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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.


  • In general, all of the microgames in all of the games are so silly they're hilarious.
  • Without fail, every game features a microgame that's about nose picking. Either you're sticking fingers in someone's nose or you're sniffling up snot.

Mega Microgame$

  • From the original, the first stage has Dry Eye, timing a button push to apply eyedrops to a patient. The final stage has Laser Vision (see at around 1:38), which is identical except that the patient is Wario, who shoots Eye Beams at the dropper instead of getting the medicine.
    • Especially in multiplayer of Mega Party Game$ when your friends don't know you're supposed to shoot a laser while you do.
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    • Yet another one in the original (which doesn't get its own game, sadly). The intro stage has a game (Crazy Cars) with you jumping over a rock, shark, or hot dog on wheels (labeled "Dodge!"). Occasionally though, either a tiny one appears (which just falls out of view if it hits you) or the car just turns around and leaves. Either of these cases are instead labeled "Dodge?".
  • Also from the original, Sloppy Salon, where you have to leave the man completely bald. The look of sheer rage when the timer hits zero is just hilarious.
  • And, just to round the trio of hilarity from the original game off, the microgame "Ultra Hand" seems fairly straightforward... unless, in the later levels where you're meant to grab a specific colour of ball, grab the wrong coloured ball. A "confused" sound effect plays and the music abruptly stops as if to say What the Hell, Player?.

Mega Party Game$

  • Listen To The Doctor from Mega Party Game$ can be quite hilarious, given that you have to watch your friends do something rather stupid looking/sounding while playing a microgame.
  • Another player made moment comes from one of the 2-4 player minigames in Mega Party Game$ in that the players wait until an alarm clock rings to stop it. Sometimes the game throws a trolling fake ring and shakes just slightly (but without the screaming expression on the clock to denote it's actually ringing), chances are all of you will mash A and cause a Big Ball of Violence to erupt upon both/all of the hands colliding. It only gets better with the panicked reactions you might get from the players.


  • 18-Volt playing his boombox inside the classroom after he introduces himself. Much to the teacher's annoyance.


  • Wario eating so much chocolate that he gives himself a toothache. After visiting the dentist, he comes across a cake shop on the way home. Guess what happens?
    • The sounds Wario makes when he eats chocolate.

Smooth Moves

  • Another good one comes from 9-Volt's microgames in Smooth Moves where one has you playing the role of young Link as he pulls the Master Sword from it's pedestal in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, level one simply has you pulling the sword and aging seven years as expected. Level two instead shows that Link ages a lot more than seven years, graying hair and all. Level three? Link turns into a cucco of all things and flutters off with the Master Sword!
  • One of Penny's microgames is "Local News", which has the player interviewing someone while trying to keep their mic as close to their mouth while speaking as possible. The interviewee's range from a baseball player, a polar bear, and an old lady. Failing the baseball player gives him a very annoyed look (Red face and clenching teeth), while failing the polar bear is what you might expect. What happens when you fail the old lady? She does a kung-fu pose while surrounded by blue fire, along with a Chinese dragon appearing in a red and black background.
  • Despite Young Cricket's rather Bishonen appearance, his very high-pitched voice that consists mostly of Kiai attack names is the last thing you would've expect.
  • In Smooth Moves, the descriptions of the different poses. That man's voice is so soothing, and he's saying some of the silliest things. First he says the name of the pose, then how to hold the controller for it, then says something about it in a style reminiscent of Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey.


  • In D.I.Y. Showcase, Dribble and Spitz are one of the four premade sets. After beating their boss, the next clip shows their car in perfect shape. When you press A on the screen, still in the cutscene, almost everything falls off. The only things left are the Front Wheels, the paint, and the holder for the thing on top with "TAXI" on it. The things with the letters on them fell off. Scene is here at 2:44.
  • One of Ashley's microgames in D.I.Y. involves eating four fruits by tapping them. However, two of them are fake: a huge red Gag Nose that looks like a strawberry, and some guy's ass as a fake peach. It's as ridiculous and funny as it sounds.
    • Speaking of Ashley in D.I.Y., her interlude is both cute and funny: it starts off with her wearing a mask. Tapping the screen will cause her to remove it... to reveal several other ones underneath. There's quite a lot of masks, and some of them actually scare Red when he sees Ashley wearing them.
  • Three words: the D.I.Y. Forum. Every user is some type of forum user, including the Jerkass mod, the guy who brings up obscure trivia, and the Captain Obvious (who's even name-checked).
  • The D.I.Y. tutorials are filled with humor, Wario's eagerness to work hard even if you don't need to, Penny constantly making remarks suggesting that she didn't think that Wario would understand things and a lot more.

