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Kingdom of Kandar is another theoretical Web Comic idea by Axioanarchist.

As the name would suggest, the storyline centers around the Floating Continent of the Kingsland and the archipelago of Kandar beneath it. Even more directly, though, it focuses on Tyra Revail, a young girl raised by a Dwarven explorer to become an Excavator. Other than strained finances the two seem to be having a good and happy life, moving from island to island, town to town while investigating the many ruins left over from the Precursors... until trouble comes calling in the form of two "Agents" of the King of Kandar. In the ensuing skirmish her adoptive father is killed and Tyra becomes a fugitive, leaving her with only a strange item the brigands seemed interested in acquiring.


On the run and all but penniless, Tyra attempts to carve out a new life for herself, starting by seeking out the Excavators' Guild, a group of fellow Excavators who work together to unlock the secrets of Kandar's past. Perhaps by coincidence, she quickly encounters Silas Orridian, the Guildmaster, while doing mercenary work to live off of. Between encounters with a vicious wyvern with whom Silas has a grudge, a steel-cold Lieutenant of Kandar's army and her brother, a polite, respectful General who harbors some doubts as to the true intents of his king, the Bandit Queen, and an enigmatic paladin from a distant land, Tyra discovers she may have just stumbled into something a lot bigger than some ruin stash.

And that's just the first quarter of Book One of Four.

Book One Characters:

Kingdom of Kandar: Book One will theoretically eventually provide examples of:


Book Two is set twenty-six years after the end of the first, and begins with the destruction of the village of Cerbolt on one of the most removed islands in the Kandar Archipelago by an army of machines. When the military go to investigate, they find the village ransacked and devoid of any survivors... save one, an infant girl Lieutenant Ayaka names Antigone.

In short order Kandar finds itself at war again, this time fighting a war of attrition against Seth, the Machine Lord and his forces. The heroes of the Draco War have either died, vanished without explanation, or dedicated themselves to their families at the expense of leaving the military or adventuring life. Combined with an evacuation of as many survivors as possible to the Kingsland and the raising of three more cities to float with it, this is the Kandar that Antigone, her cousin Selah, and others of the next generation have grown up in.

Antigone, for one, isn't going to stand for that. She wants to do something about this. Luckily she's not alone - even if her protective parents have a few complaints, there's not much they can do to stop her when she meets Daven Keinran and his father Apollos and learns of their plans to undermine Seth's war effort. With Daven and (reluctantly) Selah along for the ride, Antigone dives headfirst into a war that's more her own than she realizes.

Book Two Characters:

Kingdom of Kandar: Book Two will theoretically eventually provide examples of:

Book Three has the shortest gap time of the entire series - only five years pass between the end of Book Two and the beginning of Book Three. Following the defeat of the Machine Army, Kandar turned its attentions to its neighbors, many of whom saw the magic kingdom as vulnerable after their war with Seth's forces and aimed to strike while the advantage was available. A short-lived war with the east was ended in three years, mostly due to the efforts of Commander Ayaka's DIREA team; however, the second conflict with the northern lands of Naurwyn has been much more sustained. When the enemy forces begin using Lune Tribe soldiers DIREA is called in to assist, investigate, and perhaps even repeat their performance of two years prior and bring an end to the fighting.

When the team heads into Naurwyn lands to attempt diplomacy, however, the native life is less than hospitable and the native people even less so; in the ensuing chaos the team is separated. Selah Aaronsen collapses from exhaustion and injury and nearly freezes to death before she is found and saved by Kunan, a Naurwyn exiled from his clan. Kunan thinks Selah is a shaman, due to the illusions that manifested around her while she was unconscious; she tries to explain her psionic abilities with little luck but ends up travelling with the ranger anyway, as he offers to escort her to a nearby village to speak with one of the tribal shamans about diplomacy.

Along the way the pair cross a battlefield where giants are rampaging, and see a Valkyrie knocked out of the sky along with one of her Einherjar while trying to exit the battlefield on their way to Valhalla. Realizing the mortals can see them the Valkyrie determines something is greatly wrong and offers to accompany the pair to their destination, with the promise that they will attempt to gain the shamans' assistance in reaching the World Tree, Yggdrasil, where they can inquire of the gods as to what has gone wrong. When they finally do so, after a few roadblocks along the way, they discover something is going wrong: Loki the Trickster God has escaped his bonds, and Ragnarok is about to begin. All the signs are wrong, this shouldn't be happening yet, but it is.

Book Three Characters: Returning characters from Book Two excluded.

  • Kunan: A hunter, falconer, and exiled Naurwyn ranger.
  • Vanessa: A Valkyrie trapped on the mortal world due to the strange happenings surrounding the beginning of Ragnarok.
  • Kerr: An Einherjar, a spiritual warrior of Valhalla. Except he never quite made it to Valhalla, as he was trapped on Earth with Vanessa while being escorted there.
  • Loki: The Trickster, the Earthwalker, the God of Fire. An imprisoned God of Naurwyn, he aims to start Ragnarok a bit ahead of schedule.
  • Fenrir: Loki's Dragon, returned from his "death" back in Book One.
  • Jormungander: The World Serpent, a massive snake that encircles the globe... or at least Naurwyn. Generally appears on land as a physical manifestation of a violet-haired woman who resembles Loki.
  • Queen Falbrynn: Queen of the Fire Giants and herald of Surtur, the Fire Giant god.
  • Janvulf: A Frost Giant warrior, aiming to prove himself in the eyes of his god Thrym and lead the forces of the Jotun in the upcoming Ragnarok.

Kingdom of Kandar: Book Three will theoretically eventually provide examples of:


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