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  • The Trophy Room is a veritable treasure trove of shout-outs to Nintendo's library, and the series itself can be considered one massive Shout-Out to everything Nintendo.
  • Many of the alternate costumes a character can put on in the series are references, although some are extremely obscure. To name a few:
    • Samus' green palette was referred to on an official site for 64 as a "mass production type Samus", with the colors making her resemble a Zaku.
    • One of Ike's palette swaps in Brawl resembles Domon Kasshu.
    • One of Lucas's palette swaps in Brawl gives him a dark-green-and-red-striped shirt, similar to Freddy Krueger's iconic sweater.
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    • One of Robin's alt costumes in 3DS/Wii U resembles a White Mage.
    • One of Mac's alt costumes in 3DS/Wii U is his World Circuit outfit from the Wii version of Punch-Out!!, which was itself a reference to Rocky's red, white, and blue trunks.
    • One of Sonic's palette swaps is reminiscent of NiGHTS.
    • Duck Hunt has a palette homaging Banjo-Kazooie with a dark brown dog and a red duck.
    • Lucina's are based on other characters from Fire Emblem Awakening. Namely: Nowi, Tiki, Cherche, Cordelia, Lissa, Tharja, and Sumia. The Tharja costume also has the Mark of Grima on the cape instead of the Brand of Naga.
    • Several of Charizard's alts in the fourth game reference other Pokémon. Namely: Charmeleon, the Shiny versions of Charmander and Charmeleon, Aerodactyl, Zubat and Golbat, and Charizard's Shiny palette in Gold, Silver and Crystal.
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    • Zelda's grey hair alt in Ultimate resembles unhooded Caster from Fate/stay night.
    • Not including his swimsuit alt, each of Shulk's alts are based on his six companions from Xenoblade Chronicles; in order, they reference Fiora, Dunban, Reyn, Sharla, Melia, and Riki.
    • Joker's white and red alt references Crow, who is the only Phantom Thief to not appear in the background of the Mementos stage or during Joker's Final Smash. His red alt resembles Arsene.
  • Many of the random names include references to characters that didn't make it into the game — MIDNA, FWFUL, RAWK, LIP, etc. There's even shout-outs to other big-name franchises in there — one of the random names in Melee (at least) is R2D2.
  • We like Ike!
  • In Pit's Codec conversation, Snake asks if he is a mutant. (Angel, obviously)
  • One of Mega Man's normals is a Shoryuken. This is specifically the Mega Upper from his appearances in the Marvel vs. Capcom series (and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters before that).
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  • One of the toy blocks in the 3DS' Nintendogs stage has the Panel de Pon pieces as its sides.
  • Greninja's Final Smash in 3DS/Wii U closely resembles Spider-Man's Hyper Combo Maximum Spider from the Marvel vs. Capcom series and more closely to Strider Hiryu's Ragnarok Hyper Combo from the same game. It also plays similar homage to Chipp Zanuff's Zansei Rouga Overdrive; when commentating the Smash Invitational at E3 2014, D1 announced "SLASH!"note , only to be told that it wasn't Guilty Gear.
  • This ending artwork for Mario is similar to the upside-down kiss scene from Spider-Man.
  • The 3DS/Wii U trophy description for Pokemon Trainer is a complete reference to the theme song of the Pokémon anime.
  • The trophy description for Karate Joe from the Rhythm Heaven series references the "Pretty Cool Guy" meme.
  • The description of the Fly Guy trophy in the US 3DS version says Fly Guys are "pretty fly for a Shy Guy"
  • The description for the Reaper trophy claims that if you keep your distance and attack from afar, then there's "no need to fear the Reapers".
  • Pit's conversation about Shulk has him saying that the Monado makes them "look like a buncha jokers", a reference to one of Reyn's infamous lines from Xenoblade Chronicles.
    Reyn: Man, what a buncha jokers!
    • The conversation ends with Pit saying another of Reyn's lines: "Let's not lose our heads, though."
  • One of Little Mac's Idle Animations is the Ali Shuffle.
  • Lucario's Wii U All-Star congratulations screen is a picture of a female villager sharing chocolate with him.
  • There's even one to South Park of all things in Toon Link's Down Air Attack Tip:
    "Unlike Link's down air attack, Toon Link's doesn't bounce up when it hits a foe. If you try to dunk someone with it, you're gonna have a bad time."
  • At the end of Ryu's reveal trailer, he's shown duking it out with a Mii Brawler dressed as Heihachi Mishima's younger appearance, as a reference to Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • After beating Classic Mode with Ryu, the "Congratulations!" text is written in the Street Fighter II font.
    • Similarly, Cloud's "Congratulations!" text is styled in the Final Fantasy font — and the normally-black swoosh behind it is instead colored to resemble the meteor in the background of the Final Fantasy VII logo.
  • Ryu's All-Star congratulation screen in Wii U is a picture of him lying on the floor next to Yoshi in an Akuma-esque pose with the Street Fighter 4 Ultra KO splash screen in the background, implying Yoshi performed a Shun Goku Satsu on him.
    • Meanwhile, his Classic Mode picture on the 3DS is a reference to the classic winscreens from the CPS-1 versions of Street Fighter II, as it has Ryu in a pose similar to his World Warrior character select portrait on one side, and a very beat up Little Mac on the other.
  • Cloud's All-Star congratulation screen in Wii U has him facing Palutena as she walks away through flames. Granted, she's the only cast member other than Bayonetta with as much hair as Sephiroth...
  • Corrin's Classic Mode picture in Wii U is based on the full collage of Fire Emblem Fates. On the left, Robin represents Leo (complete with his Nosferatu tome's purple color matching Leo's Brynhildr), while Ganondorf represents Xander. On the right Pit represents Takumi, while Bowser represents Ryoma. In the middle, Palutena represents Azura. No Smash Bros. equivalents for Hinoka, Sakura, Elise, and Camilla have been seen, however.
  • Lucas's Up-Tilt and both Samus' Up-Air looks strangely like the Rising Tackle.
  • When used in the air, Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick looks like a fiery Rider Kick.
  • Wolf's pose for Ultimate has been pointed out to look like Yamcha from Dragon Ball.
    • Quite the subtle reference since he's now a literal practioner of Wolf Fang Fist
  • In King K. Rool's reveal trailer, Donkey Kong does Karate Joe's pose from Remix 7 in Rhythm Heaven Fever.
  • The picture for Rathalos on the main website resembles the battle visuals of Golden Sun.
  • Galeem's opening attack on our heroes at the start of "World of Light" visually resembles Primal Bahamut tearing Eorzea a new one.
  • In Ultimate, Palutena and Viridi mention that Ryu has fought all kinds of opponents over the years, including mutants and superheroes.
  • With Ultimate's inclusion of gender-based variations of certain costumes, the Mech Suit for the Mii Brawler is green for male Mii's, so what color is the female variant? Yellow.


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