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A listing for any spinoffs or variations related directly to any Precure fanseasons. These include:

Pretty Cure ~ Mirai Spark: Parts 1 and 2 contains examples of:

  • Actor Allusion: In these movies, Yasu is voiced by Yōko Hikasa, best known for characters such as Seraphim. On a side note, Seraphim is also a Tomboy and Girly Girl at the same time.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: The Demon Empire starts to take control of Mirai Academy late in the film, prompting Yui to let loose an Atomic F-Bomb over the intercom and Yasu to turn herself in to Hinyu.
  • Alternate Continuity: The movies are a hybrid of the fic at different stages mixed with the other writer's usual schtick.
    • For example, Cure Kame's fight against Kasoku starts when Kasoku shows up alone and says, "Los geht's." Then Kame charges in so she can snap Shun out of her brainwashing. It takes about a minute plus Tobi's threatening Kame's life for Shun to snap out of it and protect her. Only then does Kae and Kooyoo show up and reveal the truth (that Kae had fired Tobi and then brainwashed her as a replacement after she had unwittingly saved her life while Kae was disguised as Kaeko Damai) to Kame (and in effect, the viewers, who initially don't know why Shun was introduced on the wrong side), prompting Kame to yell to Kae, "DU SCHLAMPE! Not only have you crossed the line, you've backflipped over it shouting 'Whoo-hoo!'"
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  • Antiquated Linguistics: Somewhat; Yasu constantly uses archaic pronouns (i.e. "thou", "thee", "thy", and "thine") early on, though she grows out of it after accepting Hiroko and Izumi as true friends. However, she still uses them sometimes whenever pissed off, though she doesn't use those pronouns toward Nanami for some reason.
  • Atomic F-Bomb: "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SCHOOL!" Even the birds were frightened by the sheer volume of Yui's profanity.
    • Yasu yells, "BLOODY HELL!" at top volume when she learns that Hinyu was the one that had just tried to make a move on her.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Once Haruki is in costume as Kokoa (complete with a twin-tailed wig and enough makeup), a lot of the players, as well as Nanami, tend to forget he's a boy.
  • Author Appeal: Ever wonder why the Movie Restoration Club's members wear black leather jackets over their respective school uniforms during club meetings? Let's just say the screenwriter has a leather jacket fetish. Not that "Kaori" needs one, by virtue of wearing a sweater.
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  • Batman Gambit: Whereas in the source material she joins the Movie Restoration Club for no reason other than Kou pestering her into joining, here Yasu joins the Movie Restoration Club because she believes that if the Moon Princess of Mirai was a member, Nanami wouldn't have the gall to shut it down. She was right.
  • Berserk Button: Yasu gets pissed off whenever she hears someone call her "limey". Hiroko does so during the squabble that nearly leads to Pretty Cure breaking up, Kou calls her "Limey Girl" sometimes, such as at the start of her first meeting with the Movie Restoration Club, and Kooyoo calls her a limey to her face during the Ballroom Blitz and is rewarded with a spiking from her Silver Fangs. However, because others can't call her a limey doesn't mean she herself can't use the word either; she makes full use of her L Word Privileges during the final confrontation with Kae at Club Tsukikage.
    • Kou really hates when someone threatens any member of his club. In fact, it pissed him off so much to see Yasu nearly offed a second time he slaughtered the offending party with a drill to the head.
  • Bifauxnen: Yasu is a slightly straighter example here, but this trope REALLY kicks in when she plays Ginei Morioka in Rosario + Vampire Second Year, proving she can make herself look like a pretty boy when she feels like it. Her fangirls were impressed.
  • Big "NO!": Hiroko, as she sees Hinyu kill Yasu.
  • Bond One-Liner: Cure Tora whacks Kamryou's shuriken toward Seimono with her Silver Fangs. As Seimono collapses, she tells Kamryou, "It just wasn't in the stars for your boyfriend."
  • Brick Joke: Late in part 1, Yasu drops the F bomb, and Nanami asks where she learned that word. Late in part 2, she encounters the Cures outside the school just as the barrier they're under starts to dissolve. When she hears Yui swear over the intercom to the demons that are entering through the holes in the barrier, Nanami concludes that it runs in the family.
    • When Shun sees Yasu and Haruki in their modified boys' uniforms for the first time, she asks Haruki, "Why's thou wearing a dress?" Yasu says, "Hey! for your information we're wearing tunics, which happen to be unisex. And before you ask, these tunics symbolize our status as the Royals of Mirai Academy." Later, when Haruki and Shahei (disguised as Yuzuki) first meet, he says this:
    Haruki: I'll accept any questions from you, as long as it's not about this dress... [gets nudged by Yasu], tunic.
    • Yasu mentions constant tai chi practice to strengthen her body in part 1. Following Rosario + Vampire Second Year early on in part 2, she remarks, "I knew those tai chi sessions would come in handy!" after noting she only had to drink one bottle of water to recover energy after each of the three long (and most strenuous!) acts ended.
  • Catchphrase: Everyone retains their catchphrases from the source material; however, Yasu gets her own catchphrase of sorts in the form of "All right, all right, what's all this then?", which is the first thing that comes out of her mouth when she unexpectedly walks in on mayhem (such as girls touching her brother inappropriately during swim class, Nanami toying with him at her booth, and Izumi and Shouji having an argument about who should get the front row ticket to Rosario + Vampire Second Year).
  • Chekhov's Gun: The computer Yasu uses to restore movies, she uses later on to find out the source of the plague that Kae unleashed.
    Yasu: Oh my God. I seem to remember having a run-in with those bandits outside there.
