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    Trope Namer 

The following features the very first lines spoken by Starscream on the original cartoon:

Starscream: The Autobots would have lost eons ago, if I'd been calling the shots!
Megatron: Starscream, only a select few ever lead.
Starscream: My time will come, Megatron.
Megatron: Never. NEVER!!

And two episodes later..

Starscream: Right on schedule, aren't we?
Megatron: No thanks to you, Starscream.
Starscream: I've made my contribution!
Megatron: You've also made clear your desire to replace me as leader of the Decepticons! Mistake number one.
Starscream: It's time for a change, Megatron. It's time for action, not words. I am the leader of the future!
Megatron: You couldn't lead antroids to a picnic. How can you pretend to lead the Decepticons?

This exchange is immediately followed up by an ill-advised attempt to assassinate Megatron, which invariably fails miserably.

Time makes all things possible. I can wait.
Starscream to Megatron's face, The Transformers

In your... absence, someone had to take command.
Starscream to (the formerly dead) Megatron, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

You could mark your letters "All hail Starscream!" so long as you make it clear this is in no way a reflection on our glorious leader or a prelude to some sort of coup. Just so that we're clear on that.
Starscream, Titan Magazine Transformers comics' Fourth-Wall Mail Slot

Yes! Right then... Solemn face, solemn face...
Starscream after Megatron's apparent demise, Transformers Animated

Megatron? Did you just say Megatron? Did he just say Megatron? THERE IS NO MEGATRON! Megatron is offline! TERMINATED! I DID IT MYSE— saw it myself.
Starscream, Transformers Animated

Everyone believes you are deceased. Who am I to disappoint them... "Master?" (rips Megatron's Dark Energon shard out of his chest) And this time, stay dead!
Starscream, Transformers Prime

Why? That's what they all asked me. Why him... why Starscream? Why, of all Decepticons, did I decide to revitalize the one whose record of deceit and betrayal is legend? Because I'm an idiot, that's why!

Megatron, seriously. We're starting to think that the problem is you. Why the hell would you jump into Starscream's hands? The one guy on your team who consistently undermines your authority and attempts to overthrow your leadership?

Starscream: [Possessing Waspinator] You've betrayed me!!
Blackarachnia: I studied with the master.

Megatron was still on Trypticon, agitated and pacing but not wanting to return to Fort Scyk until he knew for certain that the Geosynchronous Energon Bridge was functioning again. Part of his agitation resulted from placing such an important mission in the hands of Starcream, who could not have been more obvious about his ultimate goals if he had stenciled I WILL BE PRIME across his torso.

The problem was Starscream's ambition was matched - possibly even exceeded - by his ability. He was a superb flyer, officer, soldier, and adviser. Megatron had learned a long time ago that no one could be trusted. He had also learned that even untrustworthy aides were useful and could be counted on in certain situations. This was one of them, since whatever Starscream wanted for the future depended on success of his alliance with Megatron in the present.

So when Starscream checked in at exactly the time agreed on in the initial mission planning, Megatron was satisfied but not surprised.
— Megatron reflects on why he keeps his treacherous lieutenant around, Transformers: Exodus

You see, leadership is not something I fear losing. It is something I dread you gaining. In the moments when my all-consuming destiny lies ahead of me, you remind me of the need to watch my back. And that is your importance, Starscream.
Megatron, The Transformers Megaseries, "Spotlight: Megatron"

    Film - Live-Action 

Himmler... Of all people, Himmler! The truest of the true... This is the worst betrayal of all! Göring, yeah; he was always corrupt, of course. Speer, yeah: an idealistic, unpredictable artist. All the others, YA YA YA YA YA! But not Himmler. Has he gone crazy? He claimed authority by saying I was sick, perhaps already dead!

I can see it's just a matter of time
before he's gone and I'm at the front of the line.
It wont be long 'till l get my chance,
but in the meantime... I've got to dance, monkey, dance!
Dominic Badguy, Muppets Most Wanted

Don't you see? We don't have to run away anymore! I have brought peace to the Republic. I am more powerful than the Chancellor, I... I can overthrow him! And together, you and I can rule the galaxy! Make things the way we want them to be!
Darth Vader, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith



Isard won't live forever. Nor will I, but if I live longer than she does, the Emperor's throne might well be open to me.
Kirtan Loor, X-Wing: The Krytos Trap

    Live-Action TV 

Wash!Stegosaurus: Yes... Yes. This is a fertile land, and we will thrive. We shall rule over all this land, and we shall call it... "This Land."
Wash!Allosaurus: I think we should call it YOUR GRAVE!
Wash!Stegosaurus: Aaaah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Wash!Allosaurus: Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE!

