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    Ellenstein Household 

Magda Ellenstein
The Main character

The player character, a sweet, somewhat naive young lady thrust into the world of courtly intrigue and the politics of nobility.

  • Bi the Way: She can romance both men and women.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Both her parents died in a fire and she lost her home. Though her adopted mother holds genuine affection for her and has given her a better life than she would have had on the streets, the fact remains that she was taken in for the purpose of elevating the Ellenstein family back into its former status in Finsel society and is expected to act as a spy for Eliza's anonymous patron.
  • Guile Hero: Magda has about as much physical self-defence ability as you'd expect out of an upper-class young lady—which is to say none—but she's possessed of a sharp and inquisitive mind, finely-honed powers of persuasion, and no small amount of guts. Once she enters Finsel high society it doesn't take long before she's embroiled in all kinds of mysteries and secret plots, and several characters (such as Barris) become convinced that Magda has the potential to be a powerful force for change.
  • Happily Adopted
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Subverted. The player is prompted to enter a name for her at the start of the game, but when Eliza adopts her she's re-named "Magda" and told to forget the name she had before.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Her most commonly remarked-on feature, although the game does allow you to change eye colour.
  • Number Two: Becomes this to Juven at the end of the main story, serving as the secretary of the Senate when he becomes Regent of Finsel.
  • Player Character
  • Undying Loyalty: Towards her adoptive mother, Eliza.

Eliza Ellenstein

Magda's adoptive mother, a fallen noble who owes a debt to a mysterious patron.

    Sakan Household 

Duke Langwon Sakan

The absent patriarch of the Sakan family.

  • Mysterious Benefactor: Though Magda is unaware of it for some time, the Duke is the "patron" who encouraged Eliza to adopt her and is helping guide their efforts in restoring the Ellenstein family's status in Finsel, in return for Magda carrying out his instructions. She puts the pieces together eventually, and the Duke drops any remaining pretense of anonymity in Chapter 7.

Viscount Juven Sakan

The son of the duke, left in charge of the family affairs while the duke is away.

Barbara Sakan

Only daughter of the Sakan family, has a bit of a wild streak.

  • Big Brother Attraction: Explicitly in love with older brother Juven.
  • Shipper on Deck: If Magda gains enough favour with Barris, Barbara proves very excited about the prospect of having her as an aunt, and goes to considerable effort to push the two together. In the scene triggered by reaching maximum favour with him, Barbara goes so far as to personally invite Magda to a ball which is actually an excuse to get her and Barris alone together in a moonlit garden with romantic mood music.

Barris Sakan

Younger brother of Duke Sakan, uncle to Juven and Barbara. He studied law in Lionheart Kingdom and currently serves as Finsel's Minister of Justice.

  • Black Sheep: In contrast to his more colourful relatives, Barris is staid, serious, and straightforward, and can at times be heard complaining about how much work it is to clean up after their misadventures. He's also something of a black sheep to Finsel's nobility in general, as a reformer who places the law above the privileges of the nobility.
  • Man in a Kilt: For New Year's Day 2019 the game released a bagpiper variant of Barris (based on a reference made during the Music Festival event), appropriately dressed in a kilt.


An elf supported by the Sakan family.

  • Mayfly–December Romance: She knows Juven has feelings for her, and seems to reciprocate, but knowing that she will outlive him by centuries has her understandably reluctant to pursue a relationship.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She's eighty years old.


    Olineaux Household 

Duke Zoe Olineaux

Head of the Olineaux family, known as the most easygoing of the four dukes.

  • Family Man
  • Happily Married: It's noted that he and Christie are a devoted couple, unusual for the nobility.
  • Parents in Distress: Is abducted late in the main story as part of Duke Bavlenka's plot, prompting his wife, niece and children to ally with Magda to defeat Bavlenka and rescue him.

Duchess Christie Olineaux

Zoe's wife. A gentle and peaceful woman, she prefers to avoid getting involved in politics.

  • Happily Married
  • Lady of War: When the situation in Finsel becomes chaotic late in the main storyline, Christie dons her sword and armour and takes command of the Olineaux guards, never losing her ladylike poise.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: For all her mild manner, Christie is said to be the ruling voice of the Olineaux household. In fact, she was a knight prior to her marriage, though Magda finds it hard to imagine until she actually sees Christie in action.

Balfey Olineaux

Heir to the Olineaux duchy. As the Duke's eldest son, he would normally lead the Amber Knights, but has ceded that position to Hugh.