Game & Wario

  • In Game & Wario, after 9-Volt manages to beat 18-Volt's score by a small margin, 5-Volt orders them to do their homework before playing again. They do so and quickly rush back to get the game from 9-Volt's mom...only to find out that she played the game and quite literally has more than double the points her son did in the game.
    • To elaborate: 18-Volt got 39 points, 9-Volt got 42. 5-Volt? 100 points.
    • What's more, she's embarrassed that she is better than her son at games.
    • And here's the kicker: 9-Volt and 18-Volt were playing a game called Balloon Fighter, which is identical to Warioware, Inc. If you played any Warioware game in the series, you would know that it is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to score 100 points in any stage, since by that point you would be playing microgames at the speed of light. This means that not only did 5-Volt set a very impressive world record, but she did it in the time that it takes for her son and his best friend to finish their homework.
    • 9-Volt's minigame after that intro, where 9-Volt has to play a handheld videogame in bed while avoiding detection by his mom, who checks in once in a while to see if he's asleep. Besides the usual ways a normal mom can do it, like peering through the bedroom door or looking through the windows, she can also do it by coming out of the TV, The Ring style!
    • That minigame is preceded by a long-winded Do Not Do This Cool Thing message saying you should sleep early and not emulate what 9-Volt is doing. Sure...
  • In Ashley's game in Game & Wario, hitting a wall too much makes her angry, forcing you to calm her down by petting her on the touchscreen. What's hilarious is that you can get her just as angry by repeatedly prodding her with the stylus.
  • There's a little gadget in Game and Wario where all you do is shift the gamepad to make a bunch of beans move around to simulate the sound of waves, because you are the sound guy on a movie set. The movie starts as a sappy romance and quickly goes off the deep end when one of the couple turns out to be an alien. The real humor comes from when you stop moving the pad, at which case the actors look at the screen with furious faces whispering "WAVES!" no matter what they were doing before.
  • All of the title screens of the various games included are drawn in different artstyles. Usually, they're more realistic, Darker and Edgier, or both, which in itself is quite funny. But then you have Kat and Ana's title screen, which is exactly what you'd expect from two kindergartners.


