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The Wayback Machine is actually a holodeck.

This explains everything about it: the cartoonish portrayals of history, the fact that nothing Peabody and Sherman do seems to actually matter, and even the Translator Microbes. Peabody just wants Sherman to think it's a time machine because he [Peabody] thinks it'll seem more interesting that way.

  • So it's like the Internet Archive Wayback Machine then?

The real reason for Peabody's bad puns at the end of each of his segments.

They're the only way to tell the Wayback machine to turn off; the saying of the bad pun returns them to the time they departed from. Trying to figure out why he built the machine this way seems to me like trying to figure out why the Garbageman is a garbageman even though he's the world's smartest human; because we are not Peabody, we will never truly find out.

  • Perhaps it's Peabody's way of stranding anyone who steals or forcibly commandeers the machine in the past (until he rescues them, if he ever does). He was already in the habit of telling that kind of joke, and he could think of no better way to hide a trigger method than in something he always did anyway.
  • It would also mesh well with his inevitable passing of the machine to Sherman. There's only two ways Sherman could find out about the return system: either by being told by Peabody when he thinks the boy is ready, or by figuring it out on his own and successfully triggering it, which would require so much cleverness and wit that, in Peabody's eyes, he would most certainly be ready anyway.
Bullwinkle is in fact not a moose
He is a were moose, he is human for half of his life that's why he went to Wossamotta U., a moose could never be accepted into College.
  • This is handwaved in the Wossamotta U. story arc. At first, a member of the faculty says that college rules state that a moose cannot play on the football team. Upon second look, the rules say a mouse cannot play, thus making Bullwinkle eligible.

Rocky is castrated.
Ever wonder why his voice doesn't break, gets taller, or grows facial hair for 52 years?
  • ...because he's a squirrel?
    • He's supposed to be a characterization of a little boy (or boy scout). Jay Ward's other animal heroes, Crusader Rabbit and Hoppity Hooper, also had female voice talents (Lucille Bliss and Chris Jenkyns), so it's all based on what the producers want in the characters' voices.

The movie takes place in the same universe as Space Jam and the Fat Albert movie.
All three movies have cartoon characters perfectly aware they're fictional characters, and their world where their shows/episodes take place exist in another dimension, separated from the real world. And the action going on in their world can be seen in the real world via TV.

Peabody is a Time Lord
The Wayback Machine happens to be his TARDIS. As for how a Time Lord became a dog, probably just a weird regeneration.

Boris Badenov is himself a disguise
...Of either Kim Jong-Il or Kim Il Sung, as Boris Badenov looks fairly similar to the Kim Jong family, and the Soviet Union was allied with North Korea.
  • Or Vladimir Putin. Recents memes and political cartoons have pointed out that He and Natasha were involved in the 2016 election meddling.

Bullwinkle's middle name is Javier
Despite being consistently credited as "Bullwinkle J. Moose", he at one point claims his middle name starts with an X. Both Javier and Xavier can be pronounced the same and getting them mixed up despite being his own middle name wouldn't be out of character for him at all.

Rocky is genderqueer
Since some people think he's a girl thanks to his rather feminine voice. Also, in the 60's all the girl characters were ultrafeminine, and even most tomboy characters back then had something to make them distinct from the boys (i.e. eyelashes). Rocky doesn't have any, but he doesn't have many masculine traits either.

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