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Nightmare Fuel / Super Robot Wars

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Despite the multitude of Hot-Blooded positive heroes in Humongous Mecha, Super Robot Wars can sometimes do a couple of things that makes players feel slightly uncomfortable.

  • Super Robot Wars Destiny Big Bad Perfectio isn't just off-putting for players, but he can even do that within the narrative, giving despair and nightmares to the characters. His on-screen appearance at first doesn't look that horrifying due to the limitations of the Game Boy Advance, but the concept of an Eldritch Abomination that grows stronger by consuming one's despair, forcing them to cross the Despair Event Horizon at will, is already nightmarish. Making this even more frightening is Perfectio hasn't even shown his true form, who claims his appearance is but a mere "branch" of a whole. When Destiny is integrated in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, he gets even more disturbing because his animations are now tweaked, changing a Beam Spam into a black destructive goo capable of putting his target into a state of Mind Rape.
  • The various Mooks used by the Garden of Baral in the Super Robot Wars Alpha games. What looks like a bizarre, oddly-shapped, yet cute creature all of a sudden shows a Slasher Smile with More Teeth than the Osmond Family and begins trying to eat you.
    • Topping this is the TouTetsuOh, a baboon-like Baral creature in the Second Original Generation with such teeth that it actually laughs during some of its attacks, and has a very savage way of chewing his enemies. Some Earth Federation pilots get really unlucky when Jun Kanan sics the TouTetsuOh at them, who proceeds to vanish and sneak away unseen, with the pilots trembling in fear. The screen suddenly switches to a first-person perspective of one of these grunts, only for the TouTetsuOh to appear from out of nowhere in front of him, teeth ready and CRUNCH.
  • The Einsts from Super Robot Wars Compact 2: this race of Eldritch Abominations proclaim they will start an Adam and Eve Plot after killing the human race. Many of their Mook units are ugly, misshapen and are only talking with strange noises. Invoked In-Universe, as characters find them quite nightmarish, too.
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  • Greater-Scope Villain of the Alpha saga, Keisar Ephes, is the franchise's champion for this page: it's easy when he's the Super Robot Wars equivalent to Satan. With the souls of the dead called the "Neshama" at his beck and call, who were once people whom he previously protected that have been sacrified to his name unknowingly for untold millenia, his goal is to gather all souls in the Alpha universe to torture on a daily basis, while transforming the universe into a living Hell, all for his personal amusement. This is signified with his mobile weapon's strongest attack, "The End of the Galaxy", where he bombards his target with the wailing Neshama, who proceeds to Mind Rape the target with disturbing visions of planets blowing up, coupled with war, plague and deathnote , topped with the image of what is implied to be the Earth cleaved in two as Keisar Ephes lets out a horrifying Evil Laugh. If the attack winds up becoming a "Dynamic Kill", an extra animation occurs where there is momentary silence...only for the Neshama to appear out of nowhere and dogpile the target and finishes them off into a bloodly mess, leaving nothing behind. For its time, The End of the Galaxy was so terrifying that Keisar Ephes set an archetypal standard of a Final Boss having a nightmarish ultimate attack that other Final Bosses in other games have tried to replicate with varying degrees of success. The fact that Keisar Ephes is voiced by none other than Ichiro Mizuki, who usually sings the songs of the heroes, only makes the character even more unsettling.

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