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Creator / José Antonio Macías

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José Antonio Macías (in the middle) and some of his roles. note 

¡Soy Moltres el guajolote Macías! Explanation 

José Antonio Macías Carranco (born September 19, 1967), affecionately known as "Pepe Toño" by fans, is a Mexican voice actor, radio announcer and cast director who has been active ever since 1989. He's known as the more-or-less official VA for actors like Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Matt Damon, Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio, and specially as the incredibly bombastic VA for James from Pokémon.

He has a tendency to voice babyface characters with calm and/or stoic personalities or comic relief skinny characters with a temper or cowards.

He's known for his comedic roles and ability to imitate multiple Mexican accents.

Anime roles

Live action Film roles

As the VA for Leonardo DiCaprio

As the VA for Chris Evans

As the VA for Ryan Reynolds

As the VA for Orlando Bloom

As the VA for Heath Ledger

Other roles

Live-Action TV roles

Video Game roles

Western Animation roles

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