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Badass Adorable: Videogames

  • Felicia from the Darkstalkers series, acts more catlike than human and is just too damn cute.
  • Xenogears has Chu-Chu. Adorable? Check? Badass enough to transform into a gear-sized pink.... thing...... who fights to support the man she loves? Double check.
  • Xenoblade. Man, this is a World Of Badass Adorable:
    • Keeps the badass adorable tradition going with Riki. One of the battle quotes of this Adorkable "fur ball" is "Riki can win by himself!". And he's not all talk. Far from it!
  • Soul Nomad & the World Eaters packs a few, being one of Nippin Ichi's more serious titles. You have Danette, cute, ditzy and slightly amnesiac who tears through enemies with knives and regularily makes remarks about snapping peoples' necks (and actually does so to one of your allies). Trish, a refined merchant's daughter, always positive and cheerful, who leads a mercenary company. And then there are the angels. Cute little baby-like guys... armed with guns.
  • Nippon Ichi also brought us Marona, of Phantom Brave fame: thirteen-year old orphan who just wants to be happy and make friends. Is also a mercenary-for-hire with an army of phantoms, routinely hired to go into some of the most inhospitable places in Ivoire to deal with supernatural threats and attacking armies, managed to slay a legendary monster that the legendary hero Scarlet only succeeded in sealing away, and spearheads the operation to defeat the game's Big Bad. (To say nothing of the postgame content.) Thanks to the game mechanics, it's also perfectly permissable to make her a Lightning Bruiser and have her curbstomp enemies way above her own level without having to rely on her army.
  • Square Enix loves this trope. You've got Moogles, Black Mages, Tarutaru, and even Slimes with battle tanks. The Tonberrys are adorable, but extremely dangerous if one underestimates them.
    • There is a young, lovely, cute, spunky, aloof, innocent, friendly, childish Genki Girl in almost every Final Fantasy game: Rydia, Krile, Relm, Yuffie, Selphie, Eiko, Rikku, Penelo, Vanille. And all of them cover the Badass part of the trope. They are capable to decimate anything, be it with bombs, Black Magic, Summon Magic or just oversized weapons that they shouldn't be able to carry.
    • Selphie is willing to blow up a whole missile base, and that's just one of her moments. Not to mention she possesses the strongest Limit Break in the entire game, called The End, which will wish the enemy into the flower fields in a one-hit KO. Worst of it all? It works on the final boss.
    • One of Vanille's "battle sayings" is "I'm not all flowers and sunshine!" In a sickeningly cute, sweet, sing-song voice. You could hear the jaws hit the floor when it was learned that cute and cheery she had a summon that was a walking war machine. Not to mention that she's the harbinger of the apocalypse. Badass indeed.
    • Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. I mean, come on. The little cutie is the freakin' Woobie, but if he gets angry and/or determined, he will own you.
    • Also Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. Although less adorable than sexy, Tifa is a sweet and wholesome girl (although she doesn't dress like one) who can dish out one of the biggest damage in the game, with her bare hands!
    • Then there's Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, who is cute but also a Sorceress, and basically wields a large chakram that is shot from her wrist!
    • Terra! Mysterious Waif of exotic ancestry? Check. Person of Mass Destruction? Check. Mama Bear? Oh so very, very check. (There is actually more, but you get the idea). And in case you don't, Dissidia Final Fantasy sets Terra up as the girl who snuggles moogles, then frightens Kefka into shutting up.
      • And Gau. The cute, adorable little feral boy who was Raised by Wolves manages to wear out Sabin, the game's leading badass who can suplex a train, calling it a dance. In battle, Gau is a Disc One Nuke and a Disc Two Tank, who is capable scratching like a cat For Massive Damage.
    • Half-Identical Twins Palom and Porom are Badass Adorable twins.
    • Serah, Lightning's little sister, is the main character of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Damsel in Distress no more. She possesses fighting skills on par with the party members from the original game now, and she's no less cute from it. Her victory pose is catching Empathic Weapon and Team Pet Mog and giving him a hug.
