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  • Almost anytime Heffer and Filburt argue with each other. This is especially hilarious in the episode "Wacky Delly", where the two of them argue due to creative differences over the show they and Rocko are making.
    • And Rocko is always caught in the middle. But just takes all the bickering in strides. Best exemplified Rocko's tired and annoyed expression remaining unchanged when during an argument Heffer beats Filburt with a desk with Rocko still sitting on it.
      • And of course, the Springtime for Hitler antics that Ralph gets up to trying to sabotage the show, only succeeding when he actually tries to make it a show he can be proud of.
  • In the episode "Pipe Dreams", Rocko and Heffer are trying to unclog a toilet. Cue fake commercial for a drain cleaner known as "Tropical Plumber". Heffer squeezes the bottle, and a lemon, a banana, and a pineapple start singing and dancing (Tropical Plumber, Hey! Unclog your pipes today!). They get into a canoe and are about to go down into the toilet to do their thing, when they are eaten by Spunky, screaming in horror. The jungle disappears, and they are once again standing miserably in the flooding bathroom.
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  • The various game show parodies in "Heff in a Handbasket".
    (The secret word is "pizza"!)
    Peaches: Okay, an Italian dish!
    Heffer: Pasta!
    Peaches: No, it's round and flat!
    Heffer: Calzone!
    Peaches: No! It's flat, and has pepperoni...
    Heffer: Flat calzone!
    Peaches: Grr, no! Listen-
    Heffer: Mean Italian guy?
    Peaches: No, it's FOOD! It's round-
    Heffer: I-talian donut hole!
    Peaches: GRRRR!
    Heffer: Hmm... Crankypants!
    Peaches: GRAAAAHHH!!
    Heffer: A grizzly bear!
    Heffer: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! SEA MONKIIIIEEEEES!! (buzzer sounds) That was hard.
    • Made especially funny by showing someone deliberately typing that sentence and putting it into a cookie, poking fun at the fact that those things, including the negative ones, were written by someone beforehand.
  • "I'm a wild pig!"
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  • The crazy bus driver from "I See London, I See France" who chased after Rocko and Heffer even when they were on their flight out of Paris.
  • Wacky Delly, so much.
    • "I am the cheese! I am the best character on this show! I am better than both the salami and the bologna combined!"
    • The storyboarding scene, perhaps the funniest two minutes in the history of the show. After hours of Heffer and Filburt throwing around story ideas, with an exhausted Rocko endlessly drawing new boards, he finally snaps:
      Rocko: OKAY! So Betty Bologna wakes up and says, "Oh, what a beautiful day!" And then she hears the telephone ringing-
      Heffer: Or doorbell.
      Rocko: (aggravated) OR DOORBELL, ringing, and she answers and says "Hello." And then The Salami-
      Filburt: Or Cheese!
      Rocko: OR CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!... says, "I hate bologna!" and attacks her through the phone, while belching, while all this stuff comes out of his mouth while we hold on him for a long time! (grits teeth; then wrings pointer calmly) Okey-dokey? Soooo, then.... she walks up to the counter, and-
      Heffer: HOLD IT!
      Rocko: ...WHAAAAAAAAATTTT?!?!?!
      Heffer: Hmm, ya know... I've been thinking.
      Rocko: YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS?!?!?!
      Heffer: (long Beat as Heffer smugly smiles) ...Do we really need the cheese at all?
      Filburt: Whhaaaaaat?! Why you big stupid!
      (the two resume arguing as Rocko looks fed up)
    • The episode concludes with Rocko, finally catching on that Ralph Bighead has been deliberately trying to sabotage the show, convinces him to just give it his all instead - after a brief Fantasia-esque homage, the show is immediately cancelled. Ralph goes out to the desert to create his Magnum Opus - a giant statue of the bog-standard "Still Life in a Bowl". The statue is praised by a passer-by, before segueing into...
      Passerby: Hey! Not bad! But have you seen "Wacky Delly"? The first season, that is, before that new guy ruined it.
  • In "Skid Marks", Rocko is warned constantly not to get 'the fat guy'. He takes an imaginary driver's test with a pretty fat elephant, and barely manages to pass after accidentally "crashing" into a mutant moose (who threatened to sue them, mind you there was no actual car involved). When telling the Chameleon Brothers this, they scoff off that elephant being 'the fat guy' and point over to the REAL fat guy; a bulging pig giant stomping down the road with the flab of his back fat crushing two poor souls... No wonder no one wanted the fat guy.
