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Nightmare Fuel / Super Smash Bros.

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With sixteen note  other TV Tropes pages detailing the Nightmare Fuel in different Nintendo games, and eleven morenote  from third-party games, it's no surprise that if you put all of these series into one game series, there are bound to be a lot of frights. There are also entries in the main Video Game section detailing the horrors in other Nintendo games. So when you combine characters from all the recognizable Nintendo franchises in one fighting game series, it might be handy to take a few deep breaths before playing.


For examples related to specific games, see their respective sub-pages:

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  • The Game Over tune succeeds way too well at creating a chilling atmosphere with its Scare Chord, all the more reason why players should not screw up.
  • In the second game, your character's trophy falls onto the floor in a darkened, grid-patterned with the announcer asking if you will continue. If you say "No", the screen quickly fades to black with the announcer saying "Game Over" alongside the aforementioned Scare Chord and the accompanying text flashing up in demented font. It's even worse when you don't have any coins left; since instead of having the hopeful-but-sad music to build you up toward your choice, the trophy clatters to the floor with a lifeless silence, before immediately jumping to the aforementioned loud noise and imagery out of nowhere. This continues in the third game's Adventure mode.
  • Master Hand can be rather creepy if not downright surreal; mainly that he's a Giant Hand of Doom fighting you. Coupled with his haunting Evil Laugh and how much of a tough opponent he can be to beat on higher difficulties, he can prove to be rather imposing for some players.
  • Zelda's star KO scream in Melee and Roy's star KO scream in Ultimate, compared to other characters and even the same characters in other games. They sound genuinely terrified, in pain, or both, and it comes off as plain unnerving.

    Super Smash Bros. (N64) 
  • One of the most haunting original BGMs to ever come from the franchise is the Lonely Piano Piece playing right after defeating Master Hand in the original N64 title. The so-called "Game Clear" music is indeed a lonely piano piece, but a horribly demented and off-key one, at that. It essentially sounds like Pyrrhic Victory in musical form, especially with Master Hand now destroyed and your character turning back into a lifeless toy doll in the following cutscene.
  • The Continue and Game Over screens. After losing your last life, the doll representing your character falls lifeless onto a table with a spotlight shining on them — in the bedroom from the intro cutscene, only now in darkness — with the announcer asking the player if they want to continue. If "Yes" is selected, the doll comes back to life and strikes an Ass Kicking Pose with a hopeful note. Select "No", however, and the screen fades to black with the announcer saying "Game Over" in a deep distorted voice, a despair-laden music cue playing before you're sent back to the title screen.
  • For later players more used to the grand and bombastic main menus of the Smash Bros games, the menu from the first game, with its comparatively quiet and ominous music — consisting mostly of distant echoing drums, bells and discordant piano notes — can evoke a real sense of Nothing Is Scarier by comparison.
    • The music is especially unnerving on the Backup Clear menu. There, you'll find a lonely black screen with your options; and unlike the later games, there are no comical alarm sounds or attempts to dissuadenote  to take the edge off the prompts before you delete each section. How quiet and almost clinical it is compared to later games gives this area in particular a subtly disturbing bleakness.


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