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The 1991 Movie

  • Some Gallows Humor when Neville Sinclair accidentally (and non-fatally) stabs a fellow actor when filming a sword fight. "Did you think I was stealing the scene?"
  • Cliff donning the Rocketeer helmet. "How do I look?" Even though he made it, Peevy isn't very inspiring. "Like a hood ornament."
    • There's also Cliff's first reaction to seeing the helmet: "He has got to be kidding...".
  • Peevy hasn't dated since 1932, but apparently he hasn't needed to.
    Peevy: (wistfully) Flora Maxwell. There wasn't any point datin' nobody after her.
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  • Peevy's idea for a quick fix, bubble gum!
  • Cliff goes to pick up Jenny at her boarding house and is blocked at the door by the strict landlady:
    Landlady: You know my rules! No gentlemen after six p.m.!
    Cliff: Well I'm no gentleman.
    Landlady: You can say that again...
  • Cliff admits his secret identity to Jenny.
    Cliff Secord: Jenny, prepare yourself for a shock: I'm the Rocketeer.
    Jenny: The Rocke-who?
    Cliff [frustrated]: Oh for crying out loud, haven't you read the papers?
    Jenny: No, I've been working all day.
  • One of the best parts happens near the climax. It's so cool watching the FBI AND gangsters working together. Even Eddie seems to realize this. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome.
    • Related to the above: Eddie and a fed have taken cover behind the same car, and are gunning down Nazis for all they're worth. Then, suddenly, they notice each other, stop, look at each other, where Eddie smiles at the fed, and go back to killing Nazis.
  • Cliff's first flight after saving Malcolm at the airshow: he nearly falls to his death three times, flies through a clothesline, digs through a field, and finally skips across the surface of a creek to crash into a stop into the muddy bank. And after all that, he only has one thing to say to Peevy:
    Cliff: (panting) I like it!!
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  • During the climax of the film, The Rocketeer is climbing along the top of a Nazi zeppelin when the resident Giant Mook Lothar confronts him, knocking Cliff's pistol out of his hand. Cliff takes one look at his gigantic opponent...and immediately dives for his weapon.
  • "Big Gopher!" And the guy next to that one was played by Tiny Ron aka Lothar.
  • "It wasn't lies, Jenny. It was acting!"
  • The Rocketeer, flying around inside the nightclub, in full How Do I Shot Web? mode. The sheer destruction is beautiful, in a way.
  • "Easy Frankenstein, you ain't bulletproof."
  • Cliff and Peevy test the jet-pack by stealing a human-shaped bronze statue, strapping the jet-pack to it, and seeing how it flies while its chained to the ground. The whole scene is one step away from being an episode of "Mythbusters". It goes well... until the stake to which the rig is chained pulls out of the ground, sending jet-pack and statue blasting off into the stratosphere. Cliff and Peevy stare up at the sky, writing off the possibility of ever seeing the pack again, when the rocket makes a sudden reappearance right behind them. They dive out of the way just in time, then rush to recover the jet-pack once it crash lands... whereupon Cliff sees that the landing crushed the statue's head.
    Cliff (deadpan): ...I think we're gonna need a helmet.
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  • Neville snarks, "I'll miss Hollywood." He's right. He misses Hollywood part of the sign but strikes the "land" part.
  • When the switch pulled at the beginning of the film is finally discovered by Hughes
    Howard Hughes: (tosses down today's paper with a clear picture of the X-3 Rocketpack) (deadpan) Congratulations gentlemen. Thanks to the diligence of the FBI, this particular vacuum cleaner will not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Valentine's gang almost catches Cliff and Peevey when their truck doesn't start. Cliff has Peevey put the truck in neutral.
    Cliff: You steer, I'll push!
    (turns on the rocket pack, suddenly accelerating the Model T pickup to well behind its top speed in two seconds. Eddie can only watch dumbfounded as the truck rockets away at high speed. Inside, Peeve is utterly focused on keeping the truck from going off the road. Meanwhile, one of Eddie's associates grabs a set of binoculars hoping to catch some kind of detail while another takes notes in a notebook. Eddie then turns to see another one of his associates is just eating popcorn like a kid at a circus. He knocks the box out of his hand)
    Eddie Valentine: Get in the car!

Disney Junior Series

  • During Kit's first run in with Laura and Harley in "Pilot Error", she tries telling them to surrender, only for her microphone to glitch out and adjust the pitch of her voice.
  • We have this line from Tesh in "Carnival Caper":
    '''Tesh: Fried chicken, fried fries. Wait. They can fry orange juice?
  • Kit's flustered behavior when talking to May Songbird in "Songbird Soars Again" is nothing short of hilarious.


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