    • The driver's ed film: "The automobile: A means of transportation, or a life-threatening speed casket? You decide. This is the invention lab, where they test a lot of things that are really cool. Experts are assembling life-like dummies to test the impact of a car crash. (A scientist puts together a handful of tomatoes and draws a smiley face on one of them.) You may find this experiment silly. Well just let me tell YOU something buddy: It's NOT. Remember, this could be YOU and your family! What you are about to see is a graphic depiction... and it gets kind of messy." (The car smashes into a wall, turning the tomatoes into goo. Students are heard vomiting and crying.) And yes, even the driver's ed film warns Rocko not to get the fat guy.
    • The following exchange from the final scene:
      Kid: Daddy! Daddy! Teacher says every time a gas cap is found, an angel gets its wings!
      Kid's Dad: Your teacher's full of snot!
    • "I know that some traffic schools where the students are allowed to take their tests like intelligent human beings. WELL, THAT'S NOT THE WAY WE DO THINGS HERE!" Keep in mind this is said by an anthropomorphic cat, in a traffic school full of anthropomorphic animals.
      • The cat proceeds to scream "As far as I'm concerned, you are ALL WILD PIGS!" Cue an actual wild pig joyously calling out "I'm a wild pig!"
  • The entirety of "Zanzibar", especially the part where they refer to themselves as a big unruly mob in song!
    • And they keep on singing as Rocko tries to get into City Hall, leading to this:
      Guard: Do you have an appointment?
      Rocko: This really was more one of those spontaneous type things, you know?
      Guard: Uh-huh? Then how do you all know the words?
      Heffer: Oh boy... He's got you there Rock.
      Rocko: I don't know the words!
      Unruly Mob: (standing on top of each other in a pyramid and holding sparklers) ♪~He doesn't know the words!~♫
      Rocko: SHADDUP!
    • Their reason for going through with Rocko's protest.
      Unruly Mob: ♪~I guess we might as well!~♪~We've all got nothing better to do!~♪
    • Also, when Rocko asks Heffer how they all know the words, and Heffer replies that they had rehearsals every Thursday, didn't he see the flyers?
    • Captain Compost Heap's hilariously blunt message at the very end of the episode.
      Captain Compost Heap: If you're not nice to Mother Nature, she'll kick our butts!
    • The epic nature of the opening "Spring Cleaning" song gets completely undone at the end when someone (presumably Heffer) farts.
  • Heffer's dysfunctional family arguing in "Who's for Dinner?". In particular, Heff's dad's reactions to Peter revealing that he quit school two years ago and when he leaves the house in a female cheerleader outfit.
    Mrs. Wolfe: We were a-afraid to tell you.
    Peter: See? I told you he'd have a cow. No offense, Heffer.
    Mr. Wolfe: He's a STEER!
    • The home movies, especially Heffer's fifth birthday when he gets carried away trying to break open a pinata and starts attacking the guests.
      Mr. Wolfe: Three lawsuits, happy birthday...
    • After Heffer learns he's adopted and runs off in tears, there's a silence as everyone glares at Rocko (who brought up the elephant in the room in the first place). He awkwardly states that he's stuffed, then Heff's grandfather loudly declares, "I say we eat the beaver!" Meaning Rocko.
    • When Rocko is trying to find the bathroom, he discovers a room that for some reason is full of Little Red Riding Hoods.
      • And the bathroom mirror has the Three Little Pigs tied up inside, helpfully labeled with which day of the week they'll be eaten. Rocko's reflection after closing the mirror sells it.
  • The entirety of "Bye Bye Birdie", especially the part where Heffer dresses Filburt's bird Turdy in surfer clothes after accidentally killing him. The look on Heffer's face when he was watching Turdy's corpse on the record player playing surfer music was HILARIOUS.
    • At the beginning of the episode, it's made clear that Dr. Hutchison really doesn't like her husband's bird. Indeed, it's one of the few scenes wherein she doesn't sport a huge grin and instead looks fairly annoyed at Filburt's attachment to the thing.
    • This non-sequitur exchange:
      Heffer: Hey, Rock, you wanna move to France?
      Rocko: Not really.
      Heffer: Naw. Me Neither.
    • Heffer is asked briefly to speak at an impromptu funeral for Filburt's dead bird. He uses a variation of a certain Playground Song:
      Heffer: Beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you you eat, the more you—
      Filburt: That's enough of that!
    • The true highlight is probably when Heffer SITS on the bird, and it slowly settles into Rocko and Heffer into what just happened... until they both scream and Heffer runs off with Rocko, having the bird still tied to his nose, dragged around.
