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Kaihiamal Martínez, sorrounded by some of his roles

Kaihiamal Martínez González (born February 19, 1974), better known as Kaihiamal Martínez, is a Venezuelan-Mexican voice artist. He is known for his range of voices, from high-pitched goofballs to meneacing villains. For various reasons, he has he has often been replaced by other actors, leading to his self-described nickname of "el hombre de la primera voz" (the man of the first voice). In addition to voice acting, he is also a sound effects artist, and is CEO of K&K Sound and Effects Design with his brother, Kaihiamarú.


Some of Kaihiamal Martínez's roles

Anime Roles

Film Roles

  • All of Me: Prahka Lasa (Venezuelan dub)
  • Capote: Truman Capote (Mexican dub)


Live Action TV Roles

Western Animation


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