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The Neptunia series is all about a fictional console war, so there are bound to be plenty of references to video game culture.

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     Main Series 

References from the first Neptunia

References found in Neptunia mk2:

References found in Neptunia Victory:

  • One of Izawa's trailers show off a lot of works from Osamu Tezuka, such as Black Jack and Astro Boy.
  • In Lastation, one of the people you can talk to is Snake Hayter who hides in a cardboard box.
  • The ending shows off Pac-Man, and The Legend of Zelda to name a few.
  • Yet another Vocaloid reference is made by Noire's Stone Leek costume by name and description. However design wise it looks closer to being Dees Vanguard than Miku.
  • When Mr.Badd reveals himself, he orders his soldiers to make sure to search the CPUs to be sure they have no game-breaking escapipes to warp out of prison with.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica gets referenced quite frequently throughout the game.
    • There is a quest given by a "Uni Sound-Alike". She needs you to kill a few Cuberials who tricked her into taking on a curse to make a wish. Another quest is given by a "Small White Animal" who has made so many contracts with young girls that it needs you to go out and get it some more magical contract paper.
    • In Chapter 7 a new NPC that looks almost exactly like Kyubey in shows up in Planeptune named Rokubei. It wonders why you'd be asking it about a contract and insists that it's just a cat.
    • One of the regular enemies one can encounter is called Contracted Angel and it looks oddly familiar.
  • When Nepgear is talking with Vert about how she's no longer the main character like she was in the last game, Blanc comes by to inform her that she has Dragonball Syndrome, where the older family member passes the lead role to a younger one only to steal it back and that it can only get worse from there for the younger character.
  • (after asking Plutie to clean Neptune's ears) My body is ready.
  • Noire's Elysdeon returns from the first game. The description now also mentioning that it was built by Landale & Landeel Enterprises.
  • In one event Neptune shouts out "The Wheel of Fate is Turning, Heaven or Hell, let's rock!"
  • Rei's entire past is a big shout out to the Atari console and The Great Video Game Crash of 1983.
  • On the way to Lowee the group comes across a patrol and Neptune suggests that they "go all Roads of Fury on them." And that she gets to be the guy on roller skates.
  • Plutia's Thunder! and Super Thunder! attacks change to Thunder Blade and Super Thunder Blade in HDD.
  • From the DLC costume pics for Tekken, she gets Kuma and Lili's costume.
  • When Plutia is about to transform to give Noire her "most popular lecture" in chapter 3, Neptune tells the player, in the Japanese dialogue, to "Press the B Button to stop the evolution". In the English dialogue, she simply tells the player to hit the square button on their controller to turn on the text skip function.
  • Also in Japanese, one way to make a kid laugh is to say "Bero bero bwaa!"
    • Speaking of which one of Neptune's expression is the same as the Yukkuri.
  • In order to find out where the IF, Compa, and Peashy babies came from, Blanc thinks of the baby-carrying stork.
  • Some of your scouts include Maryo and Player 2, Amamiya Lint, and Mao.
    • Player 2 also mentions that he's not looking after a mansion or anything!
    • When he's resting as a scout, Player 2's activity is "inferiority complex...". Meanwhile, Maryo is doing some princess rescuin' during his downtime.
    • Also, Amamiya Lint is a complete recolor of Ragna with the exact same sword.
  • Rom and Ram's DLC weapons are staves respectively based on a White Dragon representing Truth and a Black Dragon representing Ideals.
  • One event has Blanc stating "I don't know everything, I only know what I know." She also references Dragon Ball by name in the same scene.
  • Victory introduces Shampurus and Alraunes as enemies.
  • After being punched by Tekken, Neptune has a delayed reaction after such extreme power saying "FATALITYYYY!!!!
  • After Neptune and co. get back from Leanbox and notice how depressed Nepgear has been since Neptune left again, Neptune says "Uguu".
  • In chapter 5 After everyone get back to Planeptune's basilicom and Neptune wants to relax, Nepgear tells her not to turn into a Snorlax.
  • Some of the lost places include an Emblem of Fire Castle and Mushroom with eyes.
  • Dungeons include the Metroid Shelter and the Halo Forest.
  • The CPU doppelganger Optional Bosses look like stick men riding paper airplanes with heads shaped like the Playstation button shapes.
  • At one point Neptune says Noire would be scared if Iris Heart flew in with a flamethrower and a blue turtle shell.
  • During a conversation in Chapter 4, Neptune references Creedence Clearwater Revival, of all things.
    Noire: ...Anyway, I found something that lends credence to the tale.
    Neptune: A clearwater revival?
  • When discussing who is sister of who in Chapter 4, Neptune tries to get everyone back on track.
    Neptune: Hey! This isn’t the time for us to gab about sisterly love and traveling pants! Nepgear!?
  • Atranger is a reference to Geppy-X.
  • In the description of the Mai Waifu accessory for Plutia and Neptune, it tells you to give it to someone who seems totally wifey and Moe Moe Kyun.
  • During one of the Nepstation Segments, the game mentions "A raging treat, Blanc manju". This is quite obviously a reference to the "Rage Manju" (better known as the RageCandyBar in localizations) from Pokemon Gold and Silver and their remakes. The fact that Blanc is the CPU for the SNES (i.e. Nintendo) and Lowee just looks exactly like Ecruteak City from the remakes makes this even more obvious.
  • Whenever Nepgear receives a new affinity, the Item Get! jingle that plays is the same as several other Compile Heart titles (but not used in the Neptunia series itself).
  • The protagonist from Devil Summoner makes a cameo as a recurring quest giver, one of the quests being named "Negotiation Failure" and asks you to kill some Kerberos enemies.
  • The ending credits has an RPG-style story where Neptune and Purple Heart are portrayed as separate characters instead of alter egos. After being injured fighting Anonydeath, Neptune merges with Purple Heart a la Shin Hayata with Ultraman. One of Purple Heart's attacks was Purple Slash, a nod to Ultraman's Ultra Slash. When an injured Purple Heart was visited by Yellow Heart, the entire scene frames like Zoffy to Ultraman after the latter was injured from fighting Zetton. At the end of the credits, Purple Heart separated from Neptune and left as an energy ball of light, akin to the Ultras' mode of transportation.