    • How about when Rocko finally has to break the news to Filburt? He takes it very well, explaining that Turdy was a rare subspecies of bird with a short lifespan who actually lasted a long time and, even though he'll miss his pet, life goes on. Cue Heffer popping out of the house.
      Heffer: (cheerfully) Did you tell him I sat on it?
    • The Running Gag: "You keep YOUR bird away from MY MONKEY!" And the Brick Joke that results.
    • The fact that his bird's name is "Turdy".
  • The ending of "Canned": Rocko's former boss chews that Conglom-O gum and a beehive appears on his head and he freaks, crashing his car and starts running off to the end of the road on the screen and then he comes back running from the rabid giraffes who run right into the screen. It ends with the trapped flies cheering "Hooray!" Followed by an off-screen director yelling "Cut!" and telling the flies they can leave... only for one to linger, apparently desperate for acting work and hoping the role will lead to further appearances.
  • "Teed Off" was full of them:
    • When Ed Bighead starts winning the golf game against Mr. Dupette (with Heffer's help), Mr. Noway goes on speaker phone to chew out the Dark Groundskeeper for not handling the situation (that is, thwarting Ed Bighead). Suddenly, Noway starts coughing and choking, making it seem like a parody of the scene in Star Wars when Vader chokes Admiral Motti. But apparently the Dark Groundskeeper had nothing to do with it:
    Dark Groundskeeper: I don't need you to tell me how to do my job. This is my course, and I will deal with the situation as I see fit. Do you understand me?
    (Noway continues to cough/choke)
    Dark Groundskeeper: Mr. Noway! Do you understand me? (concerned) What's the matter with you?!
    (Noway finally stops coughing)
    Dark Groundskeeper: Are you okay?
    Noway: Yeah, I'm fine. Get it together up there, will ya?
    • The design of the Dark Groundskeeper alone is hilarious when you realize it's a parody of Darth Vader
    • The climax when Heffer goes airborne (with a FLYING TRACTOR) with Mr. Bighead's golf ball and the Dark Groundskeeper has his forces unleash a full piano assault, all set to overly-dramatic World War II movie music. Then, when Heffer's "plane" gets hit and plummets towards the groundskeeper's command center, everyone starts screaming in panic. And we do mean everyone:
    Dark Groundskeeper: (cne of his mooks leaves as his base flashes red sirens) Mr Leslie, get back to your post! I need a status report! Somebody tell me something! (sees Heffer's air craft coming right towards him) What the- AAAAAHHHH!!!!
    Heffer: AAAAAHHHH!!!!
    Mooks: AAAAAHHHH!!!!
    Conglomo executive: (while shaking Mr. Bighead around) NOOOOOOO!
    Announcers: AAAAAHHHH!!!!
    Squirrels: AAAAAHHHH!!!!
    Rocko: (sitting at home with Spunky) AAAAAHHHH!!!!
    • There was also a subtle Brick Joke shown at the end. When Heffer is first seen in the episode, we pan out to what appears to be a crop circle. After the golf game, the last scene shows the aftermath golf course with a UFO and some small aliens looking at the circle.
    • The scene earlier when Ed
  • From "Yarnbenders":
    "I'm nauseous. I'm nauseous. (farts) I'm better now."
    • During the Hansel and Gretel portion (renamed Hansel and Debbie by Heffer), Rocko and Heffer argue over whether the witch lives in a house made of healthy snacks, or one made of pizza. This causes the house to repeatedly switch between two appearances. Filburt ends the spat by saying the witch lives in a house made of fishsticks, with the sound of a foghorn accompanying this final change.
    • The dialogue that transpired right before Witch!Filburt got crushed by the aforementioned fishsticks house and a giant after Cinderheffer was turned into a wooden puppet when he ate an after-dinner mint:
      Prince!Rocko: (as he and all the woodland creatures look towards the witch in anger) YOU!
      Witch!Filburt: Me?
      Prince!Rocko You did this to Cinderheffer, and now you're going to pay!
      Witch!Filburt: No, I won't.
    • There's also the two instances of Bait-and-Switch: first when Cinderheffer's Fairy Godmother sees a rat carrying a potato, she transforms it into a much bigger rat carrying a much bigger potato and when Prince!Rocko and Cinderheffer are married, it appears like they're heading into their "carriage"...only to climb on top of the giant potato.
  • Filburt at the vet in "Down the Hatch":
    Veterinarian: Sir, that's not a she. That's a loaf of bread.
    Filburt: No! She moved yesterday! Don't listen to him, Margaret!
    • Funnier still is that he throws the loaf of bread away instantly to take a jar of sauce from the doctor.