    Yasu: Perfect timing, Kou. It's time for me to reel in some bandits at Club Tsukikage.
    Kou: All I gotta say is, I hope you know what you're doing, Limey Girl!
    Yasu: I heard that!
  • Closing Credits: Each film has its own credits music: part 1 has "My Soul, Your Beats" as performed by Emma Watson (a cover imagined for the film), and part 2 has "First We Take Manhattan" by Leonard Cohen.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Not that word, but in the two-part film, Yasu employs this trope quite a few times when she's pissed, with her preferred F bomb substitute being "bloody". For example, when she confronts P. Tobi:
    Cure Tora: Dost thou bloody well think I'd bloody well fall for thy bloody disguise again, thou bloody berk?
    Tobi: Who the bloody hell do you think you are, talking to your teacher like that?
    Cure Tora: Shut it, thou slag! I'm going to bloody well curb-stomp thee, and it'll bloody well look like a bloody accident!
    Tobi: It's a fair cop, guv, you've got me bang to rights. I'm guilty, and you can't do a damme thing about it!
    Cure Tora: Damme, thou bloody sly dog!
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: During the environmental retreat, both Kou and Yasu get a look up Haruki's tunic when he parodies the infamous leg-crossing scene from Basic Instinct; as he had bare legs at the time, this trope is in play (although it's actually bikini-cut men's underwear instead of panties). Yasu even gets a massive Nose Bleed at the sight.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: This time, Nanami had a hand in Yasu and Haruki's festival attire (a Goemon Ishikawa XIII cosplay for Yasu, and an Inuyasha cosplay for Haruki).
  • Crucified Hero Shot: Yasu, when she dies.
  • Custom Uniform: Rather than their series uniforms, Yasu and Haruki instead wear a unified Royals uniform, which is basically the standard male uniform with the usual gakuran top replaced by a short gray tunic. Because apparently, a tunic symbolizes your status. (According to Yui, the exact same modification to the male uniform was worn by all attendees from the Fukuda family without exception—yes, even the girls wore the exact same uniform design—since the school's inception.) Of course, the design is the center of a Brick Joke, starting when Shun, without thinking, accuses Haruki of crossdressing and culminating in a Freudian Slip from Haruki.
    • The sleeve length on the Royals uniform's tunic is shorter during the warmer months.
  • Death by Adaptation: Subverted by Yasu, who does die but comes back to life about a minute later. Then she's instructed to preserve the illusion of her death as Hinyu returns.
  • Death Ray: The Soul Split, first used by Aseimera to steal a part of Cure Lepus's soul during the opening credits sequence and later used by Hinyu to kill Yasu.
  • Delayed Explosion: After Kae's death, Cure Tora finds a note left for the Cures. As soon as she finishes reading the note, the TNT charms planted in Club Tsukikage go off, and the Cures and Licht Panzer have to flee the premises to avoid getting engulfed in the explosion.
  • Development Hell: The screenplay finally got underway in February 2012.
  • Directed by Cast Member: In this case, Emma Watson (who portrays Yasu Fukuda) in a rare example of a teen actress working on both sides of the camera.
  • Disney Death: Shun after taking a Razor Wind from Tobi meant for Cure Kame, and Yasu after turning herself in to Hinyu in a failed attempt at diplomacy.
  • Distant Finale: Ten years later, Hiroko has her own cooking show on Kyukai Public Television, Izumi is an Olympic gold medalist and active competitor, Yasu is the new Headmistress at Mirai Academy as well as the supervisor (with Kou) of the Movie Restoration Club (which has grown considerably since the start of the first film), and Haruki is a famous novelist (who is holding a signing of his newest book, Pretty Cure ~ Mirai Spark!, or, How My Friends and Family, Myself Included, Helped Bring Peace to Kyukai City, at Mirai Academy). Yasu's fashion preferences still haven't changed since her days as a student (she wears a men's suit when carrying out her duties as Headmistress), although her hair has grown a bit longer. As for Shun, she moved to the United States and became a NASCAR Sprint Cup competitor (though she still visits her cousin and friends in Kyukai during the offseason), and Yui retired from her job but serves as the school's new "Queen Mother" and advisor to Yasu. To Muse's surprise, her teammates from ten years before still recognize her when she shows up to have her copy of Haruki's new novel signed. Aseimera's son Henkomera is a teacher at Mirai who accesses the school via a portal from the Demon Empire to Mirai Academy and is working on good relations between the two worlds as the Empire's new leader, Tobi drank himself to death several years before the epilogue, and Kooyoo is the new P.E. teacher at Mirai. The former Cures are still at their same respective positions from ten years earlier, and Kimi and Henkomera are happily married. Shouji is a security guard at Mirai (and he and Izumi have become Like an Old Married Couple in the interim), Nanami and Kaoru are married with one child (who seems to have inherited his father's crossdressing tendencies), Emi is a bubblegum pop star, Misty is the vocalist and guitarist of a soft rock band, and Shinobu is a J-rock artist who puts up a drag act during his shows. Oh, and Yasu and Kou are co-directing a local remake of Abel Ferrara's The Driller Killer.
  • Dragged into Drag: Haruki gets this from Nanami three times (and those times he showed up to school wearing tights don't count). The first time, Nanami switches his swimsuit for a girls' swimsuit, knowing he couldn't tell the difference. He only catches on just as he sees girls swarming him to paw on him, and Yasu realizes the culprit when she sees what was going on. The second time (which is in the source material), Nanami stuffs him into a Cure Soul cosplay when Kaoru couldn't make it. Yasu is not amused. The third time, Nanami casts him as Kokoa Shuzen in the musical based on Rosario + Vampire Season II. This time, Yasu (who was cast as Ginei Morioka around the same time) controls herself.
