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  • cool and new web comic: Final Agent, a character similar to Doc Scratch introduced in Act 5 who is a "Last Guardian" powered by the "Pink Sun."note  The mere existence of Last Guardians is a huge spoiler for the webcomic, as they are not in canon and are explicitely described by Agent as a three-of-a-kind anomaly across the multiverse. The fact that there even is a character who is a "second Doc Scratch" is a massive twist by the time of his reveal, which is lampshaded by the narrator building up his first appearance with plenty of mispelled "wait for it"s.
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  • The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum has the The Man Behind the Man, Tirek. The entire conversion scheme turns out to be part of his revenge against the entire human race because one single girl named Megan Williams defeated him over one thousand years prior.
  • In the third story of the Disney Crossover Series, it is not revealed that the "Master of Worlds" is actually Alice from Alice in Wonderland, turned insane and evil, until pretty late in the story, and his identity was already a mystery in the previous story, End of Worlds. The origin of his powers was also pretty mysterious, but all makes sense once we know that "he" is actually Alice, who in the context of the series is one of the most powerful Reality Warpers in existence.
  • It's very difficult to talk about Double Rainboom without spoiling the crossover.
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  • Eternal has The Sun, whose presence is a huge spoiler for not only what's been happening to Celestia for the past millennium - and thus what's currently happening between her and Twilight - but the entire reason for it happening in the first place.
  • Gouki Namikaze in A Growing Affection. As the Greater-Scope Villain, Naruto's uncle and Minato's brother, the secret mentor of Konan and Nagato, among other attributes, pretty much any important mention of him is going to spoil the last two books.
  • Horseshoes and Hand Grenades has many characters with tropes related to them spoiler-tagged. These include: Ryusei Sakuta (who has been brainwashed twice and converted into an android), Kengo Utahoshi (who has become a servant to Ophiuchus as early as Chapter 2), Jiro Inseki (the whole reason Ryusei even killed Gentaro in the first place being killed and resurrected), Mei Shirakawa (who was the fortuneteller who pushed Ryusei on the path to kill Gentaro in the first place) and Shotaro Hidari (for becoming a Serpent-bearer and losing his mind.)
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  • Hunting the Unicorn has a major spoiler in the form of Alex. He's mentioned in the thirteenth chapter as Blaine's stalker, has a short appearance in the fourteenth, and later appears in the nineteenth chapter where he kidnaps Blaine, Wes, and David. Two more Walking Spoiler characters are Tori Grayson, Nick's divorced father who is secretly a wanted criminal that the Behavioral Analysis Unit knows as "Spyke," and Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, who broke Alex out of jail because he needs Alex to help him find Blaine's therapist Sansa Stark.
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis:
    • Rin Satsuki, whose identity, powers (and how she got them) and history are spoilers for the motivations and goals of more than half the cast.
    • The Shadow Youkai is a lesser example. Her origins and nature are certainly a spoiler, but her existence is most certainly not, as "Rumia's Superpowered Evil Side" has long been a Fandom-Specific Plot for Touhou fan works.
  • Lulu's Bizarre Rebellion: Lelouch is forced to reveal his powers to Suzaku before they even escape Shinjuku, so he is unable to take the role of Zero, but no-one expected him to hand the role to Shirley, or indeed for her to have any powers at all. Since this was revealed in the first fourth of the story, and so it's very hard to mention later events without giving it away.
  • On the character page of A Man of Iron, Sansa's article is almost entirely whited out, due to the game-changing elements of her personal storyline — namely, her death near the end of the first book and subsequent resurrection as the Night's Queen in its epilogue, leading to her becoming a major antagonist in the rest of the series.
  • Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!
    • Monkey D. Madelyn. To make a long story short, she, a World Noble, got her hands on a special Devil Fruit, and used it to fall in love with Trafalgar Law. Unfortunately, as his personality slowly changed because of her influence, she assumed he'd given up on winning the race for One Piece, and used her powers to arrange for her brother Luffy to get captured by the Marines so that Law would once again have a shot at winning. Doing so resulted in Luffy getting executed, and his crew dying one by one; overwhelmed by shame, she retreats to the real world, gets married and gives birth to the main character, before events result in her being taken back to the One Piece world 20 years after her departure. If you mention anything about her except her name or status as the "Pirate Queen", you'll give away a plot twist at some point.
