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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Conflict of Interest is a fangame based on the Ace Attorney series.

This game takes place a year and a half after the events of Apollo Justice. Phoenix has retaken the bar exam and gotten his attorney's badge back. With his former assistant, Maya Fey, back at his side, he finds himself involved with a series of cases, all apparently connected to each other.

Phoenix also faces a new court rival, Obadiah Williamson, a veteran prosecutor who takes his job very seriously. He hates both criminals and defense attorneys and seems to hold a grudge against Wright, despite never having met him.

Can Nick unmask this conspiracy of lies, forgery, and betrayal? Or will he too become corrupted by it?

The full game has been released on July 29, 2016. More information and download links can be found here.

Fuandon does a Let's Play of the game here. Shitaki08 also does a Let's Play of the game here.


This Fan Game provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Phoenix's bluff about Dahlia being channeled is pretty much ignored during the 2nd day of court. After all, it was just a ploy by Phoenix to buy some more time to investigate.
  • All or Nothing: After a certain point in the first part of Turnabout Consequences's trial, Obadiah dares Phoenix an all-or-nothing chance to not only find a solid reason, on top of having to prove the motive, as to why someone would do something as illogical as channel Dahila Hawthorne, knowing the danger Dahila poses. From that point on, Phoenix cannot afford to make any mistakes, as one slip-up would land Iris in prison. Oh, and let's not forget the Awesome Musicnote  playing whilst trying to counter this argument of Williamson's. Phoenix manages to win this gamble by claiming that the reason that anyone would dare summon Dahliah was to kill off Maya Fey. The person who would do it? Makoto Fey, who goes by the stage name of Gladys Porter. When did Gladys do that? Between the 2nd and 3rd shots, more specifically, AFTER the second shot. How can this accusation be smacked onto Gladys? Because, while Gladys has an excuse for the 1st and 2nd shots, she does not have one for the third. Proof? Gladys had planted a recording bug. For some reason, however, Gladys refuses to elaborate on why, thus resulting in another investigation being necessary, even if Obadiah thinks Phoenix is lying.
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  • Alternate Continuity: This game takes place in an alternate universe to official Dual Destinies. However, the branching point is set somewhere back from the current events, with the disappearance of Pearl Fey.
  • Always Murder: Subverted for one of the first times in the series in Turnabout Consequences, as Maya is still alive after she was shot.
  • Arc Words: Five years ago.
  • Art Evolution: Should become quite obvious, if you compare author's earlier sprites (made primarily from various elements of already existing characters) with new ones, done completely from scratch. He even went as far as to hire professional artists from deviantART for cutscene images.
  • Bait-and-Switch: After Finnegan Hood sets himself up as a Shadow Archetype of Phoenix, being an Amoral Attorney who was disbarred for forging evidence, you'd expect to see him as the defense attorney against Williamson in the MN-6 trial flashback. Instead, it turns out to be Kristoph Gavin.
  • Big Bad: Francisco Mendirez. An interesting example as, unlike many Ace Attorney villains, his name, role and motives are always clear, but he still manages to be a Hidden Villain, as neither the audience nor the in-universe characters have seen what he really looks like. His name is one of the few things we do know about him. Turns out it's not so simple: the man we've known as "Mendirez" for the entire game was an imposter willing to ruin the reputation of real Francisco Mendirez.
  • Big Good: So far Steven Jameson seems to be this. For unknown reasons, he gathered both Gladys Porter and Walter Webb in order to bring Francisco Mendirez down.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The ending of Turnabout Consequences won't leave you indifferent: you, as Phoenix, have to piece it all together and bring down one of the characters who Phoenix held most dear: Pearl herself. The final choice is yours to make, but should you go all the way through, you will have to deduce the awful truth: that Pearl is thoroughly broken inside, that she convinced herself to be a danger to Maya, and that her first solution to avoid putting Maya in danger was to attempt suicide.
  • But Thou Must!:
    • Surprisingly averted in Turnabout Consequences. It's up to player if they decide to cover for the real culprit or to expose the truth. Both choices lead to different endings and will have repercussions in the final case.
    • Played straight earlier in the case as no matter what you choose, Meredith is accused of the murder.
  • Calling Card: Whenever members of the Rivales Family want to send someone a message, they leave a card with a bear emblem on their crime scenes.
    • Sir Gallante's sign is also a specific example.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Reveal at the end of Apollo Justice that Apollo and Trucy are half-siblings? It allows Trucy to use Apollo's bracelet to search witnesses for "tells" in their testimonies during the events of Turnabout into the Unknown. Of course, she still has no idea why she's able to do it.
