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Neptunia Re;Birth 1 will be in an 8-bit/16-bit format
  • The new teaser site for the PS Vita game has been released ( and it showcases a pixelated Neptunia with an 8-bit/16-bit looking title for the game series. Is it possible to produce an 8-bit/16-biy game on the VITA?
    • Jossed, totally and completely, the new teaser shows it to be otherwise, and screenshots show it as a remake using V-level graphics

Neptune's Genki Girl attitude is simply her Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Think about it. Planeptune, despite being headed by the laziest Goddess short of Plutia herself, Planeptune is the most advanced nation, and despite Neptune's lackadaisical attitude, it has remained the most technologically advanced nation. So the theory is that Neptune's lazy attitude is really just a front; a façade that she puts on for her sister, Histoire, and the other CPUs. In reality, Neptune is actually completely dependable, and hard-working, much like Noire herself. However, Neptune, who knows from Noire's example that the dependable type can be run into the ground easily, puts on the façade of idiocy and hyperactivity to keep people from relying on her too much, and winding up just like Lonely Heart. She puts on a personality type that's easy for someone to make friends with, easy for you to trust, because Neptune wants her own country to be able to rely on her, but not too much. This would explain why Planeptune has been able to survive so long, Neptune in fact does do her own hard work that she doesn't show to Histy and the others, otherwise, even with Histy there, if Neptune was a lazy Goddess, Planeptune would still crumble. Another thing, HDD doesn't alter a Goddesses personality so much as enhance one part of it. In Noire's case, it enhances her ego, in Blanc's case, it enhances her anger, Vert becomes more confident (while in Victory, it increases her arrogance). In Neptune's case, Purple Heart is vastly different from Neptune to the point that she is an entirely different person, determined, reliable, able to carry out tasks with ease. This would mean that Neptune is, in reality, dependable and actually reliable girl that Purple Heart only enhances to where she doesn't hide it.
    • Somewhat confirmed in 4 Goddesses Online as Noire states that Planeptune is so far advanced in Artificial Intelligence that her nation can't keep up. (Though, in typical Noire fashion, she says that Lastation is ahead of Planeptune in almost every other way.) Nepgear has stated, in Victory, that she was more of a hardware girl, not a software girl so developing such technology is a bit beyond her. Therefore, the only person that could have done something like that would be Neptune (or at least, she gets the best people to work on it and pays them well).

Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Super God Black Heart will be set in yet another alternate universe
  • Due to Neptunia's seeming inability to stay set in a single universe. Look at Producing Perfection, which didn't need to be set in it's own universe (where Plutia for some reason doesn't exist, despite her popularity), it could have just been set in the Ultradimension from Victory, even serving as a sequel that took place after Victory. Instead, nope, alternate universe again. So, looking at Super God Black Heart, where all characters are super deformed and whatnot, it may be yet another game which takes place in a universe similar to but not exactly the same as, the Ultradimension. Neptunia may be trying to beat out Marvel and DC for the most alternate universes.

The next Neptunia game for a console will be for PS4
  • Recently (well, as of this post) a Neptunia game was revealed at the end of Tokyo Game Show 2013 for Dengeki. Also around this time, Compile Heart has begun remaking the first two Neptunia games. To remake the first one is understandable, the game was difficult and clunky to play, suffered from inferior graphics to the later two installments (and V later surpassed both of it's 'sister' games visually), and thus, a remake to improve the gameplay and enhance the storyline would make sense. However, Mk 2 was revealed to also be getting a remake, when, while a remake is welcome, it isn't necessary. The game is only two years old, and, compared to it's predecessor when holding it up next to V, the graphics haven't aged terribly. The fighting system was vastly improved, so was the gameplay in general. In short, the game is still a viable way to kill some time. So, the theory stands thus; Compile Heart is remaking all three Neptunia games onto the PS Vita so when they release the next Neptunia game for a console, they can release it on PS4 and, having the portable remakes, people will be much more willing to jumping the generational ship, so to speak. That's the theory anyway.
  • Confirmed, Neptunia VII is a direct sequel to Victory exclusive to the PS4.
    • But it eventually came to PC.

Hyperdimension Neptunia V II will be for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita
  • Mainly because I am being hopeful.
    • Confirmed for the former, jossed for the latter at the moment.

