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This looks vaguely familiar for some reason...

Hoo boy, where to even begin with this series? The WarioWare games are absolutely loaded with references to other games.


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    9-Volt, 18-Volt and 5-Volt's Stages 

  • Super Wario Bros. is a hilariously crappy parody of Super Mario Bros..
  • Jimmy's first boss mini-game is called Punch-Out, although it doesn't actually look or sound like the arcade game (let alone the NES game).
  • The various "Classic Clash" microgames features a Ultraman-esque Mario fighting Bowser.
  • In Wario's first stage of Twisted!, the music box from Wario Land 3 is visible on a shelf behind the watch.
  • One of the games in Smooth Moves has you shooting cans off of a fence. One of those cans is Crab Juice.
  • One of the microgames in Smooth Moves is called Wokka Wokka, a pun on Fozzie Bear's "Wocka Wocka" phrase.
  • The Alien Bunnies also appear throughout the Rhythm Heaven series.
  • D.I.Y.'s graphic editor is highly reminiscent of Mario Paint, and its music editor has many samples from the same. Some of the microgames also make references to it in the form of the man doing sit-ups and one in Touched! where the objective is to color in a picture.
    • The Mario Paint music Easter Egg in D.I.Y. (activated by renaming your microgame to "Mario Paint" and then opening the graphic editor) further drives the point home.
    • In Gold, the baby face from Mario Paint's music editor appears as a Running Gag in multiple games. This includes "Wario Interrupts," where Wario Deluxe can replace all of a game's sound effects with the baby face's sound.
  • The Kat and Ana stage in Smooth Moves has a quartet of turtles representing the player's lives.
  • Jimmy P. in Smooth Moves bears an uncanny resemblance to Bobobo.
  • The Samurai from Rhythm Heaven Fever is in one of the fish-slicing microgames in Game & Wario (and as an added bonus, his microgame is rhythm-based), as well as the Wrestler and several other characters from the series make cameos. Most notably in the ending credits which at that point the player may not have even known they were in the game.
  • A plushie of Tibby from Rhythm Heaven Megamix shows up in Mona's story in Gold.
    • Likewise, the Huebirds of Happiness appear in the book 9-Volt is studying.
  • On his A-rank card in Gold, Mr. Sparkles is said to attend to same gym as "that wrestler who gets interviewed all the time" from Rhythm Heaven Fever.
  • Wario's Mash League boss stage in Gold is a direct shoutout to the Wario Land series.
  • In Gold, all the "reunite the two lovers" microgames from older games were redrawn to turn the two lovers into Orihime and Hikoboshi.
  • In "Sneaky Gamer" in Gold, 5-Volt can sometimes be heard humming the underground theme from the first Super Mario Bros.
  • One of the button prompts for level 3 of "Code Buster" is the Konami Code, minus the B, A, Start at the end.


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