  • When Mr. Bighead is acting like a pirate in his sleep in "Sailing the Seven Zzzzzs." Hilarity Ensues.
    Filburt and Heffer: Mr. Bighead thinks he's a pirate! (laughs loudly)
  • From "Road Rash", the story of Ferb. Whose real name was Frank. Real name was Frank but we call him Ferb. That crazy?
    (Hours later) "You idiot! Now you get out of here and don't come back until you have that beef jerky!"
  • When Filburt was Mistaken for Aliens in "The High-Five of Doom".
    "Nice melons. High-five!"
    • Earlier in the same episode, where Heffer comes in:
      Heffer: I just got to see it! It's all I can think about! I can't sleep! I can't think! I-I-I can't even eat! (Rocko gives an incredulous look) Well, okay... I can eat.
  • In the episode "A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic," Rocko vacuums up an airplane when cleaning the fireplace flue. No one on the plane seems to notice or care.
  • The end of the episode where Rocko's childhood bully Dingo pays him a visit as an adult who has chosen a life of peace and nonviolence...and Dingo asks Rocko to punch him in retribution for all his mistreatment.
    Rocko: ...And that's why I can't punch you in the nose.
    Dingo: Oh, please won't you?
    Rocko: Okay! [WHAM] Heh heh...
    Dingo: Thank you so much.
    • And then Hef and Filb beat Dingo up despite being within earshot of that conversation.
      Heffer: [peeks out of the bushes] Hey, you leave our friend alone, you big bully!
      Filburt: Let's roast his onion! [jumps from the roof]
  • From "Gutter Balls":
    Heffer: Alright! I got a strike!
    Rocko: Yes, Heff, but unfortunately, it wasn't in our lane.
    Heffer: Oh... does that matter?
    • In the same episode, Ed's flashback to the bowling tournament where his last ball demolishes the bowling alley without the pins falling over. At all. When he only needed one pin to win. To top all things off, his ball (or what looks like his ball) rolls in and lightly touches Ed on the leg, causing him to turn into bowling pins and then fall apart. That visual is a perfect finish to the entire scene.
    • Rocko's repulsed expression when he sniffs the bowling shoes.
    • This three-way exchange, after Virginia Wolfe gets yet another single pin roll:
      Virginia: Well, Ed, I-
      Ed: No excuses!
      Heffer: Hey, Mr. Bighead, that's my mother you're yellin' at, and I don't like it!
      Ed: Aw, who asked you, chubby?
      Virginia: Don't you insult my boy, you big galoot!
      Heffer: You tell him, mom!
      Virginia: Thank you, Heffer. I'm taking my ball and going home. You won't have Virginia Wolfe to kick around anymore!
      Heffer: Bye, mom.
    • And when Ed poses as Bev so his team isn't disqualified:
    Ed: (wearing lipstick and a white mop as hair) Hi, it's me, Bev! I'm back, and ready to bowl!
    Clerk: I thought you were a redhead.
    Ed: SO I GOT MY HAIR DONE!!!... (flirty) Do you like it?
  • The two nerds from near the start of "Canned".
    First Nerd: You'll never be satisfied with a mortal woman, because the elf wenches are so beautiful, you'll spend the rest of your life searching for that same beauty again... (sniffs, eyes dilate) Yes.
    Second Nerd: Wow... You're an idiot...
  • The entirety of the Bachelor Party scene in "The Big Answer", from when Heffer gets Drunk On Ice Cream to him somehow getting the plane serving as an ice cream restaurant to FLY, and finally the guys waking up the next morning after crash landing. Rocko also promises never to eat ice cream again. Remember kids, this is what a hangover feels like.
    Filburt: Mayday, mayday! We're goin' down like a lead rake, and we can't fly, we ate too much ice cream, and my friend's from Australia! Wait a minute... this is a pig.
    • That is a brilliant Stealth Pun when you think about it. It's a HAM radio!
    • The reveal that Dr. Hutchison's father is a turtle after her mother was professing a constant Fantastic Racism against turtles at her and Filburt's wedding. Made even funnier when he tries to take a picture of the happy couple and finds himself staring into the furious eyes of his wife.
      Frank Hutchison: (cheerfully) Well I'll be, it's your mother! (makes a snarky "you're crazy" gesture at his wife) Still "in mourning" I see.
      Widow Hutchison: (livid) SHUT UP.
  • "Put Out to Pasture":
    • Ed Bighead's face before Heffer ruined it with a blender, because of how realistically and absurdly human it looks.
    • Filburt doesn't want Heffer to eat his potato chips. "Oh No No No No No No! I ain't giving him nothing. I got plans for these chips. You ate yours, fat boy! These babies are mine!"
