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COMPILE HEART Co.,Ltd. (『株式会社コンパイルハート』), founded on June 2, 2006, is a subsidiary of Idea Factory and has made many Video Games.

Oh, and they love torturing you with their games forcing you to use guides. Also known for game breaking DLC by giving you an overpowered weapon at the beginning of the game. A lot of the characters in their games tend to be dorky or downright Moe to a degree. They are best known for their Neptunia series, which has become a Cash-Cow Franchise.

Their website can be found here (it's in Japanese).

Games made by Compile Heart

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Tropes common to Compile Heart works

  • Bowdlerize: Since many Compile Heart games involve copious amounts of Fanservice, some of their earlier work such as the Mugen Souls duology saw content cut out of fear that the games would be slapped with an age rating that would make it nearly-impossible to sell in international markets. After Monster Monpiece saw numerous cards censored, Idea Factory's international branch went on record to say that they would never again localize a game that requires censorship. After that policy was established, Compile Heart games were not altered for fanservice reasons — until 2018, when Sony decided to take a more active role in regulating content on their platform. Every game slated to be localized at that point except the first Death end re;Quest saw a handful of images changed; additionally, Death end re;Quest 2 and Mary Skelter Finale saw changes to some character designs even in Japan.
  • Darker and Edgier: While Compile Heart has never shied away from dark moments (the "Conquest" ending of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 being an infamous example), the latter 2010s brought a number of dark games from them. Examples include Trillion: God of Destructionnote , Mary Skelternote , and Death end re;Questnote .
  • Fanservice: It might be more difficult to name a Compile Heart game that doesn't have at least one sexy scene.
  • Guide Dang It!: Often times, the requirements for each game's Golden Ending are incredibly obtuse and/or Permanently Missable.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: There is very gratuitous reuse of enemies, areas, and other graphical assets between many Compile Heart games.
  • Super Mode: Many games feature transformed modes where the characters deal more damage, including HDD in Neptunia, Fairize in Fairy Fencer F, Massacre Mode in Mary Skelter, and Glitch Mode in Death end re;Quest.