Hyperdimension Neptunia V II's battle system will undergo Genre Shift, from turn-based into real time Action RPG
  • Genre shift aside, this upcoming game introduce new mechanics. Including:
    • Double jump and sliding when exploring dungeon.
    • New combo system that not only easy to learn for beginner, but also challenging Difficult, but Awesome combo for anyone to learn more.
    • New elemental affinity: Lightning, Light, and Darkness.
    • New status ailments: Anger, Charmed, and Confused.

Hyperdimension Neptunia V II's primary antagonist will be a Neptune.
  • Croire bails out in Victory's True End, only to be caught by a Neptune, assumed to be the Ultra Dimension's Neptune as a Brick Joke in regards to, and apparently disproving, Neptune being Too Stupid To Live without having immortality. No evidence as to where Croire really went is given though. However, being capable of moving between dimensions would mean mundane capture is kind of pointless to her.
  • The site for V II currently has only two noticeable details: "Mega Dimension" and Planeptune in ruins.
  • Recent scans show an older Neptune, something that should be impossible if it were the same Neptune from Victory, Dual Wielding and dressed in a darker version of Neptune's original hoodie.
  • Putting it all together, Croire got her hands on the Mega Dimension Neptune and is pushing her in the same direction that she pushed Rei originally.
    • Confirmed but not in the way described. Adult Neptune is an antagonist but is by no means the big bad.

Hyperdimension Neptunia V II's storyline much darker than mk2/Re;Birth 2, if not all of the rest of Neptunia franchise.
  • We know that mk2 has dark moments due Conquest Ending, but still there's a lot of lighthearted moment. Neptunia V II has these premise: "a goddess who fell into the dark side", "the modification of Gamindustri", and "the biggest threat in the series will arrive". Judging by these premises, this game will have much more serious tone than the rest of series. Even there's a comedic moments and tons of references and parodies as well, this game rejects random silliness and more focusing the serious atmosphere of story itself.

One of the universes in Hyperdimension Neptunia V II will be based on the Conquest Ending
You know how the existence of a multiverse can potentially canonize Multiple Endings? One of the Dimensions in the game one where Gameindustri is in ruins and it (or the corresponding story) is called "Zerodimension Neptunia Z - The Ragnarok of the Goddesses in critical moment" Lets break the second part of that phrase part:
  • Ragnarok: The term, like Bifrost. comes from Norse Mythology and it is the Final Battle of the Aesir in which all the gods die. Like the rest of the mythos, it was adapted into The Ring of the Nibelung and given the German name Götterdämmerung (note the Gratuitous German in the attack names, mostly Blanc's). The Conquest ending has Nepgear and Neptune being forced to Kill the Gods (although Most of the Deicides were assisted suicides while two were Heroic Suicide and just bloody murder) to stop Arfoire (who is referred to as the Deity of Sin) resulting in a monotheist system and the twilight of the Gods (all but one being dead)
  • Critical Moment: By the time the Conquest Ending kicks off, It's the end of Gameindustri as they know it. And they were faced with a very Sadistic Choice; either they pool all their shares into one nation so that its CPUs can stand a chance, potentially destroying the other 3 nations in the process, or they sacrifice their lives to power an Unholy Holy Sword. Neither option was preferable, but there was no other known options at the time and the situation became such that they knew that not everything would be saved. Their choice was putting The Needs of the Many, in this case their nations, over themsleves and led into the Twilight of the CPUs above.
  • The ruined Gameindustri: When Nepgear and the Makers defeated the Deity of Sin with the aforementioned Unholy Holy Sword her final speech states that their Pyrrhic Victory, although will lead to peace and prosperity for a while, will eventually end with the people revolting against their sole CPU. This very same scenario happened before with Rei and Tari, but that was in another universe so Afoire couldn't have known anything about that (then again she became deified in the narrative itself since at least the beginning of the ending, omniscience regarding multiple dimensions is very likely). The ending itself is an allegory for how a monopoly would cause more problems than solutions. Regardless of how or even if, Arfoire knew of Tari, it has been made clear that a monotheist rule will inevitably be doomed to failure, and Nepgear's rule itself would fall apart if she acted like Rei did while she was in power (a likely possibility) or the Awful Truth, that the other 7 CPUs had to die to stop Arfoire, was revealed.

