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Protagonists (Heroes)

    Kyle Travers
Voiced by: Trent Kaniuga

Kyle Travers is the main character of Final Fight: Streetwise and brother to Cody from the first Final Fight. He fights as an underground pit fighter in Metro City with Cody as his trainer. When Cody is kidnapped, Kyle goes on a one-man search party to find him and those that abducted him.

  • Author Avatar: To a degree, seeing as he's voiced by artist Trent Kaniuga, who helped develop Streetwise.
  • Batter Up!: His signature weapon in arcade mode of Streetwise
  • Composite Character: Can acquire attacks from Cody, Guy, and Haggar throughout story mode.
  • Deadpan Snarker: With the crap he has to deal with throughout the game, he could be even snarkier.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's a college grad, look at the degree on top of the shelf in his apartment that says "College".
  • Good Smoking, Evil Smoking: Smokes when he's annoyed.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He doesn't even try to be nice in the extroverted sense most of the time, but whether he's forced or he's doing what he needs to protect his friends, family, and his Hood, he ends up doing the right thing.
  • Narrator: Of Streetwise.
  • Perma-Stubble: Throughout Streetwise, he sports a five o'clock shadow.
  • Police are Useless: Hates the police, even though his girlfriend's brother is one.
  • Remember the New Guy?: Guy doesn't, everyone else seems to. Then again, as Haggar says, back then he was just "a skinny-legged punk" and remarks how Kyle might not remember him.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: It's not a smart idea to threaten or kidnap his brother, or to be associated with whoever did.

Supporting Characters


Vanessa Sims is the girlfriend of Kyle Travers and owner and bartender of the "Barfly" lounge in Final Fight: Streetwise. When Kyle’s brother, Cody, is taken captive by the Stiff in her bar, Vanessa does her best to provide information and ideas to Kyle to find Cody. She also has her brother on the MCPD aiding Kyle in his search. During the GLOW-induced riots on Metro City, Kyle and former Mad Gear member 2-ill saved her life.

    Sgt. Sims

Sergeant Sims is a deep cover cop for the MCPD (Metro City Police Department) in Final Fight: Streetwise. By the request of his sister, Vanessa, Sims assisted her boyfriend, Kyle into looking for his missing brother, Cody. He wanted Kyle not to get involved due to the danger Cody was in and sought to arrest Cody for using GLOW. When Sims traced the source of the GLOW to a church in Little Italy during the city riots, Sims along with Kyle and whatever officers he had left attempted to storm the church.


Vito Bracca is the boss of a gang in Little Italy during Final Fight: Streetwise. Despite being a crime boss, Vito is a pious man who hates GLOW's effect on the city. Kyle interrogates Vito about Cody's whereabouts after his kidnapping. Vito, feeling disrespected, has Blades take Kyle out of his sight. After Haggar tells Kyle to respect Vito, he competes in pit-fights for Vito for free, in exchange for info on Cody. Kyle wins the fights against the Ghost and Andore and gets the info he seeks. Vito lets Kyle keep his winnings as well. After an attack on Japantown, Vito sees Father Bella asking for guidance about the GLOW dilemma. Unaware of Bella's true intentions, Vito begins to pray at his suggestion.


Madame Celeste is a fortune teller in Kyle's neighborhood in Final Fight: Streetwise. Vanessa sends Kyle to her psychic parlor to get information on Cody's whereabouts. The mystic asks him to play a magic card matching game, before she tells him the future. Once Kyle is successful, Madame Celeste tells Kyle some information and gives him Cody’s house key. It is insinuated that she and Cody had been intimate. Afterwards, she appears in various parts of the city with Kyle having the option to play the matching game again, in which she’ll allude to what Kyle will have to deal with in the near future.



Paco is a tattoo artist that lives in the same building as Kyle, and is trained as a boxer in Final Fight: Streetwise. If paid $100, he'll help Kyle save 2-Ill at the beginning of the game. He also helps Kyle by telling him about Lou "The Skin" designing the tattoo on the mysterious person in Cody's picture. He also trains people for money in Tiger's gym. At one point in the game, he asks Kyle to get rid of the cockroaches in his infested apartment to keep the health inspector away. Apparently, he "smells as bad as a bum at the Barfly, but at least looks like he can throw a punch".

Bella's Gang


Nicholas "Nicky" Wissell aka the Weasel is a porn dealer in Cody and Kyle's neighborhood and leader of the Blue Ballers gang. Kyle goes to him to force him to reveal information about Cody's whereabouts. Weasel refuses, so Kyle slams his head into a blunt object until he talks. It is later revealed that he and his gang trafficked the addictive Psycho Serum GLOW throughout Metro City. The Weasel would face Kyle three times.


