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A roleplay in the Kingdom Hearts series, Origins follows a group of new keyblade wielders as they discover who they are and what they mean to the universe around them. All while a rogue agent of their organization fights to destroy them and everything they hold dear.

    Based Off the Following Installments 

Source Material / Media Used

The series contains appearances by characters and locations from the following games, films and franchises. Labeled after each is which installment it appears in, abbreviated, and its role. (w) for "world" means you visit the location and can explore. (c) for "character" means only that characters from that franchise show up, whether in the form of a summon, or you meet them in person. (r) for "reference" means merely that the franchise is referenced in some way, such as art or architecture, or the world shows up in a non-interactive form.



Installments of this series includes…

    Melodies from Memories (First Installment) 
Millennia prior to Sora's story, wielders of keyblades fought in a great war. This conflict decimated the Realms of Light and Darkness in ways yet unknown. Generations to come would attribute this war to the mighty χ-Blade – a mystical weapon from a land of pure power. But the tales and legends are anything but true, for – as we shall see – the χ-Blade is not an active force but a passive creation of colliding Realms.

This is not a weapon's story… This is the story of the call to the Great War…

It started with a man, many generations before our story proper begins. He looked at the night sky – full of glowing worlds and joyous peoples – and wondered. The man wondered what his life would be had he been born in those worlds – any of those worlds. He remained in want of friends and family since his first breath and couldn't understand his purpose in life.

Until one day – without having done anything truly fascinating – a radiant creature came to him in dreams. "Don't be afraid," it said. "We've met before… remember?" But the man could not. The creature answered all his questions before he asked them and convinced the man they had met before. "Look around you…" it began anew. "Do you know who they are…?" But the man did not. This time, the creature did not answer his questions, of which there were many. Instead, it told him to look in his heart.

But there was no light he could see. Beneath him stood a pillar of glass – a mosaic of his mother, a youthful soul, in her prime. Around him sat a dense fog – many stars shining through it. But there was no light in his heart that he could see.

Then the man awoke. He felt the dream had been more than just a dream, and worried that he was not what he had thought he was. Worried he had no Light in his heart.

Days went by until the man finally slept from exhaustion. And the Light creature returned. It asked him many questions, but each inquiry met another. Both wanted to know so much about the other until the Light creature finally broached another line of questioning. It wanted to know what kind of man he was.

Then the man awoke. He felt worse than before when he realized his questions remained unanswered.

Days went by until a blade of light shone from his hand… and he set out to find his answers.

The man discovered many secrets of the World on his journeys. He discovered his Light and whom the mosaic woman had been. He traveled with newly made friends and mourned them after they passed. But in his dreams, they came to him. Many knew nothing about their predicaments, but some would speak with the creature that came to the man many years ago.

They warned him of a Great Threat. Another World like theirs – but different. They told the man of the Other Realm – what we call the Realm of Darkness – and warned him of a Great Creature. It would soon come to devour him and his magic blade – of which there was only one.

They instructed the man how to save the World, but after each waking, he would forget. He tried time and time again to remember, but each time – nothing remained. So the man made his own plans – hoping his heart would know what his mind forgot.

Utilizing his friends' knowledge and adventurous spirits, he coordinated the creation of an organization. This was what we know today simply as the Organization, though many old souls may call it "Organization Three-and-One". Others still call us the Old Guard or Denizens of Light.

We have many names today, and you – new recruit – will learn them all.


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