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For examples related to specific games, plus the Smash Taunts,note  see their respective sub-pages:

  • Whether you're fighting against other players or computers, any given battle in this series can be hilarious. This is usually the case when items are involved, as they add an element of randomness. Items or not, the ridiculous ways people get KO'd will usually make them laugh, often taking their loss in stride. Some players have made montages of these moments and uploaded them online, such as this one. Even awesome moments like this can make people laugh, because of how over-the-top they are.
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  • Since Melee, clearing almost any single-player mode gives you a picture from your character taken in-game. The development team times such pictures expertly enough that you often get stuff like what you see in this page.
  • Jigglypuff's down-special, Rest, has it fall asleep. It seems utterly useless at first… but is actually an extremely powerful attack that K.Os as low as 25% in Melee and 50% in 3DS/Wii U. Yes, Jigglypuff's strongest attack is falling asleep. The fact that it's never explained why it does this makes it even funnier. (Not counting Colonel Campbell's explanation of a buildup of energy in her center-of-gravity.)
  • Whenever Peach hits someone in the head with her frying pan. Bonus points if it's Bowser, Mario, or someone more serious like Meta Knight. Just imagine the characters' reaction if they spoke.
  • Starting in Melee, when a character gets knocked off-screen upwards in regular fights, there's a rare chance where instead of getting Star-KO'd, they end up getting launched into the screen. 3DS/Wii U makes this even funnier by having the character get stuck to the screen for a moment before sliding down. The look on their faces when this happens is definitely priceless. Duck Hunt's screen KO, in particular, is one good example.
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  • The Hammer is one of the deadliest items in the series, but starting in Melee, there's a chance of the hammerhead falling off, resulting in the fighter frantically swinging a harmless stick. The image alone is hilarious, and it only gets funnier if you proceed to hit them with the hammerhead.
  • The Golden Hammer is even stronger than the regular Hammer, but its chance of failure is even funnier. A defective Golden Hammer is just a harmless squeaky hammer.
  • Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, but beating an opponent using only Falcon Punch.
  • Break Jigglypuff's shield. Watch her rocket upwards and self-destruct. Or, alternatively, cling to the ceiling for upwards of eight seconds.
(POP!) "Jigglypuuuuuuuuff!" (Twinkle In The Sky)
  • In Multi-Man modes, most of the adversaries are generic and taken out with ease (Cruel being an exception). Sometimes, a normal playable character will show up among the generics too — and get taken out just as easily. This includes characters with high renown in their home games, like Snake or Marth; and characters who are supposed to be extremely powerful, like Ganondorf or Rosalina.
  • Peach's neutral-special is using Toad as a Human Shield. At least until Ultimate, where he actively defends her.
  • Super Sudden Death matches, where you can expect multiple KOs per second. It gets even better if you set the item appearance rate to the maximum and only allow powerful items such as Bob-Ombs and Hammers.
  • Bowser's forward jump animation in Melee and Brawl is literally him doing his own rendition of Mario's jump. There's just something about it that makes it both awkward and amusing.
  • King Dedede's "ducking" animation in which he spreads out and lays on the ground in a sassy pose. Even funnier, 4 allows players to transition directly into a roll attack from it and back, allowing them to keep the pose and still defend themselves. Then Ultimate gave him an smug expression.
  • Goldeen's effect is to just splash around and do absolutely nothing. This is hilarious by itself, but then 3DS/Wii U introduces the Master Ball as an item, which only summons Legendary Pokémon and Zoroark... and Goldeen is still a summon. That's right; some poor sap threw their one-of-a-kind Master Ball at a common-as-dirt Goldeen!


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