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Rocko has undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome
  • For starters, he is quite nerdy and loves wearing his lucky shirt almost all the time. Secondly, he has a really nasty temper and tends to snap sometimes when annoyed. In one episode, he has a nail-biting problem that may have been a "stim" for him. He's also quite shy and introverted and a little socially awkward. He's very honest like many aspies as well as straight-laced and level-headed while being a little eccentric at the same time.
    • The show's setting in general could be the imagination of a human Rocko, as a way to showcase the adult world in a grownup aspie's point of view.
    • His shirt is a "family shirt" according to the 200 year old Wallaby in O-town.
    • The same could also be said about Filburt. After he became a principal character, some of those traits became part of his personality. He has many weird obsessions and is quite neurotic.
This is the world if Discord had a chance to rule it.
If the ponies didn't beat Discord this time they would have evolved into random animals who act a lot more like people and things would have settled down, but still be like this.
Explanation for Filbert and Dr. Hutchison's steer son
In the episode where Heffer learned he was adopted his birth father appeared to him in a vision. One thing he said is that he has a lot of children who all resemble Heffer. Some of his children may have been in a relationship with a turtle or cat along the way. Meaning one of Heffer's older siblings (or his father) is a direct relative to Filbert or Dr. Hutchison.
  • Evidence points to Filburt due to the child being born with glasses.
    • This troper always thought it was because Heffer farted on the egg while sitting on it.
    • Actually, it's possible that all four of Hutch's kids were fathered by Heffer. Since it was confirmed in "The Big Answer" that Hutch's father is a turtle who bears a strong resemblance to Filburt, Gilbert and Shelbert might simply take after him. The real question is how a steer (a castrated bull) could reproduce. Perhaps Heffer's parents didn't just lie about Heffer being their biological son—they also lied that he was sterile (God knows why).
Meet The Fatheads will get a spinoff series.
There were a lot of suggestions in the Youtube comments, so I don't see why not.
Mr. Bighead is secretly a victim of Domestic Abuse from his wife.
That is why he is so intimidated by her, and why he's such a
Rocko died and went to Hell. The entire series is him living out his eternal punishment
Considering the ending to Heff in a Handbasket, as well as the constant suffering he has to endure, one must wonder.
Heffer was castrated not soon after he hit puberty
He is a steer after all, not a bull.He is going to destroy everybody, but he will do it for you and you. And you and you.

And you.

Rocko isn't a Subverted Kids Show. It's a Deconstruction of what kids think being an adult is like.

The show obviously deals with a lot of subjects that people roughly 20 or older can relate to better than prepubescent children. However, Nick ran a couple of ads about how cool it would be to have your own place and do whatever you want while the show itself is about how difficult that would actually be. It's de-glorifying adult life for all the kids in a hurry to grow up.

Winnifred Wolf is Heffer's grandmother
It's not unreasonable to assume that her relationship with Hiram entered sexual territory in the past, making it possible that she's George's biological mother, and by extension, Heffer, Peter and Cindy's grandmother. And, knowing Hiram's personality, it wouldn't be surprising if the two weren't married when it happened.

At some point in "Static Cling", Heffer will express an interest in becoming a scoutmaster
This will act as a
Call-Forward to Heff's Lawyer-Friendly Cameo at the end of Camp Lazlo's series finale, as well as act as confirmation that the real scoutmaster was in fact, Heffer.

Rocko will be revealed as bi in Static Cling
Rocko's VA hinted at this in a tweet. This is almost canon at this point. Joe Murray himself exclaimed that there would be a revelation of one of the characters being LGBT in Static Cling, and they hired someone from GLAAD to make sure that it's an accurate, positive portrayal. The film is officially categorized into the LGBT+ genre on Netflix. It could also be Heffer, or his brother who was seen dressing as a cheerleader by his father in one episode.
  • The LGBT character in question is Rachel.

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