(Female voice) The real Master Org died 3,000 years ago and is never coming back! (Male voice) Which makes me, Mandilok, the most powerful Org alive!

No human gives me orders. 10,000 years ago, you ruled us, and we were destroyed! Now you're human — even weaker. From now on, I'm in charge.

Dai Shi: Go ahead. Destroy Jellica. That's always been your problem, Grizzaka. You destroy what you cannot have. I'm here to take back my throne before you destroy that, too.
Grizzaka: ...You dare to lecture ME?! Your incompetence cost us the great Beast War!

Every ruler has a hungry right hand.

Servalan: Section Leader Grose, what happened to Colonel Astrid?
Grose: Colonel Astrid — uh, he met with an accident.
Servalan: And his second in command?
Grose: He met with an accident, too.
Lector: Yeah, it was a very bad time for accidents.
Servalan: I see. And you assumed full command.
Grose: Of course — the demands of duty. I was next in line.
Servalan: You were just a section leader aboard a flagship, serving under two pilot captains and a brigade commander. Did they all meet with accidents too?
Blake's 7, "Moloch"

    Professional Wrestling 
You let this be a lesson to you, you stupid piece of trash. There’s a reason why The Rock don’t ever want you to think that you were ever the leader of the Rock, because the Rock is not only now the leader of The Nation of Domination, he’s the ruler of the Nation of Domination. And before I leave, let me leave you with something. (kicks Faarooq in the gut.) And take that back to Haiti where you come from.
The Rock after the Nation of Domination attacked their former leader, Faarooq.

    Video Games 

You will not be allowed to harm this form. This form was a mass of mana in the para-elemental plane of magic when your chaotic influence accidentally caused this form to be self-aware. This form is grateful for that gift, but this form is not one of the master's Chaos Lord puppets whom you have gifted with living magic. This form is living magic. Even your powerful Chaos magic... is still just magic, which this form can control. This form has no desire to destroy you. Stay out of our way. (teleports out of the Realm of Chaos)
Ledgermayne to Drakath, AdventureQuest Worlds

Seth: You see, power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood. Kane has been loath to attack America, but I think now is the time, and you are the one to do it. This is the Pentagon. A full-scale attack with your strongest forces should render the military control center ino
Kane: Yes, power shifts more quickly than some people think.

Excellus: Th-they... There must be several hundred thousand soldiers out there! Would they dare...?! Is it... Is it possible... Is it possible it was Yen'fay they feared all along, and not me?!
Walhart: Without him to back it up, your threat was only the grand shadow of a tiny spider.
Excellus: Tiny spider, is it? Well this spider has woven other webs in secret you could not even—-
Walhart: You mean how you blackmailed Yen'fay to keep his loyalty? Or perhaps your correspondence with the Plegian woman... Aversa, was it? Yes, I know you have designs on the Fire Emblem... You have no secrets from me, worm.
Excellus: B-b-b-but... I... I don't... If you... knew all of that... w-why...
Walhart: Why haven't I killed you? ...I've asked myself the same thing, several times... But you're no threat to me. And I admit, you have your uses. Besides, I'm not one for court jesters, but you do... amuse me.
Excellus: Amuse you? I AMUSE you, like I'm a jester?! Are you AMUSED now? With a million swords at your door, come for your head?! You've lost! Lost, and you are going to DIE! All of you, ALL OF YOU! But not me! I want no part of this suicide!
Walhart: ...Why, Excellus, did you just volunteer to lead my personal guard against the rebels?
Excellus: ...What?! No, that's—-
Walhart: Unless you'd rather fight me. Right here. RIGHT NOW.
Excellus: Mercy! Mercy! F-forgive me, my master! A moment's madness only - it will not return!
Walhart: Then it's settled: we have our new captain of the guard. Congratulations, Captain. You'll be right at my side until the fray is upon us.
Excellus: *Pant, pant, pant, pant*
Cervantes: Do give our guests a warm welcome, snake. Perhaps offer them some of your tea? Hah hah... My equal... Pah!
Excellus: ...They forget who I am. I could have fried them both where they stood with my magic! We will crush these rebels... We MUST crush these rebels... Or maybe... if Walhart is sufficiently injured... I might "amuse" him with a spell... Nya ha, either way, this spider crawls out alive! Eee hee hee hee!

Sindri: The ritual failed to break the protective seal guarding the stone. But then, I already anticipated it would not work. In fact, I counted on it. We require a larger sacrifice. It is time. Leave him.
Bale: How dare you, Sorcerer!
Sindri: My Lord. Never forget... all power demands sacrifice. Thank you for yours.
Bale: SIND-

Araghast: Eliphas!
Eliphas: Yes, my... lord?
Araghast: Open a portal...
Eliphas: No, I think not. A change in leadership is in order.


