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Nightmare Fuel / Super Robot Wars

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Sometimes, in Super Robot Wars, there are things that make us feel uncomfortable.

  • Perfectio is the king of this trope, because not only is he very offputting for the players, but he can even do that in-story, giving despair and nightmares to the characters. His appearance at first didn't look that horrifying due to the limitations of Game Boy Advance, but the concept of a being that eats your despair, forces you to cross the Despair Event Horizon at will, and that wasn't even his true form, just his branch, is already pretty nightmarish. Then he appears at 2nd OGs and my God, he gets even more disturbing because now you see that his 'beams' are actually black destructive goo that is also capable of putting you in a state of Mind Rape
  • The various Mooks used by The Garden of Baral. You see a bizarre, but cute animal and all of a sudden, it shows a Slasher Smile with More Teeth than the Osmond Family and it tries to eat you.
    • And on top of that is… TouTetsuOh, a baboon-like Baral creature with such teeth and has a very savage way of chewing his enemies. Some Terra Federation officers got really unlucky when Jun Kanan fetches that TouTetsuOh to them and it proceeds to vanish and sneak away unseen, with the officers trembling in fear, and the screen goes to the POV of said soldier. Then sudden, TouTetsuOh appeared out of nowhere in front of them, teeth ready and CRUNCH.
  • The Einsts. A race of Eldritch Abomination who tried to start an Adam and Eve Plot after killing the entire human race. Their units are ugly, misshapen and are only talking with strange noises. Invoked in universe, the characters find them quite nightmarish too.
  • Keisar Ephes is practically what happens when you fight frickin' Satan himself. Let's see, he has many dead souls on his beck and call, that he tortures on daily basis, and his goal is to gather all souls in the multiverse, then torture them like they're in the worst kind of Hell for his own personal amusement. This is signified in his ultimate attack, The End of the Galaxy, where he bombards his target with all his collected wailing souls and proceeds to Mind Rape the target with disturbing visions of planets blowing up, war, plague, deathnote , topped with the image of the Earth shattering in two while he lets out a horrifying Evil Laugh. And if that attack drops his target's HP to 0, there was silence for a bit… and said dead souls appear out of nowhere and dogpile on the target and finishes them off in an extremely bloody mess, leaving nothing behind. Frickin' yikes… For its time, it was so terrifying that he pretty much set the standards of "Super Terrifying Final Boss Ultimate Attack" that most other series Final Bosses like to replicate with varying degrees of success. The fact that Keisar Ephes is voiced by none other than Ichiro Mizuki of all people, who usually sings the songs of the heroes, only makes him even more unsettling.

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