    • Also Heffer's facial reactions to seeing Filburt being all OCD with his chips.
    • After Heffer eats Filburt's chips, Filburt goes utterly berserk, force-feeding Heffer the chip bag, a car engine, and the light bulb - which lights up due to all the potatoes Heffer ate.
  • Rocko likes rainbows.
  • Fruitcake Man from the Christmas Episode.
  • "To Heck and Back": Heffer goes to Heck and meets dark and intimidating ruler of the realm... Peaches.
    Heffer: Peaches?
    Peaches: Would you let me finish?
    • And then when he introduces the TV from Heck. They both laugh until:
      Heffer: Wait... Heck? Isn't it supposed to be-
      Peaches: (covers his mouth) Censors!
    • Heffer mispronouncing "glutton" as "gluten".
    • The ending: Peaches playing with a paddle ball:
    Peaches: 662, 663, 664, 665!!!... (misses the next one) Ugh... one, two, three, four, FIVE!
  • "Dear John", in which Rocko and Heffer follow instructions from a DIY book on how to fix their kitchen ...only to turn it into a bathroom. They call upon the author's services to help out, and come back later only to discover that every room has been converted into a bathroom. Yes, even the bathroom. Naturally, Rocko is enraged at first, but then comes up with the ingenious solution of throwing a bathroom party.
  • In "Bedfellows", Mrs. Bighead gets very excited when Heffer throws a nudist party at Rocko's house.
    Mrs. Bighead: Oh, you're right. Oh yes, Ed, this is disgusting! Quick, Ed, get the telescope out of the hall closet!
    • Then at the end of the episode, she throws an offscreen party with the nudists.
      Mr. Bighead: Bev! What are all these freaks doing here?!
      Mrs. Bighead: Oh, shut up Ed and take your trousers off, 'cause we are gonna boogie 'til the sun comes up!
    • Rocko's reaction to the mess Heffer made in his bathroom.
    • The toilet lid giving off noxious fumes...and a lion's roar when Rocko dares to try and lift the lid. Cue horrified scream from our favorite wallaby.
  • This little bit of Black Comedy from "Nothing To Sneeze At", The One Where Bev gets a nose, followed by it getting infected and needing surgery.
    Dr. Hutchison: Mr. Bighead?
    Ed Bighead: Yes?
    Dr. Hutchison: I'm afraid we couldn't save her.
    Ed Bighead: WHAT?!
    (the color literally begins to drain out of Ed)
    Dr. Hutchison: Oh! I mean her nose! We couldn't save her nose! Ha-ha! Sorry... Mr. Bighead?
    (cut to Ed as a puddle of white goo on the chair)
  • In "Old Fogey Froggy", the scene where a severely aged Ed bends over to pick up the soap and ends up breaking the glass with his humongous, moldy buttcheeks.
    • The mock funeral Rocko holds for Ed to snap him out of his depression. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we stick Ed Bighead in the Earth's crust." They're about to bury him alive in a garbage can and cover him with cement before he finally snaps out of it.
    • Also the fact that the boys were humming Here Comes The Bride at the funeral.
  • In "Wallaby on Wheels", Rocko's heart (his infatuation for a girl) and brain (logically against getting himself killed trying to go through a dangerous obstacle course) have a metaphorical fight in his mind. "Emotions win over self-preservation" in one hit.
  • Really Really Big Man's "Nipples of the Future" going haywire thanks to Filburt's jinx in "Fortune Cookie".
    RRBM: I have nipple blindness!
  • In "Camera Shy", Rocko being unknowingly filmed nude descending a staircase by Heffer and Filburt.
    Heffer: He's completely... naaaked!
    Filburt: With no clothes on!!
    • Heffer and Filburt's reaction when Rocko spots them.
    • The moment Rocko discovers the Chameleon brothers have made the movie into an art-house film is equally priceless.
      Rocko: That's my nakedness!
      Chuck & Leon: It's our masterpiece!
    • Rocko's frantic plea to Mrs. Bighead that she buy every copy of the naked tape:
      Rocko: BUY THEM! BUY THEM ALL!!! I'll pay you back somehow! She'll take them ALL!
  • Bev, on increasing productivity at Conglom-O in "She's The Toad":
    Bev: Well, I do have a few ideas... For example, you'd increase productivity by at least 49% if you weren't all picking your noses all the time!
    Mr. Dupette: Genius! Heathwood!
