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Note: These works have their own YMMV tabs. Please add any entries pertaining to them in their respective pages and only add examples to this page if they involve the franchise.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: About the Goddesses: Neptune’s character makes sense, since personality wise, she shares a lot in common with SEGA’s mascot, Sonic The Hedgehog (at least when she’s not in her HDD form). However, when it comes to the others, would you really have imagined the Xbox 360 goddess as a sleepy slacker addicted to MMOs, the Wii goddess as a grouchy flat-chested girl who swears like a sailor, or the PlayStation 3 as a Tsundere who also happens to be a closet cosplayer?
  • Base-Breaking Character: RED. Neptunia fans either love her to the bones, or wish she could be erased from existence altogether. Specifically, fans are split on her Harem Seeker antics, some finding her endearing and playful while others find her annoying and obnoxious, especially in the English dub. It doesn't help that most fans' first impression of her came from Re;birth 2, where her only role is being a Replacement Scrappy for Nisa and she doesn't get any events to flesh her character out or endear her to the players. There are also those who feel that her more light-hearted personality doesn't fit the more serious story of Re;Birth2, especially when she pops up during otherwise serious or heartfelt moments and either keeps talking about "wifies" or is a Captain Obvious.
    • Vert, especially in the Western fandom. Her fans think she's funny and relatable and like how for being a Shameless Fanservice Girl, she has Hidden Depths, while her detractors think she's a shallow, vapid, self-centered Jerkass whose primary Running Gag, trying to claim the other CPUs' sisters as her own, has long since worn out its welcome and whose "teasing" of Blanc veers to close to straight-up bullying territory to be funny.
    • Plutia is most likely the most divisive character in the entire series. Her fans like her human form for being cute, kind, friendly, and having several funny moments and her HDD form for being a combination of Good Is Not Soft and Evil Is Sexy, while her detractors dislike her for being a borderline sociopathic bully who abuses the fact that she's The Dreaded by both her enemies and her friends to get away with things that are arguably worse than what the actual villains do, such as sadistically torturing Noire and Nepgear and being a Memetic Molester who (it's very heavily implied) borderline raped Nepgear (and in the "Good" Ending, also Uni and the twins).
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Most of the scenes that reference other video game series are this, often existing as quick gags or Event-exclusive conversations that are disconnected from the plot.
  • Broken Base:
    • Neptunia fans will argue and fight over which of the main four CPUs is the best. Makes sense considering this is Console Wars as a video game after all.
    • The official translations for the games, mostly those made by Nick Doerr, are often discussed by the fans. Many fans hate how drastically different his translations are from the original script, while others simply don't care and just want to enjoy the memes Doerr brought in.
    • The localization of Re;birth 1 under IFI. Some liked how faithful the translation was, some thought it was a little TOO literal, and some thought it was bland and missed the rapidfire gag-a-second style of the NISA localizations. Later games tried to remedy this by striking a balance, with most of the rapidfire Woolseyisms applied to Neptune's dialog only.
    • Anime-adaptation can be differently assessed as a fun bonus for fans of the series, and generic Cliché Storm about magical girls, which will be difficult to understand for most people except for the fans of the original series. Nevertheless, the quality of animation and All-Star Cast still makes this work good enough.
    • Erica Mendez and Carrie Keranen's interpretations of Noire and Vert respectfully in the English dub. You've either grown to like them, see them as replacement scrappies and you just want Erin Fitzgerald and Tara Platt back in their respective roles, or you don't care because you prefer subs anyway.
  • Cargo Ship: Neptune x Pudding and a Cargo Foe Yay Shipping with Neptune x Eggplant.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Ram and Rom are popular among fanartists, to the point that their art greatly overshadows the other sisters, even Nepgear.
    • Among Makers, Broccoli and Falcom are popular. Broccoli for her Deadpan Snarker tendencies and refusing to take the cast's BS with a straight face wrapped in a Cat Girl package, and Falcom for her Action Girl qualities and coolness, combined with her resembling Adol or Estelle. Even fans outside of the company's target audience seem to like her.