    • In a variation of another incident from the source material, Nanami has Kou wear green eyeliner instead of a green neck ribbon during his temporary stay with the student council. Even Yasu had to admit that Kou looked sexier with eyeliner.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Kamryou is killed as the Cures (sans Yasu) watch from a safe distance just because zie tried to off Hinyu for his attempt on Yasu's life.
  • Due to the Dead: Yasu has this line shortly before turning herself in to Hinyu: "If what Kae said was true and Hinyu really does kill me, scatter my ashes at the school entrance."
  • Embarrassing Old Photo: Yasu has a few, all from her first Christmases (up until her dad died). None of them appear onscreen, and for good reason.
  • Epic Hail: A demon skywrites "SURRENDER YASU" after breaching the barrier. Here's Yasu's reaction upon seeing the message:
    Yasu: It's the only way, Haruki. I've got to turn myself in to appease the demons.
    Haruki: B-But...
    Yasu: I know. I've got the death sentence on me, and so do you. That's what Kae said, anyway. However, at the moment the Demon Empire only wants me.
    Haruki: Are you crazy? You know that kind of diplomacy will only get you killed! I sure hope Kae was lying just to scare you.
    Yasu: Then she was anticipating this invasion.
    Haruki: Fine. But be careful.
    Yasu: If what Kae said was true and Hinyu really does kill me, scatter my ashes at the school entrance.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Kooyoo and Tobi finally abandon Kae for unleashing a deadly plague on Kyukai City to save her own skin, leaving her helpless against her own sister, who freezes her in place so the Cures can give her what's coming to her. Also, Hinyu may give off a Pedophile Preacher vibe towards Yasu, but when he overhears Yasu remark that she could've been raped if her drink had been spiked with roofalin, that's where he draws the line!
    Hinyu: Also, "could've been raped by Hinyu"!? I may be evil, but at least I don't rape anyone, let alone Pretty Cure! Rape is so evil I wouldn't rape that bitch to save my life even if she really was roofied! Plus, what would a teenager want with roofies, anyway? Doesn't she know roofies are dangerous?
    • Similarly, Nanami has no qualms about dressing Haruki up as a girl (most notably during his first swim class, when she switches his Royals' swimsuit for a girls' swimsuit without his or Yasu's knowledge; during the school festival, when she catches him passing by and stuffs him into the Cure Soul cosplay when Kaoru can't make it; and during the dress rehearsal for, and actual production of, Rosario + Vampire Second Year, when he's playing the part of Kokoa Shuzen, and the costumes were necessary for his role), though she absolutely respects Yasu's fashion preferences. However, when Yasu remarks that compared to what "Kuromori" pulled on her, and especially compared to what Nanami had just pulled on Haruki, being put in a boys' swimsuit and forced to spend an entire swim class topless would be an "absolute mercy" to her, Nanami is not amused:
    Nanami: I wouldn't go even that far; I don't want this film to be rated R!
  • Every Proper Lady Should Curtsy: Parodied; Yasu is always in her modified boys' uniform the few times she does curtsy, and if Haruki's present he'll curtsy either immediately or shortly afterward. Yes, they're Hive Minds like that.
    • Nanami and Haruki (as Cures Strength and Soul, respectively) curtsy when Yasu shows up to Nanami's booth.
    • The girls during the curtain call at the end of Rosario + Vampire Second Year curtsy; even Yasu, who is wearing the Yokai Academy boys' uniform at the time, curtsies for the curtain call simply because she's a self-proclaimed "proper British lady type" (as she says in Part 1). Haruki and Kaoru also do "reverence".
  • Fake Brit: Like the Fukudas and Tobi (who use Received Pronunciation), Shun and Nanami both speak with a British Accent (Shun uses Black Country, and Nanami uses Manchester). However, Shun is part German, part Japanese, with no trace of British in her blood, which makes it...
    • In fact, any character in the movies that speaks with a British Accent uses the regional accent stereotypically assigned to his or her type. Nanami uses Manchester for being quite mouthy; the Fukudas use RP for being the Royals of Mirai; Tobi uses RP because he's evil; and Shun uses Black Country for no apparent reason, though it is useful when she does the "Doris Day—no, she didn't" routine with Izumi (who speaks with an American Accent, by the way) at one point.
  • Famous Last Words: Shahei says "God's justice be done" and makes the sign of the cross right before a Pretty Cure Mirai Storm that blows her and her sister up.
  • Fanservice: Haruki delivers an example during the field trip to the environmental retreat when he shows up only wearing the tunic part of his uniform. At one point during the retreat Kou takes advantage of it by interrogating him about strange happenings. Haruki proceeds to parody the leg-crossing scene from Basic Instinct. Yasu (who is wearing the full modified uniform unlike her kid brother and happens to stumble across the interrogation) suffers a Nose Bleed almost immediately and reprimands Haruki for behaving so seductively upon recovery.
    Yasu: I don't know what movies thou hast been watching, but if thou art going to imitate the leg-crossing scene from Basic Bloody Instinct, at least wear some pants!
  • Fantastic Drug: The "power pills" Muse sometimes spikes Yasu's drinks with. When Yasu finds out the first time, she flips on the realization that she might have been roofied and left open to a raping from Hinyu. (Keep in mind that the real roofalin is a date rape drug.)
  • Faux Symbolism: After the Asjun twins die, we are treated to a CGI-animated sequence in which the twins are finally split apart right before Kae falls screaming into Hell and Shahei ascends into Heaven. Also, Yasu's body lands in the crucifix position after Hinyu kills her.