  • The intro to Gold shows Wario calling each of the WarioWare employees to make a game. When he calls Ashley, she immediately hangs up.
    Wario: Hey Ashley- (immediately hangs up on him) ...Eh, okay, I-I'll call you back.
    • A fan edit of the intro replaces the Octoblazooka, a robotic octopus that Wario wrong numbers during the intro, with Waluigi (drawn in the WarioWare art style).
      • The fact that, later in Dribble and Spitz's stage, the Octoblazooka is a Wave Motion Gun attached to the top of their taxi. Why or how it got a phone number is a riddle for the ages.
    • When Mona asks Wario how much the job pays...
      Wario: Mona! I need your help. What's it pay? Uh, hold on. (Fake Static) I can't hear you, uh, you're breaking up!
  • Wario explaining the game tutorials in the most patronizing way possible. The Twist League has this gem:
    Wario: Oh yeah. You'll need the A button too. It's the one with the A on it.
    • The Touch League has some changes involving using fingers on the Touch Screen; the manual of Touched! has Wario angrily state "Get your grubby hands off the Touch Screen! Whaddya think the stylus is for?! USE IT!" However, in Gold, due to the players being forced to use their fingers in case the stylus is lost, he states this.
      Wario: Now get ready to move things and throw stuff. You know, like lines.
      Wario growls.
      Wario: And if you lose your thingy... Well, then you're just (squeaky noise plays) stuck using your finger.
  • Most of the host's stories in Gold are delightful little adventures that make just as much sense in context. Did we mention they're completely voice acted too?
    • A few girls approach Jimmy T. asking him for some pictures, to which he happily obliges. After their photo op, the group view their snaps. Turns out the ladies didn't want pics of Jimmy, but rather of the cute little kitty that nestled itself into his fro without him noticing. Jimmy lets the kitty tag along to boost his popularity.
    • Mona visits Joe's clothes shop and asks him for suggestions what to wear for her party tonight. Joe tells her to envision her perfect dress and describe it to him. She tells him her dress should be something extravagant like a parfait, cute like a plushie, and something cool like Wario. Cue Joe being baffled about Mona finding Wario cool. Mona then continues on how she sees Wario as a fashion icon, and that she loves him and his 'stache, leaving Joe even more baffled. Mona then compliments Joe on his style, particularly loving how his tie looks, which Joe personally finds old and tacky.
    • Dribble and Spitz fly through an intergalactic warzone in their taxi car spaceship. Spitz teaches Dribble about being as calm as he is after getting stiffed a while ago when a stray laser blast hits them straight on. Cue Spitz flipping his shit and activating the taxi's Octoblazooka, driving headlong into the battle while Dribble tries to calm him down. After the smoke clears, it turns out that Spitz whipped out both sides of the war in his rage. What makes it better is that Dribble and Spitz are respectively voiced by Kyle Hebert and Griffin Puatu.
      Spitz: See that? All you gotta do is stay cool.
      Dribble (while zoomed in on his face): Yeah. Cool.
    • 5-Volt's story has her going through a TV workout program to buy a one-ton frying pan. In her ending, after 9-Volt drops his 3DS under a cabinet, 5-Volt helps him lifting it.
    • During Ashley's story, a lot of what Ashley says and does in response to the happenings around her. It's her tone that sells it.
      Red: (translating for the summoned demon) We got a big problem! Hum Gree's behind this!
      Ashley: Never heard of him.
      Red: You? Ashley, you can't take on THE Hum Gree! He's... mean! And I heard - I heard he breathes fire!
      Ashley: Eh.
    • We see Dr. Crygor exploring a seemingly haunted forest rich in fungi that he's interested in. After Mike scares the living bejesus out of the poor doc, he notices a strange frequency in the form of another robot named Doris 1, who was apparently abandoned in the forest. She introduces herself and Dr. Crygor takes pity on her...until she recognizes him and starts suddenly shouting that he was the one who abandoned her. Crygor then decides to get the hell out of dodge while Mike just...stands there.
      Doris 1: My creator... WAS YOU! YOU LEFT ME TO DIE!!!
      Dr. Crygor: AAAAHH!!!
      Doris 1: I WILL! I WILL! I WILL END YOU NOW!!!
      (Crygor runs away with Doris 1 in pursuit)
      Mike: I'll wait here.
      • After the player emerges victorious in a race during the revived Basic Training, back at the lab:
        Mike: Tell me again. Why is she here?
        Dr. Crygor: We couldn't abandon her in a haunted forest!
        Mike: I fabricated those frequencies. Ghosts do not exist.
        Doris 1: Yes they do.
        Dr. Crygor and Mike: Whaa?!/Uh...
        Doris 1: Loading. Paranormal encounter. I felt it walk right through me.
        (Screen slowly closes up on both Crygor and Mike's faces as Scare Chord plays)
      • After this, Crygor realizes that he left his fungi in the forest. He turns to Mike, but before he can even get the request out...
        Mike: Not on your life, buddy.
    • Earlier, when Mike initially spooks Crygor in the forest...
      Crygor: Why did you run off like that? You know how I miss you...
      Mike: -gags in disgust-