References found in Neptunia VII

     Re;Birth Series 

References found in Re;Birth1

References found in Re;birth 2 Sisters Generation:

References found in Re;Birth 3 V Generation:

  • In Chapter 1, Lowee, there's a Chirper of Player 2, referencing the Luigi's Mansion series, and Mayro of Mario, that the princess rescuing gig is actually a fixed game.
  • The new prologue has Neptune infiltrating a game system using a virtual reality helmet known as the Nepulus Grift.
  • One NPC tells another that a popular old arcade game was recently converted into a mobile game. Said mobile game is named "Puni Puni Quest".
  • One part of Chapter 6 is called "All This Base Belongs To Us"

     Spinoff Games 

References found in Producing Perfection

  • When dressing up a Goddess for a concert, one of their items they can equip is called an "Analyzer". It looks just like a Scouter.
  • One of MOB48's songs is called "Call Me Maebe".

References found in Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

References found in MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies

References found in Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

  • The game contains an extended reference to the Friday trilogy, of all things.
    Uzume: Your name is so hard to say. about...Bike Nepps?
    Neptune: I love Smokey too much to allow myself to be called that.
    Uzume: Smokey?
    IF: Maybe I should cut my losses and let Nep get stolen by Deebo before the game is over.
  • One of Robo Pitcher's chirper quotes is "Hey now! You're an all-star! So train yourself to become a star player!"
  • The Deer Girl chirper character mentions a water gun filled with squid ink.
  • There's a "Monopanda" chirper character.
  • There's also a "Rockbei" Kyubei-lookalike character mentioning contracts.
  • A reference to the "Damn Daniel" meme, of all things:
    Neptune:: Damn, Histy! Back at it again with the accusations!

References found in Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters

     Multimedia Spinoffs 

References found in the anime

  • The English dub casually namedrops video game titles into their dialogue, take this exchange for an example:
    Vert: Now that the Gears of War have stopped, should we try to be more like them?
    Blanc: Just because we're not having a punch-out anymore doesn't mean we're going to turn into good neighbors overnight.
    • When all of the Goddesses band together to fight against Tari, Purple Heart says that they've assembled a real dream cast.
  • IF yells ORAORAORAORA while fighting the Dogoos.
  • The big turtle in the Super Ninttenland amusement park is after Neptune's freshly bought peaches. No, the other kind.
  • When Trick is blasted off again, he yells and complains before becoming A Twinkle in the Sky.
  • Akiba's Trip is an actual game on the PSP that's a sister series to Way of the Samurai, and the "Plus" is the updated version. It is a No Export for You, but she has it in her collection on a completely different system. It's concept is weirder: you fight and defeat vampires by stripping them.
  • In episode 3, when Neptune and her friends looking up for Vert, one of her collection figures surprisingly resembles Gintoki.
  • In Episode 3, the aerobatic display team at 5ob's concert is called Green Impulse, clearly a shoutout to Blue Impulse, the JASDF's aerobatic display team, down to their color patterns and aircraft. (Minus the Vert ita-trainer.)
  • Pirachu's radar is essentially the Dragon Radar.
  • When Arfoire is battling against the little sisters in the English dub, she announces how one of her attacks will disable them like taking an arrow to the knee.
  • In Episode 5, Manect and monster hunting make their appearances.
  • In episode 6, Noire has a pet bandicoot that wears blue pants. The bandicoot later leads Peashy to crash into Anonydeath.
  • Same episode, we actually get to see what Noire cosplays as: Makise Kurisu (doubling as an Actor Allusion) , Kooh and Azusa Nakano.
  • Still in episode 6, Neptune poking fun at Noire's proud assertation that her systems were the best in the world is an obvious nod to Rudol Von Stroheim's catchphrase from the second part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which David Production animated prior to Neptunia. Just to make it more obvious, they added in visual Unsound Effects, a hallmark of JoJo.
  • In episode 7, Pirachu takes the infamous Lupin Dive. From the same episode, Neptune can be seen playing Mugen Souls Z.
  • In episode 8, when Nepgear unintentionally become a nudist, Vert pulls the "Just as planned" expression.
  • In episode 11, Iffy is shown running down the stairs of the Basilicom with Histoire in a scene very reminiscent of the climactic scene from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Bonus points for (spoilers for both series!) Tari looking and acting a lot like how Walpurgisnacht did in the anime proper.
  • In episode 12, Noire's Badass Boast after shattering Rei's wings is practically ripped straight from Portal.
    Noire: Your entire life has been a mathematical error! One that we're about to correct!
  • During Iris Heart's debut fight against Arfoire, she asks her who she is, with Iris Heart telling her not to worry about memorizing her name. Starting with the exact phrasing of Arforie's demand of who Iris Heart is note  to Iris Heart's particular insistance on the word "memorize" makes it clear it's a shout out to Kamen Rider Decade's frequent Running Gag where the villains ask Decade exactly what Arforie asked, followed by Decade telling them to remember him.
  • The second OVA features Ram and Rom dressed as Bowsette and Princess Boo.
  • The lost continent of Tari is covered with Mayan ruins. The kind you'd expect to see Pitfall Harry explore.

References found in the manga

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