    Heathwood: (dutifully sticks his finger in Mr. Dupette's nose)
  • "Flu-In-U-Enza": Anything involving Dr. Ben Dova and the burly hippo nurse. "I thought I strapped you to the bed!"
  • In "Love Spanked" Heffer sets up Rocko for a bunch of blind dates. When all those failed, he set him up as a contestant for a dating show. Rocko wins a date with #3 by chance, and while the first two are cute and attractive, the third had an unexpected fill-in: Heffer. Rocko's reaction was hilarious.
  • Every time Rocko has a run-in with the hippo lady. "HOW DARE YOU!"
  • "Jet Scream". Especially the turbulence scene.
    • Rocko is antagonized by an obnoxious kid who pulls his seat forward and pulls Rocko's serving tray away, then crushes him with the seat, then he runs down the aisle hitting other passengers' chairs with a ruler and plugs Rocko's headphones into a slot that fills his head with air. Rocko finally gets tired of him and puts him in his overhead compartment. The other passengers look at Rocko angrily, then cheer.
    • The plane's captain announces that he tends to black out at high altitudes.
    • When the plane crashes and everybody is evacuated via a slide. Heffer rides down it shouting "WHEEEEEEE!!!", then runs back onto the plane so he can go again. And again. And again...
  • In "Closet Clown," Bev gets off the phone and tells Ed her sister sends her love. Ed then reminds her she doesn't have a sister.
    Bev: Well that's peculiar.
  • In "Eyes Capades", Rocko is in the yard practicing his jackhammering, only he can't see very well, so he's about to land the jackhammer on Spunky. Heffer dives taking Spunky out of harm's way at the last second, but Rocko lands the jackhammer on Heffer's backside instead. Rocko apologizes for running him over, but Heffer says that he "kind of likes it" while biting the grass and looking extremely pleased.
  • In "Cabin Fever", when Rocko, Heffer, and Bev completely fail to guess Ed's shadow charades:
    Heffer: (about Ed's shadow puppet, which is a deer) It's either a hose, or a radiator, or a piece of radiator hose. I win!
    • There's also the scene in which Ed uses a microwave as a radio transmitter to call for help, only to answer a random fast-food employee who mistakes his cries for help as a fast-food order.
    Ed: Mayday! Mayday! Ed Bighead here! Do you read?!
    Employee: Can I help you, sir?
    Ed: Yes! Yes! Now, listen carefully! This is Ed Bighead! I'm trapped in the cabin with my wife and two guys! Do you read?!
    Employee: Um, right! Okay! You want a large burger and two fries!
    Ed: No! No! Trapped! The Bigheads! Two guys!
    Employee: Oh! Okay! A big burger and two LARGE fries! I got it! That'll be $5.99 at the next window!
    (Ed becomes aggravated and overloads the microwave, causing it to blow up in his face)
  • The hipster who stumbles upon a melted action figure at Rocko's garage sale in "Junk Junkies":
    Guy: Just look at it! The humanity! The anger! ....THE PAIN!!!!
  • Rocko in the work-out machine in "No Pain, No Gain".
    • In the same episode, the Parental Bonus reference to Deliverance:
      Hillbilly: Now we gonna make you squeal, piggy! (pulls up an actual pig and tickles it)
  • "Spitballs": The foul ball being hit to the exact spot where Rocko and Heffer had originally been sitting before they decided to sneak to better seats. Then Rocko climbs back up to fetch it: "MINE! ALL MINE!!!"
  • "Popcorn Pandemonium": Garbage Strike: The Musical!
    Heffer: The book was better.
    • Another trailer immediately follows:
      Announcer: It's not new. It's not original. It isn't even very interesting. But it is coming this summer.
      (two guys with a stake open Dracula's casket)
      Guy 1: All right, Dracula, you're in for it now.
      Announcer: Dracula, as you've never seen him before: DEAD.
      Guy 1: Our mission is complete. ...Get some bagels?
      Guy 2: All right.
      (the two shut the casket)
      Announcer: Dracula: It's been... Done. To. DEATH.
  • In "To Heck and Back," Rocko tries to have a serious conversation with Heffer about how greedy and gluttonous Heffer can be (ordering a lot of food and leaving Rocko with the check) but Hef is Comically Missing the Point.
    Heffer: I know exactly what you're trying to say, Rocko. I think Jenny Rose said it best when we were in the third grade.
    Both: "Mrs. Leiderwitz, my bottom bubbled!" (they laugh until Hef starts choking)
  • "Belch of Destiny": Heffer impersonating Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver while practicing his belches in front of a mirror.