  • Flipping the Bird: Yasu does this on occasion, which goes to show that sometimes she can be Sophisticated as Hell. The most notable instance is when she flips off her own brother during an argument in the first film.
    • When Yuriko and Shiori show up to denounce Haruki and Jun as their successors shortly afterward, they are joined by Yasu in flipping off Haruki in sync.
  • Funny Moments: After being revived by Shahei, Shun says, "Oh, man, I was just about to finish that stack of pancakes!"
    • Apparently, Haruki gave the whole "turn around three times and leave the room" thing a balletic twist to it (on his toes and with his arms in the fifth position as he turns around three times).
  • Gilligan Cut: After Nanami gets chewed out by Yasu for her prank on Haruki, Yasu says, "Mum would like to have a word with you about your prank!" Cue the office scene, where after confirming that Nanami had played a prank on her son, Yui abruptly changes her tone from serious to curious and asks, "How many girls swarmed him?" The other Gilligan Cut in the films appears in the source material during the "dress Haruki up as Cure Soul" scene.
  • Gorn: The final battle, where the few demons still loyal to Hinyu are killed very graphically, though with blue blood to ensure a PG-13 rating (as red blood during that scene would've guaranteed an R rating). Kou uses a drill, Kaoru uses a chainsaw, and Nanami uses an axe during the fight, since they don't have special powers of their own.
  • Heartwarming Moments: As Haruki mourns Yasu's apparent death, he says, "You're so beautiful, especially without your glasses, and your face looks so peaceful, even in death."
  • Idiot Plot: The "swimsuit switch prank" scene, exclusive to the movie, relies on Haruki not noticing the difference between a girls' swimsuit and the Royals' swimsuit (hint: the Royals' swimsuit's upper half looks like that of the girls' swimsuit—complete with name tag—while the lower half looks like a spandex version of the boys' swimsuit; also, it's less obvious, but the swimsuit is stitched differently from the girls' swimsuit as well) until he's mistaken for a girl and a bunch of girls crowd around him to touch him.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: When Keitaro, who during his lifetime insisted on a girly image for Yasu, appears to the Cures, he seems to have accepted his daughter's fashion preferences since his death, since that's what Yui would've wanted, and tells her that even with what she chooses to wear, she'd always be Daddy's little girl.
    • As for Haruki, he gets this a lot, especially from his family, the other Cures, and the Student Council. The girls especially crowd around him when he crossdresses or at the very least wears tights.
  • I Know Karate: Yasu shocks everyone at the start of the Ballroom Blitz when she suddenly gives Tobi a roundhouse kick he will never forget. Justified in that Muse had drugged her with some milk laced with "power pills" that enhance the user's athletic power temporarily just before the school dance, having sensed danger. This is one of Yasu's most badass moments, made even moreso by her costume.
  • In-Series Nickname: Yasu calls Nanami "Little Miss Purplenette" quite a few times, and Nanami exclusively calls her "Princess" or "Your Highness" simply because of her status.
  • Instant Cosplay Surprise: Haruki doesn't seem to notice he's wearing the regular girls' school swimsuit until several girls crowd around him. Nanami reveals that she just wanted to "have a little fun with the Sun Prince" with her prank.
  • Japanese School Uniform: For Mirai Academy, the female uniform remains the same, but the male uniform is now a gray gakuran like in the original plans for the series. Because of this, the Student Council members are identified by different-colored eyeliner: purple for Nanami, blue for Kaoru, orange for Misty, and black for Shinobu. During his brief tenure with the Student Council, Kou wears green eyeliner at Nanami's request (and Shinobu applies it, since he knows how to do it). Aside from the regular uniform worn by the Royals (which consists of a short gray tunic and gray pants), Yasu and Haruki's gym uniforms incorporate shorts halfway in length between those that come with the standard gym uniforms for both genders, and their school swimsuits, appearing in a movie-exclusive scene in Part 1 when Nanami plays a prank on Haruki, look like a cross between the girls' and the boys'.
    • The Royals' hybrid swimsuit is actually what the screenwriter himself calls a "bike swimsuit", a term he himself coined on the issue of school swimsuits for the Bifauxnen Cures in his own fanworks (though it's never addressed in Pretty Cure Heavy Metal, Word of God regarding that series states that Shugo's school swimsuit at Isuten Junior High is actually a "bike swimsuit").
  • "Jeopardy!" Thinking Music: "Think!" plays as Izumi tries to figure out what's different about Haruki. As the music successfully completes, an exasparated Yasu, sporting Cross-Popping Veins, yells, "He's wearing tights, you bloody idiot!" Cue the two timpani notes.
  • Large Ham: Cure Tora during the Ballroom Blitz, right before spiking Kooyoo with her Silver Fangs:
    Cure Tora: I AM A WOMAN! [spikes Kooyoo]
  • Live-Action Adaptation
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: A mild example, as well as a rare Brother–Sister Team example, in Yasu and Haruki. Mild, because Yasu simply prefers slacks all the time (but doesn't mind wearing a tunic with the Royals school uniform, which is unisex in nature), and Haruki is known to sometimes wear tights with his own school uniform (which the girls, particularly Nanami, take an immediate liking to). Of course, then Yasu gets cast as Ginei Morioka (a boy) and Haruki gets cast as Kokoa Shuzen (a girl) in Rosario + Vampire Second Year, making this trope a bit more obvious.
    • It's also slightly more obvious here than in the main series. Key word: slightly; much of their accessories and room decorations are retained from the source material.
  • Mood Whiplash: After Nanami is called to Yui's office, we get this exchange.
    Yui: [sternly] So let me get this straight. You played a prank on my Haruki, switching his swimsuit for a girls' swimsuit?