With all that in mind. It is very possible that the Zerodimension is a future where the Conquest End did happen and the result of that same ending.

  • Jossed, Zerodimension is based in a world where the Sega Dreamcast failed and Sega stopped making consoles. It has nothing to do with the Conquest Ending.

Time moves faster in Gamindustri than the real world.
This came up in a conversation I was having with someone about Neptune's age and how time works there, I'm just going to copy it here.

Aging has nothing to do with it, it's about how it would be possible for her to have been alive for more than 19 years. From what I've read about the series, Gamindustri's world is linked to what's implied to be the real world, or a reasonable approximation of such, which would likely mean that consoles were developed at roughly the same times. The graveyard contains deities from old, dead systems like the Coleco Vision and Atari, which makes it likelier that in-universe console development is at least roughly parallel to real-world console development. Therefore, for any of them to be thousands of years old, time has to pass much faster in Gamindustri than in the real world (or equivalent).

This also explains why the lands are named as they are, if you think about it. In the real world, borders and names change over time (compare Britannia, England, Scotland, Wales, and Britain). Similarly, in Gamindustri, the nations would change over time as well. Lastation is likely synonymous to one of the real-world dynasties, and Noire is likely either one of the oldest deities, or Noire III. Lowee is the oldest surviving nation, yet often subject to turmoil; this results in its borders being redefined every few centuries, and the new nation gets a new name to symbolise its new identity. It's likely subject to a lot of revolutions (heh heh), tending to be ruled by the youth, with Blanc being one of the younger goddesses (likely the fourth of the region's goddesses, as opposed to the other regions having only had one, or she may have been forced to regenerate a few times, a la the Doctor). Leanbox is a newer nation, still trying to find its identity and its place in the world, with Vert having (relatively) recently reached puberty. It's more peaceful than Lowee, yet also more militaristic (due to the Xbox being a western console, and home to many FPS games). Planeptune is around as old as Lowee, but much more stable; the last major revolution was midway through the reign of Lowee's first goddess (back when the Lowee region's primary power likely had a name like Loness or Famila), and things have been relatively stable ever since. This would make Neptune the oldest goddess, yet also explain her apparent immaturity: Back in the real world, the Sega Neptune was released (and was a major success), so not only did Sega continue the trend (with each subsequent console either getting a "Neptune vX" release combining it and all official add-ons into a single package or just being named after the Neptune; the Dreamcast Neptune v2 was much more successful than our world's Dreamcast), but they never grew out of their "totally radical" phase, with Neptune reflecting this in Gamindustri. Plutia is likely from an alternate reality where the Neptune was never released, but the Dreamcast was a success.

And I just put WAY too much thought into the series' backstory and political structure for having never played any of the games. xD

(Lowee would be a land of political turmoil because of all the different consoles with unique names. The NES/Famicom and SNES/Super Famicom would've had one goddess (like how Noire is for all 4 Playstations, Vert is for all 3 Xboxes, and Neptune is for all of the Neptunes that would've hypothetically been released). The N64 would have a different goddess, as would the Gamecube. Blanc would be the Wii and Wii U's goddess, making her the fourth. Each real-world console release would be reflected in Gamindustri by a change of government and deity, with the most recent one being due to a full-fledged revolution. Alternatively, the goddesses could regenerate with different personalities and names, in which case Blanc would have regenerated 3 times.)

Hmm... now that I think about it, Lastation would've originally been a province of Loness/Famila/proto-Lowee/whatever, before seceding to form their own nation. (Diplomatic pressure from proto-Planeptune may have had a hand in this.)

Also, didn't know there was an actual Sega Pluto. xD That explains a lot, actually. There would be two timelines, one where the Pluto caught on, and one where it didn't. Since Sega would remain in the console game in both timelines, that would lead to the ultradimension being based on the Pluto timeline, and the hyperdimension on the one where the Pluto was a flop (or never came out).


And extrapolated that further into Lastation being a dynasty (3 P Ses at the time), Vert having just passed puberty (on the second Xbox), and Blanc being the youngest (first Wii).