    Heffer: (belch-talking) Roses are reeeeeeeed. This burp is for yooooooooooouuuu. You talkin' to me? I said are you talkin' to me? I am Burpman. Give me a merit badge. Give me a merit badge noooooowwwwwwww!
    • Heffer's epic belch at the talent show, which blows out the windows.
  • Every time Ed and Bev have G-Rated Sex...which always involves breaking plates (and occasionally other glass/porcelain materials, such as a toilet) with their tongues. Kinky.
  • Rocko becoming a mean boss to Filburt in "Power Trip" can be Black Comedy to some.
    Rocko: How are you supposed to do that STANDING AROUND IN MY OFFICE?!
  • From "Leapfrogs", when Ed Bighead catches Bev paying Rocko for the chores he did while wearing a bathrobe.
    Ed: (angered) You saw my wife in her bathrobe?! (suddenly calms down) Wasn't it awful?
  • The ending to "I Have No Son" with Rocko's reaction to the new beaver character named Rollo in "The Fatheads".
  • Heffer's grandmother in Heck: "I like it here! It's warm!"
  • "Schnit-Heads" overall is a pretty hilarious Take That! to religious extremists, but this exchange takes the cake:
    Sausage Cult Leader: We're bowling for sinners today!
    Rocko: You can't chuck bowling balls at us!
    Sausage Cult Leader: Yes we can! It says right here in the Book of Bratwurst! (reads from it) "If there be one among you who doth not follow the way of the Schnitzel, let that one go and do not throw bowling balls at them."
    Rocko: Well then see? It says let us go!
    Sausage Cult Leader: It's a matter of interpretation!
  • In "Ed Good, Rocko Bad", Mr. Bighead decides to run against Rocko in the election for dog catcher. His wife responds by laying down some Brutal Honesty on him.
    Mrs. Bighead: Ed, why are you bothering with this? You cannot win, I mean you have absolutely no charisma and almost everyone hates you!
  • In "The Emperor's New Joe":
    Narrator: The only problem with Balsac is that the people lived in FEAR!... in FEAR of the mighty Czar!
    (camera cuts to a random farmer and his horse)
    Horse: Hey, psst... (points off-camera)
    Narrator: Uh, th-the mighty Czar! (camera pans to the correct location, a huge castle)
  • In "Day of the Flecko", when Rocko is trying to sleep, a noisy bird keeps squawking rather annoyingly, but he suddenly gets louder, and gains a Brooklyn / Joisey accent, "CHOIP!!! CHOIP!!! CHOIP!!! CHOIP!!! CHOIP!!! CHOIP!!!", only for Rocko to tell him to "SHAAAAAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!" The icing on the cake is the bird falling out of the tree.
  • In "An Elk for Heffer" when Heffer introduces Elkie to his family:
    George: (whispering) Virginia, she's still alive.
    Virginia: (whispering) Now, dear. Just be glad he got her here at all.
    George: Well, I think he's getting a little too friendly with the main course.
    Virginia: Well, Heffer's always been very fond of food.
    George: Why can't I have any normal offspring?!
    Peter: The fruit never falls far from the tree, Dad.
  • Heffer's nonsensical, crazy story of how his ancestors founded O-Town in Floundering Fathers.
  • After it turns out that Spunky didn't eat a Fatheads Chewable Vitamin and thus isn't going to explode (long story), we get this exchange:
    Vet: The vitamin was in his ear the whole time!
    Rocko: What does that mean?
    Vet: It means that little Spunky here is gonna be a mommy!
    Rocko: ...But Spunky's a boy dog.
    Vet: ...Oh. Well then...I guess it means he's gonna be okay.
  • During "Boob Tubed" the guys are watching a Spanish soap opera at one point and burst into tears over how sad it is. What makes it so funny is that the dialog from said soap opera translates to a man dramatically declaring to his love Maria that his library book is overdue and he must go to the library.
  • The trailer for the 2019 television movie Static Cling shows that Joe Murray hasn't lost his touch at all. Highlights include:
    • Upon returning home, the main characters run happily outside, with Filburt shouting "Let's frolic innocently in nature!"
    • "I don't think we're in the 90s anymore..." The camera then zooms out to show how much O-Town has changed in 20 years.
    • Rocko bearing witness to modern society, including:
      • An NSA drone with a camera.
      • A Starbucks Expy on every corner.
      • Smartphones, and their constant evolution and releases, with Rocko wondering if it actually is a phone due to the lack of physical buttons.
      • Energy drinks and their dubious ingredients; this particular drink, Schlamo, is radioactive, causing Heffer and Filburt to mutate a third arm, which they high-five each other with, while Rocko's skin melts off; later, Filburt gets drenched in it, mutating into a horrible monster.