    • The Disinfector, a.k.a. Trafalgar Law, who also plays a major role in the backstory as Madelyn's lover, and whose identity is kept secret for much of the fic.
  • The true nature of the title characters in Marionettes, as the Tomato in the Mirror reveal is a major Plot Twist just before the Disc-One Final Boss confrontation with Gear Shift and Cover Story.
  • Moonstuck has Discord. His very presence spoils not only the ending and the nature of one of the two other villains, but also that the whole thing is set during his original reign of Equestria (and not, as many fans initially assumed, set during Luna's imprisonment in the moon).
  • Necessary To Win has Mizuho Miyanaga, who happens to be based on the girl from Chapter 102 and 104 of Saki. She was Saki and Teru's adoptive sister and a distant relative, until she died in a tankery match, as a result of Teru saving Saki rather than her, being only to save one. Saki forgetting about Mizuho and Teru's own conflicting feelings about her decision is the cause of Teru's enmity toward her, and Mizuho's death also caused the Miyanagas to break apart. Essentially, mentioning anything about Mizuho, including her name, spoils some part of the Miyanaga sisters' subplot.
  • Claire Thompson in The New Retcons, who's Elly's illegitimate daughter from when she was a teenager. Later, Fiona Brass (who takes a crazed runaway Elly in) and Kortney Patterson, nee Krelbutz (who John had cheated on Elly with, and eventually married).
  • In Pokémon fanfic Obsession, a certain character is referred to only as "Lucrezia's son", covering that he's a certain canon criminal mastermind.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, the Flood from Halo is the Big Bad. The fact that Halo is involved at all is also generally spoiler-tagged in entries related to the work. Depending on context, the same can be said of Borderlands.
  • In Perfection is Overrated, Meiko is thought to be a friend of Mai's, but it turns out that she's Bachiko's accomplice, having rewritten everyone's memories so that Bachiko could pretend to be an Old Friend of Mai's and she could pretend to be a newer friend, while the two scheme to manipulate various characters' relationships.
  • Ace Attorney fangame Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Conflict of Interest has a similar absence example with Shelley de Killer. It's hard to mention him without spoiling his central Plot Twist... he isn't involved in the game at all. The character two witnesses assumed was de Killer was someone else, and Obadiah Williamson faked de Killer's involvement in the case to lure Phoenix into accepting it.
    • The fangame also has Frincisco Mendirez, given that only two things about him are publicly known: his name, and the fact that he's the Big Bad. His identity is the fangame's Driving Question. The real reason Mendirez is a Walking Spoiler is that both these assumptions are lies. Mendirez is not the game's Big Bad, most of the crimes attributed to him were done by the actual Big Bad using his name, in an attempt to ruin his reputation with the mafia. Said Big Bad? Carlo Luciano, fellow mafia member carrying out an elaborate revenge plot against Mendirez, hoping to fully destroy his reputation to the point where he's begging for death, then kill him.
  • The Pony POV Series:
    • It's pretty hard to talk about Trixie's involvement in the story without bringing up that she's a second Element of Magic, or that the first Big Bad, Loneliness, is her Enemy Within.
    • It's also next to impossible to discuss Fluttershy beyond the first season without bringing up her becoming the second Big Bad Princess Gaia, or that "Gaia" is just a cover for Nightmare Whisper.
    • Likewise, Fluttercruel's involvement in the above and her Heel–Face Turn in response to fixing it, becoming a second Element of Kindness in the process.
    • Luna, Celestia, and Discord's backstories are completely whited-out on their character pages, due to their origins, families, falling out, the war between the Alicorns and Draconequi, and the time they spent as mortals, being integral to the plot.
    • Nightmare Mirror's character listing is almost completely whited out, to hide the fact that she's an Alternate Universe Applejack.
    • Diamond Tiara's involvement in the story starts out small, but then we find out Discord's using her as a puppet and corrupting her, and eventually gets her to free him, turning her into a Nightmare and his Dragon in the process.
    • The Dark World is full of these, but the biggest examples are Fluttershy, Fluttercruel, Rancor (when her true motives are revealed), The Nameless Passenger/Nightmare Paradox, her Psycho Ranger Co-Dragons, and The Benevolent Interloper/Amicitia.
    • Discord's erased older brother, D___t, due to his role as Big Bad of Bright Eyes' 7 Dreams/Nightmares section, and the fact that he turns out to have been evil (as opposed to the White Sheep everyone assumed he was).
