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Characters the anime focuses on

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Japanese name: カドルス
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc
Special Power: Carrot Drill
Fire Point arc element: Electric

The lead character of the anime, as well as the unofficial mascot. He is a yellow rabbit who has relational tension with Giggles and is shown as a slightly naive but brave character.


Japanese name: フレイキー
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc
Special Power: Hyper Jump
Fire Point arc element: Earth

A nervous, red porcupine. However, she actually acts less cowardly in some cases.

Japanese name: ペチュニア
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc
Special Power: Deadly Disinfectant
Fire Point arc element: Nature

A sweet, blue skunk neat-freak who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She usually stands next to Giggles in scenes, implying that they are best friends.

Japanese name: ナッティ
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc
Special Power: Choco-Freezenote 
Fire Point arc element: Air
A hyperactive, lime green squirrel with multiple candies attached to his fur. Nutty is addicted to sugary foods, mainly candies, and has a ditzy personality.

Japanese name: ギグルス
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc
Special Power: Kiss of Death
Fire Point arc element: Fire

A pink chipmunk with a big, red bow on her head. She debuted as a Damsel in Distress in the HTFA1 arc, but tags alongside Cuddles in future arcs of the anime.

Japanese name: トゥーシー
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc
Special Power: Tear Jerkernote 
Fire Point arc element: Physical

An unlucky lavender beaver named for his large, gapped buckteeth. He made two appearances in the HTFA1 arc before tagging alongside Cuddles in future arcs.


Japanese name: ニーナ
Debut arc: Lavare Arc
Special Power: Aqua Orbs
Fire Point arc element: Holy

A smart, light blue cat with long, brown hair introduced in the Lavare arc of the series. She usually appears with Tacho.

Japanese name: タチョ
Debut arc: Lavare Arc
Special Power: Fire Orb
Fire Point arc element: Machine

A red wolfnote  with dandruff in his mane and tail. He usually appears alongside Neena.

Japanese name: ミンティ
Debut arc: World Arc
Special Power: Tail Spin
Fire Point arc element: Ice

A mint-green squirrel with large, gapped buckteeth resembling those of Toothy's. He debuted in the World arc, where his lower body was turned to stone. He tags along with Cuddles after his body was broken free.


Supporting characters

Japanese name: アルレーイ
Debut arc: HTFA1 Arc

The princess of the Happy Tree Kingdom. She is the Damsel in Distress in almost all arcs. She is mostly seen in her princess form. Her real form has yellow hair with brown hair. She also has a form called "Allayna," who is seen as neutral in the anime.

  • Action Girl: When she doesn't have the Damsel in Distress role.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Is focused on in the Lavare arc alongside Lemy.
  • Beary Friendly: A sweet bear.
  • Damsel in Distress: She has this role in most arcs.
    • In the HTFA1 arc, Giggles had this role, and she just appears in a few episodes (and even the arc's opening).
    • In the Lavare arc, everyone but Allay, Lemy, Neena, Tacho, and Lumpy play this role. And Allay has A Day in the Limelight for this arc.
    • In the Grand Volt arc, she doesn't have this role. Instead, she just transforms into her neutral-sided form Allayna to fight off the Grand Volt (who was in Bowser's control).
    • In the Fura Fura Power! arc, Currly plays this role rather than Allay.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: In her princess form, she is a pink bear.

  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Subverted with Allayna, who is evil in the games, but actually neutral in the anime. The only reason Allay transformed into Allayna in the Grand Volt Arc was really to fight off the Grand Volt, but she also ends up fighting Cuddles and company.
  • Ship Tease: She was asked if Cuddles was her boyfriend in the HTFA5 arc finale.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: She has long eyelashes and brown hair in a ponytail in her normal form. Her princess form has pink fur and a red dress.
  • Transformation Trinket: Her crown is what allows her to change between her normal and princess forms.

Japanese name: ツチ
Debut arc: HTFA2 Arc

One of the two only-known Raccoon Soldiers who side for the Happy Tree Kingdom, alongside Kaimen. In the World arc, he sides with Cuddles and Allay in getting through the cave. They encounter Lifty, who is revealed to be one of his two sonsnote .

Japanese name: カイメン
Debut arc: HTFA2 Arc

One of the two only-known Raccoon Soldiers who side for the Happy Tree Kingdom, alongside Tsuchi.

Japanese name: ハンディ
Debut arc: HTFA3 Arc

An orange beaver with unexplained amputated arms, with what's left of them wrapped with bandages. He is able to build anything offscreen.

Japanese name: フリッピー
Debut arc: Lavare Arc
Special Power: Gun Shot

A green bear war veteran with a post-traumatic alter ego and wears a military outfit. While his 'good' side tends to be one of the nicest characters around, his 'evil' side is considered very dangerous and emerges when he sees or hears something that reminds him of war.

Japanese name: フブランデー
Debut arc: HTFA5 Arc
Special Power: Triple Gustnote 

A blue arctic fox with fur tufts resembling wings on his back wearing a red banana around his neck and a belt with an orange orb around his waist who lives in the Desert Kingdom.

Japanese name: リフティ
Debut arc: HTFA6 Arc

One of the two kleptomaniac raccoon brothers. He is the "younger" of the twonote .

Japanese name: シフティ
Debut arc: HTFA6 Arc

One of the two kleptomaniac raccoon brothers, and the one with a fedora on. He is the "older" of the twonote .

Japanese name: イジー
Debut arc: HTFA6 Arc
Special Power: Laser Gun

A purple squirrel wearing an orange, puffed jacket and yellow gloves. He is based on the Digimon character of the same name.

Japanese name: フィジェット
Debut arc: Land Arc

A pink rabbit who wears a pink bandanna on her head, a fuchsia jacket, and a white shirt with a wrench on it. She is an engineer and mechanic.

Japanese name: レダル
Debut arc: Land Arc
Fire Point arc element: Dark

A black/dark gray Hybrid Monster that Cuddles and his friends found in a People Jar in the penultimate episode of the Land Arc. He lives with Cuddles, and has supported the tree friends since the Grand Volt arc. Cuddles calls his species (a rabbit/porcupine/squirrel hybrid) "ledars," after him.

Japanese name: カールレィ
Debut arc: Grand Volt Arc

A sleepy, pink rabbit who also has a princess form, similar to Allay. When not in her princess form, she normally wears pink pajamas. Although Currly looks like Fidget, they are not related.

    Cuddles' Hopmon 
Japanese name: カドルスのホップモン
Debut arc: Fire Point Arc

A Hopmon Cuddles befriends in the beginning of the Fire Point arc. Though it is very nice to its allies, it seems to have a bit of a Hair-Trigger Temper.

Japanese name: ウォッチャー
Debut arc: Fire Point Arc

A dark red groundhog who is Bowser's subordinate and Ledar's eventual rival. He has blue stripes that loop around his back and a light blue, thin, vertical eye-shaped marking on his stomach. He also wields a couple of bladed fans.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: The blades on his fans are able to cut off Ledar's tail.
  • Combat Hand Fan: Being a Kitana Expy, he naturally has two of these.
  • The Dragon: To Bowser.
  • Expy: Of Kitana, despite the fact that he is a male.
  • High-Voltage Death: Suffered from this after Cuddles shocked him and Ledar with lightning.
  • The Rival: To Ledar.
  • Super Reflexes: He is able to dodge attacks in such a short amount of time. However, a slightly-crippled Ledar manages to surprise him by beating the heck out of him.

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