    • Yuna in Final Fantasy X. Adorable girl, not even at adulthood, ready to sacrifice her life to end the world's suffering, all with a smile.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaand now we have Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, turning the World of Badass seen in Dissidia: Final Fantasy into a World Of Badass Adorable.
  • Sora, Roxas, Ven and Xion from Kingdom Hearts. Still, the absolute best example is none other than Mickey Mouse, who they managed to turn into freaking Yoda, of all things.
    • His Badass quotient has only increased over the games. In Chain of Memories, he's a support character that appears to cast spells. By II, he's playable whenever Sora is defeated, but can't actually finish off bosses (Although his agile combo actually makes him pretty good at wearing them down) . When 358/2 Days made him playable, he was on about the same level as the other playable characters. By Dream Drop Distance he's capable of pulling a ZA WARUDO on every member of the new Organization XIII (including the Big Bads from I and II) in time. The only person capable of resisting is the incarnation of Xehanort with power over time itself. All this from a former steamboat worker.
    • Also from Dream Drop Distance, we've got the Dream Eaters, both Spirit and Nightmare. From bouncing blue "cat-dogs" and purple bats, to electric snails and deers, and undead dinosaurs and wizard rabbits, they really suit the term "adorable killers".
  • Aside from Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You gives us Mr. Mew. An adorable little cat plush that could rip your eyes out.
  • The titular Little King in Little King's Story. A 3-foot tall child who takes over the world, frees and marries seven princesses, and opens up sealed cans of Badass just to punch them out.
  • Super Robot Wars gives us several examples. There's Latooni, The Woobie who is also arguably the best pilot in the Original Generation games; Mai Kobayashi, Tykebomb, one-time end-game boss, and adorable in the extreme; Ibis Douglas, the luckless but tenacious flat chested girl; and even the villain of the second Original Generation game Einst Alfimi, ridiculously moe and ridiculously broken once you manage to recruit her.
  • Tales Series Examples:
  • May from Guilty Gear. Bridget may also qualify if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Quite a few characters from Fire Emblem can turn out this way.
    • Amelia can take this to an absurd degree if you make her into a General. Basically, she remains an adorable teenage girl in all of the cutscenes, but on the battlefield she's seven feet tall, covered from head to toe in plate mail, and wields weapons that make Cloud's Buster Sword look like a toothpick. Combine this with positively absurd stat-growth and you have what is basically a walking wall of certain death. An adorable, shy wall of certain death. Ross is a Hot-Blooded boy who idolizes his Retired Badass dad but is quite the sweetheart to others, and Ewan is a cheery prankster with a talent for magic. Raise them well and promote the first one into either a Berserker or a Warrior, while making the other a Summoner or a Druid. The three trainees absolutely Moe killing machines - and double if you get any of the boys to A Support level with Amelia.
    • Also Lilina from Sword Of Seals and Nino of Blazing Sword.
    • Princess Julia Bahara from Genealogy of the Holy War is a Princess Classic with a high amount of Moe (See her here.), who's very shy and somewhat depressed (she's usually depicted as crying. A lot.) Mind you, she's a Glass Cannon stat wise, and would be that way but usually she's got one of two weapons, one is her trademark "Resire" which makes her practically invincible, the other is a stacked Game Breaker- as she is already, her Infinity Plus 20 Tome, Naga, which, increases her stats by 20 (ignoring the Caps, oh and that tome? It fires a Dragon at her hapless foes.
    • And there's plenty more in the Tellius canon: Queen Elincia, Mia, Mist, Sanaki, Ilyana, Rolf, Marcia, Nephenee, Astrid... Take your pick!
    • Most of the female manaketes throughout the series (Tiki, Fa, Myrrh, and Nowi, to be specific) definitely qualify.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening takes this trope to new levels with Lucina. In the battlefield she's arguably the most badass female character in the entire game, only contested by a female Avatar, and easily enters the Top 5 of the entire series (and that's saying a LOT). But during her support conversations and quite a few cutscences, you just want to hug her dearly just out of sheer cuteness!
    • Nowi, a cute sweet Adorable little girl who loves to play whose really a Manatake - a race of beings who are live for centuries who turn into giant dragons to toast their enemies.
      • Nah, Cynthia, Noire, both versions of Morgan...Awakening has quite a few characters that qualify for this.