      • Rocko finds that the comic book store he worked at is now nothing more than a kiosk with a 3D printer, as Heffer and Filburt watch the printer make a Really Really Big Man comic.
      • Extreme food culture, which gives Rocko food poisoning.
      • Modern cinema, including 3D and a Darker and Edgier reboot of Really Really Big Man. It's especially funny when Rocko gets battered by Big Man's fists.
      • Social media, which is shown through a recreation of the original opening credits, with the immigration department guy from "Kiss Me, I'm Foreign", Ed Bighead's Conglom-O supervisor, and Peaches the Grim Reaper trying to smack him with Facebook dislike signs, not to mention several shady-looking cameras watching him, another Take That! towards the NSA and their monitoring, and a smartphone with a candy puzzle game, a Shout-Out to Candy Crush Saga.
    • All of this leads Rocko to come to the conclusion that "the 21st Century is a very dangerous century".
    • The updated version of the show's original opening, especially the sign that read "Real World" now reading "Reboot" and Rocko getting hit on the head by signs depicting "dislike" icons.
    • To help promote the trailer, Rocko and Bev revisited a very memetic phone call...
  • The special itself has quite a few gems:
    • The opening narration explaining what happened since the ending of the original series appears to be done by a woman with a British accent, but it quickly turns out to actually be Really Really Big Man narrating.
    • Turns out the gang didn't have to spend the last 20-plus years floating in space, for Hef had the rocket's remote control in his butt the entire time.
    • Turns out that Grampa Wolfe is now a ghost (and complains about it), and he took over a lawn gnome.
    • The Chameleon Brothers' version of The Fatheads is quite funny, although for the wrong reasons.
    • A deliveryman sends Spunky some mops, calling him a "sicko".
  • A meta example behind the creation of Dr. Hutchison. After being told by the network that they wanted to see a positive female role model in the show, Joe Murray initially declined, but after hearing that they would probably start forcing one in anyway, he accepted the request begrudgingly. An executive wanted a lady with personality, or in the more accurate words, "with a good hook", and Joe was inspired.
  • "Driving Mrs. Wolfe": George Wolfe's various reactions to Virginia Wolfe driving his new sports car in the destruction derby. (And the fact that Virginia is completely oblivious to where she is.) By the end of it, he's in a casket that's about to be closed before he jumps out when it's announced she won the derby.
    • The ending: The teen Wolfes ask if they can drive the car, and George/Virginia shout "NO!"
    George: We... don't wanna get it scratched or dented.
    (George shuts the garage door, which causes all the tools/equipment to fall off the shelves and onto the new car, ruining it instantly)
  • In "Sailing the Seven Zzz's," the opening. Ed and Bev are at the opera house, and the scene opens with the performer holding a long note (as would be expected in an opera)...only to immediately segue into "Yo-ho, yo-ho, yo-ho..."
  • In "Pranksters," Rocko discovers too late that his grandma is coming to visit and asks Heffer to pick her up at the airport. Granny Rocko loudly makes her presence known and somehow thinks that Heffer is Rocko before barking orders at him.
    Granny Rocko: Holy mother of Buddha did you get fat! Yellow too!
    • She refuses to let Heffer take her luggage up the escalator despite using it herself.
      Granny Rocko: I don't want my bags on that thing! Take the stairs! (bones make crunching sound when she points to them)
      Heffer: It's okay, Granny Rocko, they're perfectly safe-
      • At one point Granny Rocko asks "Rocko" if he's "Still in love with that frog next door?"
    • Heffer starts to believe Granny Rocko is actually Rocko in disguise as part of an attempt to prank Heffer. Heffer responds laying rope all around Rocko's house before tying it to a huge rocket sticking out the living room window. After lighting the match, Heffer asks "Granny Rocko" to come into the living room to help him with something. At which point Rocko enters the front door, and Heffer sees Granny Rocko is still in the kitchen. While Granny Rocko starts screaming at Rocko thinking he's Heffer, Heffer has this hilariously overblown My God, What Have I Done? reaction where he starts hysterically sobbing before tying the end of the rope around his waist and letting the rocket fire off with him tied to it. The rocket proceeds to drag Heffer through every room of the house, before going up into space and dragging Heffer through the sun before bringing down to Earth and pulling him all the way through the planet and bursting out of Rocko's front yard. No wonder he was upset if he was gonna do that to Granny Rocko.
    • It later turns out Granny Rocko was just Filburt in disguise, having set up this elaborate hoax to get back at Heffer for his annoying pranks.


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