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"Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."
Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality, describing this Unbuilt Trope

"I think they should've had a scene in Episode III where Anakin stormed a retirement home, and kills a bunch of oldlings."

"Who holds a dog hostage!? Were you guys sitting around in your caves thinking, 'you know what, people don't think we're big enough assholes, lets kidnap a dog!'"
The Colbert Report 2/10/14 (a report about the Taliban kidnapping a dog)

"Tell your mother about the orgasm is like “Say hi to your mutha for me” if “Say hi to your mutha for me” sped down Gross Way, slammed into a truck full of NOPEs and rolled down a hill made of dried shit before crashing into a lake full of vomit."
Michael K., "The barf cherry on the barf sundae"

Nooo-ooone...plots like Gaston!
Takes cheap shots like Gaston!
Plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston!

"I watched Jane die. I was there, and I watched her die. I watched her overdose and choke to death. I could have saved her, but I didn't."
Walter White to Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad

"I'm getting five hundred phone calls a day asking what the hell is going on, that our police force is brutalizing women and misplacing children. Christ, all this picture needs now is for someone to kick a puppy for the cameras."
Mayor Cryer, Changeling

" If you're going to have your bad guy do something despicably evil by destroying something huge, make it something that the PCs care about. Something they've fought for and made sacrifices to save.

"Something they've actually heard of before."

"Well then... off to count my money and eviscerate some kittens."
Alistair, one of Deadpool's managers

He always seemed the kind of man who enjoyed kicking stray dogs.
Arl Eamon on Arl Rendon Howe, Dragon Age: Origins

I've murdered tens of thousands in cold blood. If I can't ice the sad-eyed puppy too, I don't deserve the job.
— from the Evil Empress Guide

"Killed a few puppies today?"
— Tyrion to King Joffrey, Game of Thrones

"I'll take the catalyst...and your powers too, Hiro."
Arthur Petrelli, the jackdouche supreme, Heroes

Casual animal violence is the new mustache twirl. You get down to some petty cruelty.
Homestuck RPG thread at Bay 12 Games Forum.

Killing a dog is sort of cinematic short of hand – no matter what you will instantly hate the killer of said dog. It's an easy way to characterize a villain, and thus it is used often.
Horror Movie a Day review of Red

Jodie: Damn it! Could I be any more of a bad guy in this situation?
Eric: Well, you could have punched a puppy.

"Give me the amulet, you BITCH!"
Dracula, The Monster Squad, to a five-year-old girl.

Just who...had the put a puppy and baby seal in my path!!
Boa Hancock, One Piece

Sam: Gee, I don't know anybody who could firebomb kittens...
Max: Here, let me!

Waluigi: Dear Tumblr. Yesterday i got a visitor in my front door. It was a lonely puppy, standing outside in the rain, yapping at my door. So i opened the door... And i kicked the dog.

"But these tender passages, sacred though their fervour, did not pass unobserved by profane eyes; for crouched in the bushes and gritting his teeth was the dastardly 'Squire Hardman! When the lovers had finally strolled away he leapt out into the lane, viciously twirling his moustache and riding-crop, and kicking an unquestionably innocent cat who was also out strolling."

"Wilder is a stone-cold bastard.", on Wilder killing a puppy in their recap of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce episode 5

Jotaro Kujo: Hm, there's only an old woman and a dude and a dog.
Yoshikage Kira: Ah? Huh huh huh huh?
(Kira looks around and spots Pokky in between the legs of the disguised Rubber Soul.)
Pokky: Bow bow bow bow!
Jotaro: What. This old lady's nec... uh legs, there's a dog's head poking out between them.
(The disguised Rubber Soul devours the dog.)
Kira: My Pokky!
(Killer Queen appears in the background for a brief moment.)

Is nibbling grass without a care
He's so delightful as he hops for you
You say, "Hi, bunny", and he stops for you
Hello, rabbit stew!
Mister Cladwell, "Don't Be The Bunny", Urinetown

Zeller: Found [the cat] behind the Jacobis' garage. Flower between its paws and wrapped in a dishtowel, strangled.
Price: (sighs) Son of a bitch.
Zeller: (offended) Okay, seems you're a little more upset about the cat than you were about the children, but... (shrugs)
Price: I'm particularly fond of cats. I'm not particularly fond of children.
(Zeller throws a look at Price)
Graham: What about the Leeds' dog?
Zeller: It was punctured in the abdomen, the vet worked on him, should be okay. They thought he was shot, but couldn't find a bullet; they thought he was stabbed with an icepick or an awl.
Price: (shaking head) The son of a bitch.
(Zeller glares at Price)

"I'll tell you one good thing, Fate. Ever since I made you, all this time... I've hated you!"

"I once saw him kill three men in a bar fight with a pencil. A. Fucking. Pencil. One day, he tells me he wants out. So I gave him an impossible task, a job no one could pull off. The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of who we are now. And now, my son, a few days after his wife dies, you steal his car.. and kill his fucking dog."
Viggo, to Iosef, John Wick, regarding John and how Iosef's done fucked up.

Something really strange happened today: all of the speakers in the Clubhouse turned on and a voice started talking. It called itself John. It told us things about what was happening out there. To our friends. To our families. Horrible things.
Shoji started screaming for the voice to stop. He grabbed a corkscrew from the bar and jammed it into his ear. He wouldn't stop twisting it. I can still see him screaming on the floor as blood fountained from his ear, twisting and twisting. When it was over, some of the others dragged his body into a corner.
John laughed.

We have so much ground to cover, and I simply cannot do it with all this rabble in the way! Now, let me see here... Ever see the effects of purified narcotics on the human brain? Best to have a look while they're still alive...
Dr Killjoy, The Suffering: Ties That Bind

Pick up that coffee. Throw it in your face.

Ness can eat my shorts! For a neighbor, he's a loser!
—Graffiti left by Porky Minch in Summers, EarthBound

"It was an axiom that evil men kicked dogs, and if you wanted to be accepted as truly evil, you had to kick a lot of dogs. It sounds old-fashioned today, I know, but the guilds were quite strict about it. It was no easy feat. Sometimes I'd have to chase a dog for half a league before I could get a good kick in, and often as not I'd collect a bite on the ankle. But I kept at it until I met my quota each month, then exceeded it."
—Lord Voltmeter in Heroics for Beginners by John Moore

Lupo, his circuits for some reason keenly activated, now emitted from his Vox-Em a piercing willful aroof. Before Vronsky could chastise the dog-robot, Alexei Alexandrovich cocked his head and stared straight at the Class III with his dark metallic eye for a long moment. Lupo yelped feebly, shuddered, and fell to the ground like a broken Class I plaything.
Android Karenina