    Nanami: Yes.
    Yui: [lightening up] How many girls swarmed him?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Kae crosses this by brainwashing Shun (and Cure Kame acknowledges the MEH crossing after Kae revealed the brainwashing to her and, in effect, the viewers), and Hinyu crosses it by killing Yasu after promising earlier that he'd let Kamryou do all the Cures in zirself. To add insult to injury, he crushes her glasses under his feet, saying, "Well, won't be needing these anymore!"
  • Musical Theatre: Rosario + Vampire Second Year. The musical itself is so long that the dress rehearsal is spread across three days, and on Sunday (when the actual performance is held), the intermissions are spent by the audience and cast and crew eating lunch and dinner, respectively. Nevertheless, the sole performance is a success.
  • Mythology Gag: Yasu after transforming into Cure Tora for the first time: "At least my outfit isn't some sort of Eas clone." This is a reference to the evolution of Cure Tora's costume in the source material; the current version of said source material costume is basically a less risque version of Eas's costume, whereas Tora's costume here is based on an earlier design.
  • Non-Uniform Uniform: Whereas Yasu always, without exception, complies with the Royals uniform standard to the letter, Haruki sometimes deviates, usually by wearing gray tights under his tunic with tan suede boots, though during the environmental retreat he manages to Show Some Leg and get away with it (though he does get scolded by Yasu when he imitates the infamous leg-crossing scene from Basic Instinct). The more common deviation is brought up in this conversation.
    Izumi: You look different. Did you finally get your ahoge to stay down? Does it have a mind of its own now? [Unknown to her, Yasu approaches the two] Whatever it is, you look kinda cute today.
    Yasu: [with Cross-Popping Veins on her head] He's wearing tights, you bloody idiot!
    • Tights have been optional with the usually unisex Royals uniform for the females in the Fukuda clan since a couple of generations earlier; however, out of respect for Yasu's fashion preferences, Yui instead relegated the option to Haruki this generation when the siblings started attending Mirai Academy.
    • During the town festival, the Cures retain their respective outfits from the source material for the most part; however, Yasu and Haruki both get Whole Costume References with their festival outfits (while they still wear outfits with hakama pants, Yasu's now resembles Goemon's with a silver and purple color scheme, and Haruki's more closely resembles Inuyasha's).
  • Not So Stoic: There are times when Yasu flips her shit whenever provoked on a major scale, such as when she realizes she could've been roofied and when she catches Nanami toying with Haruki. Also, her jaw drops in amazement when she sees her brother dancing while she's waiting in the wings during the presentation of Rosario + Vampire Second Year, as he nails the choreography for his character perfectly before her eyes.
    Yasu: I've seen bloody amazing things in ballet when I went to see Ouran High School Host Club, but Haruki had absolutely no formal training! Can you believe it?
  • N-Word Privileges: It's bad enough that Yasu has to put up with being called a limey, but call her a pommy, and she absolutely FLIPS. However, she herself uses the word to refer to Nanami at least once and doesn't get called out for it:
    Yasu: Is this how all pommies write? Because that would give me an inferiority complex where writing's concerned.
    Nanami: No, that was my brother. He ghostwrote most of this bugger.
  • Off with His Head!: After Yui assaults Hinyu during the Ballroom Blitz, he admits defeat publicly, but once the gala is out of earshot he pronounces the death sentence on both Yasu and Haruki to teach her a lesson. Kae reveals this fact to the Cures right before Shahei freezes her in place to give the Cures a shot at killing both twins.
  • Oh, Crap!: Twice, actually; Yasu says, "Oh bloody hell..." when she realizes that Club Tsukikage is about to be blown up with the Cures and Licht Panzer still inside and again when she notices the barrier dissolving.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Kamryou has this attitude toward the Cures after they off Seimono.
  • The Other Darrin: Everyone has different seiyuu than in the source material; however, Fumiko Orikasa was originally considered to be Hiroko in the original source material. Of note is Yōko Hikasa as the Japanese-dubbed voice of Yasu.
  • Paper Fan of Doom: Yasu still uses it as an accessory at the town festival, but when Seimono and Kamryou show up she puts it in Hammerspace and takes Haruki's katana for the sole purpose of defending the party against Kamryou's weaponry (which includes, among other things, shuriken).
  • Parental Obliviousness: Subverted; Keitaro knows his children were involved in murder when Shahei died; however, he lets them know that the Big Guy upstairs understands that it was actually Kae's fault she died, as they were conjoined twins with a single body and two heads and the Cures were actually killing Kae, but there was nothing even Muse could do to separate the two, and Shahei let the Cures know that the only way to stop her sister would be to kill her too, and she's fine with it, as she knows she'll be going to Heaven once it's over with.
  • Peaceful in Death: Yasu. The twist is, she only stayed dead for less than a minute. She was just instructed to preserve the illusion by Kamryou before Hinyu comes back.
  • Pedophile Preacher: Hinyu approaches Yasu at the beach. Yasu is understandably creeped out, and Izumi shows up to boot him out with a roundhouse kick.
    Hinyu: Too bad your swimsuit looks quite unflattering... I'd really love to see your thighs.
    Yasu: Uh, it's my choice as to what my swimwear is... could you please... back off a bit?
    [Izumi boots Hinyu out with a roundhouse kick, and Hinyu emits the Howie scream as he's sent flying]
    Yasu: Thanks. He was bloody well getting kind of... invasive, to say the least.
    Izumi: The scary thing is, there are some authority figures in religion that are just like that. Catholic priests, for example. Doesn't mean they're all as bad as—or worse than—Hinyu.