Okay, there's something that diverges from our world. xD The Playstation actually started out as an add-on for the SNES. (Which is why I speculated that Lastation was originally one of proto-Lowee's provinces, but seceded.)

What the conversation started at: 

There will be a nation and Goddess character based on PC gaming
Hey, why not. Especially now that the remakes are getting put on Steam... I imagine the PC goddess can't stand the others and has a superiority complex towards them. Alternatively/additionally, there will be a Steam character.
  • With the Windows OS-tans being enemy generals and Linux OS-tans acting sympathetically (as there are quite a few versions of Linux that run on consoles). Apple goddesses would presumably pit both sides against each-other, as a reference to the Apple of Eris from classical mythology & Discordianism.
  • Plus a Gaiden Game about the inundation of PCs & consoles with mobile gaming, featuring various android or iOS devices fighting with Nepgear, Uni, & whatever they make for the 3/DS, gameboys, etc. Likely with the Big Bad turning out to be the Virtual Boy.
  • I imagine a PC goddess personification would be a haughty and arrogant but ultimately rational character with no particular like or dislike of the others - perhaps even taking her arrogance from the fact that she has never participated in the console wars and is older than any of the other goddesses. Could even throw in an ability to mimic others, with the console goddesses commenting on how that's a dirty trick (referring to emulation) but admitting it comes in handy when the plot demands it. Her moe form might have an executive/office girl appearance (referencing the ubiquitous use of PCs, the form they're most commonly seen in) while her goddess transformation would, like all the others, be gaming badassery incarnate, because of course. The main problem she'll have is that following the trend of console size/bust for the others, she may need a pair of wheelbarrows. Even Vert would despair.
  • A PC nation will appear, but it won't be like the other nations. It won't have a goddess, but it will have a massive military. The nation will play on the "PC Master Race" mentality by portraying the nation as Nazi Germany, complete with German accents, Blitzkrieg tactics, and viewing the other four nations as "life unworthy of life" simply for being consoles. The game will begin with the PC nation invading Gamindustri and destroying the capitols, forcing the CPUs, Candidates, and Makers to go into hiding and plan an insurgency to make their occupation a living hell. The whole game will be a metaphor for the uptick in the popularity of PC gaming, and feature other threats for the protagonists to fight, such as mobile gaming (depicted as introverts with no lives outside of social media), board games (depicted as luddites who try to force everyone to play physical board games), roleplaying games (depicted as fat nerds), arcade games (depicted as everything wrong with the 90s, to the point that Neptune rethinks her use of Totally Radical jargon), and other, failed gaming systems such as Virtual Boy (depicted as vengeful towards Blanc for abandoning her), Hyperscan (depicted as a Cloud Cuckoolander), N-Gage (depicted as being hopelessly behind the times), Sega Dreamcast (depicted as a prima donna trying to recapture her lost glory, and blaming Noire for her failure), and Phillips CD-i (depicted as a YouTuber who makes fun of her own game library.

On the Moe Anthropomorphism of the Ouya
If they exist, then they're not a goddess nor leader of an official nation. The "Land of Ouya" is a micronation headed by a false goddess who aspires to true divinity. She's actually growing in power with the power of Shares, since due to her diplomatic skills she's the only one after the "Micro Revolutions of 2013" to have actually had any real success. It's possible she might ascend, but it's looking unlikely, as most people don't think of her as any sort of competition to the established order.

Also, in at least one dimension, she's gathering an army in order to declare war against Lastation for ripping her off.

The original Goddess that Arfoire fought against in Re;Birth 1 was that dimension's version of Rei Ryghts.
Given the existence of multiple other characters across multiple dimensions, the Re;Birth 1 dimension could also have a Rei Ryghts of its own, even if we never actually see her. The reason why we never see Rei in Re;Birth 1 is because she was the original Goddess, and just like her Ultradimension and Hyperdimension counterparts, she was a psychotic tyrant. Cue Arfoire helping the original four heroes overthrow her. As the first CPU of her dimension, Rei's abilities became the basis for those of the four goddesses as we know them. Arfoire also wound up inheriting Rei's megalomaniacal tendencies in the process.

Even when Planeptune isn't making games, Neptune retains shares via being the center of social media.
Neppit, Nepbook, just about any social networking device in the games seems to come from Planeptune. So, even if they don't actually make games anymore, people still are following Neptune, just in a different way. It also ties in to Neptune's personality, being the one that brings people together in just about any circumstance.