    • After 18-Volt wins a rap battle against local bully 13-Amp for some games that she stole from a kid, 13 befriends 18 and asks him which school he goes to. 18 responds with Diamond Elementary, 4th grade. Cue 13's bewildered look as 18 happily jogs on telling her to meet him at the playground if she wanted a rematch.
      13-Amp: Bested by a 4th grader.
    • Penny finishes up on a brand new potion she calls The Tonally Transformative Elixir. She tests it on her grandpa Crygor, turning his voice angelic. Crygor calls it a success, but proceeds to have stomach pains. Penny gives him another potion to combat the pain. After his belly calms down, he ask Penny when the effects wear off. Penny nervously giggles.
      Penny: Anything I should work on?
      Dr. Crygor: Maybe... the agonizing stomach pains?
    • Kat and Ana are taking a test to get their ninja's permits. The task? Eat everything the instructor serves to them. They pass with flying colors and get their permits... as gourmet masters. The department for ninja's permits was next door, while the instructor had gone to the bathroom.
    • 9-Volt and his pet Fronk get through math class by imagining it as an RPG. A simple premise until you learn that Fronk is older than he looks. He just turned 1 last month.
      Fronk: Want to know my secret? It's 8-bit yoga. (Zoom in on his face and Fade to Black.)
    • Young Cricket and Master Mantis train in an amusement park. Cricket must prove himself by conquering a Merry-Go-Round. After this test, the duo are about to continue their training on the Ferris wheel when they notice a smitten Lulu clinging to Cricket's arm. He then proceeds to deliver the sickest of all burns:
      Young Cricket: Little girl? Get off. (Lulu undergoes a Color Failure in response)
    • Even better, Lulu just shows up on his arm when the level's over with no explanation as to how she got there. Cricket doesn't even notice her until Mantis points out to him that there's a little girl on his arm. He doesn't even feel the weight of Lulu clinging to him.
      Master Mantis: But first, Cricket... The Trial of the Lost Child.
      Young Cricket: Yes, of course!
      Lulu: Come on! Giddyup, horsey!
    • Orbulon loops through the drive-thru of a burger joint while he orders almost everything off the menu. When he comes back around for hamburgers, he's told that they're fresh out. Orbulon mistakes this as them being out of actual hams (as in pigs), so he warps out to go hunting for some. He comes back to the drive-thru with a whole shipfull of "hammies", only to be yelled at and be sent on his way. The kicker?
      Orbulon: Are you not a chef?
      Danny the Drive-Thru Attendant: No! I'm in high school! They don't even let me work the grill!
  • After the player beats 8 bosses in Gold (besides the Wario intro bosses), Wario wakes up and finds out that the player has bested 8 stages. He then trembles in anger and declares "MUST RAGE-NAP!". As he then rage snores, one of his Alien Bunnies covers its ears and groans in annoyance.
  • The introduction for the Dancing Team Ultra League has several.
    • Most of the characters succeed in attracting people to the dance club (see the Awesome page for more), with Young Cricket and Mona in particular attracting a lot of women and men respectively, except for Dr. Crygor, whose dancing actually drives people away, and Master Mantis, whose dancing impresses Dr. Crygor but draws silence from everyone else. Thankfully, Penny's singing draws a lot of people in.
      • Yes, you read that right: Penny's singing causes people to draw back in. note 
    • Manager Joe just stands there with a dumbfounded expression through the whole thing.
    • Mike's explanation on how the microphone works:
      Mike: Find the mic first. Next, face it. Then blow into it.
      Mike: It's fun to... switch things up. Tutorial now concluded.
    • Fronk describes his games in a cheerfully succinct manner:
      Fronk: They're a lot like me: Extremely short, and almost just as fun!
    • The fact that Fronk just randomly joins the Dancing Team for the sake of those minigames. Mike is understandable, being the Crygors' invention and all, but Fronk just comes out of nowhere!
  • The Potluck Gang Ultra League:
    • Each of the characters bring some food for the potluck, including hot dogs, vegetables, chicken, s'mores, radioactive carrots, explosive oysters, and garlicnote ...which is actually a mandrake root.
      9-Volt: Maybe a potluck was a bad idea.
    • Red freaks out when he realizes Ashley brought a mandrake root, since its cry can kill people. Spitz messes with Red by crying behind him, scaring him so badly he passes out.
    • The roles are reversed here: Mike just randomly joins the Potluck Gang for the sake of more mic minigames. Fronk is understandable, being 9-Volt's "pet" and all, but Mike just comes out of nowhere!
    • At the end of the stage, 5-Volt takes a picture of everybody in the camping trip, including a family of sasquatches who were cheering them on during the stage and have no problem posing for the photo.
    • This scene:
      Dribble: Y'know, we aughta invite Wario next time we do this!
      Ashley: Did you say "next time?"
      Red: It sounds like Ashley's in!
      Ashley: (blushing) No, it doesn't...