      • Ricken. Just don't call him adorable.
      • Let's not forget the Avatar, whether male or female. In this game you can customize your Player Character's looks, and one of the three prospect Body Builds you're offered is one of a boy or a girl who seems to be 14 years old tops, and can have his/her hairstyles and expressions also arranged to your whims. This means, you can make your Player Character the most badass Person of Mass Destruction... and one who looks like a super adorable kid while laying the smackdown on the enemy.
  • You can make one in Spore if you're clever enough.
  • Gnomes in World of Warcraft, especially the females. That three foot tall gnome with bright pink buns tanking a massive boss four times her size is adorable.
    • Four times? Meet Supremus, the largest boss currently in the game. A gnome can tank that— it's about 10 to 15 times the size of a night elf (a rather tall character).
    • Female Pandaren are also super-cute, and exactly as capable of asskicking as any orc or elf.
  • Ninjabread Man — A cute, little cookie that so happens to know self-defense. Too bad the game blows.
  • Koromaru from Persona 3. His victory pose is to cutely scratch himself! Ken Amada, as a ten-year-old cute little boy, might also count. The alternative female protagonist of the PSP version definitely does.
  • Choko from Arc The Lad: at first she's a One Lolita Army, then, she gets an upgrade and becomes a Waif of Mass Destruction.
  • Ghost Trick has Missile, a yappy little Pomeranian who is adorable even by Pomeranian standards. After he dies for the second time, he gains ghost trick powers. His reach is far longer than Sissel's and he has the ability to swap objects of different sizes, even huge stone statues.
    • And in an alternate timeline he waited ten years for the events of that night to play out again, so this time he could convince Sissel to help Lynne.
    • Sissel is also this, considering he's actually a little black cat. At the end, he's a little black kitten. Awwww.
  • A few characters from Cave Story. King is a Mimiga (a rabbit-man) who takes out Balrog with a single swordstroke. Then there's Quote and Curly who... well, just look at this in-game art, depicting them in the act of storming Hell.
  • Ar tonelico has Cocona Bartel in the second game. She's about ten years old or so, four-foot-nothing, wears her long hair in pigtails with two absurdly large hair ornaments, and is the main character's adopted little sister. She is a very cheery girl who is always willing to help her big brother and often pouts in the cutest way whenever he's late. Turns out that she accompanies her "big brother" on his knight missions, and fights by taking her hair ornaments off and using them as a sort of transforming baton weapon. Despite her size, she keeps up with the adult frontline fighters, including her older brother. And the kicker? She is a Reyvateil, a species that is usually kept in the back lines far away from the physical fighting. Also thanks to her BFS in her Limit Break.
  • The campers of Psychonauts are all pre-teen psychics in-training. Most notable is Raz, who not only learns several potent psychic techniques but is also a skilled acrobat due to his life as a Gypsy Circus Brat.
  • Mass Effect:
    • In the first game, Liara and Tali. Liara is a socially awkward archaeologist that has never been in a relationship before, and can scatter enemy troopers like papers in a hurricane and crush tanks like tin cans. Tali is Naďve Newcomer that, similarly to Liara, has never been in a relationship, but can shut down your shields, make your weapons explode, and poison your nervous system with a few taps on her omni-tool.
      • Note that, with the serious turn towards the dark that happens in Mass Effect 2, the "adorable" factor for these two gets reduced. In the two years between the games, Shepard's death, Cerberus' attack on the Migrant Fleet, Liara's newfound obsession with the Shadow Broker, and the Collector attacks, the galaxy has become a much rougher place, particularly for these two. Tali becomes adorable (and Adorkable) again in her romance, as does Liara if you have Lair of the Shadow Broker added. By the time Mass Effect 3 rolls around, though, Liara and Tali are just as hard and weary as every other character.
    • Legion, among other badass designations, also qualifies as Badass Adorkable.
    • The Retaliation DLC for Mass Effect 3 allows you to play as a volus in multiplayer.
  • Ratchet & Clank. A cute little fuzzy alien with big round eyes, an incredibly expressive face, and enough weaponry to take down a dozen intergalactic armies..... literally, and his cute little robot friend, a secret agent who can grow into a Godzilla sized living weapon and control time. Saving all of time and space while looking incredibly cute.
