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Trivia / Neptunia
aka: Hyper Dimension Game Neptune

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  • Cash Cow Franchise: The entire series is Compile heart's flagship title.
  • Development Gag: In ReBirth;1, when Neptune, joking obviously, says "Iffy" must mean "I Feel For You" (as in IF loves her), Compa says they should call her "Ai", as that's Japanese for love. IF's Japanese name is "Aiefu" and she's called "Ai-chan" in the Japanese version. (The original Japanese dialogue for this scene had Compa call her "Love-chan" instead).
    • A running gag in the game is that most people have inexplicable difficulty pronouncing Neptune's name. On one occasion, it's accidentally rendered "Neptunia." This is a Development Gag rather than a form of Title Drop because it's also the case in the original Japanese voice track, where Neptunia isn't part of the title — the last word of the Japanese title for the series is simply "Neptune", after the protagonist, but it was changed to "Neptunia" for overseas release, which this references.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: As with any game from NIS America.
    • Re;Birth1's Western release is especially noteworthy: Only 1000 copies were made, and nobody was allowed to pre-order.
      • This is presumably a reference to the original game having its first 1000 copies being sold with a pack of Neptune playing cards. Not a good way to do it considering the difference in popularity between the two games, though.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
    • As Steins;Gate wasn't released in North America until after this game, Kurisu Makise, Mayuri Shiina, and Itaru Hashida ALL made their North American debut in this game as 5pb's Skills.
    • The crossover with Sega Hard Girls will be their first appearance on US consoles, as home series and merchandise was not released, marking their first English dubbed appearance by proxy.
    • Gust as a character doesn't actually originate from this series, but predates the series by a long shot as the mascot of Gust's online store, and her first appearance in a video game was Atelier Viorate. But with the relative obscurity of the shop and Viorate never making it overseas, it's common perception (especially in the West) that she originated with Neptunia, even after the shop mascot version ended up going through Divergent Character Evolution and getting a different voice actress.
  • Name's the Same: This Black Heart is definitely not the son of Mephisto nor a boss from Battle Garegga.
  • No Budget: The first game ran out of money and was mostly unfinished. The second and third games were given a higher budget and received a warmer reception.
  • No Export for You: Sadly, Australia hasn't gotten any games past the first one. If an Australian wants mk2 or Victory, they'd have to import it.
    • Victory eventually got a very small print run down under, and all three games can be purchased from PSN.
  • Recursive Adaptation: In the anime, this pops up when Vert ends up playing Four Goddesses Online, an MMO. A pause screen shows that she's actually playing Victory.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • The Other Darrin: 5pb., voiced by Mela Lee in the first game, is voiced by Julie Ann Taylor in the second.
    • Same goes for the anime's English dub. Tia Ballard took over Sandy Fox as Peashy, Megan Shipman took over Kate Higgins as IF, Caitlin Glass took over Mela Lee and Julie Ann Taylor as 5pb, and Morgan Garett took over Julie Ann Taylor as Rei Ryghts.
    • in the English dub of VII, Vert's voice actress, Tara Platt, had to be replaced by Carrie Keranen, who also voices Rom, owing to Platt's unavailability.
    • Erin Fitzgerald did not reprise her role as Noire in Cyberdimension because she was participating in a strike following a breakdown in negotiations between SAG-AFTRA (a voice actors union) and several major developers and publishers. As a result, Noire was instead voiced by Erica Mendez. Fortunately, the strike ended in September 2017, leaving the door open for Fitzgerald to return to the role. In VIIR, Mendez once again voiced Noire in the new VR scenes, with some sources stating that Fitzgerald's performance was eradicated in the re-release.
      • In the same game, Carrie Keranen once again had to pull double-duty as Vert and Rom, as Tara Platt was still unavailable. It got to the point that fans lost hope in Platt ever reprising Vert again.
  • Trolling Creator: In the anime, episode 13 begins with Neptune readying to be exterminated by Nepgear with a sword that can kill Goddesses. It's frustrating at first, until you saw Neptune turned into a lot of Dogoos!
  • The Wiki Rule: Neptunia Wiki.


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