    Yasu: That bloody bastard was trying to proposition me!? BLOODY HELL!
  • Precision F-Strike: Yui actually yells the F bomb over the intercom toward the end of the second part, and Yasu drops an F bomb upon reading Nanami's "masterwork" ("All I can say is, it's horribufuckus.") in the first part. Nanami gives the appropriate reaction. And then, during the final confrontation, when a demon misses Yasu by a mere centimeter with his own Death Ray, Kou yells, "NOT MY CLUBMATE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Also, there are a few S words tossed around, usually by Yuriko (unsurprisingly), but there was one from Yasu when Nanami is toying around with Haruki at her booth (also including some Cluster Bloody Bombing).
    Yasu: All right, all right, what's all this, then?
    Nanami: Well, hi there, Princess. [she and Haruki curtsy as she says this] What's up?
    Yasu: You shit! [grabs Nanami by the front of her outfit] Get your bloody hands the bloody hell off my bloody kid brother! What the bloody hell do you bloody think he bloody well is, your bloody doll!?
    Nanami: Fine choice of words for a princess.
    • To say nothing of the number of times Yasu has used British swears, such as "bloody", "bugger", "wanker", and "tosser".
  • Product Placement: After the Cures and Licht Panzer escape the Club Tsukikage inferno, Licht Panzer points out that they're standing directly under a collapsing billboard. Cure Tora says, "Oh, bugger..." and as the billboard falls toward the camera in the next shot, we see "Do you YAHOO!?" on it. Predictably, we hear the Yahoo! yodel ("YAHOOOOOO-OOO!") as the six barely dodge the collapsing billboard.
  • Proper Tights with a Skirt: Yasu's brother Haruki employs this trope whenever it's employed; both as Cure Soul and, sometimes, with his school uniform (he pulls this off with a tunic in the latter case, though).
  • Psychopomp: At the end of the film, Keitaro says he would've enjoyed Yasu's company in Heaven if she had died. Yasu says she'll stick around for a while longer now that she's back in her body.
    Keitaro: You sure you don't want to go to Heaven with me?
    Yasu: Sorry, but my spirit has been reunited with my body, so I'll just stick around for a while longer, since I'd feel it worth it to live my life to the fullest and not leave my friends behind of my own volition. Besides, I've got a school I'll need to run once Mum retires.
    Haruki: Good answer.
    Keitaro: I understand. In that case, Yasu, I'll see you later. Live long and prosper, my daughter.
    Haruki: One more thing, father: have you seen Yuzuki around?
    Keitaro: Yes. In fact, I was the one who took her to Heaven after she was sacrificed by her own sister simply because they were conjoined twins. Of course, you two were involved in her death, but the Big Guy upstairs understands it wasn't your fault innocent blood got spilled. I couldn't agree more on that count.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: The theme from The Streetfighter plays numerous times in the film, mainly during combat scenes.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Tunics are technically unisex, but the way Haruki wears his with his school uniform you'd think he was a girl. It doesn't help that he sometimes curtsies or wears gray tights when wearing his school uniform. At least once, he's actually called a pettanko by a student during swim class, since the Royals' swimsuit looks like the girls' swimsuit to the untrained eye (the only difference is that while the upper half of the Royals' swimsuits look like that of the girls', complete with name tag, the lower half looks like a spandex version of the boys'). It doesn't help that before the first swim class of the session, Nanami played a prank on him by swapping his swimsuit for an actual girls' swimsuit. Yasu is not amused:
    Yasu: Dammit, Nanami, don't take a hint from the environmental retreat! This class is not about seeing my brother's legs!
    Nanami: But doesn't he look adorable?
    Yasu: Well, he kinda does, but that doesn't mean he should Show Some Leg during swim class!
    Nanami: All right, I'll return his swimsuit, but I do see that the girls are crowding around him.
    • This trope is more obvious in Rosario + Vampire Second Year during the numerous ballet numbers Haruki participates in; even though he had no formal training, Yasu (from wherever in the wings she's waiting) at one point remarks, "He could almost be a ballerina!"
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Shahei, whose only crime was being her sinful sister's other head and trapped in her body. After the Asjun twins are offed with Shahei's blessing, Shahei herself goes to a heavenly spot, and Kae finds herself "going to a place where it's terribly... hot."
  • The Scottish Trope: During the dress rehearsal scene, before the rehearsal is supposed to begin, Haruki (in his costume) accidentally says "Macbeth". Everyone gasps. Yasu tells him he mentioned the name of The Scottish Tragedy inside a theatre and that it's bad luck to make that mistake. Haruki responds by outstretching his arms, putting them in the fifth position, and shifting his weight to his toes before turning around three times and leaving the room. Nanami says, "He knew what to do if he said the name of The Scottish Tragedy inside a theatre and went balletic about the counterattack on bad luck." In any case, Haruki's action following mention of The Scottish Tragedy worked, as both the dress rehearsal and the actual production were successful.
    • Other theatrical superstitions are mentioned as well, including saying "Break a leg!", Kaoru saying "Merde" as he and the other performers take the stage, the taboo on whistling ("Remember: don't whistle, you'll confuse the stagehands."), bad dress rehearsals ("I was almost hoping this would suck!"), and colors (that superstition is violated with the costumes, and the lighting on the actress playing Ling-Ling Wong is deliberately green due to the character being a zombie, but the musical is surprisingly a success).
  • Sexy Discretion Shot: As girls paw on Haruki, we cut to Yasu with her feet in the water right before this line:
    Yasu: Oh, bloody hell... I'd better check this out. [gets out of the water and walks up to the girls crowding around Haruki] All right, all right, what's all this, then?