  • As stated, a good number of Pokémon and even their trainers.
    • But no mention of Mew? The progenitor of all other Pokémon? I mean, it only does EVERYTHING.
    • All "cute legendaries" (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Shaymin, Victini) qualify. Notably Jirachi has a creepy eye, Celebi can Time Travel, and Shaymin transforms into a more badass form.
    • Which is arguably even cuter than its Land Forme.
    • The protagonists and their rivals are almost always this, except for a few side game ones who are older.
    • Dragonite. It flies and shoots hyper beams!
    • Iris is one. Drayden's assistant in Black, Gym Leader in White and Champion in the sequels. She also pretends to do a roar at the beginning of battle... and then she sends out a Hydreigon.
    • Ukulele Pichu from Guardian Signs. Unlike all other Pokémon, it will still do the assist even if it's hit by Beam Spam/whatever-attack of Pokémon engineered to be the most powerful one (Mewtwo) or even the god ITSELF (Arceus).
    • Sylveon of Gen VI immediately gained this reputation once people learned of its type and what it's capable of doing. That badass Garchomp you're holding? Sylveon will eat it and ask for seconds.
    • Hydreigon's Pokedex entries make it out to be a fearsome monster that devours everything in it's path. So how does it react to being petted and fed in pokemon amie? Like a happy puppydog. By treating it with love and kindness, this terrifying Hydra loves you unconditionally!
    • In Pokemon X and Y, any baby Pokemon you catch in the wild(Azurill, Budew, Riolu, etc.) will always have 3 maxed out IVs.note 
  • Opoona, Copoona, and Poleena all look like Playskool figurines. All of them fight the forces that corrupt half an entire planet.
    • This is pretty much their species hat in fact, to the point that their planet's constitution reads more like a warrior code.
  • Dog from Dragon Age: Origins. While outwardly he's a Big Friendly Dog the size of a small pony, he's actually a Mabari; a special breed of War-dogs created by Tevinter Magisters to be as intelligent as a human. Contingents of Mabari have traditionally served as elite units in the Ferelden army and used for breaking enemy formations and taking down Knights. While travelling with the Warden, Dog will jump headfirst into the fray and tear his enemies to pieces, before coming back covered in blood, wagging his tail and waiting to be scratched behind the ears by his Master. Sten considers him a true warrior, Oghren is convinced he's trying to steal his pants and Morrigan complains that he keeps leaving dead rabbits in her pack, because he thinks she needs to eat more.
    • And of course, his counterpart in Dragon Age II. Hawke's companions will occasionally come to their home simply to visit the Dog, Varric plays regular games of cards with him and Aveline even asks to borrow him to help train the Kirkwall City Guard, so they can learn how people in Ferelden don't soil themselves when they see a massive Mabari charging at them.
    • In Dragon Age II there is also Merrill. She's a thin, naive, innocent, sweet-natured, easily distracted, practicing blood mage and Demon Summoner who becomes a Motor Mouth when nervous. She also has only offensive magic and vicious combat buffs, not even the slightest healing spell, and fearsome drive to revive the glory of Arlathan for which she is willing to sacrifice her life. Absolutely Adorkable and she can a-splode you from half a mile away with her mind.
  • The Pet Dragon from King's Bounty: Armored Princess. Basically, a winged technicolored Stitch, who likes to play with a little snail and dance around his pot tree (check him out). Oh, look, he's summoning fountains of lava to engulf the enemies in searing agony, conjures lightning balls and finishes the surviviors off with a somersault kick. Awww!
  • Ecco The Dolphin, of course, being both a dolphin and the protagonist of a brutally difficult adventure game series, would obviously qualify as this, but it tends towards Fridge Brilliance when you consider that the label Badass Adorable arguably applies to real-life dolphins as well.
  • Sunny from Metal Gear Solid 4. Seven years old, cute as a button, and able to take down an AI that has effectively taken over the world.