The "Vert" that appears in Megadimension is actually Underling in disguise.
It would explain why Vert Took a Level in Jerkass Memetic Molester between games. The plot of the next canon game will revolve around the other CPUs finding out and going on a quest to save the real Vert from where Underling is keeping her captive.
  • On a meta level for the English version: As Tara Platt was unavailable to reprise Vert for VII, Carrie Keranen had to fill in. Should this WMG actually come to pass, Tara could play the real Vert while Carrie plays Underling!Vert (provided Tara is actually available, of course).

Uni's "Well Done, Son!" Guy personality is a reference to Sony's lackluster Vita support.

Neptunia U takes place before Neptunia VII

In the next mainline game, Blanc will represent the Nintendo Switch, and Rom and Ram, instead of representing the 3DS family, will represent the left and right Joy-Cons of the Switch.
Nintendo does indeed sell red and blue Joy-Cons, which can easily be likened to the colors Rom and Ram wear.
  • Alternatively, Uni will join Ram and Rom. If a later game acknowledges Uni's lack of console counterpart due to the shutdown of the Vita, there may be a joke on game developers for the Vita putting their newer titles on Switch through having Uni briefly join the pair. Her color scheme matches up perfectly with the Switch's screen, making for an easy visual reference.

B-Sha was designed to be a pseudo-Composite Character of Nisa and Gust, since they can't appear in the series any more.
She has the former's Large Ham hero complex, and the latter's shameless greed.

Uranus was Neptune and Nepgear's mother.
This applies only to the Hyperdimension, since in the Superdimension, Arfoire was the mother of all four CPUs, and the candidates either never existed or were born later, depending on which version you play.

After Uranus was killed by Arfoire, Histoire was essentially left as Neptune and Nepgear's surrogate mother and had to run Planeptune until the two turned 18, at which point they were granted their powers and became immortal.

At some point after the events of mk2/Re;birth2, Linda was arrested, put on trial, and sentenced to death, thus explaining her absence in later games.
Mina flat-out states that corrupting the mind of a CPU is a capital offence, and it's not even the worst thing Linda does in the game.
  • More likely she went into hiding after ASIC was defeated, or was scared straight like her anime counterpart.

The Hyperdimension Goddesses have no idea how to be a Goddess during peacetime.
From what Neptune says in Victory, the nations of her universe were created first, followed by the Goddesses, we know that the four nations were at war with each other (Console Wars) for a long time, probably as soon as the Goddesses were created. The anime goes a bit further into this when the Friendship Treaty is getting made and Neptune states that the four nations had, up to that point, used their military power to get shares instead of making their nations better.
  • This explains a lot of the attitudes the four have. Noire, being the hardest worker, probably was the one who fought the hardest during the war for shares and it carried over, thus allowing her nation to prosper the most. However, this comes at a price in that her relationship with Uni is strained for most of the series and the only friends she has are the other three Goddesses. Vert's an even more avid gamer than Neptune is and spends over 22,222 credits a month on her online subscription fees and looks at Yaoi porn when she's not visiting Neptune or the others. Blanc buries herself in reading and writing her own stories to the point that she neglects her sisters and they have to play pranks to get her attention. Neptune being lazy is just her trying to overcompensate for the fact that she has no idea how to run her nation in peace time. After all, she spent time learning under Ultradimension Noire on how to run her own nation, and that dimension never had to deal with the Console Wars, thus Plutia and the rest got to live in relatively peaceful times, outside of some skirmishes.
  • Another part of this idea is that if the Goddesses were created for wartime, then the candidates were created for peacetime. In the anime, Vert seems to hint that Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram never had to fight during the wars. It also explains some stuff about the little sisters. Nepgear, for example, is basically everything that Neptune in her human form is not, to the point that Ultradimension Histoire comments that Planeptune would prosper better under Nepgear's leadership than either Plutia or Neptune's leadership. Rom and Ram love interacting with people and are pretty outgoing and energetic while Blanc is more withdrawn and introverted. Uni, despite trying to be as good as Noire, has an easier time making friends and relating to people than her sister does.

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