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YMMV / Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings And The Prophecy's End

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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Fans who weren't happy with the lack of Dragon Quest VII material in the first Heroes, especially since it pulled characters from almost every installment after Dragon Quest III but still skipped VII for some reason, were pleased to hear Maribel and Gabo/Ruff were included in the Sequel.
    • The plot is a huge improvement over the Narm-filled story of the first game.
  • Ending Fatigue: The final act of the game is short on plot but very heavy on fighting. It begins with learning about and traveling to the alternate world, effectively doubling the size of the world map (with no Zoom capability). The final dungeon features an incursion mission, a Boss Rush against four powerful foes, another incursion, a Tower Defense mission to protect Healix that's twice as long as the previous one with him, and another series of short battles against previous foes before finally leading up to the two-part final boss. The actual battles remain fun but, for people who are wanting to reach the end, it can drag a bit.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Any enemy that can cast Whack. Pazuzus are really bad about this. And woe to you if you brought Kiryl along and run into Float-O-Copiers.
    • Gigantes, which can be found in the Damned Dunes in the other world. They're every bit as powerful and dangerous as their size would have you believe. You never actually have to pick a fight with one, but if you decide to challenge them, beware!
    • Roseguardins, despite looking like a palette swap of the much less dangerous armour type enemies, has easily the highest defense of any monster that isn't a Metal Slime. Even with a Metal King Sword you won't be doing much damage to them per hit (though spells do a fair amount of damage to them). On top of that, they block your every move, attack very swiftly and suddenly, and hit very hard with their attacks. They also tend to come in large groups on top of that. Thankfully they only appear in the post game.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Maribel's reaction to Teresa calling her "Sweetie" and setting not being called that ever again as one of her conditions for joining the party.
    • Watching Jessica continually brush off Angelo's flirting with her during their introductory scene as well as her body language whenever he flirts with any of the other girls they just met.
  • Goddamn Bats:
    • Drackymas. They're not the only enemies in the game that can put you to sleep, but they are by far the most common, appearing all the way into the later areas of the game. Worse, they have the tendency to pop up around far more dangerous enemies.
    • Ghosts and all variations thereof, for their ability to vanish and then suddenly stun you out of nowhere with a scare. Expect this to happen all the time around a group of them.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Some of the character interactions are downright adorable. Particular are Carver becoming a big brother figure for Maribel and Torneko becoming a father figure for Ruff.
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  • Porting Disaster: The Nintendo Switch version, a Compilation Re-release of this and the previous installment as Dragon Quest Heroes I & II sounded like a good idea, bundling both games as one. Unfortunately, the Switch port runs at half the framerate of the other versions. 30 frames-per-second is generally acceptable, yet it dips below that during combat when a more stable framerate is needed due to the Hack and Slash nature of Heroes. This got worse when it was discovered the Switch's portable mode performed poorly compared to the console being docked.
  • That One Boss: Dhuran. He may not have the resilience of the other three bosses in his stage, nor does he summon minions to aid him, but he more than makes up for it with sheer damage and unpredictably relentless attacks. Hope you didn't fight him last. The fact that he makes liberal use of Oomph only makes it worse.

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