    • Otacon, too, for that matter. Combine his male-Meganekko-osity, shyness, niceness, and nerdiness with his genius hacker-dom, the fact that he's the creator of freakin' Metal Gear Rex, and his Heroic Sacrifice tendencies, and you get one true Badass Adorable.
  • Dr. Fetus fom Super Meat Boy. He may be pretty ugly and be disgusting in some ways, like when you really acknowledge that he's a fetus, but that little fetus body is just adorable!
    • Really, almost the entire cast qualifies. Yes, even Bandage Girl.
  • Golden Sun games adore this trope, and usually at least one playable member is a young, adorable teenager with Squishy Wizard and/or Glass Cannon tendencies at the least.
  • Little Nana of Vanguard Bandits who's around twelve, has her hair up in pig-tails and is always followed by her platypus pal Kyu-Kyu, is fully capable of being a terror on the battlefield with her personal ATAC even when under-leveled.
  • Klonoa, anybody? He's an adorable cat-like creature with big long ears. He could also throw you across the screen.
  • T3-M4 from Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel. Particularly takes a level in badass in the sequel, where at one point he casually shuts down HK-47 when he starts getting too snoopy.
    • Not to mention single-handedly demolishing three HK-50 droids at once on Nar Shaddaa. In one-on-one combat.
    • T3's Spiritual Successor in The Old Republic, T7-01, definitely counts. A cute little astromech droid who hasn't had a memory wipe for at least two centuries, considers himself the true hero of the story (partially justifiable, considering that he had front row seats to the start of the last war) and is the first astromech droid who had his language translated - and he is speaking in equations! That is the first companion character a Jedi Knight gets. He is a tank.
    • Jedi Consulars get Nadia Grell for a Padawan. The Spoiled Sweet daughter of a Senator (and only known Force Sensitive member of her species) who looks like a strong breeze could whisk her away, utterly Adorkable...and things explode when she gets too excited because she has the strongest raw talent in Force telekenesis the Order's seen in a generation.
    • On the Imperial side of The Old Republic we have the Bounty Hunter's first companion Mako. Despite working in a distinctly amoral career she constantly supports light-sided actions and takes the time to comfort a woman terrified out of her mind after you two just shot your way into the building. As for the badass side of the equation, we'll let the girl speak for herself:
    "I'm not just the pretty sidekick, buster!"
    • Hunters also get Blizz. He's a Jawa, ya know those cute robed little guys with glowy yellow eyes? He's small, even by their standards. Calls you "Boss." As excitable and cheery as a sugar-high squirrel. Somehow manages to carry a rocket-launcher under his cloak. Mechanically, he's a tank.
    • Also on the Imperial side we have Ashara, the Sith Inquisitor's melee DPS. She's calm, quiet, contemplative, gets rather nervous when the possibility of a relationship is approached, and will murder you with two lightsabers if she feels it's necessary.
  • Veronica from Fallout: New Vegas. She's a sarcastic Straight Gay Brotherhood Scribe, with a compulsion against showing her hair. She's also very good with a Power Fist. Being voiced by Felicia Day might also have something to do with this.
    • Also, ED-E the Super Prototype Eyebot, a floating little robot that plays a catchy little tune when flying into combat armed with a laser and a perk that practically gives you max Perception.
  • Dewy from Dewy's Adventure.
  • Lego Adaptation Games are known to do this: first we have Lego Star Wars, that allows the player to re-live all the series' Awesome Moments while playing as Lego minifigures. Then came Lego Batman, that is just this side of Batman: Arkham Asylum in terms of sheer badassness. And now we got Lego Harry Potter and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean... you name it, really.
  • Every single playable character of the Neptunia games can be considered as one.
  • Milly from Baten Kaitos Origins. She's the sheltered daughter of an Alfard nobleman, and she has butterfly wings. She also dual-wields clubs and can kick you across the room.
    • Sagi probably counts as well.
    • Mizuti in the original game initially seems more weird and quirky than adorable until you see her face underneath the mask.
  • Despite being an online golf game Kooh from Pangya. The 11 year old Token Mini-Moe is also a pirate captain who hauls around a cannon and rides a giant bomb.
  • Turrets from the Portal games. They will shoot the crap out of anything they target, but the things they say are incredibly adorable.
