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Nightmare Fuel / Dragon Quest XI

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  • At the start of Act 2, when Queen Marina shows the Luminary the current state of the world, they see a little girl stumble into a church. It initially appears abandoned, but a flash of lightning illuminates the building and it is filled with corpses.
  • Finding Rab at the top of the mountian near Angri-la, you come across a mummy that looks like it went through a Sokushinbutsu ritual. How long did Rab spend at the summit of that mountain meditating just to learn his masters secrets from beyond the grave?
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  • The Gloomnivore. Think for a second of a monster than keeps a person in a state of perpetual undeath for years on end, making them relive the worst moments in their lives to feed of their depression. The creature is closer to a true demon than any monster or villian in the game.
  • The flashback to Erik's past when his sister is turned into a golden statue. The process is slow all while she's crying out for help complete with Futile Hand Reach.
  • So the party has to enter a martial arts tournament in Octagonia to get their Plot Coupon. The Luminary is paired up with the returning champion, Vince, who has a good-luck ritual of drinking some strange juice before fights. Other competitors have also been going missing for a while. How are those last two things connected? Vince is kidnapping them and bringing them to a Giant Spider under the city, who apparently drains the life out of them to give Vince a boost in power. Fortunately, the heroes intervene before anyone dies from this, but upon first entering that giant boss chamber full of webbed cocoons, a player would be forgiven for thinking at least a few of them contain corpses. And then said spider boss, Arachtagon, comes back in Act 3 with the ability to brainwash people, turning the MMA fighters disturbingly bloodthirsty in the process.


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