  • Berserk Button: Balfey is mostly easy-going and will shrug off personal insults, but make any remarks that could be construed as disrespectful to his family—such as deriding the Olineaux family's signature colour of purple as old-fashioned—and it's on.

Hugh Olineaux

Youngest child of the Olineaux family, and leader of Finsel's Amber Knights.

  • Bifauxnen: There are rumours circulating that Hugh is a girl.

Vicky Olineaux

Zoe's niece, cousin to Hugh and Balfey. A member of the Amber Knights and a renowned vintner and sommelier.


An elf supported by the Olineaux family.

  • Commonality Connection: Bonds instantly with Helena over trying to get Magda to wear more revealing clothes.
  • Femme Fatale: Has many suitors, but quickly tires of them and finds amusement in breaking their hearts.


Huntsman to the Olineaux family. Hamilton is also an expert on balls and can often be seen evaluating and rating them.

    Bavlenka Household 

Grand Duke Edward Leopold Bavlenka

The patriarch of the Bavlenka family is one of the most powerful men in Finsel, and a keen political schemer.

  • Back from the Dead: Is resurrected by Eliza hours after his death.
  • Killed Offscreen: Dies at the end of the main story after his plot to take over Finsel is thwarted. His killer is unknown, although Juven officially takes the blame in order to seize the reins of power in the ensuing confusion.
  • Old Flame: He was romantically involved with Eliza before she left Finsel, and his feelings for her persisted to the point where Lou implies he adopted Nyx because her eyes look like Eliza's.
  • Papa Wolf: As far as Nyx is concerned.

Lou Bavlenka

The oldest daughter of the Bavlenka family and the current leader of the Spiral Spire, known as one of the most powerful mages in Finsel.

Nyx Bavlenka

A shy, bookish girl. Nyx was adopted into the Bavlenka family, but nevertheless seems to be the Grand Duke's favourite.

Leslie Bavlenka

A fighter from the slums who earned Grand Duke Bavlenka's favour by fighting off bandits. He and his family were brought into the Bavlenka household and granted nobility.

  • Heroic Build: Leslie is built like a brick house. Since every other male character of his age group is designed within the bishonen mould, Leslie's muscular frame really stands out.
  • High-Pressure Emotion: In his blushing sprite, his whole face turns bright red with steam coming out of his ears.
  • Undying Loyalty: He's fanatically loyal to the Grand Duke for bringing him into the Bavlenka family.


Butler to the Bavlenka family.


An elf supported by the Bavlenka family, known for his beautiful singing voice.

  • Cultured Warrior: Among Finsel's nobility, Willow is famous as a singer and he cuts a very elegant figure at balls, but he's also a skilled participant in the arena fights held in the slums.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Willow's preferred method of fighting is with his fists.
  • Hidden Depths: Few would guess to look at him that the dapper elven singer is also an avid street-fighter. Learning about his hobby makes up most of his favour quest chain.


Footman to the Bavlenka family.

Gaelen Bavlenka

    Jorcastle Household 

Tilla Jorcastle

Head of the Jorcastle family following the death of her husband, the duke.

  • Affair? Blame the Bastard: Genuinely loved the late Duke and hates his illegitimate daughter, pointedly turning a blind eye when Lynna is publicly insulted and even setting a bounty on her mother's head.
  • Parents in Distress: Is abducted late in the main story as part of Duke Bavlenka's plot to destabilise the power shared between the four great houses.
  • Wicked Stepmother: To Lynna. They finally reach an understanding after the conclusion of the main storyline, however, and Tilla's hostility toward Lynna softens enough that she's willing to accept her as a Jorcastle.

Gonzalo Jorcastle

Second son of the Jorcastle family. He is a mage, but has little interest in battle, preferring balls and fashion.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Late in his favour questline, he starts calling Magda his "little sparrow".
  • Ambiguously Gay: Gonzalo's main interests are fashion and Alan, whose attention he is fiercely possessive of. Even at maximum favour he shows no romantic interest in Magda, and Eliza's comments in his in-game profile indicate suspicion that he's not interested in ladies.
  • The Dandy: He's not the only male character who numbers fashion among his interests, but he is by far the most enthusiastic about it. Juven refers to him as a "green peacock".
  • Momma's Boy: Downplayed. He and Tilla are very close, and Tilla's favour questline starts with him wanting Magda's help in getting her a gift reminiscent of her youth. He becomes coldly determined when Tilla is abducted in the main story, going as far as opposing Alan when he objects to Gonzalo's methods, and laments to Magda that he seems to be the only member of his family who really wants his mother back.
  • Not So Different: Is basically told this with regards to Lynna when he tries to get along with her, much to their identical annoyance.