    • Nepgya, the silly robotic version of Nepgear is very popular among English-speaking players. Her expressions work great with memes and fans have taken to her enthusiasm and Denser and Wackier take on Nepgear. Not bad for a character who gets less characterization than the DLC Makers.
    • When it comes to the villains, Linda/Underling is liked for her ineffectual plans, hilarious snark, the occasional Pet the Dog moments, and generally acting as the Only Sane Man of the ASIC. Fans have been baffled why she hasn't made any appearances after her debut while her generally disliked partner has. Speaking of the ASIC, Brave gets a lot of admiration for being by far the most likable and fleshed out of the group, combined as one of the rare male characters who isn't the butt of a joke with a sympathetic motive. His interactions with Uni are a highlight of his arc.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Several, most aided by mountains of Ship Tease and Ho Yay:
    • Neptune x Noire, which enjoys a lot of popularity as one of the most common pairings.
    • Vert x either Blanc or IF
    • Nepgear x Uni. One of the most, if not the most popular ship in the fandom.
    • IF x either Compa or Vert, it depends if you're willing to ship their RB counterparts or not, in the case of Vert.
    • Cave x 5pb.
    • Plutia x Neptune, with Peashy as their adopted daughter. Plutia x Ultra!Noire or Ultra!Blanc are also popular.
    • Less popular, but still notable, are Neptune x Blanc and Noire x Vert, based on the real-life rivalries of Sega/Nintendo and Sony/Microsoft, respectively.
    • Dengekiko X Famitsu, from the action spinoffs.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Compa receives the least amount of fanart in Japan compared with the main cast, being met with a collective "meh". Western players, on the other hand, really like Compa for her bubbly personality, hilarious lines in the localization, the occasional hints that she's actually Obfuscating Stupidity, and her occasional Cute and Psycho tendencies. It helps she's voiced by Cristina Vee and drops the desu catchphrase in English. English-speaking players will be quick to displease if Compa doesn't have a presence in some of the spinoffs.
  • I Am Not Shazam: The main character is Neptune, not Neptunia. Ironically in the Japanese versions, her name Neptune is in every title.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many believe that most of the people who buy these games only play them for the yuri. Others that are less fond of the Fanservice instead look past it and play them for the colorful cast of characters and the humor.
  • Moe: EVERY playable character. In Umio's case, it's Ugly Cute. The Candidates in particular get this reaction, thanks to their more childish personalities and insecurities compared to their older sisters.
  • Never Live It Down: In the Bad Ending of the second game, Nepgear gets a hold of a demonic sword and proceeds to kill all of the other protagonists to power it up (in order to kill the Big Bad), while they all react very seriously to her actions. For one reason or another, some people have taken Nepgear's actions in this ending seriously as well, and made Nepgear into a Scrappy solely because of it. Nowadays this has turned around into a somewhat hilariousexample, often making Nepgear a Memetic Badass or a Memetic Psychopath with no shortage of memes about that one time she killed all her friends. Of course, these people often forget that Nepgear didn’t kill these people by herself and had the help of a dangerous evil magic sword that gave her a huge power boost, making her much more powerful than she really is.
  • Vindicated by History: After Victory and the Re;birth games were released, the first game quickly gained a reputation as "the worst game in the series". However, it has recently regained some of its favor among fans who are willing to overlook the less than stellar gameplay for the interesting plot. Some even feel that it's a must-play.
  • What Do You Mean Its Not For Little Girls: Clueless parents who overlook the Cleavage Windows and the T (M in the case of mk2) rating may think the Neptunia games are good presents for their daughters. The funny thing is the games DO have some messages that are good for girls growing up, like that you shouldn't let petty things and arguments keep you from being friends and that sometimes you have to work hard to achieve what you set out to do. But that doesn't really change the fact that the games are filled with skimpy outfits and a rather considerable amount of swearing and lewd jokes.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: EVERYTHING. yes, really. There’s way too many examples of that happening in this franchise’s world to list here. Also, all the weird stuff that you’ll see in there is one giant case of Makes Just as Much Sense in Context. People who play these games for the first time often walk away asking themselves: “What the hell did I just play?”


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