  • Continuity Nod: The crumpled photo of Phoenix, Maya and Pearl on a boat has been evidently taken in Gaterwater Land, during the events of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. One can even spot little Miles' figure in the background.
    • 'Jimmy' in Turnabout Consequences poses as a prosecutor and he pulls the same cheap trick Furio Tigre used in Trials and Tribulations, albeit this time with a cardboard prosecutor's badge.
  • Courtroom Antics: As expected from a Phoenix Wright game.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind:
    • Who is Sir Gallante, the criminal-murdering serial killer? It's none other than Virgil Black, the jobless friend of Wayne Parker.
    • Likewise this is true for the game's actual Big Bad. What is the identity of Francisco Mendirez, the man responsible for most of the game's events? Well... this is where it gets muddy. The mastermind's identity is the unassuming coroner, Morton Dreisan. As it's revealed however, he's only using the identity of the real Francisco Mendirez to ruin him in the eyes of his fellow mobsters.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Franziska von Karma can be seen in the background visiting Maya in the hospital with Gumshoe during Case 4 before briefly taking over for Williamson as prosecutor during Case 5.
  • Easter Egg: Visiting the Police Station at specific points in game may lead to stumbling upon some interesting individuals like inspector Chelmey and constable Barton from Professor Layton or Lynne and Missile from Ghost Trick.
  • Family Disunion: The Fey Clan Reunion resulted in an attempted assassination of Maya Fey, the current Master of Kurain, with another family member landing on the defendant's chair... before it even began!
  • For Want of a Nail: Nick's decission from the last day of Turnabout Consequences has a big impact on the next case. Choosing not to accuse Pearl Fey initiates a chain of events where both the defendant and culprit die at the end of Turnabout into the Unknown and Obadiah Williamson uses a forged piece of evidence which gets him removed from the case. It is however crossed with In Spite of a Nail because in both routes the final mastermind and his scheme are exposed.
  • Flashback Nightmare:
    • Phoenix suffers from one of those at the beginning of Case 4.
    • There's also one at the beginning of Case 5 depending upon whether or not you choose to prove Pearl's motive in shooting Maya.
  • George Lucas Altered Version: Starting from version 1.50 onwards, the game has undergone a significant number of improvements and alterations - some scenes from past cases were rewritten and characters’ designs were revamped.
  • Gory Discretion Shot:
    • Sir Gallante’s killings are rather brutal for an Ace Attorney game, although the game refuses to directly show you any of his victims’ bodies. But then again, go and read again the detailed autopsy report of Michael Rivales and try to imagine how his corpse must've looked like.
    • The victim codenamed "Rosencrantz" in Turnabout into the Unknown had their face so badly smashed in with a shovel that the body was unidentifiable without dental records (and even then, the teeth were scattered all over the place). Players never see the body in this case either, though if Phoenix's reaction is anything to go by, it's definitely a horrible sight.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: Kristoph's final argument in the flashback MN-6 portion, which you can only progress by emptying your penalty meter. Justified as the outcome of the trial is a Foregone Conclusion, and Kristoph has to remain a Karma Houdini until Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
  • Ironic Echo: At the end of Turnabout Consequences, if Phoenix proves Pearl's motive in shooting Maya, Williamson praises his decision, referring to him as "less of a damn hypocrite" than Williamson himself. At the end of Turnabout into the Unknown in that same route, Williamson once again refers to himself as a hypocrite when he reveals to Phoenix that he forged a piece of evidence in order to put Mendirez away for Jimmy's murder.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Occurs in Case 3 between the LAPD and FBI.
  • Lampshaded the Obscure Reference: Two unidentified victims in the fifth case were given quite original placeholder names Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. When Wright fails to catch the reference, Williamson responds "You don't read much literature, do you, Wright?"
  • Left Hanging: Case 1 intentionaly ends with some plot threads waiting to be resolved in the next cases.
  • Logging onto the Fourth Wall: Link that PureMadness posted on Ace Fanclub leads to a really unsettling image of Sonic the Hedgehog (formerly it led to an equally distorted picture of Commander Shepard but the old link has expired).
  • Mini-Game:
    • Putting together pieces of a broken gun. With super glue!
    • Again in case 4,this time with a broken statue.
