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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • In the beginning of Act 2, the Luminary, Hendrik and a small army of volunteers band together to protect the Last Bastion (formerly Cobblestone) from a horde of undead. The climax of said battle concluding with the sound defeat of the enemy commander by only the Luminary and Hendrik, sending the undead horde fleeing for the hills. Proof that hope does not die easy.
  • During Act 2, the Luminary must revisit the night of the fall of Dundrasil and is able to help fight against the monsters that invade, including assisting his father during his You Shall Not Pass! moment. It comes to a head when he's able to save his father's soul and end years of torment. Doing this also restores and expands his powers.
    • In the new timeline, he can do it again, inheriting his father's armor as a reward.
  • Erik obtaining the forgiveness he'd been seeking by fighting to save his sister from her cursed necklace that caused everything she touched to turn to gold. Mia herself gets a moment when she destroys the necklace after declaring, "I don't need gold!"
  • Serena's Big Damn Hero moment when she saves the party from the Auroral Serpent in Act 2. A perfect example of Beware the Nice Ones in action as well as turning her and Veronica's Declaration of Protection from when they first joined into a Badass Boast.
    Serena: We the twins of Arboria swear to protect you. While we live, none shall defeat you.
  • The Luminary traveling back in time to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, starting off by using the Sword of Shadows to dispel Jasper's barrier of darkness and change the timeline by not allowing Mordegon to get his hands on the Sword of Light, sparing Veronica her Heroic Sacrifice.
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  • In the new timeline, Mordegon is defeated but Calasmos has returned. King Carnelian tasks the Luminary to leave Heliodor and investigate. Once he steps outside, he mounts his horse and rides forth as the world map theme changes to "Adventure," determined to let nothing threaten Erdrea any more.


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