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Hi I'm Kieran! Nice to meet you! I'm bisexual, nonbinary (they/them), and an aspiring music therapist, finishing my Bachelor of Music and aiming for a Masters in Music Therapy. Please talk to me about music therapy!

I'm 22 and I live in Melbourne. One time I slut dropped in front of a homophobic street preacher. I'm sure we're gonna be good friends!

I have a tumblr, if you want to pry into my weird little life.


Current obsession: the gayer version of Preacher and, to a lesser extent, the less gay original Preacher

Tropes are stored in the Kieran:

Note: I've been on this website since 2015 and in that time I've become way cooler and sexier than I've ever been before. Go far enough back through the fora and you'll see me in all my awkward teenage glory.


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