Devin Aranoc, aka the Stiff, is The Dragon to Father Bella. He kidnaps Cody after his thugs fight him and Kyle in Vanessa's bar. Kyle finds Stiff and fights him in a hotel. Stiff first fights by firing his gun, with some assorted kicks if Kyle gets close. If he drops his gun, Kyle can pick it up but the Stiff just pulls out another one. The second fight takes place on the roof of the hotel, where Stiff is unarmed. Stiff is defeated by Kyle and is knocked off the roof. Kyle does manage to save him, but when Stiff pulls out one more gun, Kyle lets him drop to his death.


Dino, aka Blades, was an assassin and enforcer for Vito Bracca, who worked for Father Bella in secret. Kyle and Blades fight in the church cemetery. Blades fights with his twin knives and acrobatic skill. He can use his knives to shield himself from gunfire. Kyle defeats Blades, but he later returns.


    Dr. Chang

Dr. Chang is responsible for the creation of GLOW, though she only did so because her life was threatened by Father Bella. She meets Kyle in a fish packing plant. Kyle rescues her and she reveals that the effects of the GLOW will wear off once the drug has run its course. She leaves to help people in the city but is once again kidnapped and forced to work for Bella. He makes her create his version of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse using GLOW. When Kyle sees her again, she is distraught by what Bella has made her do, lamenting that she could have helped people.


War (who is a mutated Weasel) is the first of Father Bella's Four Horsemen Kyle faces in Little Italy. War fights with a gating gun and grenades and is invulnerable to physical attacks. He can only be hurt by gunfire, grenades, and molotov cocktails.


Famine (who is a mutated Blades is the second of Father Bella's Four Horsemen Kyle faces in Little Italy. He can stretch his arms and uses knife attacks.


Pestilence is the third of Father Bella's Four Horsemen that Kyle faces in Little Italy. Unlike the other horsemen, Pestilence does not seem to have been originally human. Instead, its body seems to be comprised of the corpses of GLOW victims. Initially, Pestilence fights very slowly by spilling acidic GLOW, throwing one of its many limbs and firing out explosive GLOW bubbles at Kyle. Kyle defeats Pestilence the first time, but the creature changes its form into a slimmer, more humanlike form. In this form, Pestilence uses fighting combos, energy blasts and grabbing church pews to use as weapons against Kyle.


Death is the final member of Father Bella's Four Horsemen Kyle faces in Little Italy, but before that he was the first Horseman Kyle faced. In reality, there were two versions of Death: the first one was discovered in the fish packing plant at the Pier District. In addition to his physical attacks, Death uses his mutated bones from his body as weapons and can generate electricity from his body, to protect himself or harm Kyle. He can also eat GLOW-induced rats to regain life.

Kyle faces the second Death on the roof of Father Bella's church. Death's attacks are all unblockable with his Hurricane Punch, Earth Splitter and Power Storm attacks generating green energy from his body. Later, Father Bella helps Death in the fight by injecting more GLOW into his body when he is defeated.

Death 1 aka Stiff Death

Death 2 aka Cody Death

    Father Bella

Father Bella is the mastermind of the GLOW outbreak in Metro City. He forced Dr. Chang to make GLOW in an attempt to take over the city and become its "savior", cleansing it of all sinners. He also held a personal vendetta against Cody. With the services of Stiff, Blades and Weasel, Bella spread GLOW throughout the city and planned to have mob boss Vito Bracca take the blame.

When Kyle faces Death, Bella, first stands on the sidelines, but after he's defeated once, Bella becomes more daring in the second round. As Death attacks, Bella stands a safe distance away, using a bazooka, grenades and a machine gun against Kyle while Death also attacks Kyle. When Death is defeated, Bella injects more GLOW in his body to heal him, holding Kyle off with a sword. Only when both Death and Bella are defeated does Kyle win the fight.

Underground Fighters

    Minor Fighters

Three of the pit fighters Kyle fights in Final Fight: Streetwise are Handsome Bob, the Locksmith and the Ghost. Handsome Bob, who is not really that handsome, is Kyle's first opponent who, when knocked down, gets up with a rising hook punch. The Locksmith is a black guy who is only slightly quicker than Handsome Bob and has a Flash Kick that can combo into an unblockable forward kick. The Ghost may just well be Joe from Street Fighter, but they really don't say in the game. He is a Muay Thai fighter under Vito Bracca who is a very quick fighter.

    Lou "The Skin"

Lou is a tattoo artist in Metro City who has a number of tattoos and piercings. He's a member of Guy's crew who uses capoeira as his fighting style. While Kyle was searching for his brother Cody, he finds a picture of Cody's with a mobster with a tattoo. He asks the Skin about it in his parlor, who unexpectedly clocks Kyle over the head with a cash register. The tattoo is revealed to belong to Guy. After some misunderstandings, Lou fights Kyle using his acrobatic fighting style and loads of kicks. Kyle defeats him and Lou becomes a pit fighter, Kyle can face in Japantown.


The final pit fighter in the game, Cammy takes a break from working for Delta Red to kick some ass in Metro City's Japantown district. Why is never explained, but it's not that important. Cammy uses many of her command and special moves from her Street Fighter appearances. Probably one of the more frustrating characters to fight in the entire series.


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