  • Shout-Out: When Yasu complains about Izumi's combatic edge going down at the start of the Ballroom Blitz, Izumi says, "It just so happens that I'm wearing a dress, unlike you! You're wearing a suit! You can pull off a roundhouse kick better than I can at this moment if you put your mind to it!" This is a shoutout to both episode 4 of Pretty Cure Heavy Metal, except that that time it's the speaker who's not wearing a skirt and the context involves entering a building via a broken window, and Diddy Kong Racing 5000, in which the subject is about tolerance of water instead of clothes.
    • The way Kou kills a lesser demon who was still loyal to Hinyu and nearly killed Yasu a second time during the final battle should ring a bell.
    • Kae's reaction to finding out that Yasu had hacked into her server (wherever it is) and told her teammates about the source of the plague? [Banjo-Kazooie "Now I will erase your Game Pak, because you had the need to hack!"]] Grunty's Code Vengeance, anyone?
    Cure Tora: Prepare for trouble!
    Cure Phoenix: And make it double!
    Cure Tora: To protect the world from devastation!
    Cure Phoenix: To unite the people within our nation!
    Cure Tora: To promote the values of truth and love!
    Cure Phoenix: To extend our reach to the stars above!
    Cure Draco: Cure Draco!
    Cure Kame: Cure Kame!
    Cure Tora: Cure Tora!
    Cure Phoenix: Cure Phoenix!
    Cure Kirin: Cure Kirin!
    Licht Panzer: Licht Panzer!
    Cure Tora: Team Pretty Cure, blast off at the speed of light!
    Cure Phoenix: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
    Cure Kirin: Nya! That's right!
    • A Brick Joke involving the male uniform variation worn by the Fukuda siblings is a direct Shout-Out to the second Night at the Museum movie.
    • Oh, and Shun's official introduction is a direct nod to a similar scene involving John Connor and the T-850 in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, complete with Kame asking who her number one fan is and then warning her that she's about to kill her to snap her out of her brainwashing (similar to how John asked what the T-850's mission is and then warning him that he's about to fail his mission). The dialogue is even taken from the novelization of T3.
    Cure Kame: I know you're in there!
    E. Kasoku: [trying to fight the corruption] Get away from me. Leave. Now. [punches Kame]
    Cure Kame: You can't do this!
    E. Kasoku: I have no choice. Someone has corrupted my brain.
    Cure Kame: You can fight it. You're fighting it now.
    E. Kasoku: My senses are intact. But I cannot control my other functions.
    Cure Kame: You don't have to do this. You don't want to do this.
    E. Kasoku: Desire is irrelevant. [throws Kame onto a nearby Toyota Previa minivan and approaches her, grabbing her neck, and raising her fist to punch her]
    Cure Kame: Who is your number 1 fan?
    E. Kasoku: [stunned at the question] Izumi Hamasaki of Mirai Academy.
    Cure Kame: You're about to kill that fan... SCHLAMPE!
    [Shun overcomes her brainwashing completely and, refusing to pull a punch, sends her fist down onto the hood of the Previa]
    Shun: I... I cannot.
  • Show Some Leg: Haruki, during the environmental retreat.
  • So Proud of You: Yasu's father appears to her at the end of the second film, telling her and Haruki how proud he is of both of them.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: The Yahoo! yodel plays as the Cures and Licht Panzer dodge a falling Yahoo! sign in a scene evoking an action feel.
  • Spanner in the Works: Haruki turning around three times and leaving the room after accidentally saying "Macbeth". It doesn't help that he had just all but ensured the musical's failure with that word, or that Yasu, not in on the musical department leader's plan to get her own club shut down, brings up the fact that saying the name of The Scottish Tragedy brings bad luck when said in a theatre, or that Haruki didn't even know he was cast in the musical because his singing voice was instrumental to the club's shutdown.
  • Springtime for Hitler: Throughout the films, the musical department leader, a movie-original character, is deliberately trying to get it shut down so she doesn't have to make any more boring musicals. Step 1: fetch an ultra-long musical script. Step 2: find someone with no directing experience. Step 3: cast someone who can't sing. The musical is Rosario + Vampire Second Year, the director is Nanami, and the two people Nanami finds for the musical are Yasu and Haruki. Yasu is cast as Ginei Morioka, and Haruki is cast as Kokoa Shuzen. The musical finally opens shortly after Shun becomes Licht Panzer. As you might guess, the audience finds Haruki's singing voice funny enough to be worth sitting through a several-hour-long musical performance. (It doesn't help that after Haruki accidentally says "Macbeth", he goes through the procedure to counter the bad luck, putting a balletic spin on it.) The musical department leader, given that time and the audience's approval, rediscovers her love for making musical productions, and Nanami, satisfied with how the audience managed to stay for the entire show, informs her that her club has been booked for an extended tenure.
  • Stock British Phrases: Yasu dishes out a lot more than her series counterpart does, but her colleagues are inexplicably able to understand everything she says. Is everyone at Mirai Academy a Troper? If so, they probably memorized every single phrase on that page and their meanings.
    • The most prominent examples are "bloody" (especially "bloody hell") and "blimey". Yasu has adopted "What's all this, then?" as her sort-of Catchphrase.
    • Ironically, "arse" is the only stock British stone left unturned, except by Haruki when he's being pawed on during the infamous "swimsuit switch prank" scene and yells, "YASU! HELP ME! A GIRL JUST TOUCHED MY ARSE!" However, Yasu does use the bowdlerised (at least in Mother England) form, "ass", in this line (spoken after Tamakushi blows her cover while disguised as Izumi):
    Yasu: Tamakushi, you ass! Why the bloody hell do you like impersonating one of us?