Lynna Jorcastle

The illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Jorcastle, she was brought into the family after her father's death. She has never been taken seriously by any of her relatives, so she started a life of luxury.

  • Alpha Bitch
  • Bastard Angst: Is hated by her stepmother and looked down on by her half-brother as well as the rest of the Finsel nobility, amongst whom her illegitimacy is an open secret.
  • Color-Coded Eyes: Has green eyes and is envious of Magda's popularity.
  • The Rival: Lynna singles Magda out as her archenemy almost immediately, and challenges her whenever possible in hopes of driving her out of the nobility's social circles. She's one of the only named characters in the game with whom it's impossible to gain favour.


Servant to the Jorcastle family, and Lynna's loyal attendant.

  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Lawrence worships the ground Lynna walks on, and almost everything he does is motivated by his loyalty and admiration to her. Even after plot events mean Magda has earned his personal gratitude, it's still impossible to increase his favour level and he still snubs Magda in public solely because Lynna hates her.


An elf supported by the Jorcastle family, and Captain of the guard of the Senate.

Ramus Jorcastle

Tilla's oldest son. He gave up his inheritance to travel the world, but returns to take up the title of Duke Jorcastle at the start of season two.

    City Assembly 


Acting Speaker of the Assembly.


Hero of the previous game, a civilian soldier who recently distinguished himself in battle and was thrust into the spotlight.

Andre Wolf

A formerly noble knight whose family was cast out because of his father's behaviour.

  • Alcoholic Parent: The reason for his family's disgrace.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Blushes and compliments Starr's makeup when they're first introduced to each other.



A mage of the Spire, possessed by an evil spirit.

Maggie Longlan

A newcomer to the noble scene.

  • Nouveau Riche: Maggie's father was a fisherman until he bought his way into a noble title. He's pushing Maggie to break into the social circles of Finsel's nobility, but unfortunately neither of them know much about the rules of etiquette and Maggie is largely snubbed by the nobility. It doesn't help that her sense of fashion consists mostly of piling on as much expensive decoration as possible.


A carefree servant-for-hire who treats his job with disdain, stealing from employers.


    The Sky Church 


The local priest of the church in Finsel.


A nun from Lionheart Kingdom.


A nun, known for the scars on her back shaped like wings.

    Republic of Rayorca 

Rebecca Werchy

A well known Rayorcan tailor and designer.

Marvelia Hull



    Lionheart Kingdom 


Knight Ambassador of the Lionheart Kingdom, on a diplomatic mission to Finsel.


  • Fake Aristocrat: She's actually a commoner passing herself off as nobility from Lionheart Kingdom, relying on the fact that Finsel is far enough away that nobody will know the difference.


    Mercenary Corps 


A half demon mercenary and notorious rabble-rouser.


Shatina’s number two. Very interested in jewelry.


A member of Shatina’s group.

  • The Eeyore: He always finds a way to see things in their worst light. When discussing weddings he refers to them as the death of love and just one more step towards a hopeless life.



A merchant Magda meets outside her home.


The leader of the Kangila people. She led them to Finsel and is trying to secure their place in the country.

  • The Determinator: References several of the perils she and her people had to go through to walk to Finsel from their homeland. Including leading them through a desert where they nearly ran out of water.


    The Slums 


Hosta Tayu






  • Meido: Of the innocent, childlike variety.



A con artist pretending to be a noble man to swindle nobles. Has an interest in jewels.

  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Gives the proceeds of his cons to help those in the slums. Still considers himself to be a bad guy.



  • Human Traffickers: The penalty for cheating in his casino is being sold into slavery.

Starr Mayphis



An ambassador sent to Finsel by the Queen of the forest-dwelling Sulla in season two.

    Mandaria Illusion 

Mr. Loong

  • Mystical White Hair: He has long white hair and is very mysterious. There's definitely something paranormal about him, given that he's the owner of the magical box which transports Magda into the illusion of Mandaria, and he has the ability to step into various minor roles as Magda lives out the story.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Along with his white hair, he has golden eyes which further contribute to his air of mystery and magic.