  • Mob War: One between the Rivales Family and the Cadeverinis was brewing around the time of the MN-6 incident, and the prospect of one plays into Obadiah's proposed motive for Mendirez.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • Turnabout on the Web is especially guilty of this. At first we have a case full of Take Thats and shoutouts to Ace Attorney community, internet trolls, and rabid fanboys... and then, on the second day of investigation, we go to the Criminal Affairs. It gets worse from there.
    • Turnabout Consequences might be even worse. We finally get to the Fey Family Reunion where we finally find out that Pearl is alive. All is well, everyone's happy. Then Maya gets shot by an unknown sniper and things take a much darker turn, with the Rivales Family getting involved again. At the end, it turns out that the culprit is Pearl Fey, of all people. Wow. Ropfa truly wasn't kidding when he said that things are going to get darker from Turnabout on the Web.
  • Mythology Gag: During the credits for the final case, Trucy comments about how the agency should hire another woman, while Maya comments about wanting to visit the Kingdom of Kurain.
  • Out of Order: Case 1 (called also Case 0) was released AFTER Case 2 and 3. Word of God says that this case had been initially cut off, as it had almost nothing to do with the main plot. However, while working on Case 3, the author decided that it might be a good idea to throw it back in and rewrite some parts of the plot, so now it fits with the other cases. It also gave Trucy some screen time in the courtroom.
  • Playing Pictionary:
    • Wright has a hard time with interpreting a picture drawn by Maya for a Fey Clan Reunion flier:
    Phoenix: Why is the Pink Princess strangling that man?
    Maya: That's not the Pink Princess! That's me!
    Trucy: And she isn't strangling anyone...
    Phoenix: Sorry, my mistake.
    • It happens also with the aforementioned Calling Card, as almost nobody can recognize a bear on it.
  • Playing the Player:
    • Turnabout Consequences does it's best to make you confused as to who the real culprit is. Raphael got an early bird cameo right before the case came out in the prologue case as one of the Rivales thugs talking with Timmons, so people would be suspicious of him, Meredith outright says she did it at the end of the second investigation. By the end of the case, you will be slapping yourself at how simple the solution is and depressed at the outcome.
    • Turns out, another one has been going on all game. You thought Mendirez was the Big Bad? Well, you thought wrong.
  • Police are Useless: Actually a major plot point in Case 3.
  • Punny Name: Rivales Family's hitlist includes such names like Leroy Jenkins and Albert Hawking.
  • Reality Ensues: Applied to a character's mental state: whereas Pearl seems to be fine in the canon games, Conflict of Interest prefers to take an another route, as one would definitely not remain unscathed from discovering they had been used their entire life by their own mother and was a central piece in a murder plot. Conflict of Interest decides to run with the idea that Pearl has been traumatized by her childhood's events, and to follow one of the worst possible scenario to its logical end.
  • Story Branching: Case 5 has two paths. Which one you follow depends on the answer you give to the question at the beginning of the case: Did Phoenix prove Pearl's motive in the previous case?
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: In A Turnabout Is Worth a Thousand Words, if you present Phoenix's profile at the right time, the judge will retract any and all penalties he has given, his reason being that he "cannot let competence go unrewarded."
  • Title Drop: Happens a lot in Case 4.
  • Trophy Wall: Phoenix and Maya have keepsakes from all the past cases placed on a wall in the Wright's Agency. note 
  • Troubled Backstory Flashback: MN-6 trial reveals hidden ties between some characters, as well as the reason for Williamson’s antipathy towards Wright.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Deconstructed with Pearl in Turnabout Consequences. After being used as a pawn by her mother at the end of Bridge to the Turnabout, she disappears to protect Maya from herself.
  • Wham Line:
    • The biggest one comes during the second half of the final case, though it's not so much the line itself as who says it.
    Kristoph: Name, please.
    ???: Allen Yossarian.
    Obadiah: OBJECTION! Your Honor! He hasn't been up there two seconds and he's already lying!
    Kristoph: OBJECTION! Allow me to handle this. Yossarian is his code name he uses as a safety measure. He fears for his life and so lying is a necessity. Sir, we already know who you are. Your real name, please.
    Yossarian: ....Francisco Mendirez.
    • Another line, this time from the present case:
    Yossarian (When asked about Luciano's identity) He's the doctor.
    Phoenix: Th- The doctor?
    Obadiah: Dreisan?!
  • Wham Episode: Turnabout Consequences.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: A major point gets brought up later in Turnabout Consequences that neither most players nor Phoenix ever considered at the beginning of the case: Where was Pearl during the shooting?
  • Would Hurt a Child: In Turnabout on the Web, Cody turns up dead in the Police Station's archives. It is later revealed that the one who killed him is Togamera... Or so it seems, at first. The truth is a little more complicated.

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