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  • Think building big things in the first game was cool? Try setting down a blueprint, some materials and watch as the NPC's are able to build large, elaborate buildings on their own.
  • After facing down demonic Malroth, you get a short section where the builder is incapacitated and you play as human Malroth. The builder requests a medicinal herb, which has so far been unavailable on that island, and you get to have Malroth try to "Build". It fails as usual, so you get to have him "Just build it!", which also fails. Now the text is yellow, saying BUILD IT - eventually, Malroth, God of Destruction, succeeds in building an item.
  • The sheer scope of the final battle. You're flying through the sky in a hovercar, shooting at the full incarnation of the God of Destruction, who's throwing fireballs, boulders, and several other things at you. As the fight goes on, they increase in power. So what do you do? Upgrade the hovercar mid-flight, using inspiration from the three chapters of the game, to match the God! Increased firepower from the Deitree, reflector shields from Goldirox, and a full on Kazapple cannon, AKA, a magical superweapon! After weakening the final boss and going through a short cutscene, you're prompted to deliver the final Co-op de Grace all while the traditional Dragon Quest fanfare plays in the background!
    • Malroth himself gets a special moment in this fight. Hargon is mocking how powerless you both are to stop him and Demon!Malroth, so what does Malroth do? Smack him in the face with his club. The best part? He eventually vanquishes Hargon with it after delivering an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! speech to explain how Hargon and the Builder are Not So Different, and Hargon actually agrees!

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