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Those Two Guys
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Sam: Ed, Larry—this is Lisa Sherborne from Vanity Fair.
Lisa: Which one's Ed, which one's Larry?
Ed and Larry (simultaneously): Doesn't matter.

Two characters acting as the mundane Greek Chorus. They may or may not be snarky and unlike the Greek Chorus, they don't break the fourth wall very often (if at all). They're completely ordinary... and no, we don't mean as in the Ordinary High-School Student, or the Badass Normal. They're ordinary. Often the best friends of the main character (who is an Ordinary High-School Student) before all the weirdness with aliens, robots, magic, demons, harems, etc.


Some pairs become involved in the plot less and less as the series progresses, especially if the plot becomes more serious. Given what usually happens to people involved in the plot, it's probably for the best. However, it's not uncommon for Those Two Guys to also become popular and even iconic characters in the series.

Their personalities usually sharply contrast, e.g. calm/hyper, jock/geek, etc., or their appearances contrast, e.g. short/tall, thin/fat... When they don't, they will be exactly the same. They might even wear Coordinated Clothes. Their names are often esoteric (either too complex or too simple to stand out), plus their non-involvement with the plot usually results in them being called "Those Two Guys". If part of a band of four, they will be paired with an Odd-Couple type, usually protagonist/narrator and a best-friend type. They will often split into two groups of two, usually with the two main characters having a profound (or at least more plot-relevant) conversation while the other two (usually the group dumb guy and the big guy/tough guy) do something contrastingly goofy, like roughhousing or mindless bullshitting.


Occasionally, we get a Lower-Deck Episode from their point of view. Expect to ask someone who they are after a few episodes.

Compare the Beta Couple, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Tomboy and Girly Girl, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man, Straight Man and Wise Guy, and The Dividual. This trope may sometimes overlap with Red Oni, Blue Oni trope (though that trope isn't always exclusive to the Those Two Guys trope). Despite the similar name, Those Two Bad Guys have very different personalities from Those Two Guys... even if they are bad guys. If there's only one of these guys in a romance-based series, he's likely a Bromantic Foil. Also associated to members of a musical group who are not the Face of the Band.


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    Audio Plays 
  • Big Finish Doctor Who: The Church and the Crown has Rouffet and Delmarre; the two musketeers who initially challenge the Doctor to a duel, then get dragged along in Peri's wake for most of the adventure, before finally fighting alongside Erimem in the battle against Buckingham; keeping up a stream of banter the entire way.

    Fan Works 
  • Sam and Naoko provide the human commentary in The Return it's even Lampshaded how everyone else seems to get turned into a succubus but they've hung around the main character for half a million words so far and are still human and un-kidnappedd. When Sunshine reveals she is a succubus, they just look at each other and the loser pays the winner with an "I told you so".
  • In the Professional Wrestling fanfiction TWE: The Next Generation "Rapid" Ricky Helix and Marcus Cross are just there to make Generation Now more threating. While Dax Din, Claymore Raters, Rena Myers, Nicholas Churchill and Zephyr Jones are more important to the whole story arch.
  • In Glee fanfiction focusing on Blaine and/or Dalton, Wes and David (frequently called Wevid in-universe) often play this part.
  • David Squall (Splashdown) and Edward Surge (Thunderhead) in Rise of the Galeforces.
  • Blooey and Jerry in Paper Luigi X, with Torque sometimes joining in.
  • Ros and Guil in the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades side-story Wheel of Fortune. Notably they're only name this because no one else knows their real names. Just like their namesakes, they get killed off.
  • Mega Man Recut has Cut Man and Guts Man. Ring Man and Magnet Man are often found lazing about Skull Fortress together.
  • Between Minds, (Half-Life/Portal) has Sam and Marcus, who have the short/tall, female/male balance, along with a bit of lampshade-hanging and comic relief.
    Sam: You might have to actually shoot something this time, big guy!
    Marcus: You might have to shut up.
  • In Necessary To Win, there's Himeko and Mairu, two members of the Saunders tankery team, who sometimes share their commentary on various developments.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, there's Gunjin Hayate and Keiibin Kenji, two members of Shark Team. They're said to be friends with each other, and tend to show up together, but don't have much interactions with the rest of their crew, whether Akio and Masaru, or Heishi (whom the rest of their crew can't stand).
  • RealityCheck's Nyxverse has Lightning Blitz and Sundiver, the pair of pegasus Royal Guards assigned to discreetly watch over Twilight and Nyx. When the latter two ascend to the royal family in Alicornundrum, Nyx specifically asks that the duo be assigned permanent duty as part of their guard contingent.
  • The Child of the Storm universe treats Huginn and Muninn as this.
  • In Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters, this sort of friendship rapidly develops between Irma and Jade.

    Ice Skating 
  • The name of the comedy skating team of "Frick and Frack" is sometimes used as a generic name for two interchangeable and/or dumb characters.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • The two bystanders of Michinoku Pro Wrestling were often Kinya Oyanagi and Kesen Numajiro.
  • When not wrestling as a tag team, Minoru Fujita, Munenori Sawa and or Takafumi Ito tend to sit around and small talk with Ikuto Hidaka in Pro Wrestling ZERO1.
  • Of the monster army waging war against Fighting Opera Hustle with designs on the entire wrestling industry should they conquer it were Commander An Jo and Private Shimada, who didn't take an active role in the fighting.
  • While they eventually became competitors and brought in their title belts from Puerto Rico, La Amazona and La Morena initially served as the self appointed spokeswomen of Ring Warriors in 2012. True to the trope, they were even buddy buddy with longtime rival La Rosa Negra, who had already debuted proper and was an inaugural champion of the company.
  • After losing their manager, AW, the Prime Time Players eventually settled into this role when they weren't jobbing. They could be found pretty much anywhere, be it breaking up fights in the locker room, cheering on Mark Henry during his strongman demonstrations, competing to woo Tamina Snuka...
  • D-Generation X became this after it was reduced to just Shawn Michaels and Triple H, not that it affected their popularity.

    Web Animation 
  • Broken Saints has two villainous variations: Sociopathic Soldiers Lt. Charles and Lt. Bravado, and club bouncers Phobos and Deimos. The latter two do fulfill the physical contrast, with one being white and the other black.
  • The elderly couple in Fairy Foxes. Also, musical Fairy Foxes Yazzi and Jazzi.
  • Mr. Bland and Señor Having a Little Trouble from Homestar Runner. They both entered the Strongest Man in the World Contest... and only lasted a couple of seconds. They only have one line each. Strong Bad jokingly explained their lack of appearances because they were "crushed by a falling Bubs' Concession Stand". Most of their appearances are in the cartoons poking fun at the creators' old drawing style. To a lesser extent, Coach Z and Bubs can often be seen hanging out together, and Strong Bad once somehow swapped their heads and bodies (the "Coach B/Zubs Project").
  • Superman and Batman are this in the How It Should Have Ended videos. Most of their appearances are both of them sitting in a diner, sometimes with a third superhero.
  • Happyman and Green Monster from Ratboy Genius. They almost never appear separately, are usually seen hanging out out at one or the other's house, frequently ride double on a motorcycle together, and even take a trip to Washington D.C. as a pair.

    Web Original 

Statler: I can't believe we haven't watched this show before!
Waldorf: I don't want to believe we have!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!


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