    • And than there's the biggest example of all (to the point that their entire section on the character sheet is covered), ladies and gentlecolts, the G3 universe.
    • The Interviewers, once their true nature and identities are finally revealed.
  • The Powers of Harmony: Pretty much anything to do with the Guards' true natures, Cetus, Eclipse, Horizon, or Harmony are spoilers.
  • In A Protector's Pride, Hell is a spiritual being and the second arc's Big Bad, and the dimension of Hell was actually named after him.
  • The Katawa Shoujo fic Reconciliation has an interesting variant in a character whose conspicuous absence serves as a Walking Spoiler. It's revealed early on that Hisao has died of a heart attack, setting the plot into motion. Only the most basic description of the setting can avoid mentioning his death, and doing so spoils Hanako's bad ending.
  • A few examples in the Ruby and Nora series:
    • Weiss and Pyrrha: The Big Bad of the short story is Nurse Abigail Lemon. However, she initially presents herself as Weiss' kindhearted nurse. The fact that she is revealed to be a Serial Killer is a large part of the twist in that story. Her personalities before (a kind nurse who helps Weiss and consoles Pyrrha, willing to assist if needed) and after (a sociopathic Narcissist who kills patients because of her godhood delusions) The Reveal look like two completely different people.
    • The Greater-Scope Villain Salem. What's revealed about her is that she is Ozpin's Arch-Enemy and she sent Cinder Fall to destroy Vale. Pretty easy to mention since this is pretty much the same as the show. However, that gets a wrench thrown in the gears when it reveals that Cinder is actually Salem in disguise. Events involving Cinder after that take on a very different context. In addition, the fact that she has ties to many characters after Field Trip is something that spoils things about their role in the story.
    • Attacks: Harold White is this for the story since he is behind the Grimm attacks plaguing Muzukasi because he piloted a mechanical Grimm all because he wanted to discredit the current leader of the village, Penwood, and become the leader himself.
    • Cold: Willow Schnee's appearance in this story drops bombshell after bombshell about her. From the fact that she's helping the resistance against Jacques to the fact that she's the Winter Maiden in this universe and Ironwood planned that from the beginning. It's tough to talk about what she does in that story without spoiling something about it.
  • The majority of the spoilers in Neon Genesis Evangelion Peggy Sue Fan Fic The Second Try revolve around a little girl named Aki... Aki Ikari.
  • Sunset of Time has the Big Bad, Vesper Radiance, wearing a Black Cloak for the first several chapters. The reason is that her eventual identity is not only a big reveal, but completely shifts the tone of the story.
  • Tails Gets Trolled:
    • Sonic is pretty difficult to discuss without mentioning either Chapter 4's twist or the backstory told through Chapter 19-20.
    • Mario and Luigi may not seem like this at first since they are portrayed as members of the Troll Slaiyers, but it's soon revealed that they are intentionally Playing Both Sides.
    • Many of the comic's fans refuse to spoil the minor story arc Porky Pig stars in, which is sometimes dubbed "The Porkening". The arc itself isn't very spoilerrific in regards to the main story, but the shockingly depressing events which occur are considered too great to be spoiled to first-time readers.
    • Chester Cheetah may initially appear to be the embodiment of The Stoner, but Chapter 20 reveals that he and the other Defenders are not at all what they seem.
  • The Tainted Grimoire:
    • Raven: A high-ranking member of Khamja. Killed Off for Real.
    • Crow: He worked for Khamja. He then left them. And then he joined Clan Gully.
    • Archbishop Finch: A corrupt man trying to seize power in St. Galleria.
    • Barley: Nearly everything he did affected the plot in major ways. And then finally, Killed Off for Real.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords: Given the nature of the kiwame upgrade in canon, naturally kiwame Sasanoyuki is this.
  • What the Cat Dragged In has its Final Boss, Peacemonger. It's practically impossible to talk about him without giving away just who gets Akumatized into him — even the name is a pretty big giveaway, thus all references to him on the story's page are entirely whited out.
  • A World Of Bloody Evolution reveals that the ruthless Inquisitor is actually Weiss. This shows that the worlds of RWBY and Warhammer 40,000 are somehow connected and that Yang simply appearing wasn't by random chance. The Soul Wielder who taught a family of Eldar the secret of Aura, a specialized ability that turns people into One Man Armies, confirms this.


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