Yun Zhe

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: He's the Emperor of Cheng at the age of fourteen.
  • Hidden Depths: He's unexpectedly adept at medicine despite his age and position, and personally makes medical compounds for Magda several times during his favour storyline.
  • Princeling Rivalry: Discussed with Magda late in his favour storyline—unlike his father selecting him in secret and leaving him unprepared when the news broke, he intends to announce his heir and prepare him for rule from the beginning, saying he trusts Magda (as the intended mother of his future heir) to help protect their son from this trope.
  • Scheherezade Gambit: After offending him on the first night she is summoned to his chambers, Magda manages to both avoid his wrath and hold his interest by telling him stories about Finsel.
  • Unexpected Successor: His father chose him as his heir despite Yun Zhe being one of the youngest Princes, but kept it a secret to be announced only after his death.

Yun Guo

  • Rebellious Princess: Sneaks out of the palace to visit the market in the city, gripes when court officials prevent her from riding out to hunt, and is clearly fed up with most things about life within the palace.
  • Tsundere: In the classic style, she's short-tempered and quick to contradict herself, taking a combative attitude most of the time but softening towards Magda-as-Consort-Chu if Magda takes the time to get to know her.

Zhao Lang

  • Appropriated Appellation: He's known as "the Serpent" for his deviousness and feared by much of the court, but doesn't seem to mind and embraces the moniker. He explains to Magda that someone has to be able to do what he does, and he's good at it, so he might as well enjoy his work.
  • The Chessmaster: As Prime Minister, he does a lot of political wrangling and manipulation behind the scenes in the name of benefiting the Empire.

Zhou Heqi

The Grand Mentor favoured by the late Emperor and entrusted with the education of Yun Zhe.

  • The Good Chancellor: Has the people's wellbeing at heart, leading him to go behind Yun Zhe's back to aid flood victims while Yun Zhe remains undecided. It doesn't end well for him.
  • Honest Advisor
  • Red Baron: He's known as the "Thousand-Paged Book" for the breadth of his knowledge.

An Hu

  • The Ace: His battlefield skills are unmatched; at the beginning of the story, he's being honoured for taking the initiative to quell a rebellion, and he's noted to be an expert with sword and bow.
  • The Lady's Favor: Magda lends him a handkerchief to wipe his face, and he's later revealed to have been carrying it with him as a keepsake in the spirit of this trope.
  • No Social Skills: For all his martial talents, the poor guy is hopelessly awkward when it comes to interacting with people. Magda and Ba Qi both remark several times on how inept he is—usually because he's blurted out what's on his mind and run off before Magda can respond.
  • Samurai Ponytail: His hair is pulled back into an action-ready high ponytail denoting his status as a soldier, in contrast to the more free-flowing styles worn by the other major male characters.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: His accomplishments are met by hostility from those around him, either out of the assumption that he's chasing personal glory or simply out of envy at the recognition he receives. All he really wants is to help people, but the backlash causes him to doubt himself, and much of his favour storyline involves Magda persuading him to act on his principles without worrying so much about what other people think.
  • You Must Be Cold: He chases after Magda to lend her his cloak because he heard that she'd been sick recently.


  • The Charmer: In the same vein as Juven, to the point where Magda rarely rises to his flirtations because she's heard it all before.

Consort Ju

  • Alpha Bitch: She's one of the most prominent consorts and constantly aggressive towards all of the other ladies, including Consort Chu. Her profile states outright that it's impossible to be anything but enemies with her.
  • Lady in Red: She dresses all in red, highlighting her status as the Alpha Bitch of the Imperial harem.

Consort Liu

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Compared to Consort Ju, she seems gentle and caring, but she's no less motivated to undermine the other consorts in their competition for the Emperor's favour—she's just much subtler and more manipulative about it, and on several occasions makes apparently kind gestures that are actually setting Magda up for trouble. Like Ju, her profile makes it clear that Magda can't actually make friends with her.

Ba Qi

Consort Chu's outspoken little maidservant.

  • Childhood Friends: With her mistress Chu Wanti, whose body Magda inhabits.
  • Odango Hair: Her hair is styled into twin buns decorated with bells, indicating her youth.
  • You Talk Too Much: Magda often tells her this, as Ba Qi tends to repeat gossip, complain about the other consorts' mistreatment of Magda, and generally speak her mind no matter how high-ranking the listener or how detrimental it would be to her mistress.


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