Gilgamesh: You'll come with me. You'll make a fine lackey.
Captain Vole: Vot? Iz you krezy? Hy vill rip hyu heart out!
Gilgamesh: (bash!) Oh, you'll try. You'll try again and again! Won't you?
Captain Vole: Hyu... hyu iz krezy! Hyu iz talkink like hyu vants me to keel hyu!
Gilgamesh: No, no! I want you to try! After all, I have to show that I am strong enough to rule the empire! We'll make it a game: "Who's The Scariest Monster?
Captain Vole: Urg... mebee hyu could just keel me instead?
Gilgamesh: Oh, no! Just think how impressive it will be when word gets out that I keep a pet Jager around just to keep me sharp!

"Dangerous?" GOOD! Galasso welcomes it. Starscream. Destro. Joe Biden. All great leaders have dangerous subordinates who keep their wits sharp with treachery.
Galasso, Shortpacked!


    Web Original 

With her father growing ever more decrepit, Shirley Phelps-Roper was the de facto leader of the Westboro Baptist Church for many years, and looked to be the one to take over in the event of her father's blessed death. Steve Drain was the main figure in putting a stop to this by consolidating power behind Phelps-Roper's back, and emphasizing women's inferiority as a new tenet of the group. Reverend Phelps, in one of the few decent acts he's ever done in his pathetic life, tried to put a stop to this by emphasizing familial harmony and kindness to other members of the group. For this, Drain had Phelps excommunicated... Any man capable of breaking a fifteen-year-old's nose and excommunicating the closest thing he had to a father is capable of anything.

Here's how it usually plays out in Final Fantasy: the Main Villain gets carried away and tampers with some secret cosmic power or other, and is eventually destroyed and/or controlled by said power. The Emperor and Exdeath were both devoured and possessed by the forces they sought to possess. Zande was being manipulated by the Cloud of Darkness all along. It is strongly suggested that Jenova is the one pulling Sephiroth's strings in Final Fantasy VII, despite what later retcons might claim. But Kekfa is nobody's clown. He's always in charge. He gets the best of his boss, masters the Statues, and lords over the world as an insane death-god, and all for the sheer fun of it.

The Nostalgia Chick: I don't know, I was kinda holding out for President.
The Nostalgia Critic: Well, that's all the Vice-President does.
The Nostalgia Chick: Oh, okay.
The Nostalgia Critic: Cool.

    Western Animation 

Valmont: It would seem we have lost the Lost Treasure of Ching-Su Hai. On the bright side however, Jackie Chan has done me a tremendous favor by eliminating my albatross.
Ratso: Albatross? I thought Shendu was a dragon?

Lex Luthor: Since there's only one monkey left around here, I'm assuming the Justice League found a way to stop the carrier wave.
Gorilla Grodd: There's more than one way to peel a banana. Next time -
Luthor: I wasn't going to do this for another few weeks, but seriously. (pulls a gun) Turning all of humanity into apes? That was your master plan?

You'll do anything to please the Shredder. It's disgusting, pathetic!
Baxter Stockman to Hun, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Every ruler must have a shadow, a being who watches and waits every moment of the day. At the first sign of weakness, the shadow pounces, defeats the ruler, and assumes the throne for himself. It is a brutal but necessary way to make sure compassion and doubt never enter a ruler's heart.
The Shadowed One about Darkness, BIONICLE

Cosma: Lord Boxman!
Lord Boxman: Cosma! I know how this looks but I-I can assure you that Boxmore is still running perfectly fine.
Cosma: Boxmore was running fine until your baby demolished it! You're fired!
Lord Boxman: Pfft! Big whoop. I don't need this job anyway.
Cosma: You're being fired- out of a cannon, into the sun.
[A pack of Darrells surrounds Boxman.]
Lord Boxman: Sons?! [The Darrells transform into a cannon with Boxman inside.] What is the meaning of this?!
Darrell: I ratted you out to the board!
Lord Boxman: You what?!
Darrell: Isn't that the most evilest thing, betraying my own father? Aren't you proud of me?
Lord Boxman: [His face turns red.] You wretched, pathetic, little ingrate. Release me this instant, or I promise you, I'll-
[Darrel pushes a button, causing the cannon to fire Boxman through the roof.]
Darrell: [waving] Bye, Daddy! I love you!
Lord Boxman: [flying into the sun] Cuuuuurse yoooou, Darrell! Cuuuuuurse yoooooooou!
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, "You're in Control"


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