  • Stock Scream: The Wilhelm Scream shows up in part 1, when Cure Phoenix thrusts his Scarlet Fan into Seimono and when Yasu sends Tobi flying with a roundhouse kick at the start of the Ballroom Blitz, and in part 2, when Kae clubs Cure Phoenix, knocking him into his sister (and, in effect, pushing her onto a red-hot stove). Another one, the Goofy Holler, occurs when Yui throws a demon out of her office window.
  • Take That!: Yasu leans on the fourth wall at one point to say, "I sure hope LJN doesn't do a video game of this movie, or a certain Angry Video Game Nerd is going to be pissed off!"
  • This Page Will Self-Destruct: A variation: the TNT charms planted inside Club Tsukikage don't go off until Yasu finishes reading Kae's final note to the Cures. Cue the explosions, Yasu saying "Oh bloody hell", and an intense race to stay one step ahead of the explosions.
  • 3DMovie
  • Too Dumb to Live: Kooyoo really should have taken a hint when he saw Yasu roundhouse kick Tobi, but no, he just had to call her a limey after she transformed! He never knew what hit him.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Yasu once remarked that if Nanami were to pull a prank on her similar to what she pulled on Haruki, she'd prefer to have her own swimsuit switched for a boys' swimsuit even if the prank renders her topless, Male Gaze be damned!
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Not over the top, but Yasu and Haruki both have a few matching outfits that look exactly the same except for the color of the top when they aren't wearing their signature fall or summer outfits, with the tops being silver and red respectively (and they never wear the same matching outfits twice in either of the two parts). They even wear P-head T-shirts at one point, as well as identical sweats (except for the color scheme) during rehearsals for Rosario + Vampire Second Year.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: There's more violence and profanity, and the first film makes reference to roofies at the end. As a direct result, both films are rated PG-13 (even though the roofalin reference alone comes dangerously close to R-rated territory).
  • Whole Costume Reference: Most of the ones from the source material make it here; however, there are original ones.
    • For example, during the town festival, Yasu's hakama outfit now looks like that of Goemon Ishikawa XIII, down to the silver and purple colors (she even says "Once again, I have cut a worthless object" when she uses Haruki's katana to slice Kamryou's shuriken early in the town festival fight scene), while Haruki's now looks like that of Inuyasha. Izumi jokes about the latter by saying, "Sit, boy!" Haruki collapses immediately.
    • Also, Yasu's "shorts-like" swimsuit now resembles Ash's swimsuit from here, only silver with purple trim.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Kaoru. Haruki as well, if you count all those times he wears tights with his uniform (it's even stated that the tights are as feminine as the usually unisex Royals uniform could get, which is why Yui relegated the option to Haruki out of respect for Yasu).
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Part of the Royals hybrid swimsuit; however, in its sole appearance only Yasu is wearing it; Haruki is wearing a girls' swimsuit, but not of his own volition. Also part of Yasu's casual swimwear like in the source material, but here it's now a Whole Costume Reference.
  • You Killed My Quarry: Kamryou to Hinyu, after he kills Yasu over a slight her mother had committed against him. It's worth noting that zie orders Yasu to appear dead for the full impact to be felt. Also, Cure Lepus is not pleased with Aseimera turning his own son Henkomera, who she was in love with, into the new life of the Rage Tree (though we don't find that out until later):
    Cure Lepus: You'll pay for what you did to my boyfriend, Aseimera!
  • You Wouldn't Hit a Guy with Glasses?: Averted; when Yasu is killed by a Soul Split from Hinyu, the impact of the blast knocks her glasses off.

Pretty Cure Wonder Party 3D contains examples of:

  • Bat Family Crossover: On an EXTREMELY massive scale.
  • Clint Squint: Devance. Not surprising, as his looks and voice are based off of Clint Eastwood (specifically, from the '60s).
  • Deus ex Machina: The Cures on Pretty Cure Wonder Island join the fight at the end and kill Cypher.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Cure Jigsaw mentions that Queen Hoffman and Lou Cypher were at war simply because Cypher is an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Ho Yay: What did you expect when an effeminate teenage boy and one of two other boys are paired with each other for a pas de deux?
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Mitsuuru with Ayameko during a pas de deux in one companion OVA episode ("Ballet"). Mitsuuru is also on the receiving end of a pas de deux with Shun (the one who becomes Cure Prince Flash) and Alex, but this trope is in full effect when Ayameko gets involved (for those wondering, Mitsuuru is wearing a pink leotard and tutu, and Ayameko is wearing a white sleeveless top and purple leggings; plus, while Mitsuuru is wearing toe shoes, Ayameko is barefoot).
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Lou Cypher.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Several Cures taking karate lessons in the companion OVA episode "Karate" (particularly Honoka and Hiroko) are girlier than the others, though they're balanced out by their tomboyish counterparts (e.g. Nagisa and Yasu), who lampshade this thusly:
    Nagisa: Honoka, I'm quite surprised you actually volunteered for karate lessons!
    Honoka: Nothing wrong with it if the chick with the blue headband's doing it too.
    Yasu: I don't see why Hiroko's a factor in this.
    Hiroko: You're one to talk, Yasu. I don't know why you decided to participate as well.
    Yasu: Because Izumi told me it'd increase my strength! Why else?
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Ayameko does this a couple of times during each Vanilla Stardust concert, and Shugo does the same during each Lovely and Wild Angels concert. The concerts in both respective episodes featuring their bands are no exception.
  • You Look Familiar: Cure Western to Lou Cypher:
    Cure Western: I thought we killed you!
    Cypher: That was a different guy. Shintaro Ishihara, was it?


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