  • From Eternal Sonata:
    • The twins, March and Salsa. A pair of a adorable 8-year-old girls, one sweet and polite, the other something of a hothead. They wield twin chakrams, have access to powerful moves, and... are those sharp teeth and miniature skulls on those necklaces? On the other hand, their headgear is reminiscent of bunnies.
    • Beat, an 8-year-old boy who is sort of like a younger brother to Allegretto. He wields a repeating rifle with precision.
    • Polka, a sweet young teen with an unspecified illness. Her parasol is a powerful weapon, and she has some good magic in her arsenal.
  • If you are going to call Mazzy, the halfling pseudo-paladin from Baldur's Gate II this, you're well advised to do it somewhere where she can't hear you.
    Mazzy: I won't seem so cute when I break your legs!
  • One of the default animals in Tokyo Jungle is a feral Pomeranian dog... who is still able to bring down gazelles with a well-timed Clean Kill.
  • Practically any character (even yours) in Happy Wars.
  • In Arcanum, there is a spell to summon a wild animal to help you in combat. The animals get progressively stronger depending on how good your character is with magick. They go from wolves to cougars, to tigers, to gorillas and finally, strongest of them all, ... a fluffy white bunny rabbit. Yes, the Vorpal Bunny is a level 40 creature with extremely high strength, maxed out melee and dodge skills and Master level proficiency in both.
  • Being a fighting game with a variety of characters, the Soul Series is bound to have some adorable folks kicking ass. Although the biggest one is probably Pyrrha Alexandra, who is able to wield SoulEdge without losing her soul to it.
  • A number of champions from League of Legends are members of the local "adorable midget" race, the yordles, like Poppy the Iron Ambassador and Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil.
    • And Fizz. He's the cutest sea critter in the league that strongly resembles to Stitch. But then... "SHARK!!"
    • Nami is a benevolent mermaid who's super cute and a Friend to All Living Things ... with the ability to trap you inside a bubble and send a gigantic tidal wave crashing down on you.
  • Toro Inoue, Sony Computer Entertainment's Japanese Mascot of sorts, because anyone that can take on Heihachi Mishima twice (while still being cute) should count.
  • Virtua Fighter: Eileen will scratch you to death with her Monkey Kung-Fu skills.
  • The Professor Layton series gives us Emmy Altava, a young woman who was the Professor's first assistant. She's sweet, she's likes her zingers, she's a good cook, and, when push comes to shove, she's a hyper competent fighter.
  • Several fighters from the Tekken series, including (but not limited to) Ling Xiaoyu (all-around friendly Genki Girl who one day dreams of building an amusement park), Panda (pet/bodyguard of Xiaoyu), Lili de Rochefort (Spoiled Sweet with love for street fighting) and Alisa Bosconovitch (cute, rose-haired girl who is actually a robot with chainsaws built into her arms).
  • Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. A cute blonde cheerleader who kills zombies with a pink chainsaw. Enough said.
  • EVERYONE from The Wonderful 101.
  • Violet from Cel Damage is a cute demon girl who is one of the most aggressive characters in the game. Her intro alone should tell you everything you need to know about her.
  • Being a Doujinshi Fighting Game that crosses five different Cute Witch animes (those being Ojamajo Doremi, Fushigiboshi No Futagohime, Princess Comet, Fan Fan Pharmacy, and Kasumin), Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams has these for every playable character. Yes, even Meteo and Bibin.
  • Aurora from Child of Light is an adorable child princess who gets sent to a Magical Land overrun by monsters. She uses a sword that's almost as big as her and light magic to destroy said monsters.
  • Tiny Kong of Donkey Kong 64 fame is a cute little monkey girl whose main ability is getting even littler. Yet she's willing, even eager to "kick some reptile butt", and is perfectly capable of doing so while shrunk. And in the minigame "Krazy Kong Klamour", while the boys are all cowering at the prospect of being shot with a watermelon, she's taking up a fighting stance.
  • The heroes from De Blob.
  • Rayman and all his friends. His many, many friends (even if most of them are just glorified Palette Swaps).
  • A Witchs Tale has Liddell and the princesses, who are all adorable and can easily kick butt.
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