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Awesome / Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings And The Prophecy's End

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  • The reveal trailer (which is also the game's opening movie) gives one to almost everyone: The Original Generation characters leap into an army of monsters and take down countless without taking any hits themselves. Maribel unleashes a Kafrizzle in classic Dragon Ball Z Spirit Bomb style that's at least 10x her size and vaporizes a group of monsters while Ruff, despite being caught in the explosion, manages to land on his wolf and ride away without a scratch. Carver rips off the top of a mountain and chucks it at the enemy while Terry almost casually rides on top of it while drawing his sword. Alena takes down a griffon, a creature 4x her size, with a single kick. Jessica unleashes a Kacrackle spell that Angelo surfs on while firing a magic-charged arrow. Meena and Maya stand as Back-to-Back Badasses while combining their magic to destroy the monsters surrounding them. And Kiryl actually manages to kill a monster with Thwack! The only one left out is Torneko, who is running away from an entire wave of monsters (but does lead them into the smackdown from Kiryl and Alena).
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  • A meta example for the game and an aversion of Trailers Always Spoil: courtesy of an Old Save Bonus, every playable character from the first game eventually returns! That includes the original heroes and Psaro, who was originally DLC!
  • How did the King of Harba deal with a Drakulard the size of a mountain? Drop an even bigger mountain on top of it! A Heroic Sacrifice, but an awesome way to go.
  • Jessica again introduces herself with a bang by single-handedly taking down 99% of a group of monsters with a single Magic Burst. The one she missed? Sniped by Angelo.
  • What is the legendary secret weapon used to defeat the Drakulard in round two against it? A Monster Medal that lets the user transform into Atlas and fight it one-on-one in a fighting-game style battle! Even before that battle, the player gets to smash entire groups of Demonic Spiders and crush them like flies in a Curbstomp Battle in his favor.
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  • Alena's dynamic entrance tops her initial action in the first game and doubles as a Moment of Heartwarming. She leaps off a cliff to attack a group of monsters without hesitation. Kiryl sees her doing this and immediately casts Kabuff, causing arrows fired at her to simply bounce off and allow her to deliver a crater-creating punch in the ground to scatter the enemy and- like in the first game- declare, "Begone with you!" The heartwarming moment comes when she thanks Kiryl for supporting her and her body language heavily implies she fully trusted that he was going to do so.
  • Regardless of who the player character is, Lazarel and Teresa breaking out of their Journey to the Center of the Mind following The Reveal of the Big Bad and their true heritage is one. And, in a Gameplay and Story Integration moment, their awakening is also what powers the High Tension meter up to a full 100 when activated.
    "So, it seems like we're not just cousins. We're twins!"

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