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  • Batman: Clayface tends to be one due to his powers of impersonation.
  • In Death of the Family, everything about Harley Quinn in this storyline is a spoiler.
  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe:
    • The main villain in Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time is impossible to mention by name, due to his identity as short-lived Ninth Doctor companion Adam Mitchell.
    • The Doctor Who (Titan) Eleventh Doctor Year Two comics have two very major examples: the first being the never-before-seen Time War Master who appears in the story, and the second being that apparent companion the Squire is actually a shapeshifting Dalek mutant and the story's real Big Bad.
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  • In Hack/Slash, the fact that Big Bad Akakios is actually the hero's love interest Samhain, due to a case of Amnesiac Dissonance.
  • It's pretty much impossible to discuss Invincible without spoiling that Omni-Man, the protagonist's father, isn't a Superman Expy so much as a villainous advance scout for a race of alien conquerors.
  • Talking about the current Loki after events of his adventures in Journey into Mystery is near impossible without dropping massive spoilers, since his entire motivation and personality stems from the fact that the final issue of Journey Into Mystery, the original Loki obliterated the young, innocent Kid Loki, taking over his body. (but he feels pretty guilty about it, despite that he's still trying to be a good guy now) If you try to get someone to read Young Avengers or Loki: Agent of Asgard, you pretty much have to tell them that they need to read Journey Into Mystery first, because any storylines following Journey Into Mystery WILL spoil the ending out of necessity since it is a hugely defining moment for the character.
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  • Due to its unique structure, it is impossible to even describe the premise of the Judge Dredd storyline "Trifecta!".
  • It's impossible to talk about The Mice Templar without either mentioning that Pilot the Tall was Evil All Along, or that he survived his alleged death in Issue 6 and resurfaced as one of the comic's main villains.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is impossible to fully explain without revealing that Lord Drakkon killed his heroic counterpart Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, at the end of the very first issue of the storyline.
  • The identity of Nightmare Moon II in the second story-arc of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW), so much that we can't refer to the Big Bad of the Arc by the name she's introduced with without spoiler tags!
  • Try to talk about Xari's role in Paperinik New Adventures without revealing he survived the fall of his planet and started to work for the Evronians to capture Xadhoom (his ex-girlfriend)to protect the survivors of his race.
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  • Very nearly everything about Elijah Snow's personal history in Planetary ends up central to the plot and backstory. The big, big reveal? He's the Fourth Man and the founder of Planetary.
  • In Ravages of Time, it's impossible to post any pictures of Sun Ce or Sun Quan without spoiling two key plotlines in the story: Sun Quan is the blink-and-you'll-miss-him kid next to Shan Wuling in Volume 6 who reappears and is revealed twenty-seven volumes later, while "Sun Ce" was actually an impersonator whose real name was Ling Cao and his supposed younger cousin Sun Fu was actually the real Sun Ce under a pseudonym, and the Sun Clan character sheet does not obscure their identities.
  • Spider-Man:
  • Superwoman has Lois Lane, who is actually a Decoy Protagonist and is killed off in the first issue.
  • Just try to explain the original concept of Thunderbolts without revealing the twist.
  • Frank Wolff, a character in the Moon Arc from the Tintin series, has more white under his name than anyone else on the Characters page. This is because he not only turns out to be the one responsible for leaking information about the rocket to the mysterious foreign power but also winds up being an atoner who saves the heroes by killing the Big Bad's proxy and then throwing himself out into space (thus ensuring that they'll have enough oxygen to make it back to Earth).
  • It is impossible to talk about Bombshell's role in The Transformers: Robots in Disguise without giving the main twist in the first season. This is because he is seemingly killed by Prowl, only for him to return ten issues later, where it is revealed he actually Prowl into a mind controlled proxy for Megatron's scheme. Bombshell is then killed shortly afterwards, making it impossible to talk about him as a result. Showing an image of the new Devastator also qualifies, since it gives away the fact that Prowl becomes the new head.
    • Just try talking season 2 of The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye without spoiling Megatron's defection. I dare you.
    • Minimus Ambus. Saying anything about him other than that he's the brother of Dominus will out Ultra Magnus as a Legacy Character.
    • Rewind II. His existence is pretty much a dead giveaway to the fact that the original Rewind is killed.
  • Watchmen has Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, whose terrifying plan to save the human race from itself is not revealed till the next to last chapter.


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