent to jail; and then a fantastic entrance by Cally Ewing as JR's new wife.

  • A meta-example for the new series: the fact that the old cast has been integrated with the new characters in a way that doesn't seem out of place or forced is really awesome. Let's face it, it wouldn't be Dallas without Bobby and JR.
  • Christopher and John Ross burying the hatchet in "Family Business" and going into business together. It even motivates JR to stop being an asshole for just a minute and sign the deed to Southfork back over to Bobby. Unfortunately, it only lasts for one episode before everything goes to hell...
  • The wordlessly-coordinated asskicking the Ewings lay on the Venezuelans in "Blame Game," capped off by Drew saving Christopher and Elena from Vicente by shooting Vicente with his rifle.
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  • After hearing one too many insults about J.R. at his wake, it's Christopher, not John Ross, who throws the first punch at a heckler. The two then quickly dominate the wake and soundly beat the hecklers and troublemakers.

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