  • In Gold, you can scan amiibo to have Wario make a painting of the character. The artwork used for the vast majority of the characters looks like a lazy 3-year-old drew them. The artwork used for Wario himself is much, much higher in quality, and depicts Wario as a complete Bishōnen. This gives the impression that Wario is actually a really good artist; he just doesn't want to bother putting the effort into glorifying anyone but himself. This includes Waluigi!
  • In Gold, you can unlock a challenge mode called Wario Interrupts. It involves Wario as his Deluxe alter ego hanging out on the top screen while he mucks with the bottom screen every three microgames to distract you. His powers include blocking your vision, flipping or altering the screen, messing with a microgame's speed... or farting in your general direction. And if he does that, you have to wait for the smoke to clear. Even better, it also has a meter that you can fill up to sic Lulu on him and distract him for a bit.
    • By far the best power he can unleash is turning every sound effect in a microgame into that silly "eh-hmm" sound from the baby face in Mario Paint. All of them.
  • The big reveal about the pot in Gold and why Lulu needs to take it back from Wario. One would assume it's a highly-valuable artifact, considering it's made of gold, or it's an Artifact of Doom that can't fall in the wrong hands, considering Wario turned into an eviler version of himself called Wario Deluxe when putting it on his head. But nope. It turns out the pot is a toilet. It was Luxeville's only way to relieve themselves. Wario takes the news surprisingly well and even has a good belly laugh at it as he happily returns the pot.
    • This is even foreshadowed during the cutscene when you beat 4 stages. After Wario finishes bathing in gold, he and his bunny minions notice a strange smell coming from the pot. Wario interprets this as a sweet smell of victory, while his bunnies, disgusted, move back from Wario.
    • Then, The Stinger reveals that Lulu's quest was a "Shaggy Dog" Story, as the elder of Luxeville reveals that they bought a modern toilet (read: a bright blue, star-patterned chamber pot with a white seat and a bidet) during Lulu's absence. Cue the Face Fault from Lulu.
  • Some of the reactions from the host characters whenever you fail a microgame can get a chuckle:
    • Wario in his intro stages will fall over in his chair, usually saying something like "Aw, c'mon!"
    • Jimmy's afro falls off if you fail, which causes Amy and Mimi's phone screen to shatter.
    • Dribble slumps in his chair while Spitz arches his back and hisses like a cat as his target gets away.
    • Instead of a dress, Mona will come out of the changing room in an old, worn out sweater and sweatpants with a pout.
    • 5-Volt flops on the couch with the biggest pair of fish lips on. Sometimes she'll ask if your hand slipped or something. This is the same woman that breaks windows and jumps out of TVs in Gamer.
    • Ashley gives you one hell of a death glare. If you look closely, her hair even goes a little white, which happens every time she gets pissed.
    • Dr. Crygor stumbles a bit while Doris One catches up and bonks him on the head with her broom.
    • 18-Volt and 13-Amp position themselves like 18 stumbled his rap and 13 capitalized on it. Meanwhile, Dragon 13 on the bottom screen gets bigger for a second while Tiger 18 shrinks and curls up in the corner.
    • Penny just pats Dr. Crygor on the back while he has stomach pains like, "It's gonna be ok."
    • Kat and Ana gag at some gross-looking sushi with wasabi on it.
    • 9-Volt and Fronk reel back in pain as they take damage. This would be terrifying if it wasn't in reality 9-Volt's math class as he imagines it as an RPG.
    • Young Cricket and Master Mantis come back around the carousel about to fall off the horse, with Cricket saying something like, "We survived!", like they're risking their lives. They're riding a freaking Merry-Go-Round.
    • Orbulon fails to abduct a pig for a fast food restaurant.
    • Fronk just calmly, yet firmly states like a gentlemen that you failed one of his random microgames.
    • Both of the gangs for the Ultra League stages react by falling over in failure.
    • Wario Deluxe shrugs his arms and says, "Too bad!", with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.
  • On the subject of failing microgames, each character (with the exception of Mike and Fronk for some reason) also has a unique quote for when you lose one by doing absolutely nothing. Most commonly they reproachfully snap at the player.
    Wario: Wake up!
    Jimmy: Where's your head at?
    Mona: Are you there?
    Dribble: You takin' a nap?
    5-Volt: Pay attention now!
    Ashley: Hello?
    Dr. Crygor: Wake up already!
    18-Volt: You playin'?
    Penny: You froze!
    Kat & Ana: Pay attention!
    9-Volt: Where were you?!
    Young Cricket: Concentrate!
    Orbulon: Can you hear me?
    Wario Deluxe: Hey, you done or what?
  • As if the cutscenes in Gold weren't hilarious on their own, you can redub them with your own voice. There's also nothing stopping you from going completely off script. This is most likely why there isn't an option to share them online.
  • Gamer (now called Sneaky Gamer) is still terrifying to play through, but it also added a few hilarious moments, such as 5-Volt sometimes spinning upside-down while outside 9-Volt's window or, instead of 5-Volt lifting 9-Volt's TV stand, it might be Mr. Sparkles (the bodybuilder from 5-Volt's story) instead.


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